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  • OMG Hollyoaks

    I started watching Hollyoaks when I saw Ashley Taylor Dawson on strickley come dancing 2013 , when he left I was so upset because I had just started to like him. Then I started watching the show, I would onley watch scenes with Darren in but then I started to watch other characters like Sienna , Cindy , Holly and the Roscoes. I grew very fond of Holly ( Amanda Clapham) and Jasons ( Alfie browen Sykes)Relationship and they are my favourite couple.

    I think Anna passey is an amazing actress and always delivers perfectley , I think she is one of the best young actors. I also like Fabrizo santino and Charlie Clapham because they are funny.

    Danny Mac is totally stunning , he is beutiful and makes me love the show even more.

    I think the storylines are good but sometimes over dramatic or they dont deliver. My fav Male Characters are Darren and Doger and My fave Female characters are Celine and Holly. Everyone dislikes Holly but if the character is that bad then the producers would of got rid of her. Rhys is so amazing Andy Moss did a great jobb of portraying the character.

    Hollyoaks is my life , I never miss an episode and I always watch old episodes and bakstage videos. I also Make Vids on Hollyoaks.

    I find that when watching other soaps like corrie I just laugh out loud when bad things happens, it's probally because it lacks drama and anything dark or sexy and most soaps look like they are trying to copy Hollyoaks because they are jelous. Hollyoaks is never welcome on other channels and I don't know why , I saw Nikkie Sanderson on Lorriane Today witch is a suprice because it's Itv and no one from Hollyoaks is ever seen on Itv.

    This is my favourite Tv shows i'm over obbssed and just before writing this review I was making A video based on Sienna called Sienna Black - Up in flames.

  • Not so Fab

    In Italy recently on holiday and saw Fab that plays Ziggy. I wasn't going to stop as being 44 and not a massive fan of his I just looked at him as my partner and I passed him. Obviously he thinks he is something really special and far to important to have any contact with the people that help make hollyoaks number one and keep him in fake tan as just as I was passing I heard him say 'move along ugly'. How horrible of him. Had I been one of his teenage fans he could of caused real hurt to someone. And for the record Hollyoaks must use a lot of makeup and airbrushing. Maybe it was the rotten personality shinning through!

    FAB i always watch it its greatt my fravriate character is sinead shes fab (real name stephinie)

    I LOVE IT i defo recommend it im 19 and i find it greattttttttttttttt1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nancys tattoo

    I was highly disappointed to see that nancys tattoo has all of a sudden vanished (on 30/10/13 and 31/10/13) after a few years back when there was a big storyline of when her older sister becca hit the roof for nancy getting a tattoo. I am more disappointed at the fact that I like that tattoo so much I went and got it done my self and now the writers of the show have took it upon themselves and assumed that the viewers have forgot about the tattoo too and in no part of the show has there been any discussion about her tattoo getting removed. I would like an explanation for this.
  • I used to like hollyoaks.

    But now it's boring, gave up on it when brendan left.
  • hollyoaks is more for young

    i think hollyoaks is more for young people then old

  • anoid over

    this needs updating from 2012 to back in 1993 its rediculous posying on google if you havent got the intention to update it goodbye
  • Fantastic

    Hollyoaks is about a town called hollyoaks in chester and it shows different familys from different backgrounds getting along as a community,Well some of the time.It is just like a ordinary villiage a shop, a pub, a college ,a restaurant but if i lived here i would be in heaven
  • Hollyoaks follows the lives of young and old adults as they go through their daily routines, and not the regular things normal people go through.

    I used to watch Hollyoaks religiously i.e. if I missed an episode I would curse more than usual. Unfortunately in the past few months the storylines have become more outrageous and they have introduced more new characters which makes it hard to keep up. There a spin offs aplenty which also makes it hard for the regular 18:30 viewer to know what on earth is going on. Many likeable characters are going off track and many new characters are too young or annoying for anyone to really relate to them. Its a shame, this show has finally hit its peak and even then it wasn't exactly the soap to watch.
  • I actually think to myself "Why Did I Watch That?" after each and every episode and yet I watch it most days.

