Hole in the Wall

Thursday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 11, 2008 In Season


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  • this show should be cancelled permanently, and a razzie award nomination

    this is not a cartoon, this is really a superman 64 quality game show for people who are in prison. on the other hand, this show makes the 1997 batman and robin movie look good. besides johnny test that makes hotel mario for the phillips CD-I look good, my ears are ringing from the constant bickering, just like the KND episode where those 2 asian kids bragging about the posh party rainbow monkey in a turkey feast. if you want a really good reality tv show, try wheel of fortune and jeopardy, where my favorite merv griffin is a memorable person.

    anway, thumbs up if wheel of fortune is better than hole in the wall.

    and by the way, mark thompson should be arrested for constant bickering in the reality tv show.