Hogan's Heroes

Season 2 Episode 12

Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 02, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • While impersonating Hitler, Carter is wearing his hair combed to the right. Hitler who wore it combed to the left.

    • Hogan talks to Carter (portraying Hitler) while Burkhalter approaches, and Burkhalter overhears "Hitler" speaking English. Historically, this would be the end of the deception because Hitler did not speak a word of English.

    • Hogan impersonates a Luftwaffe Captain named "Hoganloffer."

  • Quotes

    • Foster: (disguised as a Luftwaffe general) His Excellency was on his way to Dusseldorf, and he decided to make a surprise visit.
      Carter: (as Hitler) Ja, everything I do is a surprise... even to me!

    • Carter:(disguised as Hitler and motioning to Schultz) What is this? I thought I gave the order: no more barage ballons.
      Foster:(disguised as a Luftwaffe general) This is the sergeant of the guard, mein Fuhrer.
      Carter: Sergeant, eh? I was once a corporal, you know. I hated sergeants then and I hate sergeants now!
      Schultz: Danke, mein Fuhrer!

    • (Hogan tells Klink about the prisoners' 'escape plan')
      Klink: Schultz, can you confirm any of this? Do you have any indication?
      Schultz: I see nothing, I know nothing!
      Klink: Hmmph! 'I know nothing, I see nothing!'
      Schultz: You too, Herr Kommandant?

    • Hogan: The Underground has assigned a girl. Her name is Christina. She's gonna stop the Kraut's car.
      Carter: A girl to stop a car?
      Hogan: It's been done before.
      LeBeau: She wouldn't have any trouble with me.
      Kinchloe: You don't even know what she looks like.
      LeBeau: After two years in here, who cares?

    • Hogan: Tomorrow I go to work on ol' "Blood and Guts" and make him pull those patrols out of the woods.
      LeBeau: How, Colonel?
      Hogan: I'll tell you how: turn into a rat fink and squeal on you guys, that's how.

    • Klink: From now on, every soldier under my command will have to work an extra shift!
      Hogan: How are they going to feel about that in Berlin?
      Klink: What do you mean?
      Hogan: Runs into a lot of overtime.

    • Carter: (disguised as Hitler) Nobody can tell me anything. I enjoyed myself.
      Klink: Danke, mein Führer.
      Carter: Love your Stalag. Very nice barbed wire.
      Klink: We think so.
      Carter: I like barbed wire: Makes me feel very warm, very sentimental inside.
      Klink: Ja, mein Führer.
      Schultz and Klink: (saluting) Heil! Heil! Heil!
      Carter: Yes. Yes. By all means. Auf wiedersehen, folks.

  • Notes

    • This episode marked the third of four unrelated appearances from William Christopher.


    • This episode marks the third of six unrelated appearances from Forrest Compton.
      This episode marked Bonnie Jones' only appearance.

    • On the night of Dec 1 1966, the day before this episode originally aired, Werner Klemperer appeared in character as Col. Klink in a cameo in the Batman episode "It's How You Play the Game"

    • There are several other connections to M*A*S*H than William Christopher's appearance. Co-producer Gene Reynolds was the director of this episode, and Laurence Marks(script consultant) was the writer. Also, Bonnie Jones, who plaed the recurring role of Lt. Bannerman in the first season, played Christina here.

    • William Christopher would later be best known for his portrayal of Father Mulcahy in M*A*S*H. In this, one of four unrelated "Hogan's" appearances, he plays Foster.

    • This episode appears first on the VHS collection's "Impersonating an Officer" volume.

  • Allusions

    • Hogan asks a Hitler-impersonating Carter if he is trying to win an Academy Award.

      "The Academy" is known for awarding honors and trophies to actors who achieve excellence in acting.