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  • Duty Of Care part 2
    Duty Of Care part 2
    Episode 52
    Maddy is petrified when CID want to talk to her about a patient's death. Dan reassures her and tries to charm the interviewing DC. However, she is more shrewd than he thought and persists with questions and asks to talk to Maddy. Maddy's still panicking; Dan is supportive but harsh and warns her not to waste her career. The DC wants Ric to corroborate Maddy's story and she's forced to tell Ric the truth.moreless
  • Duty of Care part 1
    Duty of Care part 1
    Episode 51
    Ric and Abra have another patient for their charity scheme. He arrives by flight on time but Abra is ill at ease with the man who has accompanied him from the charity. He is, in fact, Abra's father, and swears he will keep this fact to himself. Abra's judgement is clouded when they find out the background of their patient and discover that he leads a street gang. Meanwhile, Kyla comes in to work three hours late.moreless
  • My Aim Is True
    My Aim Is True
    Episode 50
    Mark comes into work late and is suffering from the night before, when he went out with Maddy and Donna. He then makes a huge mistake while treating a patient that could cost him dearly. Meanwhile, Clifford and Louise wake up in bed together, and Clifford tells her he loves her.moreless
  • Lovers and Madmen
    Lovers and Madmen
    Episode 49
    Sam propositions Maddy and asks her if she wants to grab breakfast after their shift, telling her that if she says no, then he's sure Chrissie will oblige. She scoffs, and he sets out to prove a point. Sam tells Chrissie he dumped Faye and she was really hurt, but he couldn't carry on with her whilst he was thinking of Chrissie all the time. Chrissie believes him � until someone mentions that she'd seen him getting cosy with Maddy and, in fact, Faye dumped him. Chrissie then overhears Sam bragging to Maddy that she was a sure thing. After seeing him eye up a nurse, she enlists someone's help to set him up.moreless
  • Trial and Retribution
    Chrissie has seen Sam and Faye together and tells Sam it's over between them, and promises him she won't tell Faye. She feels nauseated by Faye and Sam's double-act when admitting a patient and leaves them to it. Later, Faye reprimands Sam for being so tactless about his latest fling. When Faye talks to Chrissie about Sam during a coffee break, the penny drops that they have only just split up.moreless
  • Friends Reunited
    Friends Reunited
    Episode 47
    Sam and Faye arrive at work – Faye's fixed it so she's working on Darwin ward. Chrissie catches the pair in a clinch, and Sam notices her resentment. Chrissie later confronts Sam and tells him she thinks there could be something serious between them. Sam tells her he'll talk to Faye today. Chrissie books dinner for two, and pushes Sam into taking Faye for coffee so he can talk to her.moreless
  • Guilt by Association
    Lola tries not to get too involved with a patient who's been raped, but all hell breaks loose when the victim's volatile husband arrives. Maddy comes face to face with her heroin addict sister. Joseph tries to warn Faye about Sam after catching him and Chrissie together in the locker room.moreless
  • Old Wounds
    Old Wounds
    Episode 45
    Kyla's experiences with her son begin to affect her work when she is asked to look after a man who is facing up to the responsibility of caring for his dead sister's child. Connie reveals her jealousy of Clifford's loyalty towards Louise, while Mark is offered drugs on a night out.moreless
  • Damned If You Do
    Damned If You Do
    Episode 44
    Louise needs a registrar for the Stent Trial. Jac goes for the position, but Clifford stirs things up by telling Joseph to go for it, too. He does well, but Jac tactically shows Louise the bruises that Joseph inflicted on her, and she gets the job. Meanwhile, Abra manages to persuade Ric to help operate on the sly in theatre, but Beatrice fails to pull through.moreless
  • Bad Reputation
    Bad Reputation
    Episode 43
    Ric and Thandie's wedding day does not run smoothly, as the medical drama continues. Connie reveals Thandie's fraud to Ric, who confronts his new wife about her lies and demands that she writes a letter to exonerate Elliot. Joseph, meanwhile, lashes out at Jac when she turns up at Lord Byrne's funeral.moreless
  • Temporary Insanity
    Temporary Insanity
    Episode 42
    As Lord Byrne recovers from his stroke, will Joseph be able to reconcile with his father? Ric realises the true cost of supporting Thandie. With his plans for AAU going nowhere and his friendship with Ric in tatters, Abra must decide whether to abandon Kyla and the hospital or fight his corner.moreless
  • The Q Word
    The Q Word
    Episode 41
    Joseph's nightmare looks like it will become a reality as Jac and Lord Byrne's relationship progresses, but a shocking discovery about his father presents Joseph with a major dilemma. What will he do? Abra faces the day from hell with Jayne Grayson breathing down his neck in a busy AAU, but will he discover who is responsible for his extra stress? Elliot receives some potentially shocking news, but will Maddy's attempts to help him actually do more damage to the vulnerable surgeon?moreless
  • The Long and Winding Road
    Just when Chrissie thinks she's found her ideal man, Anton pushes her to the limit. Clifford's day is blown out of the water when his brother Alex arrives and tells him his marriage is on the rocks. On the day of the racism tribunal against Elliot, Ric's judgement of Thandie is questioned by his friends.moreless
  • Under the Radar
    Under the Radar
    Episode 39