    Its amazing, I have never come accross a TV show that is so inherently bad and yet I watch every day. The plots are ludicrous, the acting is worse than a secondary school Drama class, the script is bad, the characters are shallow and fake. Its so bad in fact, that its actually good. The women are awesome, over the years there have been some absolutely unbelievable lasses in the show (although at the moment Becca is the only one really). This is the main reason for me watching it, although recently it had a few stories that werent just bad - they were unwatchable, and I left it for a few weeks. I dont recommend it to anyone, but no doubt ill tune in at 6.30 tonight.
  • I love this show, I have to watch it online American networks don't air the show here. Everyone should watch two weeks worth to get into the show, Each day, the show leaves you wanting more to tune into the next day

    I live in america, watched the show on BBC-A till they canceled it. Watch it online now, can't get enough the show, wish it was on for an hour everyday.
    The show is a lot better than most of the soaps here in America. Real sets at a real location. It does go to a younger audience but older audiences can enjoy the show as well. The only downside I see in this soap, is when an performer wants to leave the show, almost always they are killed off. Very few are ever allowed to leave the show just by saying goodbye.
  • A teen soap about lifes problems, far fetched beyond belief which makes it all the more fun to watch.

    Hollyoaks is a typical British soap which revloves mainly around the lives of a younger age range. I use to be addicted to this show but then I got a bit sick of the same old story, don't get me wrong Hollyoaks is full of new twists and turns but seems to use the same storylines in separate situations, not to mention it does drag on with some pointless ones at times. However if you are ever bored through the week it is good trash TV to watch. Some of the actors are a bit lame whereas others can be very effective and believable in their roles, depends on how you look at it. At the end of the day it can keep you entertained and amused with its over dramatic storylines like any soap, so its always worth a watch.
  • The best show since sliced bread :)

    Hollyoaks is definatly a fabulous show!! It is life like...well apart from the fact everyone is gorgeous I mean I've never visited a town like that lol....it's easy to relate to...most of the time lol.
    It's 100% better then boring soaps like Eastenders and Corrie...Hollyoaks has been running for so long with great story lines, funny characters and fit lads haha! It brings out calanders and extra shows! So is obviously popular!! The extra shows are a lot more life like though with swearing and stuff not a lot though...the hollyoaks characters shock me when they swear just so use to them being all goody goody...except the murderers lol!
  • As soap dramas made in the UK go this isn't half bad.

    I am an avid follower of all soaps, but I must admit myself that this one is very addictive, easy to get into and has great potential. Set in the fictional village of Hollyoaks, in Chester the show follows the everyday lives of the people who live in the village. It is by no means the best drama ever written, but for the UK it is pretty good. It currently airs on Channel 4 and E4, every week day night. There is something about Hollyoaks, which has me hooked. The cast, the story lines, the settings are not perfect don't get me wrong, but there is something about this show. It always has different story lines that are current and interesting such as: - teenage pregnancy (which was hidden until the baby was born), gambling problems, drug problems, money problems, eating disorders, basically problems that everyone can relate to and story lines that keep viewers glued. It's hard to believe that this show has been on air since 1995, and yet is as popular now as it has ever been. I would give this show 8.5 out of ten.
  • A soap opera set in Chester in the fictional place of Hollyoaks.It is a young and fresh drama which deals with realistic issues to do with teenagers and adults today.It is on every night except Saturdays on E4,Channel 4 and Tv3.

    This is one of my favourite soap operas on television as it is so realistic and deals with such lifelike issues.There is always so much drama and different diverse storylines and plots in this drama.Most of the characters are likeable and have their own dark secrets which will eventually be unveiled and will create new storylines.The programme is also on at a good time 7.00 each night and only lasts a half an hour which means it can leave you waiting for more instead of cramming a lot into each episode.In my opinion a lot of soaps go overboard with the storylines and try to make too much happen with a particular plot but with Hollyoaks I think the writers realise this can be a push factor and they try to limit how much they write on a certain story and how much cover it gets on television each episode.
  • Okay, here is my review !

