Hollyoaks - Season 13

Weekdays 6:30 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Oct 23, 1995 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Tuesday 2nd December 2008
    Warren's tempestuous relationship with Louise reaches breaking point when she drunkenly attacks him, pushing him further into Mandy's arms. Meanwhile, Calvin embarks on a raid with Mark and is shocked when he realises what his colleague is really asking of him. Sarah and Zoe are awkward around each other after their intimate encounter, while Gaz torments Carmel.moreless
  • Monday 1st December 2008
    A distraught Tony is arrested for sleeping with Theresa and the reality of his situation sinks in as Cindy panics when she finds him with Holly. Also, Carmel begins work as school liaison officer but her problems with Calvin weigh heavy on her mind. And Archie feels the wrath of Leila.moreless
  • Friday 28th November 2008
    Tony denies everything when questioned by the police about his night with Theresa. While, Hannah is annoyed to learn her father has employed Spike as a DJ, and Archie apologises to Elliot for making a move on his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Warren becomes jealous when he spots Ash flirting with Mandy.
  • Thursday 27th November 2008
    Hannah bonds with Archie when she grows frustrated by the amount of time Elliot is spending with Neville. Also, Neville asks Elliot for advice about the way of the gay which Cindy over hears and suspectsHannah of being the resident 'beard'. Meanwhile, Ash is dismayed to find Lauren and Anita staging a protest outside Relish after he docks their pay. While Tony confides in Mandy about his night with Theresa, and Jacqui declares war telling he won't get away with what he's done to the McQueen's.moreless
  • Wednesday 26th November 2008
    Hannah's worried that Spike aims to make a fool out of Neville, when he come by about writing a follow up story for his 'Out & About' collumn. While, Anita and Lauren get into trouble with Ash for not doing any work at Relish. Also, Ravi decides to go and talk to Nancy but, Russ follows in hot pursuit. And, Tony turns Theresa away when she appears at Il Gnosh, and as she looks to her family for support there is yet another nasty surprise in store for the unlucky-in-love chef.moreless
  • Tuesday 25th November 2008
    Tony feels guilty about his one-night stand, but soon realises that spending the evening with Theresa was an even bigger mistake than he thought. Meanwhile, Neville prepares for the grand opening of the newly christened Jolly Roger and Rhys decides to offer his support to Josh. Also Anita and Lauren suffer racist abuse while working at Relish, and Ravi tells Russ that he is missing Nancy.moreless
  • Monday 24th November 2008
    Steph faces a hostile reception on her return to the village and agrees to Craig's offer to meet her in Scotland, unaware Niall is close by. Meanwhile, Tony agree's to meet Jacqui for dinner but instead he seeks solace in the arms of a stranger at the Loft's school disco-themed night and Neville gives the Dog a whole new look and name.moreless
  • Friday 21st November 2008
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  • Thursday 20th November 08
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  • Wednesday 19th November 2008
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  • Tuesday 18th November 2008
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  • Monday 17th November 2008
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  • Friday 14th November 2008
    Carmel agrees to buy condoms for Newt and Lauren, but Calvin's paranoia about her relationship with Mark is fuelled when he finds the contraceptives in her bag. Meanwhile, Michaela tries to reunite the warring McQueens, Tony warns Mandy to stay away from Warren, and Dom receives a nasty shock when he moves into his new flat.moreless
  • Thursday 13th November 2008
    Mandy wakes up full of regret after sleeping with Tony, and Warren is jealous when he realises she spent the night with another man. Meanwhile, Newt and Lauren make plans to take their relationship to the next level. While, Carmel finds her first day back at work at Evissa hard going and Justin and Ste receive some bad news.moreless
  • Wednesday 12th November 2008
    Louise asks Warren to help organise Mandy's birthday party, where Cindy takes the opportunity to stir up trouble. Also, Newt and Lauren cause problems at school in an effort to spend more time together, prompting a concerned Leo to give them purity rings. Meanwhile, Kris and Malachy plan their father's funeral in Ireland.moreless
  • Tuesday 11th November 2008
    Cindy continues her attempt to reveal Warren's affair despite his threats, while Louise asks Mandy to be her maid of honour. Tony is angry to learn Dom invited Mercedes to move in without asking him. Meanwhile, the Roys move into their new home and Elliot finds out about Hannah's trip to Paris.moreless
  • Monday 10th November 2008
    Hannah finds herself the star of the red carpet at the MTV awards howver, ruined by a passing limo, but her luck soon changes when its occupant goes out of his way to make amends. Cindy vows to expose Warren's affair hides in the wardrobe to soy. And Dom laments Tina's death and also offers Mercedes a place to stay, while Tony looks ahead to a life without Jacqui.moreless
  • Friday 7th November 2008
    Mercedes is forced to move out of the McQueens' as Myra welcomes Jacqui back into the fold. Cindy is wrongly accused when Louise finds evidence of Warren's affair with Mandy. While Neville oversees the reopening of the Dog. And, Justin is forced to pass Leila's artwork off as his own when Gov visits the college exhibition.moreless
  • Thursday 6th November 2008
    It's the day of Tina's funeral and Jacqui is still refusing to go. During the service Dom delivers a ulogy that leaves the McQueen's reeling; and the wake erupts into chaos when Tony hears her admit to having known the truth about the identity of baby Max's father all along. Mandy and Warren fail to control their feelings for each other, while Rhys, Elliot and Hannah go in search of tickets to the MTV Awards.moreless
  • Wednesday 5th November 2008
    The McQueens say some tearful goodbyes as Tina's body is brought home, and Jacqui faces the consequences when she pushes Carmel to her emotional limit. Newt and a distraught Frankie move out of the Dog, while Gilly is knocked back yet again, this time by Leila.
  • Tuesday 4th November 2008
    Jacqui's grief overwhelms her and Tony is left heartbroken upon, discovering Mark in a compromising position with the woman he loves. Carmel allows herself to seek comfort from Calvin. And the Ashworths have an eventful first day as the new owners of the Dog.
  • Monday 3rd November 2008
    An emotional Frankie prepares to move on as the Dog goes up for auction, with both Warren and Neville going head to head to become the new owner. Jacqui copes with her recent bereavement by returning to her old ways. And Carmel finds life difficult without Calvin at her side.
  • Friday 31st October 2008
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  • Thursday 30th October 2008
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  • Wednesday 29th October 2008
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  • Tuesday 28th October 2008
    Nancy wakes up resolute that she will swallow her pride and resolve her differences with Ravi but, Russ is gven her conflicting messages as he's still confused over Ravi's actions. And, to her surprise, he breaks it off with her. Cindy tries her hardest to get Frankie to reopen the pub but, what are her real motives. Justin bumps into Leila and after a frosty start they quickly reconcile. When Justin mentions that he's looking for a job, Leila gets Hannah to ask about bar work in the SU and suddenly everything's going Justin's way and, Leila asks him to help her with her art project about 'The Modern Man'. Lauren goes to see Newt again, determined to prove to him that she is sorry for not believing him about Niall. Newt still won't talk, so Lauren gives Newt her diary to read and see her real feelings. But, not before Cindy has a laugh at their expense, however, Newt and Lauren both have the last splash and later share a kiss on the jetty. And, Hannah is stuggling to do everything for the Halloween Ball alone and is reluctant to accept any of Elliot's help.moreless
  • Monday 27th October 2008
    Nancy is upset at having lost Ravi but, is too stubborn to admit that she might have been a little quick in accusing him of being a pawn in a drug deal for Warren. Frankie organises a surprise birthday party for Newt, but when she and Lauren try to apologise to him, both are harshly rebuffed. Mandy is convinced that Ravi will shoot his mouth off about her and Warren to anyone who'll listen and calls off their affair once and for all. Justin and Ste are gobsmacked when their boss sacks them for unprofessional conduct after Justin's affair with a client, and Ste lashes out. And, after soenidng the day with Ravi, Russ is left lost for words when Ravi makes a move.moreless
  • Friday 24th October 2008
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  • Thursday 23rd October 2008
  • Wednesday 22nd October 2008
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  • Tuesday 21st October 2008
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  • Monday 20th October 2008
    Everyone heads to the hospital and they're all still in shock over the recent events at the church, and Jack has been arrested. The McQueen's are devastated over the loss of Tina, and Mercedes is still recovering from fractured ribs. Tony tries to get Dom to go home and rest but, Dom says he can't leave Tina alone. When, Tony sees Jacqui he tries to see if she's ok but, she refuses to talk. Russ is babysitting Max when, Zak and Elliot arrive to try and get him to out. Cindy goes to see Darren and asks why he didn't tell her the truth and, he says he didn't want to implicate her. Mercedes asks Jacqui if she thinks Tina was in pain when she died but, Jacqui tells her Tony said it was like she'd just fallen asleep. When he sees the police at the hospital he decides to run. The police interrogate Jack over his deception and Darren's involvement. Carmel is being haunted by the fact she was chosen to die, and she asks Myra for her reason and, she says it's because she had faith in her not allowing Niall to take her. Darren goes back to the Dog to find that the police have been round. Myra apologises to John Paul for everything's that's happened, and he tells her that he's already missing Tina and doesn't want to go to the funeral as he's going to go back to Dublin. Russ runs into Dom and Tony at the hospital and they inform him of Tina's death. Frankie tells Darren how she feels she's let Newt down and, that Jack's being charged with fraud. Russ goes to collect Max and Myra tells him she wants Max to stay with her. Mercedes tells Jacqui about what happened with Tony, and he tries to deny it but it's too late. Jacqui gives Mercedes a chance to tell her any other secret and when she learns of the abortion she walks away from both of them. Dom goes to the chapel of rest to be with Tina, and John Paul says goodbye to his family before leaving. Feeling betrayed by Myra, Jacqui decides to take Max but not before telling Myra that she killed Tina not Niall and walks away.moreless
  • Friday 17th October 2008 (Niall's Revenge - Part 2)