    Sparks fly when Elliot is on the receiving end of an unexpected complaint, but what is his son doing back in Holby? Clifford struggles with a family secret, and there's a new CEO in town who deals a blow to Abra's plans.

  • Past Imperfect
    Past Imperfect
    Episode 38

    There's a shock in store for Connie when her past catches up with her. Sparks fly at Diane's funeral when Ric gets a message from beyond the grave. It's the day of Diane's funeral. Most of the staff at holby attend the funeral and offer support to her devastated parents. Ric has been asked to do a speech by Dianne's parents however when the time comes he rips up his speech and tells Dianne's parents and the rest of the mourners that he thinks Dianne killed herself! Elsewhere Connie employs Maria to look after Baby Grace while she visits her father in hospital. She finds that her father needs urgent medical treatment which he refuses. However after a chat with Maria he agree's to have the operation for the sake of his Granddaughter.moreless

  • Countdown
    Episode 37
    Chaos descends on Holby when the nurses are pushed to breaking point. Will Chrissie allow her protest to get in the way of a patient's treatment?

    Jac sinks to new depths to impress Clifford.

    In a fraught AAU, Elliot tries to keep an eye on Thandie, but a misunderstanding escalates into a serious allegation.moreless
  • Something's Gotta Give
    Lola returns from her convalescence to find the staff reeling from Diane's death and Abra ready to clash with her over the running of AAU.

    Ric wrestles with his guilty demons as the train driver who hit Diane comes in for treatment.

    Elliot finds solace helping the family unit of a mother with multiple sclerosis and the teenage son who is her principal carer.

    Chrissie faces Sutherland's persistent and heartless refusal to relieve the understaffing crisis and resolves that action must be taken.moreless
  • Close Relations
    Close Relations
    Episode 35
    When Diane comes into work with a spring in her step and hands in her resignation, Elliot begs her to think again and tries to talk her out of it.

    Chrissie embarrasses Faye by telling her she knows all about her and Sam, but things are looking up for Chrissie when a patient's relative takes a shine to her.

    Lady Byrne's on the warpath and is determined to find out who her husband is having affair with, but will Jac confess?moreless
  • Another Country
    Another Country
    Episode 34
    Diane makes a momentous decision after being forced to face the truth that she has no-one to rely on at Holby.

    Chrissie feels betrayed by Mark when she discovers Sam and Faye are romantically involved.

    Abra helps Kyla to exorcise the ghost of Harvey.
  • An Affair to Forget
    An Affair to Forget
    Episode 33
    Joseph sets out to save his parents' marriage. Will Lady Byrne's appearance be enough to change Jac's mind?

    Donna decides to play cupid for Faye and Sam.

    Diane feels the heat when she makes a promise she can't keep.
  • The Human Jungle
    The Human Jungle
    Episode 32
    Connie and Sam argue about their daughter, Grace, and Elliot also manages to work out what happened with Grace's tests, as the hospital drama continues.

    Meanwhile, Joseph approaches Jac about the possibility of them moving in together.

    Back at Holby, Abra visits Kyla's flat hoping for a happy reunion...
  • Trust
    Episode 31
    Faye visits a distraught Kyla at home; she's booked her in for a shift that day. Faye is tidying up and finds Kyla and Harvey's wedding video in the bin: Kyla's trying to forget and Faye thinks that's the best way to deal with it.