    I just started watching this show, and I like it but not too much, but I gave it 8/10 because it has a good story line and an intresting plot. I live in Iceland and we are not in the same place in the show, I think the diffrence is 1 or 2 years. Icelandair are wathcing the show when the 15 year old Amy has a baby ! My friend from school just moved here from London and she recommended Hollyoaks and said it was her favourite show. I can't agree with that, though it is a good show. Thank You !
  • a good show.

    This show is pretty cool. There are so many characters in hollyoaks. Some of them are in high school and some of them are all grown up but i think their lives seem same. They all try to get rid of problems they have. It is really fun to watch this series. Actors and actresses are successful and when i start watching it, i cannot help myself watch it. Dramatic changes also occur in the series and this gives a whole different turninig point which becomes more enjoyable to follow. I hope hollyoaks keeps going so we can follow. I love hollyoaks.
  • Hollyoaks goes through all the major things in life from teenage pregnancies to explosions, from drug taking to anorexia. It's so good because of the way the producers make it seem so real.

    In my opinion, Hollyoaks is the best soap ever! There is always something going on their and it never ever gets boring unlike corrie sometimes. I think the whole Danny and Hannah thing is great! I really really really hate Jake. He is sooooo controlling over Nancy and he tried to blame her for Charlie having cancer. It is one of the best shows in the world and they should never ever stop making Hollyoaks. I would die without it! I would recommend it to everyone because it appeales to all ages and because it is the best show ever! Go Hollyoaks ! ! !
  • Pretty cool.

    I watch this every night on Channel Four, sometimes, if the episode's been really good, I go all rebellious and decide to watch the next episode on E4 :P
    I've been watching Hollyoaks for about a year, and I love its mix of humour and real life dilemmas. The recent anorexic-focused storyline was dealt with brilliantly, showing the dangers of anorexia without glamourising it.
    Of course, it's hard to believe that so many beautiful women could live in one place, but whatever, I'm willing to overlook that. Not many people know I watch Hollyoaks, but once we had a discussion about it in the middle of our science lesson, which was random but fun. I found out that one of the Valentine siblings (played by Dominique Jackson I think) goes to a school near me.
    All in all, Hollyoaks is a good British show.
  • Hollyoaks is a British television soap opera, first broadcast on 23 October 1995, on Channel 4. Originally devised by Phil Redmond, who also devised shows such as Brookside and Grange Hill

    Hollyoaks families

    Characters in this section are listed in family categories. The families are listed in alphabetical order with each family listed with parents first, and then children in order of age.

    The Ashworth/Fletcher Family * Neville Ashworth, played by Jim Millea (2005-) * Suzanne Ashworth, played by Suzanne Hall (2005-) * Rhys Ashworth, played by Andrew Moss (2005-) * Hannah Ashworth, played by Emma Rigby (2005-) * Josh Ashworth, played by Sonny Flood (2005-) * Jamie "Fletch" Fletcher, played by Sam Darbyshire (2005-)

    The Barnes Family * Mike Barnes, played by Tony Hirst (2005) * Sarah Barnes, played by Loui Batley (2005-) * Amy Barnes, played by Ashley Slanina-Davies (2005-) * Leah Barnes, (2007-)

    The Cunningham Family/O'Brien Family * Max Cunningham, played by Matt Littler (1995-) * Tom Cunningham, played by Ellis Hollins (1996-) * Sam "O.B." O'Brien, played by Darren Jeffries (1997-) * Clare Cunningham, played by Gemma Bissix

    The Dean/Osbourne Family * Jack Osborne, played by James McKenna (1996-) * Frankie Osborne, played by Helen Pearson (2002-) * Darren Osborne, Ashley Taylor Dawson (1999-) * Steph Dean, played by Carley Stenson (2000-) * Jake Dean, played by Kevin Sacre (2002-) * Craig Dean, played by Guy Burnet (2002-) * Charlie Dean, played by Harry and Thomas Gordon (2006-)

