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Season 18 : Episode 41

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  • Season 18
    • Back in the Ring

      From Bournemouth with Love
      Ollie questions his worth on the Darwin team. Morven braces herself for her first day back since Arthur's death. Dom is forced to make a decision about Isaac.
    • A Perfect Life
      A Perfect Life
      Episode 41
      Essie finds her own life in danger when she tries to help a desperate patient, the first patient on the new trauma unit is a shock to Serena and a new doctor shakes things up with her arrival on Darwin.
    • Children of Men
    • Another Day in Paradise: Part Two
      Jac reaches breaking point when Ollie diverts from her plans. Fletch and Raf's friendship is tested when they must work with Naomi on a case. Essie's pregnancy plans put pressure on Sacha.
    • Another Day in Paradise: Part One
      Dominic finds a unique way to grieve the loss of his best friend. Raf and Fletch are at loggerheads when Raf reveals how he really feels about Naomi. And Ollie is under the cosh when Jac leaves him with a list of jobs to do before a major operation.
    • The Lone Ranger
      The Lone Ranger
      Episode 37
      On the day Jac launches the fully-formed Digby Stent, it appears someone has stolen their patent. How will she react to failure? Dom's first day back doesn't go as planned when a forthright new registrar shakes up Keller. Hapless Raf helps Fletch make a sweet gesture for Naomi, further cementing his best friend's relationship with the woman he likes.moreless
    • Missing You Already
      A major train accident gives Dom the perfect opportunity to escape back into work mode. Bernie's husband is fighting dirty in the divorce, turning her children against her. The mother of a young train victim overpowers Bernie with her grief, leading her to confront her own failings as a mother. Zosia's keeping her grief bottled up, but Ollie's there to offer a shoulder to cry on.moreless
    • I'll Walk You Home
      I'll Walk You Home
      Episode 35
      Arthur begins to question how he wants to spend the rest of his life with Morven, and the two of them come to a joint decision - but are they thinking things through? Dom feels left out in the cold by Arthur - but will a vengeful Dom hurt his dearest friend? Zosia battles with Jac yet again to win back her trust - but at what cost?moreless
    • The Sky Is Falling
      The Sky Is Falling
      Episode 34
      When bad publicity threatens Zosia's participation in Jac's new stent, she fights to prove herself worthy. But when a loved one needs her help, will Zosia sacrifice her own career to help them? Ready to prove himself the best junior doctor on Keller, Dom is unnerved by a face from his past. Can he keep it together?moreless
    • When I Grow Up
      When I Grow Up
      Episode 33
      Hanssen suddenly decides to be a hands-on surgeon on Keller, and Arthur is desperate to prove his worth. But when he has difficulty separating the personal from the professional, Arthur makes a heartwrenching decision. With the ice thawing between them, Oliver grabs his chance to get back with Zosia. However, disaster strikes when Oliver crosses a line.moreless
    • Running Out
      Running Out
      Episode 32
      When Zosia oversteps with a patient, Oliver faces an unwelcome dilemma. As his suspicions spiral out of control, Zosia makes a gut-wrenching decision. Still bruised from the impact of her suspension, Serena returns to find Bernie helping out on AAU. However, Serena's gratitude is short-lived when she discovers the real reason for Bernie's presence on the ward.moreless
    • It Tolls For Thee
      It Tolls For Thee
      Episode 31
      Arthur and Morven receive some news which leads them to question what's really important - can love win out? Mo is full of regrets when she struggles to face up to her actions of the previous night. Will she realise before it's too late that her biggest regret will actually be letting someone go?moreless
    • The Coward's Way
      The Coward's Way
      Episode 30
      Bernie's utterly shocked when her estranged husband turns up at work, and she battles to keep her adultery a secret. New psych Naomi Palmer makes an instant impression on Fletch, and the two hit it off - much to Raf's disapproval. A fragile Zosia struggles to keep her emotions at bay as she deals with Arthur's cancer.moreless
    • Out of Sight Out of Mind
      Arthur rallies when Morven's dad Austin is admitted with end stage liver disease. Austin needs a transplant today or he'll die. Zosia persuades a terminal patient to be a guinea pig for Jac's new stent prototype. Bernie's served with divorce papers and realises her ex is going for the jugular.