    After the explosion the whole church lies in ruins with everyone scattered all over the place. Myra call's out for all of her children and finds Carmel, Michaela and Tina, but Jacqui, Mercedes and John Paul are still missing along with Niall. Frankie arrives back at the Dog to find Cindy, who reveals that she knows all about Jack because, he ran out with Darren shouting about a church. Mercedes is trapped under some rubble and calls out for Myra however; Jacqui takes this opportunity to show Mercedes some tough over her confession. Tony and Dom race to clear the door of the church of rubble to get to help those trapped inside. Niall has got John Paul and is holding him captive, while Myra and Jack call out for him. Niall takes this chance to tell John Paul exactly what he thinks of him and, tells him that he doesn't know why Myra loves him so much. Leading John Paul to reply that it's because of unconditional love which Niall's never felt. Cindy condemns Frankie for what they've all done by lying about Jack's death and threatens to call the police luckily, Frankie's able to talk her out of it saying that they'll all go to prison, they're both stunned to get a visit from the police who is investigating call from Tony about the McQueen's being abducted. Everyone is still looking for John Paul and Niall, when Tony & Dom manage to clear a path into the church. They're all on their way out when, John Paul shout's out for Myra as he's being held by Niall. As they all race to get him, Myra tells Niall to let him go but, before they can do anything the ground gives way and they all plummet into the depths of the church with, Carmel and Darren becoming blinded with fear outside. Darren races in to find Jack, as Michaela shouts out for help because, Mercedes is hurt. Myra tries to get to everyone and goes to see Jacqui who refuses any help from Myra, just then the floor gives way again sending them both down into the crypts of the church. As Frankie and Cindy are talking to the police they hear a call over the radio about an explosion at a church and they worry that that's where Jack and Darren have gone. Myra is trapped under some rubble and is calling to Jacqui for help, however still feeling bitter over Myra's decision to let her die Jacqui walks away saying sorry but "Tina's younger than you". As, Jacqui leaves Myra, Niall turns up and is stunned to see that Jacqui walked away from her mother. Dom goes to help Tony and finds Tina pinned to the ground under the rubble barely conscious, and Jacqui goes to get more help. Back outside Carmel is scared when she sees Mercedes being carried out and both she and Michaela get worried when it take her a while to breath. Darren then hears Police sirens and tells Jack to run but it's too late they game is up, Jacqui then races from the church shouting for help for Tina. Michaela asks her if she saw any sign of Myra but she says no. Niall tries his hardest to free Myra but is struggling, she takes this opportunity to have a heart to heart with him and she asks him is he's ever loved anyone and he tells her Steph who he saw as his last chance to ease the pain of being abandoned but, she just didn't love him enough back. Myra tells him that times running out because the statue above going to fall in at any moment but he refuses to go, and tries to resist when Myra tells him that she loves him but he can't and starts crying in her arms. Outside, Carmel is worried and wants to go back and look for everyone but, Mercedes asks her to sty because, she can't loose her as well. Mercedes then asks her why Niall hates them so much, and Carmel tells her not to think that much about it. Darren and Jack come to help Tony out of the church and leave Dom to help Tina. As he clears all of the rubble her takes her I his arms and she apologises for hurting him so much and he sys that he doesn't care abut it anymore, and that they can start over and grow old together just as they planned. Knowing that times running out she tells him to tell Max all about her and how much she loved him, but he tells her that she'll be able to do it herself, just they she passes away peacefully in Dom's arms. Carmel goes to see if Jacqui's ok, and Jacqui tells her that she doesn't know if she wants Myra to come out of the church or not. Frankie and Cindy arrive at the church looking for Jack and Darren and see all of the turmoil. John Paul approaches where Myra is and tells Niall to get far way from her. But Niall tries to get him to help him free Myra but, he's reluctant at first under the church starts to cave in and he quickly rushes in to help Niall. As they free Myra, John Paul say's that he'll be out soon after he's finished things with Niall but, Myra say's that she won't see one son kill another. Niall tells Myra that it's too late for him but she refuses to believe it and as they start to go, the statue from above caves in on Niall. Seeing, them bring Tony out, Frankie rushes to Jack with Michaela and Carmel racing to see Myra and John Paul. Tony goes over to see Jacqui who just walks away from him, and as far as Myra's concerned all of her children have mad it out, until they all see Dom come out of the church carrying Tina, and she has to hear the heart breaking news that Tina has died and she collapses to the floor holding her as everyone else breaks down in tears. As Tina's body is put into an ambulance the paramedics close the doors only to reveal Niall's reflection in the window however, everyone else is oblivious to this.moreless
  • Thursday 16th October 2008 (Niall's Revenge - Part 1)
    Myra arrives at the church to find Niall, still oblivious of who he is she keeps asking of the whereabouts of Tina which send him even further over the edge until, he drags her outside to the very place she left him as a baby, and she finally learns the truth of who he really is. Afterwards, he takes her to the girls tied up and forces her to tell them the truth and, she asks him why he didn't just tell her when he first arrived in the village. Tony and Dom go the Myra's to try and find some form of clue to where the McQueen's are. Niall reveals to the McQueen's that he's wired the church with explosive and that he's going to take them all to the alter before killing them all. A phone then rings and, Jacqui and Myra fight to get it and they all scream that they're in a church to a worried Dom & Tony, who call the police. Darren and Cindy are still celebrating in the bar until they hear a bang from the flat, and Darren goes to check it out. Myra tries to get Niall to open up about his life, but instead he gives her a most unthinkable task, she's got to answer 6 questions one for each of her children's lives, everyone she get's right she can choose someone to live, and everyone she gets wrong she has to choose someone to die. Darren goes to look in the flat only to find Jack beaten and battered calling for help, Jack tells him that they've got to go and help the McQueen's but, as he tries to run out they've confronted by Cindy. When Niall asks Myra how it feels to be abandoned she say's horrible and gut wrenching but, he reveals that he feel anything while growing up or, for either of them. He then asks her why he hates her so much and she answers because, she abandoned him. But he says that the truth is that he doesn't hate her for giving him up because, he understands the situation she was in but, he hates her for never coming to find him. After he's finished asking the questions Niall tells Myra that she has to choose 2 to live and 4 to die. While, searching around the McQueen's house Dom and Tony find an old newspaper article that say's St Eustace church, and they rush to go and help only to run into Jack and Darren. As Niall ties all of the girl's up at the alter Myra beg's him to take her and let the rest go but, he tells her that'll be too easy and he then reveals his little surprise, he's taken John Paul hostage as well. Tony demands answers from Jack about how he could lie to everyone in the way that he did but, Jack tells him that it's Niall who's taken all of the McQueen's and that he's really Myra's son. As, Niall asks the McQueen's why he deserves to die while they deserve to live and he's tells them all what he thinks of them afterwards, he tells Myra to choose who lives and who dies when, she can't he says that he'll just start with the youngest because, Michaela was suppose to die from the overdose anyway. John Paul and Mercedes then sacrifice themselves, and when Jacqui tells Mercedes that she can't watch her die, Mercedes finally reveals the truth about her one-night-stand with Tony. Myra is then forced to make the final choices and when she can't Niall reminds her that if she doesn't choose they're all going to die. Feeling the pressure Myra chooses Jacqui and Carmel to die because, Tina's got Max and Michaela's the youngest. Tony, Dom, Jack and Darren arrive at the church and race to find a way into save everyone. With those being chosen to die awaiting their fate, Michaela races back saying she can't leave them, and John Paul tells Niall that he can never be a part of the family leading Niall to tell him how Kieron really died. Jack and Darren then burst in telling Niall that it's all over, not willing to give in Niall sets off the detonator and the church explodes with everyone inside, not knowing if anyone's survived.moreless
  • Wednesdy 15th October 2008
    Myra goes to see Jacqui at Il Nosh and finds Tony who says that he's not getting involved in their dispute. As they go back to the flat they find it trashed and another post-stick note this time from Jacqui which enhances Myra's worry. While, Newt terrified after seeing Niall push Jacqui into the back of a van, confides in Lauren who feeling that he's just seeing things feel's the need to call for an ambulance after Newt starts to get violent. After, hearing from Lauren about Jack fake death, Niall goes to the dog and over hears a conversation between Frankie and Darren that proves what Newt was saying. He then sneaks into the flat and confronts Jack in the attic. Feeling that she has no other choice Myra takes all of the post-stick stamp messages and goes to the police to report all of the girls missing. While, in the attic Niall makes Jack aware of whom he really is and tells him that it was him who put his biological father in prison where he died. Feeling on the end of his tether Niall lashes out and leaves Jack unconscious on the floor. Darren and Cindy celebrate the other Osborne's departure with Champaign in the bar. When he thinks that help has arrived, Newt is shocked to find that it's n ambulance and Lauren has called to have him sent back to hospital, just then Frankie turns up and tries to get them to let him go however, as soon as Newt mentions Jack she denies it and he goes on his own accord feeling abandoned and betrayed. When, she gets home form the station Myra gets a text from 'Tina' telling her to meet her at St Eustace church. While, Dom and Tony sit tight at Il Nosh as they await any news about the girls. As Myra arrives at the church which is a place from her past, Myra is stunned to find Niall already there and he approaches her saying "Hello mother". As Darren and Cindy continue to celebrate downstairs they're oblivious to the fact that Jack is unconscious of the floor of the attic.moreless
  • Tuesday 14th October 2008
    Myra is starting to really worry about the location of her girls, and when she finds Max on the door she starts to fear the worse, and she goes to Russ for help. Jacqui is still upset with Tony over her dress but, also at the fact that none of her sister's seem to be around. Later, after expressing her fears about Tina, Myra finally tell's her Jacqui about her first child. Newt, sneak out to go and say goodbye to Lauren but, when he tells her about Jack she starts to worry that Newt's seeing things again. When she expresses her worries to Niall he's extremely interested to hear about Jack and decides to pay a little visit to the Osbornes. Also, Jacqui returns home only to be jumped by Niall who shows her a video of her sister's being held hostage. And, as he's on his way back to see Lauren, Newt see's Niall bundle Jacqui into the back of a van.moreless
  • Monday 13th October 2008
    Jacqui is annoyed to receive messages from her sisters saying they can't attend her birthday celebrations, unaware Niall is the person sending them. The Osborne's prepare for their move to Spain. And Tina tries to work things out with Russ, but ends up in danger when Niall strikes again.
