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  • Great Expectations
    Great Expectations
    Episode 52
    Zubin apologises to Jess for what he said to her. Mickie's mum, also a midwife, brings a home birth patient on to the ward. Donna tells her she has some pills which will cheer Mickie up and puts them in her pocket. Chrissie sees Donna flirting with Carlos and tells Tricia. Tricia has a lump in her breast.moreless
  • Wants And Needs
    Wants And Needs
    Episode 51
    It's the day of baby Jack's christening, and Owen tells Chrissie it is being held at the same church where baby Amanda is buried. Although she pretends not to be affected, she is distraught and runs from the ceremony. Afterwards, Owen finds her by Amanda's grave, where she tells him that he was Amanda's father. Zubin is uncomfortable around Jess after their kiss The christening makes Rosie feel broody and she is emotional when a patient loses her baby.moreless
  • A Knights Tale
    A Knights Tale
    Episode 50
    Jess and Reza arrive at work late after spending the night together and a jealous Zubin takes out his frustration on the pair. Tricia is upset about the way Carlos behaved last week. Connie is keeping a close eye on Will and, when he makes a poor judgement call with a patient, she punishes him by sending him to a teaching class that night.moreless
  • Time Waits For No Man
    Tricia is over the moon after her night with Carlos but worries that he does not feel the same way about her.
    Diane is struggling to adjust to living with Owen and baby Jack and grows increasingly tired and irritable.
    Zubin makes a mistake with a patient and takes it out on Reza.moreless
  • Thicker Than Water
    Thicker Than Water
    Episode 48
    At Ric's 50th birthday party, both personal and professional relationships are tested. Chrissie's attempts to stop Owen's relationship with Diane backfire and Connie proves that she will go to any lengths to prove a point.
  • Smoke And Mirrors
    Smoke And Mirrors
    Episode 47
    Jess confides in Donna that she has a crush on an older man but Donna is soon telling everyone. Mubbs is not supportive of Mickie's dream to go to medical school and Owen asks Diane to move in with him.
  • Truth Will Out
    Truth Will Out
    Episode 46
    Will's disciplinary hearing puts his career in question but will Connie come to save him? Tricia and Carlos' relationship progresses.
  • One More Chance
    One More Chance
    Episode 45
    Connie observes Will for the day after receiving numerous complaints from patients about his attitude. The situation is made worse when a patient makes a complaint to the board.
  • Hard Lesson To Learn
    Zubin and Ric give a lecture at Holby City University which is attended by Ric's son, Leo and his pregnant girlfriend who happens to be a drug addict. She goes into premature labor and the baby must be delivered by cesarean section.
  • Under The Thumb
    Under The Thumb
    Episode 43
    As Zubin starts making plans for the hospital, Donna confides her problems in Chrissie who is very upset after being set up with Carlos by Tricia. Meanwhile, Diane discovers that Jack's father wants custody of his son.
  • While The Cat's Away...
    Connie organizes an evening of cricket for the men in order to build their abilities to work in a team, but they abandon that plan and decide to play some drinking games instead. Meanwhile, a plastic surgeon is treating a patient on the ward and Lisa is forced to evict Donna when she fails to pay the rent.moreless
  • Inside Out
    Inside Out
    Episode 41
    Diane's babysitter calls in sick and Diane is forced to take the baby in to work with her which doesn't go down well with Connie who tells her that she must choose between a child and her career. Rosie and Mubbs make up and Donna and Mickie become friends again.
  • Conflict Of Interest
    Mickie and Donna wake up in bed together after their night of passion but it is later discovered that it meant more to Mickie. Meanwhile, Zubin is upset when he finds out that Connie wants operate on a woman who happens to be the wife of an important trust member.
  • Deception
    Episode 39
    Ric is shocked when he sees Connie working her magic with Zubin and even more so after seeing her flirting with Mubbs. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to convince Mickie and Donna to stop being so irresponsible.
  • Letting Go
    Letting Go
    Episode 38
    Diane struggles on her first day back after her sister's death. Will's bedside manner needs improving, and Connie digs around in his past.
  • Holding On
    Holding On
    Episode 37
    Rosie gets some good news but Mubbs does not seem as enthusiastic about it. Meanwhile, Diane's sister's condition worsens and her baby must be delivered by cesarean. After the baby has been delivered, Joanna dies.
