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Holiday Minisodes

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Holiday Minisodes are short and funny web shows that last approximately five minutes each and are produced by Crackle. The creators of the Holiday Minisodes spoof television shows and movies as well as popular entertainment characters such as Jeff Foxworthy, The Flying Nun, Designing Women and Ned and Stacy. Each minisode has a cast of participants that are dressed up as the spoofed TV show episode or movie characters, and they do outrageous and funny things that parallel the original storyline. For example, in the minisode called Designing Women: The Wilderness Retreat, two Crackle characters are dressed up as Julia and Charlene, and they pretend that they are being chased by a wild forest monster and must defend themselves with high heeled shoes and hairspray. Viewers are in for a treat when they tune in to Holiday Minisodes because they are short and good for a laugh any time of the day.

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