  • Friday 10th October 2008
    Mercedes enjoys a confidence boost from running a jumble sale stall, but an argument with Malachy leaves her dazed, and on course for a terrifying ordeal at the hands of Niall. Louise sets up a disastrous double date with Warren, Mandy and Dom. While Russ ponders whether he is ready to be a dad.moreless
  • Thursday 9th October 2008
    Calvin finds it increasingly difficult to deal with his guilt over Nige's death, and takes his bad mood out on Carmel when she makes a promise on his behalf. Russ explains his new situation to Nancy when she arrives back in the village. And Mandy feels awkward when asked to arrange Warren and Louise's wedding.moreless
  • Wednesday 8th October 2008
    Niall's day goes from bad to worse when, first he threatened Mandy when she told him Steph's left the village. Then, Louise then fires him for having a bad attitude towards his work. Meanwhile, Michaela decides that the day has come to declare her love for Mike but, things don't go the way that she dreamed they would. Also, Mandy and Warren once again find themselves in a tough position and agree that they should stay away from each other. Zak & Gilly start to refurbish the new burger bar at the SU Bar. And, Niall seeks comfort in Myra and decides that the times come to tell her who he really is but, his hopes are dashed when she reveals that she no longer wants to meet her long-lost son because, she's got enough to worry about with her other children.moreless
  • Tuesday 7th October 2008
    Louise is quickly spiraling out of control and Warren is oblivious of how to help her. Feeling, like she's pushing him away he finds comfort in Mandy and tells her to meet him but will he go through with betraying Louise. Meanwhile, Carmel sees that Lauren is unhappy with the way she left things with Newt and the two of them decide to take a risk in the salon. And, when Tom takes the file that Kieron gathered on Niall for a treasure hunt, things turn nasty and Steph finally sees Niall for who he really is and decides to get out of Hollyoaks with Tom.moreless
  • Monday 6th October 2008
    When, they discover that Newt has gone, Frankie and Darren begin to panic and start frantically searching for him. But, when they have no luck they resign to the fact that they may have to risk exposing Jack and call the police. Meanwhile, when Amy says that she needs help with something Michaela jumps at the chance and sees it as an opportunity to get close to Mike. And, Steph gets an unexpected visited from Niall, and Tom's instantly pleased to see him.moreless
  • Friday 3rd October 2008
    When the Osbornes' proposed move to Spain breaks down, Frankie finds it difficult to break the news to an excited Newt. After, learning that the adoption has fallen through Newt gets upset and once again sees the return of Eli. Carmel and Calvin return home from their honeymoon only to get a not so enthusiastic welcome from Lauren. While, Niall talks his relationship with Steph through with a troubled Tom. Also, Mandy looks to take Dom's mind off Tina, much to the annoyance of Elliot. And Jack decides that it's time to stop hiding and that they should tell Newt the truth.moreless
  • Thursday 2nd October 2008
    Jacqui persuades Mercedes to go for an HIV test. Mercedes agrees to go but wants to do it alone. Meanwhile, Malachy wallows in self-pity, sure that his own life is over. Kris becomes fed up with his attitude and decides it's time for him to sort his future out. Malachy is angered, but Kris reminds him that he's scared too and wants to know exactly how he can help Malachy with his HIV. Malachy relents and agrees to accept Kris' help. Mercedes heads to the SU bar for a drink after her HIV test. Angry with the world, she begins flirting with a bemused Zak, who gently lets her down. Later, as Mercedes flirts dangerously with some random men, Jacqui arrives and pulls her away. Mercedes storms off while Jacqui follows allowing Mercedes to vent her anger and distress. Eventually, Mercedes breaks down in her sisters arms, finally giving in to her grief. Darren suggests Frankie and Jack spend the day in each other's company. Darren assures Jack it's just what Frankie needs. Frankie thinks the idea is ridiculous but agrees when Jack pleads with her to give him a chance. Darren's pleased when Frankie agrees to find out about Newt's adoption today, and if all goes according to plan - she'll tell him about the move to Spain. Meanwhile, Newt's concerned that the Osborne's are keeping secrets again and worries that he'll be sent back into care. Steph's furious that Newt's been driving himself mad with worry and charges over to The Dog only to find Frankie and Jack seemingly enjoying themselves. Steph is horrified and reveals Newt's fears prompting Frankie to tell Newt about Spain straight away. Newt's happy, and Darren is relieved, but after a phone call from Social Services, Frankie reveals that the adoption has fallen through, Darren's plan is thwarted again as Frankie confirms that if Newt can't come with her there's no way she's moving to Spain. Ste attempts to apologise to Justin for his behaviour yesterday. Justin remains unconcerned but challenges Ste to a game of football. Ste agrees, wondering what Justin has got planned. Justin suggests Ste should vent his anger on the football rather than other people and assures him that the only way to win Amy back is through behaving like a man. Ste agrees and laughs off his childish behaviour, but Justin warns him against being violent towards him again - he will regret it. Ste gets the message and when Justin has an idea about anger management classes, Ste agrees to give it a go. Russ feels embarrassed about rejecting Tina yesterday and spends most of the day avoiding her. Meeting Zak in the SU Bar, Russ finds himself defending Tina against Zak's criticism of her dullness. Zak wonders if Russ is being a little too defensive, but Russ has had enough, and after witnessing how upset Tina is over Mercedes, decides that Tina needs his support. Heading home, Russ enjoys being with Tina and as they become closer he leans in for a kiss.moreless
  • Wednesday 1st October 2008
    Mercedes is heading on a destructive path after being told she may be infected with HIV, and let's Tina know exactly what she thinks of her and Russ's cosy little family. Later, she feels insulted by Tony when he makes a comment. Meanwhile, it's the day of Amy's abortion and Josh can't help but reveal everything to Ste, who rushes to find Amy to beg her not to abort the baby. After, having a one to one with Ste, Amy tells him that she doesn't plan on going through with the abortion but that doesn't mean she's going to let him have anything to do with his child. Darren once again tells Cindy that it's only a matter of time before he gets full conrtol of the pub. And, after getting use to being in a family environment, Tina makes a pass at Russ who makes it clear that he doesn't see her in that way.moreless
  • Tuesday 30th September 2008
    After learning the truth about Tina's betrayal, Dom and Tony are left feeling devastated. And, it's left to Jacqui to try and put things right while, at the same time protecting herself. Darren plan's a meal for Jack and Frankie but when, Cindy overhears him talking to Frankie things go heavily wrong. Meanwhile, Josh is finding it hard to trust Amy after learning of yet another one of her lies. But, after talking and reminiscing about the past the two may finally be on their way back to how it once was. And, after talking with Kris, Mercedes finally learns the heartbreaking news that Malachy may of given her a death sentence and lashes out in a very public manner.moreless
  • Monday 29th September 2008
    Russ comes to terms with being a father, and pushes Tina to stop lying and tell everyone the truth. Meanwhile, Malachy steels himself to give Mercedes the news that she could be HIV positive. Amy tells Josh she has decided to have an abortion and, Darren continues to worry about Newt.moreless
  • Friday 26th September 2008
    Tina finally reveals the truth about Max to Myra, who reacts badly calling Tina a slag and tells her not to blame Dom for anything. Meanwhile, Dom is struggling without Tina and, Tony tries to get him to go and work things out. Russ, is nearly set to leave the village with Caroline but, feels that he has to make piece with Tina first. Newt is still on edge after seeing Jack and tells Darren that he feel's he should tell Frankie but, Darren is adamant that he should keep it between he two of them. After, meeting up with Dom at Il Nosh, Tina realises that she doesn't want to be with him anymore and, later races off to stop Russ but she's too late. But, Russ say's goodbye to Nancy and sets off with Caroline but, at the last minute he has can't do it and goes back to try and be a good father to Max. And, when Newt catches Cindy in his room he gets angry and Darren tells her to leave but, afterwards Newt worst nightmare returns, Eli.moreless
  • Thursday 25th September 2008
    Dom comes home after his night on the tiles and lies to Tina by telling her that he spent the night at Russ's, who meanwhile is getting ready to go off travelling with Caroline. Justin is still trying to push Leila to the brink and even uses act's of sexism to stop her from 'stalking' him. A huge bouquet of flowers arrives and Steph, Mandy and Cindy all try to guess who they're for. Jacqui and Tony try to help out Dom & Tina but this backfires when, Tina learns the truth about where Dom spent the night and kicks him out saying, that she no linger loves him. With no where else to turn Tina, feels that she has no other option but to tell Russ the truth about Max's paternity. But he doesn't take the news well and order's her to leave.moreless
  • Wednesday 24th September 2008
    As, Josh checks over the house he finds Michaela in bed with Zak and the house nearly trashed. Amy pops by looking for Leah's juice cup, and Josh apologises for hitting Ste. Meanwhile, Jacqui is excited about the grand-opening of her new tanning salon and Tony's not all that enthusiastic after his little experience. Dom is feeling the strain of having a baby around, and feels the need to go out and have some fun much to Tina's disapproval. Justin is still playing Leila for all he can get and, Russ and Caroline flaunt their relationship in front of Mercedes and later decide to go world travelling. And, after being left to look after Leah by Michaela, Zak allows Ste to take her which scares the hell out of Amy who is besotted with worry, and Ste again makes it clear that he wants to be a part of his child's life.moreless
  • Tuesday 23rd September 2008
    After getting the shock of his life seeing Jack, Newt locks himself away in his room, which worries Frankie who realises that he hasn't taken his medication. After, Frankie fails to get through to him, Darren offers to try and he's both worried and upset when Newt reveals what he saw. Jacqui is getting excited about her new business and Tony offer's to do her a little favour which he later start's to regret. Leila is still pretending to be Justin's girlfriend which confuses Ste who later learns that it's Justin who's getting one over on Leila not the other away around. Josh invites Amy round to his when his parents are away but, after Michaela hears about it, it turns into a party for many not just two. When, Amy see's Ste at the party she's both shocked and scared and things don't get any better when , Josh lashes out at Ste. Later, when Amy goes to check on Leah she finds Ste with her and he tells her that he'll do whatever it takes to be apart of his child's life. And, feeling that he's getting worse not better Next pours all of his medication down the drain.moreless
  • Monday 22nd September 2008
    Newt learns that he's won the writing competition but, is worried that it will just ring him more trouble at school. And he's not wrong when Michaela finds out and say's that she should've won. Meanwhile, Ste tries to talk to Amy but she's not willing to listen and, she get's angry when he say's that he want's to be part of the baby's life. It's Tina's first day at collage and feel's sidelined with looking after Max. Jacqui is excited about starting her new business but, with John Paul going off with Craig things aren't going too well. While, Justin also isn't having a great day as he has to do all of the work on his own and things don't get better when Leila accidentally knocks him out. And, Newt get's the shock of his life when he get's up in the middle of the night to find Jack sitting at the table.moreless
  • Friday 19th September 2008
    John Paul vows to never let Craig get away again but, will Niall ruin ther 'sunset' ending.
  • Thursday 18th September 2008
    Niall's eveil side strikes again as he tries to kill John Paul in same way he did Kerion, to stop him for leaving with Craig but, not everything goes as planned. Also, Jack's secret is once again threatened with exposure.
  • Wednesday 17th September 2008
    The McQueen's pay tribute to Keiron, as Craig turns up in an attempt to win John Paul back.
  • Tuesday 16th September 2008
    As Carmel waits patiently at the alter for Calvn to arrive, a fight breaks out between the McQueen's and the Valentines as each family blames the other. Will, Calvin arrive in time to calm things down?
