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  • Season 1
    • Farm Festival
      Episode 16
      What's worse than SHINPADS being rejected by every film festival in the world? Zombies, that's what. Lots of hungry zombies. Plus, Lance delivers terrible news, Joe gives Laura a very difficult choice, and Corri shares a huge secret with Adam.
    • Kevin's Wedding
      Episode 15
      Corri brings Adam as her "fake date" to her ex's wedding hoping to make the ex envious. Feeling unappreciated, Oderus decides to move out of Adam's closet, and Laura drops some news on Joe about her future that could change their relationship forever.
    • Cursed
      Episode 14
      After watching a cursed video sent by Laura's Twitter follower, the gang will die in seven days, unless they get another unlucky soul to view the mysterious tape. Meanwhile, Adam suspects that his new "Perfect 10" girlfriend may have a very dark side.
    • Blobby
      Episode 13
      In a special animated episode, Laura mixes imported Japanese paint with her usual supplies and accidentally spawns a Blob monster. The creature quickly grows to epic size and attacks the town, while the boys try to film the carnage for a horror movie
    • Joe's Soda
      Episode 12
      Things get hairy when Corri is bitten by a strange man who Adam and Joe suspect is a werewolf. While the boys scheme to kill this possible Lycan and stop Corri from turning werewolf, Laura has to guard the very angry - and very chained-up - Corri.
    • Rock the Cradle
      Episode 11
      Adam's new girlfriend Bailey has everyone smitten, but Corri suspects Bailey may be posing as something she is not. Meanwhile at the cable station, Lance Rockett is stunned when a young man named Valentino Foxx shows up claiming to be his son.
    • Honesty
      Episode 10
      Laura's folks want to meet her boyfriend but a case of switched identities casts Adam as Joe - forcing the real Joe to play Pablo the housekeeper. And the boys confront their painful past as an old nemesis needs their help in his 12-step recovery program.
    • Hobgoblin
      Episode 9
      Frustrated with how the SHINPADS short film is going, Joe convinces Adam, Corri, and Laura to head off into the woods for the weekend and shoot a found footage movie to capitalize on the current Hollywood trend. The boys think they've made up the infamous "Holliston Hobgoblin"... but did they?
    • Halloween Girl
      Episode 9
      Things are looking up when their new leading man, Kane Hodder, convinces Scream Queen Danielle Harris to co-star in SHINPADS, but the horror diva seduces ailing Adam into giving her all his money - and all of his root canal pain medication!
    • 6/4/13
      Corri finds horror icon Kane Hodder in her hospital after a failed suicide, so Adam and Joe cast him in their SHINPADS film. Plus, Mass Cable could go dark in Holliston unless the guys show romantic comedies on their late night show, The Movie Crypt.
    • 12/14/12
      The most wonderful time of the year quickly turns into "Silent Night, Deadly Night,"when a blizzard strikes the town of Holliston, trapping Adam, Joe, Corri and Laura inside with no power.
    • 0.0
      Desperately trying to get their movie trailer to a legendary director at a horror convention, Adam and Joe pretend to be disabled to avoid paying for a "Gold Pass". Guest stars: John Landis, Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris.
    • When Laura inadvertently tweets her racy photo, she's one of the hottest girls in the "twitterverse" - for the wrong reasons. Joe has Adam hire a mentally-damaged make-up artist for their movie trailer.
    • Candyman
      Episode 4
      What's harder than getting Candyman out of your head? Getting the real Candyman out of your life! Their life turns sour when horror icon Tony Todd takes Adam and Joe out for a wild night, and decides to move in with them. Forever.
    • Skunked
      Episode 3
      Hunting for their cat Axl, the boys get skunked. Corri and Laura head to the corner store for vinegar to help get the stink off but the cops, leary of their purchase, detain them. Guest stars: Brian Posehn, Derek Mears and Colton Dunn.
    • Camera Rental
      Episode 2
      Joe and Adam hire out the company's camera to fund their horror film trailer – but the guy they rent it to vanishes! And, Corri and Laura discover their new apartment is haunted. Guest stars: Bill Moseley, Ray Wise and Parry Shen.
    • The Hooker
      Episode 1
      Adam agrees to a double-date with his ex-childhood sweetheart, Corri. But he really amps up the awkward by hiring a hooker as his date off the bad advice from imaginary friend Oderus Urungus, when he can't find anyone else willing to go with him.