Hogan's Heroes

Season 3 Episode 21

War Takes a Holiday

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 27, 1968 on CBS

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  • Der Krieg ist zu Ende!

    Awesome episode!

    The prisoners make the Germans believe the war is over!
    We get to know that Schulz was an important person before the war!

    In 2006 german viewers chose their Top 10 Hogan's Heroes (Ein Käfig voller Helden)-episodes:

    Nr. Title

    83 War Takes A Holiday

    150 The Gestapo Takeover 90 The Ultimative Weapon 21 The Great Impersonation 11 Happiness Is A Warm Sergeant 14 Oil For The Lamps Of Hogan 8 Movies Are Your Best Escape 39 Hogan's Springs 45 Don't Forget to Write 75 Evening Of The Generals "War Takes A Holiday" was broadcasted along with the other 9 on Dezember, 9th 2006.
  • This episode provides a fresh look at three of the German characters.

    Major Hochstetter brings several prominent Underground members to Stalag 13 for a stopover; they are to be transferred to a secure Gestapo prison. To prevent this, the heroes take over a radio station and publish a false newspaper to convince their 'keepers' that the war is over.

    The fun begins when Schultz picks up the paper and crys out the headline ("Das krieg ist ende!"). The Germans react to 'peace' in varying ways with the higher-ranking characters (Hochstetter and Klink) concerned about their futures in a peacetime environment. Meantime the guards leave their posts and chat with the rank-and-file POWs. Hogan convinces Hochstetter that the Underground men will become captains of industry, while Klink learns that Schultz owned a factory before the war. The reactions of the two German officers make “War Takes a Holiday” the standout that it is.

    We learn that Hochstetter is a very insecure man. He is so anxious to please the 'future industrialists' that he lends them his car! Meanwhile, Klink dotes on Schultz, who he had earlier held in contempt.

    Hochstetter's superiors arrive with news that the war is still on. Hochstetter realizes that his job is in danger, while Klink reasserts his authority over Schultz. But the episode ends nicely as Schultz, with help from Hogan, makes the best of the situation.