Hogan's Heroes

Season 5 Episode 5

Unfair Exchange

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 24, 1969 on CBS



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    • Hochstetter: Klink, would you know of any reason Frau Linkmeyer would have to destroy herself?
      Klink: We're just casual friends. How would I know?
      Burkhalter: Klink and my sister were practically engaged.
      Hochstetter: Oh. That would be reasonable motivation for suicide.

    • Klink: Why does he hate me so?
      Hogan: He doesn't hate you.
      Klink: Then why does he want me to marry his sister?
      Hogan: Maybe he does hate you.

    • Burkhalter: Nothing must happen to Gertrude.
      Hochstetter: General, you have my word on it: Frau Linkmeyer's safety comes first.
      Klink: His word, Herr General. You couldn't do better than that.
      Burkhalter: Yes I could, but I have no choice.

    • Gertrude: Klink is not my idea of husband material, but in wartime you have to substitute for everything.
      Hogan: Well, actually, old Blood and Guts is a very lovable type.
      Gertrude: Colonel, you should really speak to the Red Cross about a prisoner exchange.
      Hogan: Hmm?
      Gertrude: You have been here too long.

    • Maria: I am nervous.
      Hogan: Well, don't be. Carter's outside protecting us.
      Kinchloe: Thanks for reminding me. Now I'm nervous.

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