    Meanwhile, Sam tells a defiant Connie he has applied for parental rights of their baby. Connie threatens Sam by telling him the baby might not be his. He demands a DNA test.moreless
  • After The Fall
    After The Fall
    Episode 30
    Kyla struggles to hold it together as her world lies in ruins.

    Connie comes to terms with her new arrival.

    Jac finds herself stretched to the limit as her involvement with the Byrnes grows ever more complicated.
  • Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
    Following Lola's heart attack, Connie's decision to operate despite being in the advanced stages of pregnancy has unforeseen consequences.

    Thandie finds herself under Mark's scrutiny in AAU as she struggles to make the right decision when treating an apparent Alzheimer's patient.

    Events come to a head for Kyla and Harvey as their turbulent relationship reaches a shocking climax.moreless
  • Leap Of Faith
    Leap Of Faith
    Episode 28
    It's a nightmare day for Lola, both professionally and personally, when she treats two schoolgirls injured in a horrific car accident. Faye and Thandie clash over their differing approaches to a young agoraphobic. Sam reaches crisis point with Jade.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls.
    Sam gets a shock when an old friend turns up the hospital as he arrives for work. Jade is back and she's got a surprise for Sam, but will he decide to help her and jeopardise his career?

    Jac is keen to exploit what happened with the telesurgery, but it becomes clear that it won't be as easy as she had hoped so again she looks to Joseph for support.

    There's a clash of personal and professional for Ric as he has to decide whether to stake his reputation on supporting his fiancee Thandie.moreless
  • Paranoid Android
    Paranoid Android
    Episode 26
    Jac is desperate to get involved with pioneering telesurgery that's taking place at Holby led by Lord Byrne. Seizing on some ethical doubts about the procedure, she manages to manoeuvre a place in the team.

    Kyla decides that she wants an increasingly irrational Harvey out of her life, but needs to persuade Max that it's the right decision.

    Lola is still struggling running a hectic AAU and lashes out at Thandie, but are the department's problems a little closer to home?moreless
  • Is There Something I Should Know?
    Faye has a stomach bug and is late for work, as the hospital drama continues. She later tells Joseph that James is dead, and that it must have been an accident. She also informs him that the police will need to speak to him and Jac.

    Jac and Joseph, meanwhile, discuss the investigation into James's death. Joseph can't believe the police think Faye killed him.moreless
  • Bedlam
    Episode 24
    The truth about Nikki changes the friendship between Matt and Dean forever. Faye and Joseph struggle to hide the truth about what happened in Dubai. Lola's battle in AAU causes her to clash with Thandie and Ric.
  • What Lies Beneath
    What Lies Beneath
    Episode 23
    The police grill Faye about what happened to her husband back in Dubai. Jac and Joseph get into deep water doing a private op when their prestigious client begins to smell a rat.
  • Stargazer
    Episode 22
    Maddy arrives at work with a hangover. Lola smells alcohol on her breath and gives her a hard time. Later, Matt tells Lola he's had a complaint from a patient suggesting that Maddy may have been drinking.

    Meanwhile, Diane and Clifford seem to be getting on well and start flirting with each other.moreless
  • The Borders of Sleep
    Scheming Jac realises she's getting nowhere fast and decides to raise her game. Kyla and Harvey reach a new understanding. Sam gets over Jade by reverting back to his old ways.
  • Can't Buy Me Love
    Can't Buy Me Love
    Episode 20
    Harvey is working on a police case on the ward as an elderly abuser, Tom Gibson has sustained a serious head injury. It turns out he has been attacked by his son, but all is not as it seems.

    Elliot overhears Martha telling someone at her university that she needs to defer for another year and, having seen her undertake a menial task, Elliot thinks Martha is wasting her life.

  • I Feel Pretty
    I Feel Pretty
    Episode 19
    Sam has a fight on his hands when the gossip starts about him and Jade. Jealous Jac tries to set Diane up for a fall. Lola finds she's struggling when the going gets tough on AAU.
  • Blood Ties
    Blood Ties
    Episode 18
    Sam's reputation is under fire following Chrissie's shock departure. Faye settles in, but is she too good to be true? Donna tries to do the right thing with her winnings. Matt tries to keep things professional with Nikki.
  • Into the Dark
    Into the Dark
    Episode 17
    Faye Morton arrives at the hospital looking for Jac and Joseph's help, as the medical drama continues. Jac tells Chrissie that Faye wants a nurses' position at Holby, but would prefer to omit her time working at her previous hospital from her records.