    The Fox Family * Warren Fox, played by Jamie Lomas (2006-) * Katy Fox, played by Hannah Tointon (2007-)

    The Hutchinson/Reilly Family * Tony Hutchinson, played by Nick Pickard (1995-) * Dominic Reilly, played by John Pickard (2005) * Tina Reilly played by Leah Hackett (2006-)

    The McQueen Family * Myra McQueen, played by Nicole Barber-Lane (2006-) * Jacqui McQueen, played by Claire Cooper (2006-) * Mercedes McQueen, played by Jennifer Metcalfe (2006-) * Carmel McQueen, played by Gemma Merna (2006-) * John-Paul McQueen, played by James Sutton (2006-) * Michaela McQueen, played by Hollie-Jay Bowes (2006-)

    The Valentine Family * Leo Valentine, played by Brian Bovell (2006-) * Calvin Valentine, played by Ricky Whittle (2006-) * Danny Valentine, played by David Judge (2007-) * Lauren Valentine, played by Dominique Jackson (2007-) * Sasha Valentine, played by Nathalie Emmanuel (2006-)

    HCC Students * Elliot Bevan, played by Garnon Davies (2007-) * Zoe Carpenter, played by Zoe Lister (2006-) * Kris Fisher, played by Gerard McCarthy (2006-) * Jessica Harris, played by Jennifer Biddall (2005-) * Nancy Hayton, played by Jessica Fox (2005-) * Zak Ramsey, played by Kent Riley (2004-2005, 2006-) * Gilly Roach, played by Anthony Quinlan (2005-)

    Other Characters * Justin Burton, played by Chris Fountain (2003-) * Russ Owen, played by Stuart Manning (2004-) * Louise Summers, played by Roxanne McKee (2005-)

    Recurring characters * Bill Ashworth, played by John Jardine (2005-) * Vivien Holden, played by Jacqueline Leonard (2007-) * Davey Thomas, played by Alex Preston (2006-) * Wayne Tunnicliffe, played by Joe Marsden (2006-)

    Upcoming Characters * Beth Clement, played by Sinead Moynihan (Arrives 5 October 2007)

    Departing Characters * Craig Dean, played by Guy Burnet (Departs September 2007)

    Hollyoaks DVD and Video specials * Hollyoaks: Off on One (1998) * Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour (2001)

    Hollyoaks Late Night Specials * Hollyoaks: Breaking Boundaries (2000) * Hollyoaks: Boys Do Barca (2000) * Hollyoaks: Leap of Faith (2003) * Hollyoaks: After Hours (2004) * Hollyoaks: In Too Deep (2004) * Hollyoaks: Crossing The Line (2005) * Hollyoaks: No Going Back (2005) * Hollyoaks: Back from the Dead (2006)

    Hollyoaks New Media Content * Hollyoaks Backstage (2007)

    Hollyoaks Spin Offs * Hollyoaks: Movin' On (2001) * Hollyoaks: Let Loose (2005) * Hollyoaks: In the City (2006)

    Books * Hollyoaks: New Friends (1996) * Hollyoaks: Friends and Families (1996) * Hollyoaks: Can't Get the Girl (1997) * Hollyoaks: Luke's Secret Diary (2000)Luke dealing with life after being raped by Mark Gibbs * Hollyoaks: Lives and Loves of Finn (2000) * Hollyoaks: Running Wild (2002): About what Ellie Mills (nee Hunter) did before she came to Hollyoaks and the real reason she returned. * Hollyoaks: Seeing Red (2002): about Lisa Hunter self harming. * Hollyoaks: Truth or Dare (2006): about Hannah Ashworth, Nancy Hayton and Sarah Barnes on a school trip to France. Although Nicole Owen is featured on the cover she does not appear in the book as she is still in shock after Andy Holt's attack. * Hollyoaks: Playing with Fire (2006): this follows the storyline of Becca Dean and Justin Burton's affair. * Hollyoaks: Fame Game (2006): about Steph Dean and Debbie Dean in London on a search for stardom. * Hollyoaks: Guilt Trip (2006): about Nicole Owen's struggle for a normal life and Sam Owen's plan and action for revenge. * Hollyoaks: It's My Life (2007): about Amy Barnes' pregnancy.


