Season 12 Episode 139

Friday 13th July 2007

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM Jul 13, 2007 on Channel 4
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Friday 13th July 2007
After Louise's shock entrance at the church, Russ is left questioning things again and wonders why all of his loved ones are against him & Mercedes. Tina's upset because, she reminds everyone that it's her wedding aswell and says she'll be getting married to Dom with or without Mercedes & Russ. In honour of her sisters' Jacqui throws a punch at Louise and Myra defends her daughter. Later Jacqui makes a confession to tony witch could change their futures forever.moreless

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    Claire Cooper

    Claire Cooper

    Jacqui Malota "McQueen"

    James Sutton

    James Sutton

    John Paul McQueen

    Nick Pickard

    Nick Pickard

    Tony Hutchinson

    Ashley Taylor-Dawson

    Ashley Taylor-Dawson

    Darren Osbourne

    Gemma Merna

    Gemma Merna

    Carmel Mcqueen

    Roxanne McKee

    Roxanne McKee

    Louise Summers

    Colin Connor

    Colin Connor

    Father Raymond

    Guest Star

    Ciara Janson

    Ciara Janson

    Nicole Owen

    Recurring Role

    Diane Langton

    Diane Langton

    Nana McQueen

    Recurring Role

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      • Myra: Do us a favour love, when your ready to settle down, elope to Gretna Green, cause i'll be honest with you, my heart can't take another McQueen wedding.
        Carmel: Ha.

      • Nana McQueen: I guess this means its Tony's baby.
        Jacqui: What?
        Nana McQueen: How many weeks?
        Jacqui: How'd you know? Oh you read it in the tea leaves did you.
        Nana McQueen: To tell you the truth I found your testing kit in the bathroom.

      • Myra: Ey, welcome to the family son.
        Russ: Oh, thanks.
        John Paul: Run while you've still got the chance.

      • Jess: Remind me again what you see in Darren.
        Zoe: He was just trying to lighten the mood, that's all.
        Jess: He nearly started a riot.
        Zak: Shall we make a toast.
        Zoe: What we toasting?
        Jess: To friends.
        Zoe: And love.
        Jess: Whatever that means.

      • Darren: Right, erm I'd just like to say before I start, if anyone has, or knows of any lawful impediments, why I shouldn't. Louise!
        Random: Where?
        Darren: Just a joke.

        Darren: I think you'll all join me in saying that all the bridesmaids, and both brides looked absolutly radiant. I mean one thing you can say about a McQueen women, is they have good taste. They only nick from the best clothes stores.
        Mercedes: Mum, he's joking.

        Darren: I'll just like to say that, i'm honoured honured to be Russ's best man. I'm surprised, I mean I always thought he was gay. All those trips away with the lads, extreme sports and all that, we've all seen Brokeback Mountain haven't we.
        Myra: He's joking love.
        Darren: No offence John Paul. You know I wouldn't be surprised if he was the next McQueen to get married. I mean Elton John took his boyfriend up the aisle didn't he.

      • Nana McQueen: I've obviously been away too long.
        Mercedes: Whatcha mean?
        Nana McQueen: Jacqui getting married, John Paul stepping out.
        Mercedes: Coming out Nan.
        Nana McQueen: Oh what ever its called. Then you & Tina tying the knot. That whole drama today, its difficult to keep up.
        Mercedes: It weren't exactly the wedding I were hoping for.
        Nana McQueen: You stupid stupid girl!
        Mercedes: What?
        Nana McQueen: You know what!
        Mercedes: You don't believe all that with Warren Nan!
        Nana McQueen: Mercedes love, don't insult me. I can tell you're lying your lips move!

      • Nana McQueen: You put your mother through hell banged up in prison.
        Jacqui: Erm, funny cause I had the time of my life.
        Nana McQueen: What was that?
        Jacqui: Nothing!

      • Nana McQueen: Where's this Louise women live then!
        John Paul: Just leave it, yeah Nan.
        Nana McQueen: Leave it after what she did to Mercy, wait till I get my hands on her!
        Nana McQueen: Aya Father, lovely service did us proud.
        Father Raymond: Thankyou. Myra, John Paul.
        John Paul: Father
        Nana McQueen: I'll smash her teeth in!

      • Michaela: That mass went on for ages, I was bursting for the loo.
        Carmel: I thought is was dead romantic.
        Michaela: You would.

        Michaela: Tony
        Tony: Erm
        Michaela: I'll have a Vodka & Coke thanks.
        Jacqui: Without the Vodka!

      • Carmel: Well 1 out of 2, better than none.

      • Russ: You know I, saw some graffity on the toilet wall in the Loft. Do what it said, Mercedes McQueen Sexy & Keen. Now if that doesn't start alarm bells ringing nothing else will.
        Mercedes: I don't deserve this Russ, yeah I had a reputation, but that were before we got together,that were in the past before we met. I've never, ever cheated on you.

      • Darren: On the bright side I won't have to do my best man speech.
        Nicole: Darren

    • NOTES (2)

      • This got 2.21 million viewers on it's orignal airing on Channel 4.

      • Music
        Pop Levi - Sugar Assault Me Now
        Take That - Relight My Fire
        Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama
        Three Amigos - 25 Miles
        George Michael - Careless Whisper
        Howling Bells - I'm Not Afraid
        Mr Hudson and the Library - Picture of You

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