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Holby City Season 13 Episode 22 *Spoilers*

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    I just had to after seeing the preview

    Penny looses her rag with Ollie when she thinks he's not taking responsibility for landing her in it but when a patient dies unexpectedly, Ollie spirals out of control and admits something monumental about his past. When Greg tires of Sahira throwing her weight around he decides to get her back, by intimating that she can't juggle motherhood with her job. Hanssen is far from impressed when Sahira loses focus in an op and berates her, leaving Greg feeling guilty. Sacha has to do some serious back peddling when he is bamboozled into telling Dan about the first time he met Chrissie. He reveals way too much, and Dan gets the wrong impression of her.

    Does anyone have any idea as to what the secret could be? Oliver is my favorite character and I'm really interested in what other people think it is, plus, I thought Penny would know anyway, as they are brother+sister..

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