  • Monday 15th September 2008
    The morning of Calvin and Carmel's wedding arrives, but the day doesn't run at all smoothly. While the bride has trouble fitting into her dress, the groom finds himself roped into helping Warren when police officers raid the Loft looking for drugs. Also, John Paul learns it is also the day of Kieron's funeral and, Lauren realises Danny has left.moreless
  • Friday 12th September 2008
    Zoe interviews Hannah, Zak and Elliot, revealing concerns that the vote for entertainments officer could have been rigged. While, Jacqui and Mercedes embark on a mission to give Carmel a hen night to remember. Also, Calvin interrupts a drug deal at his party at the Loft before finding himself getting too close to Val.moreless
  • Thursday 11th September 2008
    A hung-over Louise is embarrassed when she realises Warren has been meeting with Mandy to plan the couple's honeymoon. Also, Carmel makes preparations for her wedding and Warren organises Calvin's stag party. Meanwhile, Malachy feels guilty as Kris endures a painful experience after taking drugs to stop him contracting HIV. And it's elecection day and time for the students to vote for a new entertainments officer.moreless
  • Wednesday 10th September 2008
    Zak and Sarah's competitive streaks come to the fore as they bid to outdo each other, while Elliot and Hannah realise how much they have in common. Meanwhile, Malachy is forced to tell Kris about being HIV positive. Louise is jealous to hear Warren is spending more time with Mandy. And Leo realises Danny stole his best man speech but, has he also got thought's of marriage on hgis mind.moreless
  • Tuesday 9th September 2008
    Nancy agrees to keep Malachy's revelation to herself, while an embarrassed Kris and Mercedes wake up together after their night of passion. Also, Leo and Danny compete for the chance to be Calvin's best man. While, Sarah agrees to help Hannah as she hits the campaign trail, while Zak offers his support to Elliot. And, Mike decides to reassess his futre and makes a big decision.moreless
  • Monday 8th September 2008
    John Paul calls Niall in a panic after finding Kieron, and refuses to believe things are as they seem. Mercedes and Kris plot revenge on Malachy following his sudden departure. Hannah and Elliot go declare war as they both decide t run for Entertainment Officer. While Jacqui informs Tony she plans to take over the laundrette, leading to a confrontation with an indignant Mike.moreless
  • Friday 5th September 2008
    Niall is furious when Kieron confronts him with the knowledge that he is Myra's son. While, Craig and John Paul end up in each other's arms after agreeing to meet for a drink. Kris is growing tired of Mercedes and Malachy's antics. And, Tony finds his patience wearing thin when Jacqui almost burns Il Gnosh to the ground.moreless
  • Thursday 4th September 2008
    John Paul searches for Kerion to disuss the future of their relationship. But, Kerion makes a socking discovery after after searching for the woman who fostered Myra's long-lost son. Meanwhile, Steph is full of regret over her night with Niall. And, Jacqui decides that she'd like more responsibility at Il Nosh.moreless
  • Wednesday 3rd September 2008
    Frankie considers phoning for an ambulance after Jack's angina attack, and an upset Steph seeks solace in the form of Niall after her shocking discovery. Meanwhile, John Paul seeks Craig's advice on how to deal with his doubts about marrying Kieron, and Newt looks for some form of reassurance.
  • Tuesday 2nd September 2008
    Craig makes a return to the village to get a muted response from Frankie as she contemplates leaving for Spain with Jack. While John Paul is stunned to come face to face with his former lover.Mike agrees to help Michaela with her essay. Also, Niall continues his efforts to win over Steph. And, Steph gets the shock of he rlife when she see's a "ghost".moreless
  • Monday 1st September 2008
    Darren asks Frankie to pay off the loan sharks while, John Paul encourages Hannah to apply for a job. Meanwhile, Mercedes hopes to prove her relationship with Malachy is more than just physical attraction. And, Myra decides to act as a wedding planner for Kieron and John Paul, while Michaela tries to get closer to Mike.moreless
  • Friday 29th August 2008
    Kieron tells a delighted Myra he has found the woman who fostered her son, while Niall visits his father's grave. Darren plans to sell the Dog to Warren to pay off the loan sharks but, will there be some luck left. And, Malachy offers Elliot advice on taking his relationship with Sarah to the next level, while Newt confides in Lauren.moreless
  • Thursday 28th August 2008
    Frankie tells Darren she is not interested in his money problems, leaving him to sink further into despair. John Paul finally tells Myra about the engagement but, her initial reaction is to say that he's too young. But, later after a talk with Kieron she comes around and gives them her blessing, much to Niall's dismay. Also, Malachy and Mercedes reflect on their night of passion, and Cindy ruins Niall's hope of winning a date with Steph.moreless
  • Wednesday 27th August 2008
    A problem with Jack's life insurance causes trouble for Darren. Frankie and Lauren comfort Newt after his traumatic ordeal. Meanwhile, John Paul goes to see Myra to tell her about the engagement but, once again finds himself bottling it. Also, it's the day of the 'Give Blood' drop-in and Malachy uses it to get closer to Mercedes. While, Kris get's annoyed when he's told he can't give blood because of his lifestlye and starts shouting discrimination. And, Steph finds herself relaxing in Niall's company, revealing how she's started to think about moving on.moreless
  • Tuesday 26th August 2008
    Steph worries Tom is spending too much time with Niall and, growing to rely on his friendship. Newt meets his social worker to decide whether he should stay with Frankie, and he reveals to Lauren the true nature of his connection to Eli. Also, Kieron urges John Paul to tell Myra about their engagement. And Mandy tries to get Warren to go and make it up with Louise, but he's refuses to listen to her unless she stops throwing Sean back in his face.moreless
  • Monday 25th August 2008
    Warren's proposal to Louise is spoiled when she realises the nuptials are being planned by Mandy. Niall tries to get closer to Steph by continuing his efforts to befriend Tom. Meanwhile, Elliot worries about taking his relationship with Sarah further, and Zoe looks forward to going to a music festival with Mike.moreless
  • Friday 22nd August 2008
    Nancy's devasted when she recieves a letter recommending that Charlie should stay with Frankie. Also, she's unclear of exactly what she and Ravi are. Kirs and Malachy go head to in a game of Roman Gladiators. Meanwhile, Loise and Mandy get competitive when planning Carmel's wedding and, Warren makes it clear to Calvin that he' going to be able to just forget all about what he did to Nige.moreless
  • Thursday 21st August 2008
    Sasha comes across Fletch and begs him to give up his drug habit. While, Tony reflects on the end of his relationship with Jacqui and, Dom finds it difficult to bond with baby Max. Louise struggles to keep up with Mandy as their new business goes from strength to strength, and Niall apologises to Tom.moreless
  • Wednesday 20th August 2008
    Josh, Amy and Michaela find themselves talking to Sasha about her problems. Jacqui is furious that Tony agreed Tina and Dom should be the ones to keep baby Max. While Steph finds herself enjoying her role at the student TV station but, disater strikes during a storm. And, Nancy and Ravi embark on their first date.moreless
  • Tuesday 19th Augst 2008
    Tony and Dom make a decision about baby Max's future after Myra calls a family meeting to resolve the potentially explosive situation. Steph starts her new role as the weathergirl for the Student Channel. While, Mandy and Louise strike up a partnership. And Nancy tries to make Ravi jealous by flirting with Russ but, will she get her man?moreless
  • Monday 18th August 2008
    Tina is thrilled when Dom suggests they find their own place, but their plans are thrown into disarray when she is caught breast-feeding baby Max. Warren takes Calvin aside and tells him to pull it together for the sake of his future. Also, Leila arrives home after spending the night in jail. And, Nancy endures a bad day but, can Ravi be her saviour. Radio One DJ, Scott Mills was a special guest star in this episode.moreless
  • Friday 15th August 2008
    Ste and Justin spy an opportunity to get rid of the stolen jewellery, by getting an unaware Leila to sell it on her market stall. Calvin returns home from hospital to find Warren waiting with some devastating news, while Russ encourages Newt to enter a writing competition
  • Thursday 14th August 2008
    Calvin and Warren have a terrifying confrontation with Nige in the Loft. Also, Sasha tries to end the feud between the McQueen's and Valentine's. Gilly issues an ultimatum to Justin and Ste. And, The Dirty Diegos' first gig unexpectedly turns into a solo venture for Josh.
  • Wednesday 13th August 2008
    Frankie finds herself getting dragged deeper and deeper into Jack's deception as, she helps Darren convince Kris and Malachy their father is still alive. Warren blackmails Calvin by threatening to release the video of him buying drugs, and the Dirty Diegos' practice session go as smoothly as hoped.
  • Tuesday 12th August 2008
    Frankie demands to know the whole truth about Jack's staged death, and forces Darren to tell her that it was Kris's dad who died. which rocks Frnakie to the core all over again. Michaela sets her sights on a new love interest who's a bit closer to home. Zoe is ecstatic when she lands a contract to produce a student TV channel. Meanwhile, Carmel is still finding it hard to fogive Calvin's actions. And things don't get much better for Calvin as he recieves another threatening text fom Warren.moreless
  • Monday 11th August 2008
    Lauren helps Newt comes to terms with being diagnosed with schizophrenia. While Frankie's reaction to Jack's reappearance shows him just how much his actions have hurt her. Caroline and Russ agree to go on a date. And Zoe remains oblivious to Zak's feelings for her
  • Friday 8th August 2008
    Darren tells Jack they have no choice but to run away after Frankie insists she wants the body exhumed. Mandy and Warren clash when Louise lets her use the Loft as an office. Zoe and Mike plan a holiday together, while Josh reveals he failed his driving test. And, Russ finally learns the nature of Caroline's mysterious job.moreless
  • Thursday 7th August 2008
    Frankie begins to wonder if it is possible that Newt really did kill Jack after Lauren tells her about Eli. Mandy, Steph and Cindy are at arms over the contents of Max's will. Russ is pleased to meet up with the mysterious Caroline and Zak finds himself unlucky in love again.moreless
  • Wednesday 6th August 2008
    Newt goes into a panic when he picks up the phone and hears Jack's voice on the line. Also, the Valentine's unite to help Sasha cope with her withdrawal from heroin, and Calvin gets a nasty surprise when Warren calls him to the Loft. Meanwhile, it's the day of Max's will reading but, will evryone be pleased with what it entails.moreless
  • Tuesday 5th August 2008
    Speaking at Jack's funeral proves too much for Darren to bear, and an emotional Newt stuns the onlookers making a shocking confession. Also, Newt's not the only one making confessions as a story from Myra's past is revealed. While Calvin faces a race against time to save his career he finds that Carmel's ready to turn her back on him.moreless
  • Monday 4th August 2008
    Sasha's desperate pleas for more drugs look set to land Calvin in hot water, and the day of Jack's inquest proves stressful for both Newt and Darren. Elliot worries that he is being taken for a ride when Sarah keeps him waiting, while former couple Hannah and Danny share an awkward momentmoreless
  • Friday 1st August 2008
    Justin decides the Valentine family need more space after the return of Sasha, whose extreme behaviour forces Calvin to make a drastic decision. Elliot teams up with Zak for a competition but finds himself preoccupied with thoughts of Sarah. While Ste endures a visit from Gilly and Josh.
