Hogan's Heroes

Season 1 Episode 10

Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 19, 1965 on CBS



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    • Klink: You can see, Herr General, that we are doing excellent work here.
      Burkhalter: Ja, like those gates?
      Klink: Just a malfunction, sir.
      Burkhalter: Be careful I don't malfunction you right to the Russian front.

    • Klink: And what's the matter with me?
      Hogan: Would you like us to make a list?

    • (Klink is upset that Gretchen is dancing with Hogan)
      Burkhalter: Colonel, may I remind you that we are here on official business?
      Klink: Official business, yes. Monkey business, no!

    • Klink: Even if I say so myself, (chuckles) when I turn on the charm, I can be irresistible.
      Burkhalter: I have never had any trouble resisting you.

      Burkhalter: Now let me see what we can do with Colonel Hogan.
      Klink: I will have him brought here and we will start strenuous interrogation at once.
      Burkhalter: Klink, you not only are irresistible, but you are also very subtle.
      Klink: Thank you, sir!
      Burkhalter: Like a broken leg.

    • Hogan: (as Klink and Burkhalter fall over each other as the gates close) You know, I think I saw this act once--at the circus.

    • Klink: Now, you must confess I am not the worst man in Germany, am I?
      Hogan: Well, I don't know everybody.

    • Hogan: Newkirk, what about a civilian suit this time for me?
      Newkirk: Right-o, gov'nor, you got it.
      Hogan: Good. 'Civilian.' What a beautiful word. Next to 'girls.'
      Newkirk: Colonel, don't you ever think about anything else but dames?
      Hogan: Of course I do, but I fight it.

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