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  • Season 14
    • The Ties That Bind
      The Ties That Bind
      Episode 22

      Sahira is feeling the pressure to excel at work and at home, and turns to Greg for comfort. Malick is offered the Clinical Skills Teacher position, but is forced to make some tough decisions afterwards. Eddie's brother Liam shows up seeking help.

    • Fresh Blood
      Fresh Blood
      Episode 21

      Oliver tries to help the new F1 Tara as her overconfidence gets the best of her and becomes a risk for the doctors and patients. Luc is put to the test in Eddie's eyes when a friend of Luc's shows up to be treated. Chantelle and Lleucu disagree on how Chantelle is spending her money.

    • Fight the Good Fight

      Hanssen is meeting with the Holby board to decide who will be the clinical skills teacher, and realizes he's not totally in control. Elliot decides to break the rules in order to save a life and Sasha's moonlighting is revealed.

    • What You Wish For
      What You Wish For
      Episode 19

      Sahira returns with her husband, Rafi Raza, which breaks Greg's heart. Dan tries to hide his sexuality by focusing on his work, but proving himself to Malick becomes problematic when he doesn't get what he wants. Meanwhile, Michael does not get the Clinical Lead job he thought he was going to get.

    • Awarded
      Episode 18

      Oliver and Jac are up for an award, but they are forced to choose between surgery and attending the event. Chantelle is struggling with love and Valentine's Day. Sacha is unable to access his pension fund to give Chrissie everything she wants.

    • The Best Man
      The Best Man
      Episode 17

      Michael finds a rival with the arrival of Alex Broadhurst, who's in the running to be the AAU clinical lead. Oliver tries to shine with a new patient, but Greg is holding him back. Meanwhile, Dan's personal beliefs are challenged by a patient.

    • Here and Now
      Here and Now
      Episode 16

      Greg us devastated when he learns of Sahira's plans to leave Holby to move with her husband and his new job. Hanssen does everything possible to keep Sahira. Dan struggles to accept Chrissie and Sacha's new romance.

    • Butterflies
      Episode 15

      Sahira is torn between two men, and gets closer to Greg. Frieda asks Michael Spence to assess her while she struggles to complete her F1 portfolio on AAU.

    • She's Electric
      She's Electric
      Episode 14

      Greg's guilt due to his relationship with Sahira begins affecting his work. Eddi continues to deal with Luc but begins to understand the perks of being at AAU. Now that Holby has reached Foundation Trust Status, Hanssen needs to figure out what the next grand plan is.

    • Hide Your Love Away

      Greg is given charge of the ward, but is short-staffed. Chantelle is trying to run a tight ship so the hospital can fainFoundationTrust status but runs into a persistent patient that prevents her from shining. Meanwhile, Frieda and Luc work together for the first time.

    • When the Hangover Strikes

      Eddi is suffering from a post-New Year's Eve celebration hangover when he runs into a woman who is freezing and passed out. Ollie faces an important crossroad as his new career does not live up to his previous one. Sahira and Greg strike up New Year's resolutions.

    • Wise Men
      Wise Men
      Episode 11

      Elliot arrives in Kiev and discovers he is there to perform a risky heart operation, not speak to a group of students. Sacha tries to cheer up Chrissie after her split with Dan.

    • Half Empty
      Half Empty
      Episode 10

      Malick struggles to keep control of the situation with Paul and his family, causing Malick to take more risks to save them. Chrissie begins to question her happiness with Dan after seeing another couple. Jac takes out her frustration on losing baby Freya on new F1 Kip Maxwell.

    • Personal Injury
      Personal Injury
      Episode 9

      Malick is forced to come to terms with his feeling for his ex-boyfriend Paul when he and his family are brought in after suffering an accident. Jac lies to social services about baby Freya.

    • The Hand That Bites

      Hanssen invites Sahira to a conference in Stockholm, but she cannot attend because it's on the same day as her wedding anniversary. Chrissie finds herself distracted during her exam.

    • See You on the Ice

      Hanssen is confronted by Sahira about the mess in their department, but tries to keep his distance. However, he's forced to intervene when a complex case comes in. Meanwhile, Dan has to answer to Chrissie on why Dan is not his best man.

    • No Shortcuts
      No Shortcuts
      Episode 6

      Malick tries to impress Michael after hearing about his resignation. Sahira asks Greg to keep his distance. Oliver is left in charge of orthopedics.

    • Devil in the Detail

      The theater liaison manager becomes a thorn on everyone's side, canceling Michael's operation and blocking Sahira's work with a patient that has learning difficulties. Meanwhile, Jac turns to Sahira for help with baby Freya and Dan deals with planning his honeymoon while trying to keep his sexuality a secret.

    • Under The Skin
      Under The Skin
      Episode 4

      New Registrar Luc Hemingway arrives at Holby for his first shift and a hungover Eddi clashes with him but when a patient who has contacted TB is admitted, Eddi is forced to put AAU into Lockdown.

      Test results how that Baby Freya has a rare heart condition Gerbodes and despite Elliot's instructions, Jac performs a dangerous procedure to save Freya only for her to require another procedure.

      Oliver needs research for his project and goes up to Orthopaedics to gather data but with Dan without an F2, Oliver is offered the chance to get away from Jac and likes the idea.

    • Shame
      Episode 3

      Michael returns in an attempt to clear his name following the plastics scandal and people aren't happy to see him and with Jac and Sahira testifying, what will the outcome be? After missing out on a procedure that could help progress her career, Jac tries to get Oliver to join forces in a research project but Oliver soon discovers her involvement in the scandal.

    • Culture Shock
      Culture Shock
      Episode 2

      A bad start to the day for Chantelle when she ends up crashing her car into Ric's but with help from Elizabeth, will things get better for Chantelle and Ric.

      Hanseen begins to get the feeling his leadership is being undermimed and attempts to rally the hospital for support but Sahira isn't happy until she realises how much pressure Hanseen is under.

      In the best interests of a patient, Sacha is quiet about their CT scans but Chrissie realises he knows more than he is letting makes things worse when she reveals the results.

      After a hard time at Holby, Elizabeth decides the time is right to use her Nan's life insurance and leaves to travel around New York.

    • Keep On Keeping On

      Following the Plastics scoundrel, the chances of Holby City gaining FT status are put on hold. Sir Frazer gives Hanssen sole responsibility and if the hospital fails, he fails as a leader. Following the death of her mum, Elizabeth returns to work but when she gets in the way of a patient's life choice, he makes a decision and takes her gradmother's life insurance. With Eddi signing off on Chrissie's nurse practitioner modules, Chrissie tries to prove herself but her engagement to Dan results in some interference and Chrissie must decide which to prioritise, her work or her personal life.

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