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  • Season 16
    • True Colours
      True Colours
      Episode 52
      When an old friend turns up, Colette is forced to confront some truths, with dire consequences. A reinstated Harry refuses to be played for a fool. A wary Elliot is anxious to keep a new idea out of Jac's hands.
    • Not Rocket Science
      Not Rocket Science
      Episode 52
      Mary-Claire returns to Holby and puts Harry in a spin.
    • Inside Out
      Inside Out
      Episode 51
      The day of Harry's hearing has arrived and Raf finds himself worried about what might be.
    • Make Creams
      Make Creams
      Episode 50
      Serena finds her reputation on the line when her mother is admitted to Holby; Jack tries to build bridges.
    • Mummy Dearest
      Mummy Dearest
      Episode 50
      Serena finds her reputation on the line when her mother is admitted to Holby; Jack tries to build bridges.
    • Forgive Me Father
      Forgive Me Father
      Episode 49
      Raf resolves to give Harry a chance to prove himself. But when he sees an opportunity to undermine the ambitious Registrar, he makes a dramatic intervention with disastrous consequences for Harry. After her traumatic break-up with Jesse, Guy's concerned for Zosia's health. But when he asks Amy to make an informal assessment, he is resistant to her professional opinion. When she notices women flirting with Jonny, Adele wonders if he is ready for a relationship after Bonnie's tragic death. Perhaps she knows a suitable candidate?moreless
    • Hoops
      Episode 48
      With Arthur adjusting to the pressures of leading a team, his anxiety over Zosia brings him face-to-face with Guy but what exactly should he tell Mr Self? Adele is intent on self-improvement but an unimpressed Jac brings her down to earth, leaving Adele to think about her future at Holby. Facing increasing concerns from Ric, Fletch struggles to stay in control on AAU. Fearing his options are running out, he is grateful when support comes from a surprising source.moreless
    • The Looking Glass
      The Looking Glass
      Episode 47
      Amy and Raf's conflicting feelings about the unborn child collide when they discover the sex of the baby. Still smarting from Jac's betrayal, Elliot takes on a patient's case against Jac's explicit instructions. Sacha's determination to make Essie happy forces her to make a brave decision.
    • Going, Going...
      Going, Going...
      Episode 46
      With a charity gala and a new board member to look after Guy tasks a delighted Arthur with taking care of a VIP patient, but when Zosia gets involved things don't go quite to plan. When Mr T asks for Jac's help, Jac throws herself into a new challenge for Darwin, while Jonny tries to reach the true heart of the matter.moreless
    • The Art of Losing
      The Art of Losing
      Episode 45
      Elliot is magnanimous in the face of Jac's betrayal, but how will he handle it when Jac twists the knife? Meanwhile, Sacha and Essie are on cloud nine, but could a storm be on the horizon? And will Fletch convince Colette that his new hire on AAU is the right girl for the job?moreless
    • Star Crossed Lovers
      Colette's stunned when she's faced with a blast from the past, Sacha is convinced Essie's cheating on him with Mr T and Elliot is stigmatised after his recent illness.
    • Affair of the Mind
      Affair of the Mind
      Episode 43
      Caring for Adrienne puts Serena's career in jeopardy, while a stressed Arthur finds himself doubting Zosia's skills as a doctor, and an officious Mo is taught a lesson by the Darwin team.
    • One Small Step
      One Small Step
      Episode 42
      Zosia, Arthur and Dominic have an end of term they will never forget. Raf's brother makes a surprise appearance forcing Raf to face up to his responsibilities. Connie Beauchamp returns to Darwin going head to head with Jac in an all-night operation, leading Jac to reach a life-changing decision.
    • A Heart Man
      A Heart Man
      Episode 41
      Elliot fears Guy is trying to sideline him as he goes under Guy's knife. Raf struggles to separate the personal and the professional when he has the chance to help Harry. When Elliot's reputation and his career are under threat, Jac battles to protect his interests.
