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*SPOILERS* From October 2010

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    18th - 22nd October


    Amber's reels from Taylor's shocking revelation about Phil's other family. Unable to accept the truth, Amber takes her anger and frustrations out on Finn at school. Amber later finds Finn and apologies and the two go back to the O'Connors to discuss their troubles. The conversation soon turns to sex and Amber makes no secret of her curiosity. She moves in for her second smooch of the day and propositions a bewildered Finn. As Amber climbs out of Finn's bed, she swears him to secrecy.
    Lee is devastated when he reads Nancy's scathing review of his play. Leanne encourages Lee to get back to college with his head held high and as Nancy overhears, they resolve to not let Nancy get away with this. Brendan's dismissive when Ste asks about Macca. Brendan pays a visit to The Dog, where Jack reveals Carl's plans for a poker night and invites Brendan along, to Carl's annoyance. Whilst Rae confides in Leanne about Ste, Leanne points out that he has kids and was n love with Amy - is she sure she wants to take this all on?


    Kevin excitedly prepares for the beacon to be switched on. He tells Elliot that they must find the perfect person to switch it on.Amber reflects on her sexual experience with Finn. She worries about what she's going to say to him and it's awkward when they come face to face at school. Amber firmly reminds him to keep his mouth shut and they agree that it was just a one-off.
    Rhys is downbeat and isn't happy to see Danny turn up. Jacqui's also awkward and tries to explain to Rhys about her and Danny, but he feigns disinterest. When Danny watches Jacqui speaking to a customer, he chastises her for being overfriendly and insults her. Jacqui is stunned by Danny's outburst and Rhys looks on, equally as shocked.
    At Chez Chez Brendan and Danny agree to go to the casino and they ask Ste to come along. Ste wants to invite Rae but Brendan thinks she's too young to get in. It's too tempting a prospect for Ste, so he tells an annoyed Rae that tonight's off. Brendan's delighted that he's got Ste exactly where he wants him.


    Brendan and Ste go on a night out and as the two stumble back to Cheryl's, Ste loses his footing and Brendan leaps to his rescue, they end up on the sofa together in an embrace. It's a charged moment for the pair and Brendan's tactile with Ste. Ste decides to go for it and kisses him, but Brendan responds aggressively and orders him to leave. Ste flees, wondering what he's done to warrant such a reaction from Brendan.
    As Riley and Seth lark about, a mysterious stranger watches on. The stranger continues to stalk the boys, but doesn't expect to come face to face with Jem. They're both gobsmacked. As we learn that this is Liam, it's clear there's history here.
    Jasmine's horrified when Heidi and Carl return from a shopping trip with a new dress for her. When Jasmine refuses to wear it, a row breaks out. Jasmine seeks solace through Bart. Bart asks her if he can take her on a proper date to a hotel, but she wants to know how he thinks he can afford that! He reveals that he's got Jacqui's money from Cindy and Alistair's wedding, but Jasmine's far from impressed and walks out, leaving Bart gutted.
    While, Jacqui returns home from another night at Danny's, Rhys has been doing some research on her new beau. Rhys shows her the web page about Danny, revealing him as a con man and drug dealer.


    A confused and scared Ste apologises to Brendan for kissing him last night. Brendan is surprisingly calm about it but quizzes Ste over his actions.
    After discovering Bart stole money from the McQueens, Jasmine's desperately trying to avoid him. Bart, keen to make amends with the girl he likes, isn't giving up that easily. After yesterday's surprise meeting, Jem and Liam have a drink and try to put the past behind them. Jem tries to give her version of events and makes it clear she left Liam for his own good - she was afraid of what else her dad might do to him.
    Mercedes spots Malachy meeting Lynsey and a jealous Mercedes follows them, desperate to know if her ex has a new love interest... Elsewhere Heidi's friend sends her some outrageously tasteless clothing to stock in Cincerity. When Gabby sees it, she tries to put her foot down. As the two women argue, it's left to India to come up with a solution to appease them both...


    Jem and Liam go on their lunch date, only to be interrupted by Jasmine and Bart who are also on a lunch date. As if that wasn't bad enough, Seth and Riley turn up. Bart and Jasmine escape Jem and Liam and go back to Bart's for ice cream. Finally they kiss, but then Jasmine worries about getting caught.
    Gabby doesn't understand why Heidi's friend's tarty clothing range is flying out the door. Walking by The Dog, she spots a poster advertising a Vicars and Tarts night. Meanwhile there is a palpable tension between Brendan and Ste after the previous night's events. Ste sees Brendan going down to the cellar, so follows him. Once in the cellar, Brendan locks the door...
    Jacqui is excitedly talking about her date with Danny Houston. Cheryl overhears and gets all the juicy details, much to Rhys' annoyance! Elsewhere Mercedes bumps into Malachy and spots he's no longer wearing his wedding ring. Certain that it's because he's seeing someone else, she threatens to rip the girl apart.

    This was taken from theofficial E4 Hollyoaksweb page.

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