Holly & Stephen's Saturday Showdown

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • I do not like the new show. The Ministry of Mayhem was much better. I used to get up at 9 to see the Ministry of Mayhem, but this new show is boring! Bring back my favourites e.g. Ram Ray and In the Lab.

    I think Holly and Stephen\'s Saturday Showdown is boring and Ministry of Mayhem is much better! On the Ministre of Mayhem I like Ram Ray and in the Lab best and neither of them are on now. I used to get up every Saturdayat 9 oclock to watch the Ministry of Mayhem but then I saw Holly and Stephen\'s show was on.

    I thought it was boring - instead I watched Dick and Dom in the bungalow. It was much beter than Holly and Stephen show.

    The only thing I like on it now is Drake and Josh!

  • It came after a great Saturday morning show: SM:TV Live, but is it good enough?...

    Many we're sad to see SM:TV go, but when this was first aired, people soon got used to it. It started out brilliant and got better as time went on. Nower days, there are some great things on the show, such as Foodfight, Watch and Win, Cakey SK8, Name That Tone, Double Trouble, Ram Ray and more. Also, there are some great shows, such as Drake and Josh, Spongebob Squarepants, King Authur's Disasters, and the once shown Tutenstein. There are great guests every week who mingle with presenters Holly and Steven. Along with guests and presenters, there is also The Doc, Ray, Mr. Lee and the Cheeky Hyenas.

    Trust me, you gotta watch it!
  • The show is a live entertainment program for children on a Saturday Morning. It is the replacement of the hugely successful show SMTV Live. It is fronted by CITV star Stephen Mulhern and ex-CBBC Presenter Holly WIlloughby.

    The show is very good entertainment for older children and young teens. Stephen and Holly have a great on screen chemistry. As soon as the titles are rolled, the show begins straight away. You can predict what the program will be like as it always starts with a very funny foodfight. Then there is no lacking of the pace with a show straight away. Stephen and Holly do a lot of talking but they seem to make it interesting. Also highlights of the morning are Ram Ray, Name that Tone, Cakey Sk8, Jibber Jabber and double trouble! Shows on the Ministry include Drake and Josh and Spongebob Squarepants. One of the funniest parts of the show is the Doc in the Lab. He does science experiments. Now this may sound sad but it is in fact an actor dressed up. There is no secret to this either. Thats what makes it funny along with the hyenas. All this is wrapped up by celebrity guests included throughout the morning on the show. So from a not so good beginning, M.O.M is proving itself to become jsut as successsful as SMTV Live!