    • Prioritise the Heart
      When Bernie finds herself working alongside an old army colleague, she's forced to confront the secrets of the past and face the truth behind her sudden exit from the army. Serena has to make a stark choice between her own future happiness and her responsibility to Jason. Mr T is frustrated to discover that no-one takes him seriously. But can he find his voice and prove them wrong?moreless
    • Prioritise the Heart
      When Bernie finds herself working alongside an old army colleague, she's forced to confront the secrets of the past and face the truth behind her sudden exit from the army. Serena has to make a stark choice between her own future happiness and her responsibility to Jason. Mr T is frustrated to discover that no-one takes him seriously. But can he find his voice and prove them wrong?moreless
    • Dark Night of the Soul
      In the aftermath of his mother's death, in a long night of the soul, Jesse reappraises his relationship with his grieving father and makes a life-changing decision. When Mo's mother Ina is admitted with end-stage heart failure, Mo clashes with Sir Dennis over Ina's treatment, putting her own career in jeopardy.moreless
    • Handle With Care
      Handle With Care
      Episode 26
      When Jason arrives on AAU with his seriously ill carer Allan, Serena's personal involvement affects her professional judgement. If anything happened to Allan, Jason's life would change forever. In the aftermath of the news that Arthur's cancer has progressed, Dominic is overly protective of his friend, but acting out of character proves counterproductive.moreless
    • A Friend in Need
      A Friend in Need
      Episode 25
      It's Arthur and Morven's engagement party and Arthur receives some life-shattering news. When an old friend is readmitted to Darwin, Adele makes a startling decision. Complications arise when Cara finally makes a move on Raf.
    • Who You Are
      Who You Are
      Episode 24
      When Austin is admitted to AAU, an overwhelmed Morven pushes Arthur away. Meanwhile, a life-changing birthday present leaves her reeling. When Mo and Sir Dennis clash over a patient, she wonders if she's paranoid or if Sir Dennis is out to get her. Seeing missed calls from Jess, Ric stops at nothing to get in touch with his daughter.moreless
    • Where We Belong
      Where We Belong
      Episode 23
      Bernie is forced to question what she really wants when her future at Holby is put in doubt. Ollie and Zosia's world is blown apart when a former flame of Ollie's turns up on Darwin. With the help of Morven, Cara realises it's always better the devil you know.
    • On The Ropes
      On The Ropes
      Episode 22
      Ric battles to stay in control when operating on his much-loved old school teacher, while a feisty young patient reminds him of his younger self. Mo is left reeling when she finds out she didn't get the consultant's job and realises that it's gone to an old acquaintance of Jac's. Serena's head over heels in love with Robbie but feels nervous about introducing him to her family.moreless
    • One Under
      One Under
      Episode 21
      Arthur goes into battle for a young patient who was hit by a train, but buries his head in the sand over his own health. A hungover Adele gets more than she bargains for when she becomes Guy Self's nurse for the day. Morven arranges a charity auction and Fletch sells Raf to the highest bidder.moreless
    • All Fall Down
      All Fall Down
      Episode 20
      Arthur pushes forward with compatibility tests in the hope that he might be a match for Moven's father, but his intentions to become a live donor receive a blow when he's given some life-changing news. When a trauma case arrives on Darwin, Bernie leaps at the chance to get involved, but her front-line medicine experience means she's soon breaking hospital rules.moreless
    • All That Glitters
      All That Glitters
      Episode 19
      It's Dom's first day back at work after Lee's attack. He's been cleared of any wrong-doing by the police but is stunned that he's now the focus of an internal investigation based on a complaint made by Lee. He's emerged unscathed from the assault but does Lee still have the power to hurt him professionally?moreless
    • A Partnership, Literally
      A figure from Dominic's past makes an unwelcome return, with traumatic consequences. The death of Serena's sister sets off a chain of events that brings an unexpected visitor to Holby. Zosia, over-involved in the personal life of her patient, Major Bernie Wolfe, finds herself out of her depth.
    • Serenity
      Episode 17
      When an army medic arrives on Darwin, tensions run high for Guy and Ollie. Serena battles with a difficult decision after the discovery of a family secret. Dom lands himself in hot water when he tries to keep a secret from Ric.