  • Thursday 31st July 2008
    Calvin plans to head to London following word of a reported sighting of Sasha, but the search ends much closer to home than he imagined. Also, Sarah becomes jealous when Zak tries his hand at matchmaking after recognising the chemistry between Elliot and Hannah. Ste is discharged from hospital and runs into Amy as she's collecting her stuff rom the flat. And, Jacqui is desperate to get some sleep and after being let down by her sibllings, Tna offers to take care of Max but, is she getting much closer than she should be.moreless
  • Wednesday 30th July 2008
    Tina snaps at Dom as she struggles to put the surrogacy behind her and finds it impossible to ignore her maternal instincts when left to take care of baby Max. Kieron goes to see Ste to give him information on andger management help. At first Ste just dismisses his help but, later realises that he may be his only friend. Amy visits Ste at the hospital and makes it clear their relationship is over, while Sarah becomes jealous of Elliot and Hannah's closeness.moreless
  • Tuesday 29th July 2008
    Mike and Sarah learn that it wasn't the first time that Ste had hit Amy, while Ste decides that he can't go on without Amy. Dom is angry when he realises Tina has been discussing her plans for the future with Russ, and Malachy decides to put off his plan to leave the village.moreless
  • Monday 28th July 2008
    Monday 28th July 2008
    Episode 160
    Myra encourages Amy to reveal all to Mike, who lashes out at Ste when he discovers he has been beating her. Darren breaks down under the stress of maintaining the pretence that Jack is dead. Also, Mandy finds keeping Mobs afloat is hard going, and Tina goes for a drink with Russmoreless
  • Friday 25th July 2008
    Friday 25th July 2008
    Episode 159
    John Paul and Kieron are that happy about their engagement that they feel the need to reveal it to everyone. Malachy returns to the village worried abot the where abouts of his and Kris' father but, is shocked by Kris' lack of prioties. Meanwhile, Tony over reacts when Max develops a small cough also, Tina makes the surrogocy agreement official. And, Amy fins out that she's pregnant and later un-knowingly reveals to Justin about Ste's small thefts and ends up paying the price.moreless
  • Thursday 24th July 2008
    The naming ceremony for baby Max is ruined when Russ arrives with divorce papers for Mercedes and bailiffs turn up at the door. Leo asks Calvin for another chance as the Valentines continue their search for Sasha, while John Paul surprises Kieron with a shock proposal.
  • Wednesday 23rd July 2008
    The Valentines race to locate Sasha before Calvin returns from his holiday, and Jacqui invites Niall to baby Max's naming ceremony against Tony's wishes. Kieron wonders if he has been too hasty in publicly embracing his new lifestyle, while Ste urges Amy to take a pregnancy test.
  • Tuesday 22nd July 2008
    Frankie tries to keep the business afloat and recieves help from an unlikely Warren when, a debt collector comes calling. Sasha finds out the lengths her family are going to to keep an eye on her. And, John Paul pitches the idea of holding a gay night at the Loft to Louise.moreless
  • Monday 21st July 2008
    Monday 21st July 2008
    Episode 155
    As the repercussions of his lie continue to spread, Darren is shocked to discover the real identity of the body he and Jack found. Lauren feels ignored at home as the Valentines rally around Sasha. Cindy sets her eye on Warren, and Kris and Leila play a joke on Elliot.
  • Friday 18th July 2008
    Friday 18th July 2008
    Episode 154
    Overwhelmed by the emotional strain of helping to fake his father's death, a panic-stricken Darren tells Frankie and Steph that Jack is dead. Eli encourages Newt to blame himself when the lad finds out what has happened, while Elliot tries to convince Kris to get in touch with his father.
  • Thursday 17th July 2008
    Darren and Jack have an emotional heart-to-heart, and decide to take drastic action to save the pub after making a discovery. Meanwhile, Nancy and Russ try to keep Newt entertained, but a visit from Eli fuels his paranoia and sends him on a search for his foster father.
  • Wednesday 16th July 2008
    A troubled Jack leaves an emotional message on Frankie's voicemail before making a shocking decision. John Paul and Kieron prepare to embark on life as a couple, but they bear the brunt of Myra's anger when she realises they are back together. And, Kris's dad decides to leaves Hollyoaks after the pair argue again.moreless
  • Tuesday 15th July 2008
    Trading Standards officials confront Jack over claims he has been watering down drinks at the Dog. Myra is delighted when John Paul decides to move back in with her, but the return of Kieron complicates matters. And, Elliot encourages Kris to make up with his father.
  • Monday 14th July 2008
    Monday 14th July 2008
    Episode 150
    Frankie walks out on Jack, angry that he has resorted to borrowing money from the newly widowed Steph. Newt tells Eli that he doesn't need him now he has a good friend in Lauren, Niall is irritated by the return of Kieron, and the students prepare to collect their results.
  • Friday 11th July 2008
    Friday 11th July 2008
    Episode 149
    It's OB's last day in the village before jetting off for a new life with Summer but, before he goes everyopne has to decide on who's best to look after Tom. Jack's starting to feel the heat of his finacial wories and takes it out on Newt who's becoming suspicious. Lauren returns from Paris and tries to make Newt believe that she's met Eli and he tells her to stay as far away from him as she can. Sarah's publicly humiliated and it's up to Elliot and Zak to come to her rescue. And, Russ may of found a new love interest in the likes of Caroline.moreless
  • Thursday 10th July 2008
    Steph gathers her thoughts and prepares to give her husband a fitting send-off as the day of the funeral arrives, while Cindy and Mandy console an emotional Angela. Not everyone appears ready to say a final farewell to Max. With, both OB and Tom saying that they can't face the formality of the funeral and decide to give Max their own special send off.moreless
  • Wednesday 9th July 2008
    Danny catches Sasha stealing from Steph and is upset to see how bad her situation has become. Zak and Zoe play a practical joke on Russ, which leaves Mike conscious of the age gap between him and his lover, while Calvin and Valerie get uncomfortably close when they visit a wedding fair.moreless
  • Tuesday 8th July 2008
    Tuesday 8th July 2008
    Episode 146
    Carmel agrees to help Aleksander, leaving Calvin annoyed and oblivious to the reason she's leaving town. Steph makes arrangements for Max's funeral, while Nige persuades Sasha to break into the widow's flat if she wants to see her next fix.
  • Monday 7th July 2008
    Monday 7th July 2008
    Episode 145
    Jacqui is infuriated when Tina refuses to hand over baby Max and resorts to blackmail to get her way. Russ's love life receives a boost after a chance meeting with a mysterious woman. While Leila continues her plan to play matchmaker for Nancy and Ravi, and Carmel has a surprise encounter from a blast from her past.moreless
  • Friday 4th July 2008
    Friday 4th July 2008
    Episode 144
    The repercussions for Dom, Tony and Jacqui begin to sink in following the revelation that Tina can never have another child. Ravi takes charge at the Loft for the first time and finds Laila pestering him for a job. Nige taunts Sasha about her heroin addiction and Justin refuses to help Nancy's bid to win custody of Charlie.moreless
  • Thursday 3rd July 2008
    Jacqui and Tony assume they can claim Tina's baby as their own, but when she wakes up from her coma and doctors make a startling revelation things become much less clear-cut. Nige tempts Sasha by offering her drugs and takes advantage of Leila's naivety by selling her a laptop he stole from Justin.moreless
  • Wednesday 2nd July 2008
    Jacqui worries about the newborn baby's fate when Tina is rushed to hospital after her fall, while John Paul puts his plans to leave the village with Kieron on hold when he hears about her critical condition. Niall accuses Fletch of pushing Tina, and Justin is unimpressed to that find he'll be working with Ste.moreless
  • Tuesday 1st July 2008
    Tuesday 1st July 2008
    Episode 141
    Niall saves Tina from an attempted mugging by Fletch, but is furious when she reveals her plan to give her unborn child up for adoption, and seeks revenge on his secret half-sister. OB tries to talk a shell-shocked Steph round when she refuses to remove her wedding dress or leave the flat, while Kris and Elliot find a new flatmate.moreless
  • Monday 30th June 2008
    Monday 30th June 2008
    Episode 140
    Steph deals with the aftermath of the day's tragic events, and a chance encounter allows Niall to put forward his side of the story. OB tries to dissuade Tony from looking for a scapegoat, while Myra tells a devastated John Paul that he has to choose between her and Kieron.
