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  • Season 2
    • Season 2, Episode 12
      Officers investigating a series of hoax emergency calls walk into a trap set by a sniper. DCI Vaughan leads the search for the gunman, but PCs Loughton and Slater, responding to another call-out, may find him first. PC Parker comforts PC Cooper after she sees her husband with another woman on some CCTV footage. Sgt Young takes Miranda to Cooper's birthday party. Kate Keenan is confronted by her violent father-in-law.moreless
    • Season 2, Episode 11
      DS French returns to work after his wife's funeral and investigates an assault on a prostitute, with Keenan's father a suspect. Miranda is brought in to help, and agrees to go on a date with Sgt Young. PCs Slater and Loughton investigate the blackmailing of a local shop owner and her husband.moreless
    • Season 2, Episode 10
      PCs Slater and Loughton attend the scene of an armed robbery. Keenan believes that it was an inside job. PCs Parker and Cooper patrol an estate that has suffered a spate of burglaries and catch a cuplrit in action. Cooper is worried after her husband stayed out all night. DI Keenan asks DS French for some tips on saving his marriage. French receives some devastating news.moreless
    • Season 2, Episode 9
      PCs Parker and Cooper attend to a dispute between two neighbours. Acting Insp Young struggles with a tough first day in his new job. His friend Miranda gets the results of her job interview. Kate Keenan betrays a confidence.
    • Season 2, Episode 8
      Determined to bring down a local pimp and drug dealer, DCI Vaughan organises a raid on a brothel, but the girls are reluctant to cooperate with the CID investigation. PCs Loughton and Slater deal with the report of a missing teenager. A reformed drug addict calls on Sgt Young. Insp Black has a pregnancy scare. Slater does some digging into Loughton's background.moreless
    • Season 2, Episode 7
      PC Jake Loughton arrives at Holby South on transfer from Preston and is paired with PC Slater. The pair clash, but set their differences aside as they investigate a series of smash-and-grab robberies. PC Jackson's estranged mother, Linda, is among a group of women arrested for being drunk and disorderly. PCs Cooper and Parker open up on a stake out. Kate goes for a night out with Insp Black and Mandy French, and catches up with DCI Vaughan.moreless
    • Season 2, Episode 6
      DS French tries to persuade a battered wife to speak up against her violent husband. DI Keenan visits his estranged father in prison, but the reunion does not go well and he takes his anger out on Kate. PC Parker confides in PC Cooper about his secret love.
    • Season 2, Episode 5
      DI Keenan, investigating a serious assault on a youth worker by his teenaged son, becomes convinced that the assault was provoked, and is forced to confront his own childhood demons. Sgt McFadden tries to persuade Lucy Slater to reconsider her resignation from the force.
    • Season 2, Episode 4
      DI Keenan and DS French investigate a brutal attack on a young man. A youth worker, brought in to assist with the investigation, becomes involved in a domestic disturbance of his own. PC Slater considers her future in the force.
    • Season 2, Episode 3
      Uniform and CID work together to deal with an outbreak of gang-reated violence. Inquiries lead to the death of a suspect, with horrific consequences for the officers at Holby South. Insp Black investigates a formal complaint made against Sgt Young.
    • Season 2, Episode 2
      DI Keenan leads an attempt to discover the source of a batch of contaminated drugs. PC Clifton decides to get to know his son.
    • Season 2, Episode 1
      CID interview Jac Naylor, who has been arrested on suspicion of the attempted murder of Alan Clooney, the man who had previously tried to rape her. Kate Keenan enjoys flirting with a man at a police social, little realising that he is the new detective chief inspector.
  • Season 1
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