  • We'll Meet Again
    We'll Meet Again
    Episode 36
    Diane's pregnant sister is brought in to Holby after being in a car crash. As she deteriorates, her and her unborn baby's life are hanging in the balance.
  • In At The Deep End
    In At The Deep End
    Episode 35
    The new cardiothoracic consultant Connie Beauchamp arrives and is greated by the not very welcoming attitude of Will who is not very happy that he now has a female boss. And after a day of flirting with Ric, she sleeps with him in his office after which she reveals to him that she is the new Medical Director, making her his boss.moreless
  • Striking A Chord
    Striking A Chord
    Episode 34
    On the first anniversary of the death of Chrissie's baby, Mubbs tells her that Owen was the father and Lisa Fox starts her first day in charge of Keller ward with her hands full.
  • If You Can't Do The Time
    At Ed's suspension hearing, Chrissie refuses to cover for him and Tom, Ric and Zubin try to separate conjoined twins. When problems arise, Tom tries to get the permission of the parents to continue but when he fails to he continues anyway which results in him having to resign. Meanwhile, Lisa is offered the position of Ward Sister on Keller.moreless
  • The Eleventh Commandment
    After he tries to get a transplant patient to the top of the list Ed is suspended. Sammi is admitted to AAU with a bleeding ulcer and Rosie goes to see him after Mubbs proposes to her. Cherise Patterson's pregnancy becomes complicated when she shows symptoms related to cancer and she goes into labour during Mubbs' investigations.moreless
  • Out Of Control
    Out Of Control
    Episode 31
    The new, almost arrogant registrar, Will Curtis arrives on his first day and he doesn't go un-noticed.
  • Night Fever
    Night Fever
    Episode 30
    As Ric attends his bankruptcy court hearing, Jess goes home after a stressful day and reluctantly lets Robert Pullman accompany her. Things get violent when he admits that he stole her keys and delibrately caused his girlfriends death. He gets pushed through a window which causes him severe bleeding and he is taken to Holby where Ric operates on him unaware of the situation. Meanwhile in maternity, Mubbs and Owen treat a pregnant woman with syphilis.moreless
  • In The Line Of Fire
    In The Line Of Fire
    Episode 29
    Diane Lloyd goes to an army hospital to advise on surgical techniques during a live-fire exercise. While she is there a soldier is shot and she must save him. A pregnant woman with a weak heart is in to give birth against Owens advice.
  • When Lightning Strikes Twice
    When Mubbs considers leaving his job, Rosie tells him that she loves him. Tom performs an operation on a high risk patient against Zubins wishes and a woman has a miscarriage which Mubbs discovers is because of her condition.
  • Past Caring
    Past Caring
    Episode 27
    Tom and Ed treat young woman with a strangely high blood pressure and heart problem and Robert Pullman is readmitted with a bicycle accident injury but Ric doesn't belive him.
  • Pastures New
    Pastures New
    Episode 26
    Kath has doubts about taking up her new job and decides to do something different. She has a leaving party at the bar where she tells Lisa about how her father died. Meanwhile, Rosie breaks up with Mubbs and Jess breaks up with Robert.
  • Under Pressure
    Under Pressure
    Episode 25
    Ric does not approve of his daughter's new boyfriend Robert Pullman and Kath and Chrissie compete for the job of Clinical Matron. Ric discovers a rare cancer in Jack Fenton which he thinks he must have contracted from work.
  • Baptism Of Fire
    Baptism Of Fire
    Episode 24
    Keller's new nurse spells trouble for Diane and Owen finds his hands full with her best mate. Jess finds it hard to resist a patient.
  • The Heart Of The Matter
    Mubbs discovers where he really stands with Rosie. Ed throws out the rule book for his dad. And Diane is working with her new flame.
  • Kindness Of Strangers
    The custody battle draws near for Rosie. Ed could face Tom's wrath once more. Alarm bells ring for Diane as she talks to a young girl and her father.
  • Honour Thy Father
    Honour Thy Father
    Episode 21
    George's condition pushes Ed and Tom's professional relationship to the brink. And Rick and Diane get close over a case.
  • Protection
    Episode 20
    A shock admission to Darwin finds Chrissie struggling to keep a secret from Ed, and Ric has some surprising news for Jess.
  • What He Would Have Wanted
    Tom and Ed are caught in a dilemma over a transplant, whilst Rosie fears that her relationship with Mubbs has alienated her children. A quirky but handsome new arrival brightens Kath's day.
