Holby City

Season 5 Episode 34

Seasons In The Sun

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 27, 2003 on BBC

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  • This episode made me cry and was such a tearjerker. Would love to see the full episode again if anyone knows where i can find it!

    This was an amazing episode- Tine Hobley was absolutly brilliant as Chrissie Williams she is without a doubt the best actress on holby city and she makes the show!

    Baby Amanda dying in her arms made me cry- it was very well handled by the writers and the actors and actresses were superb.

    Holby city just gets better and better with time and is the only television program which i watch week in week out.

    Eva cassidy playing at the end really added to the emotional feel of the whole episode.

    I can honestly say that this was the only episode in any program or film that has actually made me shed a tear!! and that is saying something!