Holby City

Tuesday 8:00 PM on BBC Premiered Jan 01, 1999 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • Season 17
    • I Am What I Am Not
      Jesse is forced to face up to how his dalliance with Zosia may have impacted her health. Zosia fights to prove to herself that her medication doesn't affect her abilities. Serena has to aggressively defend AAU from cuts imposed by the Holby board.
    • Flesh and Blood
      Flesh and Blood
      Episode 7
      Guy is forced to confront the fact that Zosia may not be cured of her mental illness. Elliot completes the design for his new device and has to fight for funding to build a prototype. Raf tries to support an unemotional Serena on the day of her mother's funeral.
    • Severed
      Episode 6
      Serena is overwhelmed by Adrienne's deteriorating health. Michael performs surgical pyrotechnics to avoid returning to a stateside scandal. Adele struggles to balance studying with her day job.
    • We Must Remember This
      Fleur competes with Michael to impress Serena. Mo and Jesse strike up a good working relationship, but could it be more? Serena is distraught when her mother does not recognise her.
    • Chaos in Her Wings
      Colette's loyalties are tested as her struggle to help Zosia pushes her relationship with Guy to breaking point. Is it time for Colette to spread her wings? Raf's clumsy foray into dating leads to calamity on the ward and lands him in hot water with Michael. Adele is less than impressed with Jesse's slick charm, but is there more to him than meets the eye?moreless
    • The Science of Imaginary Solutions
      Mo is determined to prove she can swim with the sharks, but is she in over her head? Serena's personal and professional lives collide when her mother is brought in for treatment. The knives are out on Keller as Sacha and Fleur battle for supremacy.
    • Bounce Back
      Bounce Back
      Episode 2
      When Raf is confronted with a patient needing complex specialist surgery, Fletch wonders if he will put his feud with Harry behind him and step up to the plate. Guy needs to get on Jac's good side to placate a dignitary from a valued fundraising organisation. A misunderstanding leads to Dom calling Kyle's loyalty towards him into question.moreless
    • Not Waving but Drowning
      Raf needs to step up his game on AAU, while Michael Spence is back in town. New consultant Fleur Fanshawe shakes things up on Keller, leaving Sacha feeling undermined. Jac detaches herself emotionally even further from her daughter.
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