Hole in the Wall

Thursday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 11, 2008 In Season


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  • Every episode is basiclly the same

    I dont know why CN decided to keep this show. I really dislike how the plot is the same in every episode like a Redwall novel. All people do is jump through holes in walls. Wheel of Fortune and 1 vs. 100 put twists in thier shows to make it interesting but this shows only changes are the contestants playing. This is one game show you`ll definantly wanna just ignore.
  • Hole In the [bleep]


    I can't believe I actually watched this once. First off, This is not a cartoon, it's a bad reality show. Even though it's on Cartoon Network. Secondly, It's a bad reality show at that. The guy screams to the top of his lungs, "Show us the hole in the wall!" Then contestants try to orientate their body to fit through a hole on an upcoming wall. This thing looks like a really low budget reality show. I'm not sure why this is airing on Cartoon Network. Keyword: Cartoon. This actually aired on FOX before CN. Fox cancelled it.Then CN aquired it. I'm tired of these bad live-action reality shows on Cartoon Network. Hopefully, HITW will go soon, as it is failing among it's target audience and eventally DWWH and DBD would go with it, but for some reason, CN likes to keeps the live-action shows running even though they get bad ratings.One word to CN excs. and Snyder "Keep the live-action shows out if they know what's good for them."

  • this show should be cancelled permanently, and a razzie award nomination

    this is not a cartoon, this is really a superman 64 quality game show for people who are in prison. on the other hand, this show makes the 1997 batman and robin movie look good. besides johnny test that makes hotel mario for the phillips CD-I look good, my ears are ringing from the constant bickering, just like the KND episode where those 2 asian kids bragging about the posh party rainbow monkey in a turkey feast. if you want a really good reality tv show, try wheel of fortune and jeopardy, where my favorite merv griffin is a memorable person.

    anway, thumbs up if wheel of fortune is better than hole in the wall.

    and by the way, mark thompson should be arrested for constant bickering in the reality tv show.
  • Soo glad this show is remove!!

    I hated this stale excuse for a game show, its pointless, looks boring and dumb!
  • This show will make you suffer....

    Welcome to the "gameshow" Hole in the Wall, where ugly, obese people dressed in hideous silver jumpsuits try to ram their bodies through Styrofoam cutouts. Sounds boring huh? Well it's much worse than that. To spice things up in a more hell-like matter, the host is a pain in the rear. He never stops chatting or bickering about "Instant Replays" when the people smash into the foam and go crashing into the water pit. Oh, there's another flaw about this gameshow. 90% of the time, the contestants don't even make it through the foam cutout. And the crowd is yet always cheering and ranting about something. Maybe the host drugged them with happy gas or is paying the audience to watch the vermin "Hole in the Wall" really is.

    I know this show ended like a year ago, but ever since I watched an episode of this on Cartoon Network, it just made me mad to think FOX even bothered making this show in the first play.
  • More like Head in the Wall

    It's ironic that this show premiered on the most infamous day in American history, and it's also the reason why other countries despise us. Sure, the slight innuendo of "hole in the wall" (haha haha haha...soooo funny! Not.) is clever at first, but then it gets old. The American announcer is so annoying and forgettable I forgot why he got the job in the first place or what his name was. And...why do the contestants look so freaking excited to be on the show? They all look and sound so annoyingly excited that I want to shoot them all. They SHRIEK when they go through the hole carved in a wall. I'd rather watch Flo, and I hate her Progressive commercials. A show made only from her annoying commercials would be funnier! ...but I won't give them any ideas since they think they're doing perfect. Wouldn't want to spoil their illusion, would I?
  • Just an absolute abomination of a show.

    I've written several reviews of this abomination of a show and all of them are in the horrible category. This review is no exception. This show is an abomination and should be yanked from the television lineup immediately. I can not believe that this show made it to the beginning of October, much less the second week. Who watches this show for it to still be on?! God god, it is a waste of an hour of your life that you will never ever get back. An after that hour you are left wondering what you've watched and why.
  • This got old REEEEEEAAAAALY fast!

    Why are Japanese game shows flooding North American airwaves? The newest import is "Hole in the Wall". After giving this show a try and approaching it with an open mind, I now feel like putting a "Hole in my Head!" After seeing one or two contestants try to contort themselves into shapes that will fit through various "Holes in the Wall" (get it? Ain't that clever?), the premise had outlasted its welcome. I can't recall any show of any genre of any era that managed to become stale before the very first commercial break. The only way this show will make it past four episodes is if someone is blackmailing one of the executives at Fox.
  • Wonder if it will live to its hipe.

    When this game show appeared a couple days back, I was laughing so hard. Good thing my trusty DVR was here, I watched it over and over again. This game show looks promising, can't waiting to see it. I know it is going to be funny. One part in the preview show's an overrweight contestant. She see's what she has to got through & she makes a face of shock & despair. She knows she's going to have trouble getting through that obsticale. Hopefully it ends up a huge success. Well nothing else to say but I hope it starts early September.
  • two people try to jump thru shaped holes, and when they dont they fall into coloured water.

