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  • Please not cancer

    am not a melodramatic or depressive but consider it is inconsiderate to deal with cancer as a subject material in programmes so vastly watched over xmas period (Plus Coronation St AND All contained depressing examples of coping with cancer AND TERMINAL cancer over xmas celebration days. It is a time when many (incl myself) endevour to ignore the illness and consequences and just get on with the festive time. All are favourite programmes of mine and I realise hospital life contains MANY sad examples. Maybe a tragic accident because of drinking and driving OR overdose of drugs may have at least conveyed a warning, a way to avoid, plus help available to cure and still have the SAD.. tragic content that seems to be required for true to life programmes.
  • brilliant

    casualty and holby city are my two favourite tv programmes on tv at the momment . they look at real life situations not just illnesses and emergencys without going over the top with fights and shouting.when the perform operations it looks real which is fantastic , great show should never go
  • No no no no no

    Ok I might on the top contributor list but that is only because I want to get more points on my level but this is just a complete waste of time why does everybody love this its rubbish. It is supposed to by a Casualty spin off but it is never as good as Casualty.
  • :)

    i always have liked this as i am interested in medicine, however i have to admit that it is not as good as casualty. holby city went downhill after diane died and it has been a bit boring ever since. the best character now is micheal spence...he has the most wit. the sam strachen and maria storyline is BORING and the christmas special this year was so rubbish and disappointing i went off the show for a while. it was so dry and unimaginative and unbelievable i hated it. the idea was stupid and it was all about maria...and to be honest she isnt the most interesting character to say the least.
  • Better than casualty

    I started watching Casualty and Holby City at the same time and even though I gave up on casualty I still watch Holby City pretty reguarly.

    Where as every scene in Casualty is slow and looks like it was put together by a year 7 drama class, Holby City has managed to continue to handle the drama well and while you'd think you'd get better storylines in an A&E - the wards of Holby are far more interesting. The characters are mainly good - some are a little annoying and have too many scenes though. Also maybe there is a little too much about the characters and not quite enough about the patients. And how many times do shows like this think they can use the storyline where a patient is related to/has a past with one of the doctors/nurses?

    This is one of those shows where I don't mind missing episodes but usually try and watch.
  • I love this show.

    Holby City is one of those addictive shows in my opinion. It might not be the best medical drama on the TV in that it's not always well informed on correct medical procedures but you can't fault the writers for the imaginery storylines and the characters that you can't help but love.

    The show wouldn't be the same without some of the current characters/actors - Connie (Amanda Mealing), Chrissie (Tina Hobley) and Sam (Tom Chambers). Let's hope these guys never leave because the chemistry is amazing, however the rest of the cast seem to be one of the best casts Holby City has ever had.

    My love for TV wouldn't be the same without the weekly drama of the doctors and nurses at Holby City.
  • Holby City is the best program on telly and is possibly the only thing i actually ever watch on TV

    I love Holby City- I think it is a brilliant program that uses a lot of well written story lines.
    The actors and actresses are particularly good and it is so much better then Casualty and Holby Blue.
    Holby City is possibly the only program I ever sit down to watch every week and i hate to miss an episode. The writers do not take themselves to seriously and allow bits of comedy within the series to keep viewers engaged without totally losing sight of illnesses which are dealt with at holby. Viewers can relate to some of the storylines which are usually handled very well and it helps people to understand more about hospital life.
  • It's not a bad show, just isn't on my 'must-watch' list every week.

    This is show isn't fantastic, it's just good. The characters are fairly different and i enjoyed watching what would happen to Tricia and it's sad she's gone, but the storyline with her, could only have resulted in either her getting up and living out her long life with her husband or her dying and which would get better ratings?? Obviously the death option, but sometimes does include storylines that i want to watch until the sorry end and there are some times when i just want to switch it off and read a nice book. None of me friends watch this show and i'm not going to be telling them to either.
  • Good show, plot needs looking at.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    The greatthing about the show are the actors, the bad the writers. I really like the show and what happens in it. My favorite ever part is when Ric interviews Connie and at the end Connie talls Ricthat he was interviewing her for his job- Clinical Lead.
    The plot changes from week to week with a few reccuring medical mishaps.
    With Connie (heart pump) and Ric(GS transplants) pushing forward the boundries of science.
    However the show does need some agttention brfore it starts to slip downhill.
    The Show is currently good- Long may that continue.
  • Like the classification states ~ mildly interesting

    Hmmm, Holby City ~ the spin off from Casulty.
    Basically about the daily running of a hospital. I wouldnt really say that this show is anything special. Its story lines can be quite good but the procedures that they carry out on most programs arent realistic at all. I know it is only a show but if its gunna be done then it should be done properly. And alot of the time the story lines are mostly about the doctors and nurses rather than the patients they are treating.
    Im not gunna put the show down completely because I feel that it is watchable. But for me, only when there is nothing else to watch.
    If they were to make the show and the procedures a bit more realistic then I think it would be a hell of a lot better.