    • 'The Spirit...'
      'The Spirit...'
      Episode 40
      Elliot is forced to confront his biggest fears on the day of the Herzig launch - will a welcome return save him, and at what cost? Serena has the day from hell when her personal and professional lives collide - she's left questioning if she can really cope with her mother's failing mental health. Struggling to cope with her heartbreak after Jesse's departure Zosia looks in all the wrong places to fix it.moreless
    • 'The Spirit...'
      'The Spirit...'
      Episode 40
      Elliot is forced to confront his biggest fears on the day of the Herzig launch - will a welcome return save him, and at what cost? Serena has the day from hell when her personal and professional lives collide - she's left questioning if she can really cope with her mother's failing mental health. Struggling to cope with her heartbreak after Jesse's departure Zosia looks in all the wrong places to fix it.moreless
    • Captive
      Episode 39
      Jesse's paranoia builds as Guy is on the verge of discovering his affair with Zosia. Raf feels isolated from Amy, but when he bonds with a vulnerable patient he realises that he can't live without his wife, regardless of the mess they're in. Mo goes on a crusade to stop her best friend Jonny leaving Holby.moreless
    • All Before Them
      All Before Them
      Episode 38
      Reeling from the news that Amy cheated on him, Raf demands that she take a paternity test. Meanwhile Zosia is struggling to keep her relationship with Jesse on track and Elliot fears he's running out of time to finish his life's work.
    • Every Dog Has Its Day
      It's the day of Amy's hearing with Serena, and her ever-supportive husband Raf starts to get uneasy when he realises her story contradicts Harry's. Knowing his wife never makes mistakes, he confronts Harry while they operate on an adulterous patient in theatre. Feeling more and more isolated from his team on Darwin after his spat with Jac, Elliot hides himself away in his beloved wet lab to work on the Herzig. Mo coaxes him out to treat a sea-shanty singer with an embarrassing secret. Elliot finds a kindred spirit in the shanty-singing fisherman and draws on this experience to find the courage to confront his own worrying medical symptoms. Colette's bemused by Guy's latest gimmick on the ward - an infection control sniffer dog called Rex. But it would seem that Rex is not the only person to sniff out trouble when Colette's own canine senses kick into action as she observes intimate behaviour between Jesse and Zosia.moreless
    • Little Star
      Little Star
      Episode 36
      Jac and Jonny prepare for their day in court, both determined to win Emma. However, Jac's carefully-laid plans are thrown into disarray by a powerful force from her past. Even at death's door Paula proves she still has the power to tie Jac in knots.
    • Masquerade
      Episode 35
      A determined Amy throws her weight behind helping Harry shine until a crisis ruins all her hard work. Jac's childcare nightmare gets worse when Elliot lends a hand and things gets heated on Darwin as Jac and Jonny steam towards the date of Emma's hearing. Arthur stumbles across Zosia's secret but it's his heart that is hit by Cupid's arrow.moreless
    • Collateral
      Episode 34
      Amy struggles to keep her secrets and manage Harry and Raf's clashing egos. The sisters are on collision course when Mo won't take Adele seriously, and Adele decides she should up her game. Things get steamy on Keller as Zosia tries to improve her bedside manner.