  • Friday 27th June 2008
    Friday 27th June 2008
    Episode 139
    Myra runs from the church having found out that Kieron is sleeping with John Paul. Deeply upset, she can't bear to be around her son. Rocked by the sudden public outing, Kieron tells John Paul that his whole life is the church and that he's lost everything, which John Paul takes as a rejection. But Kieron announces that he'll leave the church so that they can be together. Niall can't believe that they are a happy couple again; everyone around him is in love whereas his love for Steph is unrequited. But will Steph finally get her dream wedding day or will fate deal her yet another cruel blow?moreless
  • Thursday 26th June 2008
    It's Max and Steph's wedding day and Max and O.B. wake up in a hung-over heap and it slowly dawns on them that it's Max's wedding day. Max rushes to hospital with chest pains, will he make it to the church? Jacqui is enraged when Mandy returns to Il Gnosh. And Tina gets the wrong end of the stick when Mandy gives Dom a friendly hug. Myra discovers that John Paul has been sleeping with Kieron. At the church, Myra seethes at Kieron's hypocrisy; how can he stand before God when he has been sleeping with John Paul? Will she keep Kieron's secret or vilify him in front of the entire congregation?moreless
  • Wednesday 25th June 2008
    O.B. returns to Hollyoaks for Max's stag party but finds Max wallowing in self pity as the wedding has been put on hold again. O.B. tells Max that he and Summer plan to move to New York, and he wants Max and Tom to come with them. After a dressing-down from Mandy, Steph declares she's desperate to marry Max, whether she can have the wedding of her dreams or not, but has O.B. already convinced him that there's more to life than Hollyoaks? Justin's new job as a debt collector gets off to a bad start. His first "customer", Myra McQueen dispenses with him with the skill of a seasoned professional and he's left looking very foolish. Myra entrusts Kieron with an old newspaper clipping to help find her long-lost son, but Niall stumbles across the article in Kieron's room. And Amy is furious with Sasha for putting Leah in danger.moreless
  • Tuesday 24th June 2008
    Desperate for a fix while looking after Leah, Sasha can't resist Nige's offer. Ste and Amy arrive home to find Leah alone near a needle, and Sasha and a half-dressed Nige appearing from the bedroom. With only 48 hours until the big day everything starts to go wrong for Steph, and when she accidentally rips her wedding dress she announces there's no way the wedding can go ahead on Thursday. John Paul feels like Kieron's job is getting in the way of their relationship. And Danny is upset that Hannah has dumped him for sleeping with Mercedes.moreless
  • Monday 23rd June 2008
    Monday 23rd June 2008
    Episode 135
    Desperate for drugs, Sasha and Fletch knock Cindy to the ground and snatch her purse. Max & Steph are back together and plkan to get get married on Thursday much to Cindy's dismay. Lauren tells Newt that she knows the truth about the bombs and the money taken from The Dog. And John Paul catches Myra searching his room after Michaela "accidentally" lets slip to her that he may be secretly seeing someone.moreless
  • Friday 20th June 2008
    Friday 20th June 2008
    Episode 134
    Hannah is shocked when she sees the state of a downtrodden Fletch and tries to offer him some food, but he scuttles off. Tom is concerned that Max and Steph will never get back together when Holly winds him up about Max having a new girlfriend. Determined to get them talking, Tom decides to superglue the two of them together in the hope that they will be forced to resolve their differences. Newt is desperate to put an end to Eli's reign of terror once and for all. Newt begs Eli to leave Jack and Frankie alone and leave Hollyoaks forever. Eli agrees, on the grounds that Newt goes with him.moreless
  • Thursday 19th June 2008
    Danny wakes up with Mercedes in his bed and is instantly hit by a wave of regret. Hannah confronts Darren over his scam with Mercedes. Finding Danny, Darren explains that he never slept with Hannah and Danny quickly realises that he's been stitched up by Mercedes. Newt catches Eli stealing the takings from The Dog and warns him that enough is enough. Lauren can't understand why Newt can't stand up to Eli and begins to get a little concerned for her friend. Newt orders Eli to return the money but Eli overpowers him and disappears.moreless
  • Wednesday 18th June 2008
    Darren shows Mercedes the incriminating photo he took of Hannah. Desperate to stop Mercedes, Darren is too late when he realises she's sent it to Danny. Fletch's, on the brink of scoring some more heroin, offers to share his spoils with Sasha and pleads with her to leave Hollyoaks with him and come to London. In spite of his attempts to save baby Charlie, Frankie still refuses to forgive Warren for his part in incriminating Jake.moreless
  • Tuesday 17th June 2008
    In the wake of the smoke bomb at the Loft, Louise is visibly shaken and tells Warren that Frankie must be responsible. Newt expresses his anger with Eli for abandoning him after yesterday's smoke bomb and is uneasy with Eli's extremism. Remembering his wager with Mercedes, Darren persuades Hannah and Nancy to come to the Dog for a drink. Hannah is too drunk to know what is going on.moreless
  • Monday 16th June 2008
    Monday 16th June 2008
    Episode 130
    Frankie is still devastated at Jake's confession to murder and decides that she won't accept it lying down. Newt blames Warren for Frankie's misery and is determined to have his revenge. Eli, anticipating this vendetta, rigs the Loft security cameras so that he and Newt can slip into the club unnoticed. When Newt wonders what Eli has planned, he is shocked when Eli reveals a homemade bomb. Mercedes, determined to knock Hannah down a peg or two, challenges Darren to bed Hannah in return for a night in her own company. Darren can't resist the chance to bet and instantly begins plotting.moreless
  • Friday 13th June 2008
    Friday 13th June 2008
    Episode 121
    Tina and Jacqui have a heated argument about the surrogacy. When Jacqui demands a contract, a devastated Tina decides to look up adoption agencies on the internet. Frankie is appalled that Nancy is working at The Loft after everything she did to Jake. Ravi turns down a repeat of his passionate encounter with Mercedes. And Newt is worried when Eli comes up with a plan to get revenge on Warren and Louise.moreless
  • Thursday 12th June 2008
    Fletch begs Hannah to let him out of the room. Jacqui kicks Tony out when she discovers he's lent Mandy the deposit for a flat. And Louise is furious when she finds Ravi in a hands-on situation with Mercedes, whom he's meant to be interviewing for a job at The Loft.moreless
  • Wednesday 11th June 2008
    Fletch is grateful to be taken in by the Ashworths, but Josh, Neville and Suzanne are horrified when they find him injecting heroin. Mike feels terrible for the way he reacted to Zoe's news, but he doesn't want another baby in his life. Dominic and Jacqui are worried that something's wrong with the baby when Tina collapses in agony. And Cindy's plan to keep Max and Steph apart seems to be working.moreless
  • Tuesday 10th June 2008
    Mike is devastated when Ste tells him that Amy is pregnant. What Mike doesn't know is that Zoe is at home preparing to take a pregnancy test herself. Amy finally resolves to confess to Ste that she lied about being pregnant. Niall is furious that Steph has chosen Max over him, but Max's sister Cindy plans to scupper any reconciliation between them. Rhys is angry when Neville employs Gilly to manage his new property. And Josh is shocked to hear that his best mate is homeless.moreless
  • Monday 9th June 2008
    Monday 9th June 2008
    Episode 114
    Amy is terrified about telling Ste the truth about the pregnancy, and tells even more lies to protect Ste. Sarah is shocked when Ste tells her that Amy's pregnant. Josh is still worried about the consequences of cheating and things don't get any better when he ends up in anothere fight with Fletch. And, Max & Steph's plan are ruined when she thinks that he's got another women in the flat but really it's someone a lot more personal, Cindy.moreless
  • Friday 6th June 2008
    Friday 6th June 2008
    Episode 113
    Amy isn't fooled by a contrite Ste , shrinking away from him as she prepares to visit the hospital. =Ste follows her begging for forgiveness, but she leaves him with Leah while the nurse examines her. Max tries his best to back out of his date, but Dom won't be deterred. Steph finds herself agreeing to a night out in The Loft with Niall, but convinces Nancy to tag along, unaware that Niall was planning it to be just the two of them. Nancy's bemusement at Ravi's leering is swiftly swept aside when Steph lets it slip that Justin is backing Frankie's appeal for custody.moreless
  • Thursday 5th June 2008
    Amy puts her troubles with Ste behind her and decides to make them a romantic meal but when she finds Josh upset and gives him her support, she doesn't realise that a jealous Ste has seen them together. Lauren fears Sasha is getting worse and confesses to Leo and Calvin that it was Sasha who stole the laptop. Nancy is livid when she hears Justin has changed his statement and she won't get custody of Charlie. Dominic decides to take on the role of O.B., and be a good friend to Max, by setting him up on a date. A reluctant Max agrees to go along with the date, with a few conditions.moreless
  • Wednesday 4th June 2008
    Sasha reaches her lowest point as she agrees to sleep with Nige in exchange for drugs. Amy worries about how Ste will react when he returns home to find Michaela in the flat, Justin tells Frankie he plans to support her case in the custody battle for Charlie, and Max opens up to Dom.moreless
  • Tuesday 3rd June 2008
    Tuesday 3rd June 2008
    Episode 110
    Sasha and Fletch steal a laptop from school as they suffer the effects of heroin withdrawal, but Leo finds himself blamed for the theft. Ste flies off the handle when he finds out Kieron gave Amy money to buy things for Leah, while Dom finds an unlikely confidant in Myra.
  • Monday 2nd June 2008
    Monday 2nd June 2008
    Episode 109
    Michaela angers Josh by letting slip that they cheated on their coursework, while Fletch arrives for his first exam high on drugs. Rhys finds himself frustrated as he tries to rebuild his friendship with Gilly. Myra's attempts to cheer Dom up only worsen his mood, and Val celebrates her birthday.
  • Friday 30th May 2008
    Friday 30th May 2008
    Episode 108
    After spending the night in a B&B, Gilly thinks it's time he got a flat of his own but he's left in a predicament when Josh assumes he can move in too. Sasha and Fletch are desperate for another fix but don't have any money, so Sasha tries to con some out of her dad. Zoe's father arrives earlier than expected and thinks Mike's son is Zoe's boyfriend; and when Mike takes everyone out to lunch Michaela reveals all about the Barnes family's troubled past. And Tina admits to Dominic that she's scared about the birth and giving up her child.moreless
  • Thursday 29th May 2008
    Neville, Josh and Gilly decide to leave home after a family argument about Rhys. Jack and Darren worry about their secret when Frankie insists on going to the police, as she's still convinced Louise was responsible for the attack. Darren tells Jack the only way he can think to cut costs is to get rid of Newt. Jack is shocked, but decides to have a man-to-man chat with Newt. And Zoe gets a call from her dad, but how will he react when he realises how big of an age gap there is between Zoe & Mike.moreless
  • Wednesday 28th May 2008
    Louise opens up to find that Evissa has been trashed with death threats painted over the walls, thinking that Frankie's responsile Louise ignores Warren's request and goes round demanding that Frankie pays for all the damages. Later, a thug barges into to Dog and smashes it up taking all the cash from the register, is it just a coincidence. Michaela here's about the troubles at Evissa and goes round hoping to get a story. The Ashworths settle down to a family meal for Fletch's birthday only to get a surprise guest, Rhys.moreless
  • Tuesday 27th May 2008
    Tuesday 27th May 2008
    Episode 105
    Jack loses his temper when he realises that Darren's gambled the money away. Louise wants to flaunt her freedom by having celebratory drinks in The Dog, not realising that her friends and Warren are not keen on her new attitude. Michaela is prepared to exploit the community for the sake of her journalism career as she seeks out news stories in the village. And when Gilly tries to make up for a massive mistake he made on Neville's Drive'N'Buy order and distracting Josh from his studies, Neville decides to make him a very special offer.moreless
  • Monday 26th May 2008
    Monday 26th May 2008
    Episode 104
    Louise & Frankie are both on edge about the court hearing, and the ties to their friendship are well and truely severed. Hannah sets up Neville & Danny in order to get them to apoligise to each other, but things do not go well. Meanwhile, John Paul is wanting to spend time with Kieron and when they finally get a chance, their plans are interupted when John Paul is forced to break up with Elliot. And, after finally getting the £100,000 off of Warren Darren's past comes back to haunt him.moreless
  • Friday 23rd May 2008
    Friday 23rd May 2008
    Episode 103
    Louise returns to the village and makes it clear that she won't take any abuse, and orders to Darren to shut Frankie up if he ever wants to see his cash. Danny's stand-up routine gets off to a poor start and later a success but at Neville's expense. John Paul has a run in with Niall that becomes personal. And Myra makes a shocking confession to Kieron after apologising for Mercedes behaviour.moreless
  • Thursday 22nd May 2008
    Kieron and Niall lament the state of their love lives, while Steph is upset to hear Max discussing her worst faults with Dom. Rafi is intrigued by Warren's bad reputation, and Danny practises his stand-up routine in preparation for his turn at the Dog.
