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  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Informer

  • In this episode only, the "Coffee Pot" was to listen in on Klink's telephone, not the listening bug with obvious microphone in the Hitler photo in Klink's office. Hogan explains to Carter ... "This is our phone tap, when the red light goes on Klink's office is phoning outside..."

  • Colonel Hogan tells the informer that the German delivery truck does not have dogs but in reality a recording of barking dogs, Hogan then underlines his remark by saying, "The record is in stereo so it's very convincing" This is a anachronism because stereo recordings did not become commercially available until the early 1950s.

  • Hogan's first kiss in the series is with Helga at her desk, just outside of Col Klink's office. While it is only a small peck on the lips now, later in the series they become longer and in different areas (such as Klink's car).

  • The first character to speak is Sgt. Hans Schultz, when his is counting the prisoners. The first word spoken is "eins" (German for one). The first spoken English words are "Oh, Schultz," as Newkirk falls into the arms of Sgt. Schultz.

  • The first character and German seen in the series is Sgt. Hans Schultz. Following him is Cpl. Louis LeBeau as the first hero seen.

  • This episode was shot in black and white, in contrast with the rest of the series, which was shot in color.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Hold That Tiger

  • Schultz sees many aspects of the prisoners' plans, including Newkirk in a Gestapo uniform, the tank's special hiding place, and the female allied agent.

  • This is the first episode filmed and broadcast in color.

  • The end credits now display the familiar airman's cap and German helmet.

  • In and from this episode forward, the camp is called "Stalag 13," different from the pilot, where it was called "Camp 13."

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Kommandant of the Year

  • Schultz has a different weapon than his usual German rifle.

  • There is no bulletin board in Klink's office.

  • This episode features the first appearance of the 'sink periscope' and the photo of Hitler with a microphone planted in it (for listening on their coffee pot.)

  • Season 1 Episode 6: The Prisoner's Prisoner

  • Goof: This is a clothing continuity mistake. In the previous wine cellar scene, the sneakers worn by Hogan and Carter have visibly clean and bright White sides and toe cap (even when close to the camera). In this scene, the same sneakers are now Black on the rubber sides and toe cap, instead of White. Even the eyelets are darker in color than in the first scene showing Hogan and Carter leaving the truck.

  • This episode is the first time Hogan kisses a woman outside of camp. As she enters the wine cellar looking for General Schmidt, Hogan grabs her, turns her towards the wall, and kisses her. Afterwards while staying in the shadows, he pushes her around the door and tells her auf wiedersehen.

    She leaves smiling thinking the General kissed her in a very shy and romantic manner.

  • During WWII the U.S. Army issued Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers, as well as Pro-Keds. The episode stays true to history, as Hogan and Carter are wearing Black Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars during the mission outside of camp.

  • During the mission Hogan and Carter wear Black clothing. Black toboggan cap, Black t-shirt, Black pants, Black leather belt, Black socks, and Black sneakers. They also use Black grease on their face and hands.

    The sneakers, though, have some White on them and the eyelets are also visible. The rubber sides and toes are White, but have Black grease on them. The grease covers only part of the rubber, though, leaving the White rubber visible in various sections of the shoe.

  • Colonel Robert Hogan is the first of our heroes ever seen outside of camp on a mission, with Carter being the second.

    We see them as they leaves the truck used to pick up the six captured commandos, As Klink inspects each truck leaving the camp, Hogan and Carter hide on the side of the truck rolled up a canvas tarp attached to the truck. Once there they roll down the side of the truck.

  • This episode is the first time we see a mission outside of camp. While other missions have been outside of camp, they have been presented by word of mouth (e.g. giving orders, reports, etc).

  • Season 1 Episode 7: German Bridge is Falling ...

  • Unlikely palm trees are visible in the background while the prisoners paint over graffiti.

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