    Meanwhile, Elliot confronts Joseph for telling a patient with an inoperable medical condition that they will be able to help her. As Joseph is about to break the bad news to his patient, Elliot comes up with a new approach for her condition.moreless
  • Feast or Famine
    Feast or Famine
    Episode 16
    Diane's eagerness to please Clifford results in a somewhat unsual outcome. A complication with Connie's baby tests Sam and Chrissie's relationship. Kyla, with a little help from Mark, realises what Max really needs.
  • Face Value
    Face Value
    Episode 15
    Diane and Kyla speculate about Dan Clifford's connection to Abra's sudden departure.

    Sam asks Chrissie to accompany him to a work dinner, but they fall out when he says that he sees her as just a friend.

    Meanwhile, tensions run high between Connie and Sam when she feels suffocated by his concern for the baby.

    Elsewhere, a mystery man looking for Abra provides an opportunity for Jac. Both Jac and Diane attempt to impress Clifford, but only one of them will be promoted to Consultant.moreless
  • The End of the World as We Know It
    Abra has been getting away with his drugs scam for too long, but this time Clifford won't let him go. Jac uses her feminine charms to convince a gullible Joseph that her feelings for him are genuine. Connie and Sam's ongoing battle results in serious consequences for their baby.
  • The Games People Play
    Jac's manipulative behaviour causes Elliot to catch Joseph and Martha kissing during their assignment, while Abra has to think fast after Dan finds him taking more HIV drugs from the pharmacy.
  • I Know Thee Knot
    I Know Thee Knot
    Episode 12
    Sam feels he's losing control of the situation with Connie and the baby. Matt finds a great mentor in Clifford, but does he feel the same way? Meanwhile, Mark proves that he can stand up and be counted.
  • The Very Thought of You
    Lola is concerned for baby Leanne's welfare and manages to rope Dan into helping her. They go to Steve's flat and hear Leanne crying inside. When no one answers, Dan breaks the door down and finds Steve collapsed on the floor.

    Meanwhile, Joseph tries to make it clear to Martha that they are just friends after their kiss at the Christmas party, but she is smitten with him. Jac warns Martha that Joseph is hers, but Martha isn't going to give up without a fight.

    Elsewhere, Kyla confronts Abra about the HIV drugs, and he is forced to reveal the real reason behind his stockpiling of the medicine.moreless
  • The Good Fight
    The Good Fight
    Episode 10
    Leanne's dad, Steve, arrives at the hospital to tell Lola that he is ready to have his baby back. But Lola refuses to believe that Steve is off drugs and demands that he be tested. She secretly does some background checks into his partner, but Dan makes her realise that she has to let Leanne go with Steve and so she hands her over.

    Matt, meanwhile, gets cold feet when Dean questions him about his relationship with Nikki. He dumps her, telling her that he is scared he will lose his job. Nikki storms off and Matt soon regrets his actions. He later calls her and asks if they can talk.

    Elsewhere, Elliot is still coming to terms with Gina's death but avoids speaking to the other staff, or his children, about it. Mark tries to tell Elliot that he understands what he is going through. He consoles him, and they decide to scatter Gina's ashes in the peace garden outside the hospital.

    Later, Joseph invites Jac to stay with his family at Christmas. She is happy to go but makes excuses so that she can sleep in a separate room.moreless
  • Crossing The Line
    Crossing The Line
    Episode 9
    Things are going well between Abra and Kyla, so she is shocked when she finds the HIV medication in his office and assumes that he is HIV-positive. Desperate to get to the truth, Kyla tries to talk to him all day, but Abra is oblivious to her discovery and brushes her questions aside.

    When Martha announces that she is quitting Uni to get a job at Holby because she wants to get into medicine, Jac worries that it's because she is getting too close to Joseph and decides to take matters into her own hands.

    Meanwhile, Mark is back from court. He was found guilty of driving under the influence and lost his license. Still blaming himself for Tricia's death, he struggles to keep it together but, to make matters worse, a patient makes a formal complaint about him and his interview for the nurse consultant position is scheduled for later today.

    Elsewhere, Donna gets her own back on a patient she once had a fling with, who pretends not to recognise her.

  • The Bitterest Pill
    The Bitterest Pill
    Episode 8
    New consultant Dan continues to ask questions about the kidney transplant, as Abra desperately tries to cover his tracks in the medical drama. But then Dan makes another discovery which could land him in hot water.

