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Hollyoaks needs new blood what do you think of my ideas?

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    I think they should get more people who were in the cast from 2003-2006 these are my names Chris Fountain [Justin Burton] Gemma Atkinson [Lisa Hunter] Darren Jon Jeffries [Samuel Ob Obrien] Marcus Patric [Ben Davies] Jodi Albert {Debbie Dean] Sarah Baxendale {Ellie Hunter] a lot of these cast members have people in the cast who are known to them and they would add humour as well as good acting. I could think of other cast members who should also return it could be like in real life people return when old friends turn up. Look at Dallas they said the guy had been dreaming?. I think they should also get better writers better directors like the ones there in 2004-2006 who got the show nearly up there with East Enders in my opinion?. What do you the public think as we could make the difference in saving this show from going the same way as Crossroads Brookside and the Bill before its to late?

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