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Hole in the Wall

Thursday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 11, 2008 In Season


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    It's ironic that this show premiered on the most infamous day in American history, and it's also the reason why other countries despise us. Sure, the slight innuendo of "hole in the wall" (haha haha haha...soooo funny! Not.) is clever at first, but then it gets old. The American announcer is so annoying and forgettable I forgot why he got the job in the first place or what his name was. And...why do the contestants look so freaking excited to be on the show? They all look and sound so annoyingly excited that I want to shoot them all. They SHRIEK when they go through the hole carved in a wall. I'd rather watch Flo, and I hate her Progressive commercials. A show made only from her annoying commercials would be funnier! ...but I won't give them any ideas since they think they're doing perfect. Wouldn't want to spoil their illusion, would I?
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