Hole in the Wall

Thursday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 11, 2008 In Season


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  • This show will make you suffer....

    Welcome to the "gameshow" Hole in the Wall, where ugly, obese people dressed in hideous silver jumpsuits try to ram their bodies through Styrofoam cutouts. Sounds boring huh? Well it's much worse than that. To spice things up in a more hell-like matter, the host is a pain in the rear. He never stops chatting or bickering about "Instant Replays" when the people smash into the foam and go crashing into the water pit. Oh, there's another flaw about this gameshow. 90% of the time, the contestants don't even make it through the foam cutout. And the crowd is yet always cheering and ranting about something. Maybe the host drugged them with happy gas or is paying the audience to watch the vermin "Hole in the Wall" really is.

    I know this show ended like a year ago, but ever since I watched an episode of this on Cartoon Network, it just made me mad to think FOX even bothered making this show in the first play.