  • Wednesday 21st May 2008
    Michaela's search for a local interest story for her article prompts her to quiz John Paul and Kieron about their lives. Steph is shocked when she witnesses Max having an angry confrontation with Niall, while Warren is impressed by Rafi's cocksure attitude and offers him a job at the Loft.
  • Tuesday 20th May 2008
    Tuesday 20th May 2008
    Episode 100
    Max finds out about Steph and Niall's kiss, leaving the chances of a reconcilliation between the pair looking increasingly remote. Niall encourages Kieron to make a decision one way or the other about his relationship with John Paul, while newcomer Rafi fails to make a good impression on Nancy.
  • Monday 19th May 2008
    With the shock of being caught still looming John Paul & Kieron talk to Steph & Niall about keping it a secret. In doing so they both also end up declaring their love for the other, but their hapiness might be short lived with Mercedes determined to find out who John Paul's secert lover is. Nancy & Kris host an auction in the SU Bar and the battle commences between Carmel & Dom much to Calvin's amusement leading him to set a date for the wedding. And Max is still feling depressed over lossing Steph where as, Niall is happy over where he stands with her. So when both Max & Niall's get a knock at the door, the question is who has Steph chosen?moreless
  • Friday 16th May 2008
    After Jake's shock confession Frankie does her best to persuade him to retract his statement. Louise is released from prison and soon reveals a hard new attitude toward those around her. Steph tries to take her mind off Max, by helping Niall celebrate reaching the final of the hairdressing competition, and they soon decide to take their celebrations back to Niall's. But John Paul & Kieron have had a similar idea.moreless
  • Tuesday 13th May 2008
    Warren finds out that Louise has been in a fight and is desperate to get her out of prison. He makes Darren an offer he thinks he can't refuse but it seems even Darren isn't that desperate. Meanwhile, Frankie is forced to face up to the fact that Jake will have to spend the rest of his life in hospital. Max and Steph try to hide their feelings for each other. But as Max watches Niall comforting Steph in Evissa he worries that he's lost her for good. Danny realises that he and Neville will never see eye-to-eye, but a loved-up Hannah insists she'll never let it come between them.moreless
  • Thursday 15th May 2008
    Warren looks set to admit defeat in his search for a fall guy for Sean's murder, but Justin might just be able to persaude Jake to take the rap, but for a price. John Paul & Kieron are desperate to find time alone together and are almost caught by Myra. And Niall comforts Steph as a way of getting closer to her.moreless
  • Monday 12th May 2008
    Max and Steph's relationship hits rock-bottom as they clash over money issues. Steph takes Niall up on his offer to fix her hair, but Niall spills red wine over her new dress. She puts on one of his t-shirts while it dries, but Max comes in and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Steph calls their relationship off and is devastated as Max walks away. And as Jack surveys the flood damage, Newt overhears him telling Darren they are not insured and is devastated to learn the extent of the damage he has caused.moreless
  • Wednesday 14th May 2008
    Warren confesses to Darren the truth about Sean's death, and forces him to stick to his word and persuade Jake to take the fall. Hannah tries her best to reunite Nancy & Sarah but it doesn't look as though it's going to be easy with both of them being as stubborn as each other. And, Elliot finds that it's a lot harder to escape the life of a geek than he first thought.moreless
  • Friday 9th May 2008
    Friday 9th May 2008
    Episode 95
    Newt feels guilty about ruining Steph's portfolio but Eli shows no remorse and hides himself with the portfolio under Newt's bed. Darren is gutted to see his dad in such a state and vows to help him. Jacqui is unnerved to see Tina and Dom reading a baby book and shows Tony the handwritten contract she's drawn up. Steph searches high and low for her missing portfolio, taking no notice of Max as he talks about Tom and marriage lessons.moreless
  • Thursday 8th May 2008
    Newt enjoys spending time with Lauren as they decide to skip school. John Paul reveals to Kris that he can't stop thinking about Kieron. Amy feels like a pariah at school and Russ insists that he can't protect her anymore. Max presents Steph with a glorious portfolio of pictures, but he's unhappy when she worries about an audition instead of putting her efforts into making Tom a costume.moreless
  • Wednesday 7th May 2008
    As the truth about Amy and Ste's lie reverberates around the village, Amy tries to front it out. Steph is determined to prove that she's the best mother in the world. Myra encourages Niall, John Paul and Kieron to compete in the quiz night at the Dog. Aware of his dad's money problems Darren tricks the punters into spending more money than necessary.moreless
  • Tuesday 6th May 2008
    Amy decides to go along with Ste's plan to pretend that Leah has recovered from leukaemia, but insists they tell Mike first. Nancy is making final preparations for Charlie's homecoming. Jacqui and Dom remain uncomfortable in each other's company. Tina and Tony pick up on the animosity and insist that they all spend the day together. Darren tries to cheer up Jack by thinking of inventive ways to make some more money.moreless
  • Monday 5th May 2008
    Monday 5th May 2008
    Episode 91
    Carmel gets the wrong end of the stick when Calvin returns some of her clothes, while Sasha resorts to stealing to fund her drug habit. Nancy prepares to take Charlie home, prompting Ste and Amy to consider using the moment to announce that Leah is also in remission.
  • Friday 2nd May 2008
    Friday 2nd May 2008
    Episode 90
    Sasha and Justin decide to keep their kiss secret. Fletch admits he wants to get back with Sasha and they're soon scoring some drugs. Josh offers to go with Michaela to pick up her HIV test results. Kris thinks Darren's latest scheme to drum up business at The Dog is lame: nobody's going to pay a tenner to get in, even if the drinks are only a quid. And Tony and Jacqui celebrate their first anniversary and feel the baby kick for the first time.moreless
  • Thursday 1st May 2008
    Sasha is hurt when Calvin accuses her of stealing cash to fund her drug habit, driving her back into Fletch's arms. Michaela reveals her worries about collecting her HIV test results to Josh, while Darren and Kris compete to boost takings at The Dog. Tony and Jacqui celebrate their first anniversary.moreless
  • Wednesday 30th April 2008
    Desperate to prove Louise's innocence, Warren offers Justin money to take the blame for Sean's murder. Mike feels left out when Sarah goes for a drink with Zoe to celebrate ending her affair with Roger. Sasha insists she is well enough to go to school, and Michaela receives good news.
  • Tuesday 29th April 2008
    A terrified Justin seeks out Warren to discuss the repercussions of the discovery of Sean's body. Sarah angers Mike by asking Roger to stay over, and Zoe is taken aback when the tutor makes a pass at her. Ste prepares for a job interview, while Sasha has a frank discussion with Danny.moreless
  • Monday 28th April 2008
    Louise waits to be interviewed about Sean's murder as Warren searches for a solicitor to take her case. Sarah catches Mike in a compromising position with Zoe and decides to teach him a lesson, while Amy tries to explain away her bruises. Steph and Niall endure an uncomfortable conversation.
  • Friday 25th April 2008
    Zak is questioned by the police about the night Sean disappeared, and a chance remark implicates someone in his murder. Leo tries to understand why Sasha turned to drugs, while Amy and Ste have another violent altercation. Steph suffers doubts about her engagement to Max.
