Hollyoaks Later

Weekdays 10:00 PM on E4 Premiered Nov 24, 2008 In Season


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  • Better Then Ever!

    Hollyoaks Later is great! It was actually better then Hollyoaks!! I mean I think the other late night Holloaks have been quite boring and strung along but this time it was great! With all the different story lines it was just excitment after excitment!
    With it only being on for a few nights so much happened in each show and with the added guests of The Saturdays it was just great!!
    It was more real!! It was weird though hearing the Hollyoaks characters swearing some where very shocking lol like Josh but it is more real!! I'd been waiting for this since Nile/Matthew had tried to kill the McQueens!! Although i will say i thought his death would be better then stepping backwards off a cliff!! I mean he survived Thwe Virgin Mary statue falling on him and thats all that happens? Thats the only bad thing i have to say about Hollyoaks Later...Nile/MAtthew should have died better lol!! But all in all it was Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!
  • A late night spin off of Hollyoaks

    Hollyoaks Later, is a late night spin off of the very popular TV show Hollyoaks. I have been waiting for this to air for a while, but was a little disappointed with the ending. I love how we got to see the characters being more like teenagers, and I mean this in the use of their language. I had been dying to know what would happen between Steph, Nile/Matthew, since I heard rumours a few months back, that it was going to be the end for one of these characters. I was slightly disappointed with how Nile/Matthew died, but it was still good and better than some of the other death we have seen in Hollyoaks. I have seen the other late night spin off of Hollyoaks, and I have to admit that this one was much better.