    This is the stupidist show I have seen on tv yet, people making an attempt to jump thru a shaped hole coming at them and when they fail the wall breaks or they get pushed into the water. I think the hole show should be pushed into the water. How stupid are the contestants when they dont even realize they dont have to make the shape just jump thru the hole. And both hosts are completely annoying whats with the yelling all the time. the only reason I made an effort to watch this show is it followed fringe I was so please with the pilot of that show then this load of c*@p came on. Please someone find a brain and cancelled this. I wanted to give this show a score of less than one but the submit button wouldnt allow it
  • This makes other reality shows look good. The hole in the title can only be one thing...what the narrative and ideas are pulled out of.

    How can a show be this bad? I watched part of the wrecking ball/hairstylist ep (it followed Wipeout, which is actually entertaining). I watched part of the female Georgia peach/NY Meatball ep tonight as well. If it were ten times as good it would be only disappointing.
    This is literally a one-idea show. The only surprise not known when the show begins is what shape the holes are going to be, and they are obviously not based on what normal, much less the abnormal, can fit through.
    Silver-lame unitards? The uniforms the contestants wear wouldn't flatter anyone other than Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry, certainly not the morbidly obese on some of these teams (yes, sumo wrestlers need to wear man-bras).
    And every time the host says "It's time to face the hole" I say "Ewwwww!"
    Dumb idea. Dumb in conception, dumb in production, dumb in execution, dumb that it's still airing the same week it premiered.
  • You'll want to gouge your eyes out after watching these fat, ugly Americans try to squeeze their obese bodies through tiny holes in moving walls.

    You'll want to gouge your eyes out after watching these fat, ugly Americans try to squeeze their obese bodies through tiny holes in moving walls. All of the contestants I have seen a hideous. Fat, obese, old, and just plain ugly contestants. Why do the contestants think they have to raise their arms or legs if thats what the wall looks like? Keeping your legs together, or your arms at your side should work fine. How are you supposed to get any points when the wall breaks with any force? They should have just aired the Japanese version with English comic announcers. I would not recommend this show, and hope it gets canceled soon. Just because a show is a success in another country, doesn't mean it will translate well in the west.
  • A horrible remake of a Japanese game show which should have never been created to begin with.

    What a horrible show. I actually sat through a whole episode before I made a decision. This show is a sad attempt to bring a Japanese game show to America.The show has nothing interesting to it. Just by watching the first 5 minutes of an episode you have basically seen it all. It is all repetitive. The only thing the host does is offend the contestants. It even makes me wonder what the contestants are doing there. I recommend that you stay as far away from this show as possible. Please stop trying to bring Japanese game shows to the states!!!
  • Hole in the Wall started off as a Japanese game show and just recently came to America. Contestants try to get through holes in moving walls without getting pushed into water.

    I'll start with the good. The show is initially entertaining. I would say about the first act, or maybe even the first entire episode. Also, the blind wall at the end is fun to watch, in which contestants help one of their teammates, who is blindfolded, get through a hole by telling him/her what to do.
    However, the show soon becomes repetitive and you begin to think why it was such a hit in Japan and how it came to America. I think the idea is rather dumb and gets old quickly. Also, while the blind wall at the end is cool, it's nearly impossible, although it is for $100,000.
    Overall, it may be worth watching for a little while, but change the channel once you get bored because you won't become more entertained.
  • The Japanese version is amazingly hilarious. This...simply blows.

    I love the Japanese version. I have seen every clip of it that there is on YouTube a least once, each time almost laughing myself out of my seat.

    But FOX's version was absolutely horrible. It wasn't even close to funny. Both hosts annoyed the crap out of me. And that "It's time to face the hole" line got old really fast. I'm sorry, but it was a great innuendo the first time I heard it...now it's just unnecessary.

    The contestants are idiots. Seriously, is it THAT hard to get through a hole? When will they realize that you don't HAVE to make that exact shape?

    And what the f*** was up with the woman having to microphones? One in her hand, and a headset too. Talk about excessive.

    I had been very excited for this show once I heard it was being made. Now I'd just rather not bother. I have better ways to waste my time.
  • Worst show ever!

    Oh my goodness. I just finished watching Fringe and it was really good! Then this show came on and I thought I would give it a try! I lasted about 2 minutes before my brain told me to turn if off. What a stupid show. Dumb hosts, dumb premise, and dumb contestants. I don't know how it will succeed past the first episode. Have we really resorted to this kind of bull crap on TV? Is there really nothing else to watch? How embarrassing for fox, they should of known better! Hopefully it will get canceled quickly and we can enjoy something else after Fringe!