    Meanwhile, Dan suspects Jac of having wound up his ex and warns her that, if she wants to take him on, she will have a fight on her hands.

    Elsewhere, Sam is shocked when Connie reveals who the father of her baby is, while Mark blames himself for Tricia's death and decides to drown his sorrows.

  • It's Been A Long Day
    New Consultant Dan Clifford joins Holby and causes a stir amongst the staff, as the medical drama continues. He examines the kidney transplant case and a worried Abra tries to cover his tracks. Dan tells Abra he left his last role due to personal reasons, and all is later revealed when his jilted fiancée arrives at the hospital.

    Meanwhile, Connie reveals to a shocked Sam that she is pregnant and later tells him who the father is.

    Elsewhere, Jac asks Joseph out for a drink to keep up appearances. However, Martha comes over and begs Joseph for help to get through to Elliotmoreless
  • The Unforgiven
    The Unforgiven
    Episode 6
    Mark and Chrissie are devastated after the events of last week. They keep a vigil by Tricia's bedside, but Diane is forced to break some awful news to them.

    Meanwhile, Sam becomes suspicious when Jade's medical notes appear to be wrong. He turns detective to try to find out the truth.

    Elsewhere, Lola almost catches Matt in a passionate clinch with Nikki. He panics and tells her that having a fling with a patient is against the rules. Nikki is upset and storms off without taking her prescription from him.moreless
  • One For My Baby
    One For My Baby
    Episode 5
    Chrissie is shocked to discover that Tricia's cancer has returned. She is angry with her mother and stubbornly refuses to back down. Mark and Tricia, meanwhile, leave for their honeymoon, but their happiness is short-lived.

    Elsewhere, a young girl is admitted to Holby with a heart condition. However, Sam becomes emotionally involved in her case and decides to break the rules again.

    Worried about the consequences for his career, Matt tells Nikki he can no longer treat her.moreless
  • Sins of the Father
    Sins of the Father
    Episode 4
    Abra's kidney transplant patient is back in Holby, and both he and Ric are desperate to keep the truth hidden.

    Jac manages to impress Lord Byrne but alienates Joseph in the process. Realising she needs him on side, Jac steps up her charm offensive and makes him an offer he can't refuse.

    Meanwhile, Matt gets too close for comfort with his patient and then worries about the implications.moreless
  • Fly Me To The Moon
    Fly Me To The Moon
    Episode 3
    The atmosphere between Ric and Abra is still tense. Abra is soon up to his old tricks and tries to steal old HIV drugs for a patient. A mistrustful Ric spies on him - but will he catch him out? Elliot is trying to keep himself busy to take his mind off Gina's death and stays on at work to do the nightshift, even though he's not on duty. Joseph is back at work after his overdose and he and Elliot work together, both grateful for the distraction.

    Meanwhile, Abra and Kyla flirt and he asks her out, but Abra misunderstands when Kyla mentions her son, Max, and thinks that Kyla is still with her husband. Kyla explains and the pair end up going for a drink together.

    Elsewhere, Matt is still in Hallowe'en mode and tries to scare Donna by talking about the paranormal. Donna is dismissive but, when her patient seems to know more about Donna than she should, Donna starts to believe in the afterlife.moreless
  • Shot in the Dark
    Shot in the Dark
    Episode 2
    Diane tells Mark that Tricia is not on the theatre list for her operation. Mark is disappointed and insists on telling Tricia himself. She guesses that they aren't going to fit her in and puts on a brave face, but Mark does not intend to give up that easily.

    Meanwhile, Lola reveals that she is looking for a nanny to take care of Leanne. Heading off to interview some prospective candidates, she leaves Matt alone on the ward, which infuriates Ric.

    Elsewhere, tensions mount as Ric and Abra continue to argue about Abra's illegal operation. But will Ric sack the maverick doctor?moreless
  • Before A Fall
    Before A Fall
    Episode 1
    The Holby team takes part in an emergency drill to see how they would cope in the event of a terrorist attack. Diane comes to help, but has her own secret agenda.

    Joseph struggles to cope with the pressure of the drill, with disastrous consequences. Jac tries to use the situation to her advantage but her plan backfires.

    Meanwhile, Connie worries about how Elliot is coping after Gina's death and Mark discovers that a risky operation could save Trisha. Elsewhere, Abra makes a confession to a shocked Ric.moreless