    Hollyoaks is the only major British soap to make use of incidental music, Each episode begins with a current or recent chart song. These have included bands such as Ocean Colour Scene with the song "Hundred Mile High City", Belle & Sebastian, Oasis, Radiohead,Fall Out Boy, Scissor Sisters, U2, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Justin Timberlake, The Libertines, The Kooks, Muse, Feeder, Seth Lakeman, Arctic Monkeys, Morrissey, The Fratellis, Kasabian, The Darkness, Maroon 5, BabyShambles, Sugababes, Dirty Pretty Things, Kate Nash, The Maccabees and My Chemical Romance. Current chart songs are not used in the international version of the show; instead library music and a selection of purposely-composed songs are used. In 2007, The Alphites were the first band to perform on the show. They played in the SU Bar

    A "Hollyoaks" soundtrack CD was released in 2001, containing music used in the programme.

    The main theme was written and performed by Steve Wright, who produced music and themes for not only Hollyoaks but Brookside, Grange Hill and other Mersey TV productions.
  • the best of the british

    this is the only decent soap that has come fom english tv. i would highly recomend this show to anyone it is the only british soap i watch and shows of british talent to the highest standard. hollyoaks is often dismissed at soap awards but i thinkit is very under rated, people dont take the time to love it! maybe because i'm in my teens is why i love it so much, but i dont understand why the main audience is teens i see it perfect for all ages. i swear this show is turning into one tree hill, the same stories(kind of), the same music, the same camera angles, its all the same. but hey im not complaining i still love it.
  • My secret soap

    People know me as the person who cannot tolerate soaps! I pride myself in not watching them day in day out obsessing over not missing an episode.

    Recently after moving back in with my sister who watches it, I've become that soap addict I so desperately didn't want to become.

    I love Hollyoaks! The Characters, the storylines I love it! It's a soap but its not a soap... well it has a whole different feel to it than other soaps like corrie and eastenders. It's clearly made for a younger audience than other soaps and I've just realised that there are no old people in it which is odd concidering its set in a village... anyway thats not the point! Hollyoaks is the best soap by far!
  • definietly my guilty pleasure of the day

    Definietly my guilty pleasure for the day. I'm not quite sure why I like it; there's no great plot-poimts of intellectual-stimulants; but it keeps calling me back for more. Every day I find myself switching through channels looking for soomething to watch, and always end up stopping on Hollyoaks. The drama, and slight once in a while humor just makes it all the more inticing. Add to it the mix of social ladders and mental states, its the perfect half hour soap opera. I can see why it's desired five nights a week. It sure pulled me in the first time I saw it, and I haven't been able to stop watching since.
  • Oooh this show is the TV equivalent of eating a very large bar of chocolate!! In a good way though...

    Seriously, this show is soo underrated. The soap awards ignore it every year but Hollyoaks has the best stunts, the most controversial storylines and the hootest cast on TV without a doubt. I mean, Stuart Manning...who would say no!!!
    Anyway, at the moment in Hollyoaks there is a transvestite, a psycho stalker, a budding gay relationship, a girl struggling with an eating disorder, and a girl who is strugggling to cope with exam pressure. These are all really relevant issues (apart from the stalker one maybe) that teenagers struggle with every day. We've all felt pressure to do well in our exams or to be as thin as our friends, Some of us may even have struggled with our sexuality. So it's nice to see one major soap that deals with these issues rather than the more adult world topics that other soaps focus on.