    • Crush
      Episode 33
      Amy's world is turned upside down when she finally gets what she wants in an unexpected way - but she may not be able to escape her past mistakes. Serena is faced with a heartbreaking decision when her mother pays an unexpected visit to Holby, and Adele shows her true potential when she's given the opportunity to shine by Jonny.moreless
    • Keeping Mum
      Keeping Mum
      Episode 32
      Serena has been rushed off her feet recently whilst trying to care for her mother, Adrienne. When Guy asks her for an urgent report outlining Holby's chances of becoming a Neurosurgical Feeder Centre she's stretched to her professional limits. Things are made worse when Adrienne arrives unexpectedly on the ward. For the past few weeks Elliot hasn't been feeling himself and keeps forgetting things. When Guy announces that they will be bringing forward the launch of the Herzig 5, Elliot is left flustered but determined to pull it off. With the team unwilling to see his recent difficulties as anything more than part of Elliot's little eccentricities, he's left feeling isolated and fearing for his career. Adele has been in the doghouse ever since Mo discovered that she'd been impersonating her on the radio. Unwilling to cut her any slack and holding her to impossibly high standards, Adele sets out to prove that she is a capable member of the team.moreless
    • No Apologies
      No Apologies
      Episode 31
      Sacha suffers a crisis of conscience when confronted with a shocking truth, while Jonny tries to extend an olive branch to Jac and Adele's radio gig may be landing 'Dr Mo' in hot water.
    • My Name is Joe
      My Name is Joe
      Episode 30
      Zosia is under pressure as she tries to prove to Sacha that she has what it takes to pass her F1 year. Meanwhile, Jonny finds an unlikely ally in his fight for Emma and, sick of playing second fiddle, Dominic makes a bold move.
    • Wild Child
      Wild Child
      Episode 29
      Raf and Amy's relationship is cracking under the strain, which leads to a heart-wrenching betrayal. Meanwhile, Jac struggles as her dark history threatens to repeat itself, and Zosia's worst date ever arrives on the ward with a mortifying problem.
    • Battle Lines
      Battle Lines
      Episode 28
      Having reached a bitter impasse with Jonny, Jac sees no option but to make a sickening decision, and she is then faced with a brutal blast from the past. Meanwhile, Arthur has some big decisions to make as he plays with the big boys of neurosurgery - and has Mo passed up the opportunity of a lifetime?moreless
    • Cold Heart, Warm Hands
      Raf and Amy are set to discover whether their final round of IVF has been successful. However, Raf soon gets consumed in a diverting case - a patient who has been technically dead for several hours but whom Raf believes is a candidate for a Lazarus-like resuscitation. Torn between his wife's emotional needs and cutting-edge medicine, Raf's priorities are tested and his marriage buckles beneath the strain.moreless
    • The Win
      The Win
      Episode 26
      Harry is full of swagger, having been invited to an exclusive black-tie event, but his mood is dented when he learns that not only has Raf been invited as the keynote speaker but that his wife, Amy, is now permanent consultant pharmacist on the ward. However, as Harry gets to work with Amy, he is intrigued to learn that there appears to be trouble in paradise; Raf and Amy's marriage might not be quite as perfect as it first appears.moreless
    • The Cruellest Month
      It's Jonny and Bonnie's big day but will Jac let him go? Zosia struggles to cope with the anniversary of her mother's death, and Adele gives Serena a reminder of the things that really matter in life.
    • Green Ink
      Green Ink
      Episode 24
      An attractive new face on AAU catches Harry's eye, but this time he may just have met his match. On Keller Arthur still has doubts about Dominic's good character, whilst on Darwin Jac is forced to endure another day of Bonnie and Jonny's endless wedding plans.
    • Exit Strategy Part 2
      Zosia puts her career on the line when she goes head-to-head with the CEO, Ric struggles to deal with the fallout of last week's hit and run while Jonny and Bonnie's engagement creates waves on Darwin.
    • Exit Strategy Part 1
      Now that Ric has been reunited with Jess, he's determined to protect her come what may. Meanwhile Zosia suspects Guy doesn't have his patients' best interests at heart and Bonnie begins to question Jonny's loyalty.
    • Instinct
      Episode 21
      With Beth still in a coma, Guy decides that Holby's state-of-the-art Tressler Neurosurgical Foundation needs a PR boost. Bonnie refuses to let Jac push her around any longer, and Ric must face up to the choices he has made as a father.
