Hole in the Wall

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Oct 06, 2010 Between Seasons


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Hole in the Wall

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Hosted by Teck Holmes, two families compete against each other as they work their way through walls with constantly changing cut-out shapes.
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  • live-action network

    what's the freaking point of the show? All they do is try to smash through a wall. How the hell is it still on? I'v lost faith in humanity if it's because the ratings are high enough.
  • Piece Of Crap it's live action,and so boring

    It's garbage it dose not belong on CN cause it's live action crap.
  • Live Action does not belong on CARTOON network. Automatic "1"

    I was watching CN in the morning and this came on. Cartoon Network ordered MORE Live-Action. They bought like 10 live-action shows so far. It seems as if they are forcing Live-Action on CARTOON network. They treat it like a regular series. Why is it that a channel called CARTOON network has like half of its shows are in live-action. CN was once called "The Best Place FOR CARTOONS" ,but they have made many useless changes to their channel. They changes their slogan to "Check It" ,to make it seem cool. People dont want to watch this garbage on Cartoon Network. The people running CN dont even see the Cartoon part in Cartoon Network. They have got to stop showing live-action. Bringing this show on CN is one of the most dumbest ideas ive ever seen. Does CN purposely show their bad shows during the day? Spoiling Cartoon Network with dumb game shows. Does anyone who falls for this even see CN before 2007. Cancel this, Cancel Unnatural History, Cancel Tower Prep. It isnt a cartoon. It's a game show with a whole bunch of people tring to smash through a wall. Anyone who actually likes this should see the shows CN showed before 2008. Like Ed Edd n Eddy and stuff like that.moreless
  • What part of CARTOON Network do the people running the network don't understand?

    Honestly, who is demanding such stupid shows like this on the number one place for animation? Hole in the Wall was a good Japanese TV show and it should have gone to channel G4 or and other Game Show network, not on a channel for cartoons. Hole in the Wall was about two families competing by making their bodies fit through holes and whoever won were the winners and got a prize. A show like this does not belong on Cartoon Network and needs to be canceled ASAP. Just when will the people at CN realize we want CARTOONS, not this live action garbage they throw at us. Do not watch this show and let it suffer its fate and be canceled for the sake of CN.moreless
  • Show us the FLOP OF THIS SHOW!

    That was just a parody of the "Show us the hole in the wall!" line. Okay,so on to the review. CN makes another live-action show that doesn't belong on that channel. Hole in the Wall is about a game show that feature families going through holes in walls. It does sound great,but fails on so many levels. Not only is this another terrible live-action show, there are so many problems with it.I heard the other version was terrible,but here is this show's problems. The holes are so easy and stupid to go through. I can make better holes that that. The names of the teams are so stupid like Wall Nuts and stuff like that (I only liked Wall Pass and The Good,the bad and the Stepdad) and the stupid slo-mo replay is not funny. Teck Holmes is annoying in this show,and the stupid "Show Us the hole in the wall!" line gets annoying very fast. I also hate the stupid blindfold challenge. No one ever makes it at all because well,they can't see the wall. In one episode,a guy was blindfolded and didn't even move at all,yet he didn't make it. You see how stupid this show is? This is what doesn't belong on CN. And worse news,this is on Boomerang. Cancel this and bring back Chowder.moreless

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