    Over the past couple of months I've been becoming more and more obssessed by this show. It's easily the best soap on english TV screens. I mean, I used to think Eastenders was good, but this is in a league of it's own. It's a fun, modern youn person's soap and is never dull.

    Personally, my favourite storyline is the students. Kris, Jess, Zoe, Zack and Will. Kris and Jess being my favourites of the group with their love/hate relationship and constanting sniping, it's hilarious. I can't wait for them to get together. Kris is a cross-dressing bisexual who is witty and loved by many, much to Jess' annoyance. Jess is daddy's little princess adn is from St. Albans. She's posh and loves her expensive clothes which she misses terribly after she had to sell them to get money after her dad declared himself bankrupt. So naturally they sound like the perfect couple; or not...but trust me, it works!

    With many other characters all with dilemnas of their own this programme is a truly great watch!
  • best soap ever to be shown on telly and probably no better soaps in the future

    this show has got every thing a teenager needs, sexy women (to fantacise over), descent story lines, funny sometimes, and just people messing about. this is the best show on t.v, and this show has got the some sexiest women on t.v. like: jess, michaela, sarah, hannah, zoe, becca, mandy, jodi albert, louise, jakkie mcqueen, mercedes mcqueen, carmell mcqueen. they are just a few of them. the only thing about carmell is that she is annoying, i couldnt cope with her for more than 5 minutes. warren is a tosser sumtimes, but he has been in sum good storylines. the only person who spoils it is nancy, why put her on the show
  • Best TV program on TV, Eastenders & Coronation Street have nothing on Hollyoaks.

    I,ll just make a list of things that are great about Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks is the only major soap in the UK to be on all weekdays (Emerdale doesnt count because its s**t). Hollyoaks has the fittest woamen on (and probley men too but I wouldnt know). Hollyoaks is the only soap too have popular music in it. Hollyoaks doesnt contain Cockneys or Mancs. Hollyoaks is set in the best part of England. Hollyoaks has more sense of humour in it than Coronation Street, Eastenders, Neighbours and Emerdale put together. Bombhead is the best character ever created for a soap. Hollyoaks has the best opening credits and theme tune (yes the new one). Hollyoaks always has got a new story. Hollyoaks is like daytime porn. The list goes on and on, but I cant be bothered listing them, basically Hollyoaks is the best TV program on TV. Hollyoaks to TV is what Queen is to music, what PacMan is to games, and What Fish pie is to food. ITS THE BEST!
  • hollyoaks is all about teenagers,their familys, and the problems they have to face

    I personally like hollyoaks for its realness, it isn't like many of the other sops, it doesnt solve a problem straight away and its not all fighting and spitting in people's faces. Holyoaks is a catchy name too! it suits the show and the surroundings of the hollyoaks "set". through the years there have been lots of diffrent theme tunes. petitions against hollyoaks, petitions against the petitions for hollyoaks but after all this time, it is still favoured and no matter what people dislike about the theme tune, the cast, who dies or leaves, even who can or can't act. everybody has to admit. its there favourite show of them all!

    extra, extra! :::
    hollyoaks tomorrow! these recent plots have made me wait watching the clock for hours waiting for hollyoaks. is it just me, or does hollyoaks resemble this world in this generation, not unrealistically but almost rite on the dot???? drugs, se.x, teenage pregnancy, general prgnancy, bfs, gfs, hiv, std everything
  • A good soap

    I go through periods of watching Hollyoaks and then periods of not watching it. I'm in the former category at the minute.

    I'm addicted at the minute, the storylines are good.

    I like the John Paul story. They've handled his coming out and how people react to it well.

    There are several things that I would like to see happen

    1. Sonny needs a punch. John-Paul is gay not a leper.
    2. Jess and Kris need to get together before I tear my hair out.
    3. Claire needs to die a horrible, slow and preferably painful death for what she has done to Max.
    4. There should be more screentime for Tom, cos seriously he is the cutest kid on the telly.

    As for the new titles, I'm not sure about them. They're really to fast paced for my liking.
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