    • Anything You Can Do
      It is Jonny's first day as the clinical nursing manager on Darwin. However, he is struggling to juggle all of his new duties. With Jac breathing down his neck, he is forced to assert his authority and use his new skills to help save the life of a vulnerable patient. Zosia, still reeling after the disastrous consequences of last week's surgery, has a new-found bond with her father.moreless
    • Aftertaste
      Episode 19
      Zosia is excited when Sacha finally gives her the opportunity to prove herself with a psychiatrically vulnerable patient, but her own vulnerabilities are exposed as she struggles to grasp the severity of the case. Harry is frustrated when adoring bariatric patient Annie returns and does his best to deter her, but it does not prove as easy as he had hoped. When Jac tells Jonny that her pay cheque dictates she has the right to make decisions about Emma, he resolves to get a promotion by exposing her as a bully.moreless
    • Eat Your Heart Out
      Eat Your Heart Out
      Episode 18
      When Harry witnesses dynamic Raf having a photo-call for a medical journal, Harry is determined to find a specialism. Raf rejects his attempts at joining his resus team, so Harry looks elsewhere. When a bariatric patient arrives Harry seizes his opportunity to shine, but at the expense of a far more severely ailing patient. On the day of baby Emma's christening, Elliot brings Jac the juiciest of cases - a heart condition not seen at Holby City Hospital in over a decade. Jac feels like she has to do it, but Jonny is dismayed that she would risk being late for the service for work reasons. When a patient with an abscess in his rectum refuses to be operated on by a woman, Serena and Zosia are forced to find a male surgeon. There is however only one man available to assist - Guy.moreless
    • Things We Lost in the Fire
      As Sacha continues to put Zosia, Arthur and Dominic through a punishing teaching schedule, Arthur begins to feel resentful of his new teacher. When Arthur and Dominic are assigned to the same case, the rivalry between them heats up. But when things take a turn for the worse, which young doctor will triumph? Serena is furious when she is sent to cover AAU, but a patient presents her with a business opportunity which may help Serena prove her worth to Guy. With her eye on the prize, will she heed Harry's warning that this particular patient is not all he seems? As Jac moves forward with her plans for Emma, Jonny is determined not to be left behind. With help from a familiar face, will Jonny be able to make his wishes heard?moreless
    • Prince Among Men
      Prince Among Men
      Episode 16
      There's a new registrar on AAU and he's determined to revolutionise the ward. When a patient arrives in a critical condition and the hospital lacks a vital piece of equipment necessary to save him, this wayward hero decides to build his own version. In an attempt to inspire his junior doctors, Sacha has arranged for a 2,000 year old Egyptian mummy to be scanned at Holby. But his plan backfires, when, under pressure from Guy to get Zosia interested in surgery, she expresses more interest in the mummy. Left with no choice, Sacha forces her into theatre, where her lack of dedication and skill nearly proves fatal. After three weeks, Jac is still unable to bond with her baby. Sick of her lack of maternal instinct, her paediatric consultant takes a stern approach, making Jac realise just how beautiful motherhood can be.moreless
    • Life after Life
      Life after Life
      Episode 15
      It is the day of Emma's surgery, but can Jac defeat her demons and be there to support her daughter? Meanwhile, Arthur and Dominic continue to lock horns with potentially disastrous consequences, and Mo and Adele battle to find a way to work together as colleagues, not sisters.
    • Intuition
      Episode 14
      Colette finds herself under professional scrutiny. Meanwhile shock ricochets around Keller when a controversial figure returns, Jac and Jonny struggle to cope as their baby's life hangs in the balance, and Mo's sister makes a big impression when she arrives at Holby.
    • Self Control
      Self Control
      Episode 13
      Jac's delivery date looms. When she starts experiencing contractions ahead of schedule, Jac panics and the team on Darwin scramble into action. After a traumatic Christmas break, Serena returns intent on starting afresh. When she is surprised by Edward's return, Serena is forced to question her entire future. Ric goes back to his old university for an alumni ball. When he meets an old flame, he realises that life is never as straightforward as he thought it would be growing up.moreless
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