Hogan's Heroes

Season 4 Episode 5

To the Gestapo with Love

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 26, 1968 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Schultz requires reading glasses in this episode to determine what is written upon Carter's missing button.

  • Quotes

    • Kinch: You know, you two guys are fast becoming the Laurel and Hardy of demolition teams!
      Newkirk: Colonel Hogan, I volunteer to go out and set that timer.
      LeBeau: (to Carter) Well, Laurel, do you volunteer to go with Hardy?

    • LeBeau: What can they do to us? Bamboo under the fingernails? Chinese water torture? The rack?
      Kinch: Would you mind keepin' your voice down? Maybe they haven't thought of those yet.

    • Klink: Sir, may i remind you that some of the finest military men were sound sleepers? Napoleon, for one.
      Hochstetter: Oh. He must have had a wonderful nap at Waterloo!

    • Klink: Barracks Two was under the direct observation of one of my oldest, most trusted, most dependable guards.
      Hochstetter: Good, I'm glad it wasn't Schultz.
      Klink: But it was.
      Hochstetter: Schultz!
      Schultz: (entering) You called me, sir?
      Hochstetter: Why would anybody call you?

    • Carter: I always wanted to blow up my old high school. I never did, of course. Well, I- I did blow up the chemistry lab. And the cafeteria. And the balcony in the auditorium went, too...

  • Notes

    • This marked the only appearance from Christiane Schmidtmer.
      Born Christel Schmidtmer on 12-24-39, in Mannheim Germany, an actress and worked for Max Factor cosmetics as a model and appeared in Playboy in March 1966.

      Sabrina Scharf was born Sandra Mae Trentman in Delphos, OH on 10-17-43, a former actress and former Playboy Bunny at the New York City Playboy Club.

      Inge Jaklyn was born 5-11-41 in Vienna, Austria and was a model for Christian Dior in the early 1960's and was both Miss Vienna and Miss Austria in 1962.

    • This episode marks the second of two unrelated appearances by Inge Jaklyn.

    • This episode marks the first of two unrelated appearances by Sabrina Scharf.

    • This episode appears second on the VHS collection's "Major Hochstetter" volume.

  • Allusions

    • Hogan references Knute Rockne while giving an inspirational speech.

      Rockne was immortalized in a 1940 biography detailing his days of coaching Notre Dame football, pep talks and all. (Interesting, this is the film from whence President Ronald Reagan took his nickname "The Gipper.")

    • Kinchloe tells Newkirk and Carter that they are becoming the Laurel and Hardy of demolition teams.

      Laurel and Hardy were a famous comedy team of the early 1900s. They are famous for their two-man ridiculous skits in which bumbling and general stupidity abounded.

    • Kinchloe references Nathan Hale after a long story by Carter.

      Nathan Hale was known for his famous "I regret I have but one life to give for my country" speech, a rather long-winded one.