    • Kiss and Tell
      Kiss and Tell
      Episode 16
      It's Arthur's first day back on Keller, but how will he cope when his first patient is Morven's dad? Mo and Mr T are forced to face their feelings for each other when Mo finds out if she's pregnant. A shocking family secret is revealed when a patient on AAU opens up old wounds for Serena.moreless
    • Sins of Our Fathers
      It's a case of fight or flight for Hanssen when Guy vies to regain control of Holby Hospital. Determined to be exceptional, Arthur's ambition drives him to a new but strangely familiar path. Sacha lies to protect Essie's feelings and is unprepared when the truth is finally revealed. Hanssen pits Jac against Guy in the race for funding. But has Jac got what it takes to win?moreless
    • The Hope That Kills
      Guy's career goes from strength to strength but at what cost? Essie allows her personal life to affect her professional one when confronted with a difficult mother and son relationship. Arthur realises when it comes to love, honesty is always the best policy.
    • Young Hearts, Young Free
      Arthur is pushed to the limit when he tries to win Morven's affections. Zosia is offered a prestigious research internship in Edinburgh, but how does Ollie feel about this? Hanssen sends Dom, Morven and Arthur to an outdoor pursuit centre to battle for a research grant, but the competition gets a whole lot harder when it becomes clear that Morven's father is involved.moreless
    • Beginnings
      Episode 12
      Serena is in a melancholy mood, having resigned herself to yet another lonely New Year's Eve, but fate has other ideas. Ric Griffin is back with a bang, but the Holby team have moved on in his absence and he struggles to find his place back in the hospital. Mo continues with her plan to have a baby by herself, until Mr T steps in with a shocking proposal.moreless
    • Blue Christmas
      Blue Christmas
      Episode 11
      Troubled nurse Fran returns to Holby and is determined to get Jac's full attention, with near-tragic consequences. Sacha proves his worth when he finds himself treating the man who bullied him at school. Christmas romance is in the air when Arthur sets Morven's heart aflutter and Ollie steals a kiss from Zosia.moreless
    • Bad Blood, Fake Snow
      Fran escalates her campaign against Jac, with disastrous consequences. The AAU team lack festive cheer, but Serena finds a way to restore some Christmas goodwill. Dominic's keen to buy the perfect Christmas present for Lee. However, a shocking revelation leaves him reeling.
    • Skin and Blister
    • In Which We Serve
    • A Delicate Truth
      A Delicate Truth
      Episode 7
      The formidable Jac Naylor is back on Darwin and Ollie is intent on not letting her belittle him any more. Morven gets drawn into an elderly couple's emotional case, despite her unwavering professionalism. Dom's torn as he struggles to read his patient's motives, as he finds himself falling in love.
    • Beneath the Cover
      Cara's marriage is thrown into sharp focus when her husband's mistress asks for help. Dom struggles to keep his emotions in check when a challenging patient catches his attention. Mo is confronted with the aftermath of a disastrous date.
    • Left Behind
      Left Behind
      Episode 5
      Mo is faced with handing William back to his one remaining parent. Sacha is challenged when he is put through the mill by a tricky patient's case. Serena feels under par when she receives a wedding invitation from her ex-husband.
    • What It Takes
      What It Takes
      Episode 4
      Arthur wants his first day back to go smoothly but finds he has a lot of ground to make up with Morven. Guy is forced to face his demons when a high profile neuro case comes into the hospital. Mo thinks Zosia is getting above her station and decides to teach her a lesson.moreless
    • Calling Time
      Calling Time
      Episode 3
      Cara has to think on her feet when gangster Sean returns to Holby looking for his missing wife. Mo is forced to confront the reality that she will soon have to give William back. Sacha's confidence is knocked when new boy Jesse bounces on to Keller.
    • Cover Up
      Cover Up
      Episode 2
      Cara is shocked to the core when her husband's lover is admitted... in labour. On edge after his hostage ordeal, Guy is determined it won't have a detrimental effect on his work. Ollie and Zosia rally round as Mo puts on a brave face caring for her surrogate son.
    • The Sticky Mess of Being
      Mo is knocked for six when her old friend Sorcia turns up with Mo's surrogate son, William. Sublimating her distress over the break-up of her marriage, Cara defies Raf to help a vulnerable patient. Jesse strives to prove himself as a surgeon when he shadows Sacha for the day.
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