  • You Can Choose Your Friends
    After a bad day for Tricia and Kath, Tricia invites Diane and Kath to the bar to get drunk. In maternity a young pregnant woman wants to give her baby for adoption immediately despite the fathers opinion.
  • Forgive And Forget
    Forgive And Forget
    Episode 17
    At Nic's funeral Jess is the only person from the hospital to be there. Nic's mother and a depressed Kelly are also there. Jess visits Kelly after the funeral but it doesn't go very well. When she returns, she receives the news that Kelly hanged herself and she is dead.
  • The Buck Stops Here
    The Buck Stops Here
    Episode 16
    After gambling with the life if a patient, Zubin asks Ric to see a psychyatrist. Jess considers not going to Nic Yorke's funeral.
  • A Twist Of Fate
    A Twist Of Fate
    Episode 15
    Ric performs a very high risk operation on a cancer patient and Diane thinks that it is for money. She decides to tell Tom about it and Ric is left feeling betrayed by her. Ric later reveals to Zubin that he took on the risk for kicks.
  • All The King's Men
    All The King's Men
    Episode 14
    Chrissie and Mubbs wake up together after their one night stand and Ed Keating finds out that his father will be released in a few weeks.
  • Never Can Say Goodbye
    As Nic's condition worsens, he asks to see his sister before she is moved to a secure hospital. When he deteriorates he must be taken to theatre but cannot be saved.
  • In The Bleak Midwinter
    There's a dramatic start to the festive season in Holby following the gas explosion, which has left siblings Nic and Kelly fighting for their lives. The pair are rushed into hospital, where Jess keeps a vigil by Nic's bedside, while Kelly is rushed into theatre—and for Ric, who knows his colleague is a deranged murderess, this proves a real test of his professionalism, as he resists the temptation to just let her die. On a lighter note, Tom hosts the Holby Christmas bash, where an inebriated Tricia makes a complete spectacle of herself, while ladies' man Mubbs surprisingly opts to give the party a miss and do a spot of babysitting for Rosie instead.moreless
  • Full Circle
    Full Circle
    Episode 11
    Zubin Khan finds Kath bleeding to death in a room and Nic's mother finaly confesses to him.
  • Oedipus Wrecks
    Oedipus Wrecks
    Episode 10
    Nic and Kelly's mother is admitted with severe stab wounds and Nic thinks Kelly is responsible. Kelly promises that she will hand herself in to the police but later she trie to kill her mother again. Kath interrupts her and she chases her through the hospital until they are in a room alone together and Kelly stabs Kath.moreless
  • Sixty Minutes
    Sixty Minutes
    Episode 9
    Kelly wants Nic to run away with her, she finaly tells him the truth.
  • Understanding
    Episode 8
    Jess finds out that her father has been sleeping in his office and she insists that he stays with her. Ric defends Kath from the board who want to suspend her and she is arrested.
  • The Devil You Know
    The Devil You Know
    Episode 7
    When the police realise that Nic couldn't have been the murderer, he is released. Meanwhile, Rosies daughter is admitted to AAU after overdosing on her mother's iron tablets.
  • Keep It In The Family
    Having lost his home, Ric Griffin has been sleeping in his office.
  • Know When To Fold
    Know When To Fold
    Episode 5
    As Jess and Kelly go to visit Nic at the police station, Ric tries to hide his gambling debts and the fact that his home has been repossessed.
  • Trick Or Treat
    Trick Or Treat
    Episode 4
    Ric is served with a reposession notice as he gambles away more od his money and Nic Yorke is still being held at the police station for the murder of two.
  • End Of The Line
    End Of The Line
    Episode 3
    Chrissie finaly finds out about the relatioship between Owen and her mother and after a fight between the two, they both get suspended. As the police investigations continue a forensic psychologist is brought in to interrogate the murder suspects.
  • Read My Lips
    Read My Lips
    Episode 2
    As the police invstigations into the suspicious deaths continues, Stan Ashleigh is admitted to Holby with heart problems. In theatre Ric Griffin and Diane Lloyd ignore his requested DNR.
  • Façade
    Episode 1
    As DI Jane Archer investigates the recent deaths on Keller, Ric gambles away a small fortune to try and repair his relationship with his daughter. A patient is brought in who needs a gall-bladder operation desperately which has to be done at the Hadlington but her husband hasn't told her that they can't afford it.moreless
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