  • Thursday 24th April 2008
    Calvin struggles to cope with the fact that his baby sister has taken heroin as the family sit round Sasha's hospital bedside. An enraged Calvin confronts Carmel and blames her for the state Sasha is in. As he ends their relationship, a satisfied Niall comforts Carmel. Ste is terrified about what's happened to Sasha after he left her comatose in the village. Fletch goes to the hospital to check on Sasha but an angry Leo forces him to leave. Sarah is uncomfortable with her dad and Zoe's intimacy and Mike realises he has to spend more time with his daughter. Sarah's sick of the pressures at home and just wants some fun, and Roger is just the man to give it to her.moreless
  • Wednesday 23rd April 2008
    Carmel feels torn when Sasha pleads with her to keep her drug-taking a secret. Calvin and Carmel take a stroll through the village, but the romance of the occasion is ruined when Carmel's worst nightmare comes true. Unnerved by Carmel catching her on a high, Sasha suggests to Fletch that they give up all drugs for a while. Heartbroken at finding Fletch has taken heroin, Sasha's desperate decision to go to Ste for help ends with disastrous consequences. And Warren's snappy attitude with Carmel piques Niall's curiosity.moreless
  • Tuesday 22nd April 2008
    It's a hostile homecoming for Rhys when he returns from hospital. When Rhys packs his bags and heads off to see Beth's mum, he leaves his family behind in complete ruins. Sasha's conscience is pricked when Leo treats her to some money because he's so proud of her. Sasha is wasted but tries desperately to act as normally as she can, but Carmel's PCSO training arouses her suspicions that Sasha is hiding something. Louise is shocked to hear from Sean's mum when she asks her to attend his funeral. Warren is forced to back down when Louise wants to go, but it's clear he's worried that Louise burying her past might compromise their future happiness together. Steph pictures the perfect wedding day, but Max refuses to set an official date.moreless
  • Monday 21st April 2008
    The Ashworths are in turmoil after Rhys and Beth's departure, in particular Hannah, who finds herself slipping back into her old ways. Carmel is thrilled when Calvin suggests that they have a party to celebrate their engagement but, her happiness is short lived when Myra refuses to go if Valerie's going to be there. Back at home Calvin is horrified by Sasha's desperate outburst. Danny bites the bullet and calls round to see Hannah. After sharing an intimate moment with Danny, Hannah is brought back down to earth with a bump when she hears the heartbreaking news of the accident. And Steph is fed up with everyday life at Mobs and dares Max to liven things up a bit.moreless
  • Friday 18th April 2008
    Rhys and Beth prepare to leave Hollyoaks for ever, but things don't go to plan. Hannah starts to binge on food for comfort from family strife. Fletch attempts to apologise to Josh for stealing his MP3 player. And Max is worried about the escalating cost of the wedding, but Steph wants no expense spared for her big day.moreless
  • Thursday 17th April 2008
    Rhys and Beth decide to run away together as the prospect of prison sinks in. Drug-addicted Sasha and Fletch become even more isolated from their friends. Hannah tries to offer Gilly the support he needs. Watching her family falling apart around her, Hannah is uncertain whether she'll be able to cope with the fear of her eating disorder returning as well.moreless
  • Wednesday 16th April 2008
    Beth and Rhys are horrified when Gilly launches himself at Rhys. As Gilly struggles to accept that he's lost the girl he loves and his best mate, he's desperate to do whatever it takes to get revenge. War is declared between the McQueens and the Valentines when Myra receives a lawyer's letter demanding Val's share of the bingo winnings. And Sasha is desperate for more drugs.moreless
  • Tuesday 15th April 2008
    The Ashworths decide to hold a family dinner in the Dog to celebrate Gilly and Beth's engagement. Gilly refutes Michaela's claims about Rhys and Beth. He heads to the Ashworths' but is sickened to find Beth's discarded engagement ring and to hear noises coming from upstairs. And Michaela feels rejected by her family and friends, while Fletch desperately tries to avoid the pull of heroin.moreless
  • Monday 14th April 2008
    Amy finally tells the truth about Leah to Mike, who orders Sarah to take Leah back to the house. Jacqui celebrates her bingo win but arrives home to find the walls covered in posters claiming the McQueens are thieves. Wanting to defend her families name Jacqui confronts Valerie and declares war. Gilly has a surprise for Beth. Hannah is thrilled by the picnic Danny sets up for her in Drive 'N' Buy and the sexual tension mounts until Neville arrives.moreless
  • Friday 11th April 2008
    It's tense between Amy and Ste following his lies about the fake robbery. Amy won't give up, but Ste finally takes his frustrations out on her and slaps her across the face. In a desperate attempt to boost takings, Jack announces it's bingo night at The Dog. Jacqui wins, but Val isn't ready to give up and insists that because she paid for Jacqui to enter, she deserves half of the winnings. While Rhys is trying to get back into Mercedes's good books, Beth and Gilly are determined to build a future together. When an ecstatic Gilly arrives back later, he tells Beth he's got her a surprise, but she'll have to wait before he can show her what it is. As Hannah and Danny become closer, it's clear Neville is no nearer to accepting him as his daughter's boyfriend, but Hannah recognises a thawing in her father when he invites Danny to stay for dinner.moreless
  • Thursday 10th April 2008
    Having raced to the Valentines to find Justin, an upset Katy comes close to confessing all to Calvin about Sean's murder. As Warren tries to stop Katy from leaving, she threatens to tell the police everything if her brother doesn't let her go, and Warren is forced to watch Katy leave his life for good. Amy calls the police, desperate to catch the burglars who took everything she and Ste own. However, when she finds out it was Ste, she finally blurts out the truth about the fake robbery. An angry Calvin leaves them wondering what their punishment will be. Elliot's new image is starting to worry Kris. When Kris tries to talk to him about his recent behaviour, he's upset to hear Elliot confess that he no longer wants any friends, as all they do is let him down. It's judgement day for Myra as she goes to court to face her benefit charge. Although relieved by the outcome, the fine she receives raises more problems. Where are they going to get the money to pay it?moreless
  • Wednesday 9th April 2008
    Although she's prepared to stand by him, Louise is struggling to accept that Warren is a murderer and won't let him near her. When it looks like Katy might go to the police about Warren, Louise talks tough and scares Katy into keeping quiet, for now. Justin arrives back in Hollyoaks, intent on getting Katy and running away. However, he turns up just in time to see her and Zak kissing. A desperate Katy tries to explain, but Justin flees, devastated by his girlfriend's betrayal. Money problems and keeping up the lie about Leah's leukaemia are starting to take their toll on Amy, and she insists Ste gets a job. As Amy is about to confess about Leah, she gets a call from Ste saying they've been robbed. Darren can see his bet to pull Mercedes is failing fast. When Kris mocks him for his latest attempts, Darren decides to turn the tables, and bets Kris that he couldn't do much better. Kris tries to lure Mercedes by text, but gets a shock when a burly bloke punches him for texting his girlfriend.moreless
  • Tuesday 8th April 2008
    Katy's world is shattered when she finds out Sean's body has been discovered and Warren has been arrested for his murder. Louise is determined to stand by Warren instead of running to the police - his secret is safe with her. Fed up of being ridiculed, Elliot restyles his look and his attitude: he's no longer a geek or a walkover. On a roll, Elliot threatens to tell the Dean everything about Sarah, but walks away satisfied he's made his point. Newt and Lauren are forced to face the wrath of Elliot when they finally come clean about pretending to be his dad. Eli, Newt's old friend, is on the run from the army and Newt agrees that he can stay with him in secret. A bet's a bet in Darren's eyes and he sets out to try to pull Mercedes again, but is left red-faced in front of an amused Kris.moreless
  • Monday 7th April 2008
    Katy's attempt to break up with Justin is hampered when he suggests a romantic picnic. Warren and Louise plan an idyllic honeymoon together, until Warren is arrested for Sean's murder. When Justin learns that Warren has been arrested, he's terrified that Warren will implicate him. As Warren reaches breaking point, Justin can't think of anything else to do but run away. Kris is relieved to find Elliot in hospital suffering from hypothermia. As his whole life disintegrates before his eyes, Elliot warns his mum, Bonnie, that he never wants to see her again and then storms out of the hospital. Mercedes swallows her pride and asks for her old job back. While in The Dog's car park, Darren is thrilled when he catches sight of a pair of long, sexy legs, unaware that he's in for a big surprise.moreless
  • Friday 4th April 2008
    Newt and Lauren feel helpless when Calvin refuses to believe they've found a body, convinced it's just another one of their practical jokes. Calvin's in shock as the true identity of the body is revealed. Las Vegas Night at The Loft isn't exactly going to plan as the punters queue for their free drinks at the bar. Kris pays homage to the Las Vegas wedding with a commitment ceremony, but no-one seems to be interested until Warren proves just how much he loves Louise. Darren is in his element eyeing up the women in the sex addiction group until he realises all eyes on are him. Mercedes warns Darren not to breathe a word of what she's revealed at the group, but it seems that now there's a new bond between them.moreless
  • Thursday 3rd April 2008
    Newt and Lauren have had a restless night after finding a body in the woods. Lauren cries with relief when she realises Calvin doesn't have a clue, but the burden soon becomes too much to bear and they confess to killing Elliot. A nervous but excited Justin is all set to run the Las Vegas Night at The Loft, while Louise and Warren's first night out together in ages is a complete disaster, and Warren's mood only gets worse when he finds out what Justin has done at The Loft. Kieron moves out of the McQueens' to distance himself from John Paul and takes up Niall's offer to stay with him. John Paul is frustrated by his situation and is tormented when he sees Kieron heading to The Loft with Niall, laughing and joking. Darren thinks of ideas to bring money into The Dog, but Jack snaps at him as financial worries are playing heavily on his mind. Darren heads off to his meeting, but when he sees a sign for a sex addicts' group he finds himself with a difficult decision to make.moreless
  • Wednesday 2nd April 2008
    Newt is disgusted by Lauren's bravado over Elliot and suggests that they admit it was a prank and apologise. Darkness falls and just as Newt and Lauren are about to give up and go to the police, they make a terrifying discovery that could change their lives for ever. John Paul is having second thoughts about his relationship with Kieron, and fobs him off on Carmel to avoid talking about it. Kieron realises that breaking his vows could be the biggest mistake he's ever made. Sarah discovers that Elliot hasn't returned to Halls and Kris has no idea where he is. But when Sarah sees Jennifer again, she decides that she has some unfinished business to deal with first. Katy is infuriated by Justin's attentions while she is trying to write an essay, leaving Justin feeling like a spare part. Warren suggests a big night at The Loft that could help Justin impress Katy and appease Louise, but does Justin have what it takes to pull it off?moreless
  • Tuesday 1st April 2008
    Kieron and John Paul are suffering from troubled consciences after spending the night together. However, as John Paul prepares to tell Kieron he doesn't see a future with him, he's surprised to find that Kieron seems to have made a decision of his own. Elliot is so excited about seeing his dad that he doesn't wonder why Sarah is in college so late at night. After forgetting something, Elliot bursts into his bedroom to find Sarah and Roger in his bed, half-dressed. Unable to take in Sarah and Roger's betrayal, Elliot flees into the night, absolutely heartbroken and desperate to find his father. Newt and Lauren overhear Elliot talking about his time capsule in The Dog, leaving Newt doubtful about their prank. Hiding in the woods, Newt and Lauren's delight quickly turns to shame when they hear the raw pain in Elliot's voice as he screams for his dad.moreless
  • Monday 31st March 2008
    Russ, Dom, John Paul, Kieron and Kris gear themselves up for the 10k race. John Paul gets more wound up by Kieron and Kris's closeness, and when Kieron arrives home he struggles to understand what John Paul's problem is. An argument ensues and it seems neither of them can hide their feelings any longer. Rhys is worried that his secret affair with Beth is about to be revealed now that Michaela is hot on their trail, so he decides to end it now before it's too late, and kisses Beth tenderly one last time. Newt and Lauren plan their revenge on Elliot for failing to help them with their coursework, and after finding out that his dad wants to see him, Elliot is nervous and excited as he prepares for the meeting. Sarah is acting cool with Roger, but she's flattered by his comments. Although she feels guilty about Elliot, she is unable to resist Roger's charms and goes out on a date with him.moreless
  • Friday 28th March 2008
    Michaela is in shock after seeing Rhys and Beth kissing. To help keep their secret, Rhys convinces Josh that Michaela is bad news, and an ashamed Josh promises that he will keep away from her. John Paul's concerns about Michaela's strange behaviour are cast aside when he sees that Kris and Kieron's friendship seems to be blossoming. John Paul agrees they are just friends, but it's clear that they have unfinished business together. Lauren is delighted that Elliot has completely fallen for the UFO sighting prank, but Newt is suffering from a guilty conscience. However, when Elliot shows up to help them with their project, he is in the firing line for their twisted revenge. Roger attempts to free up Elliot's bedroom in the hopes of seducing Sarah, but when she finds out Roger lied to her she storms off and meets up with Elliot instead. Thrilled to be so close to her, Elliot plucks up the courage to finally tell Sarah his true feelings.moreless
  • Thursday 27th March 2008
    Beth and Rhys bicker over the prospect of a future without each other and the engrossed couple are unaware that Michaela has caught sight of their parting kiss. Tina is painfully anxious, while the boys are unaware of her predicament. Knowing this is the only chance of a baby that she and Tony will ever have, Jacqui implores Tina to keep the truth to herself. After Kieron's challenge to beat him in the race, Kris arrives at the McQueens' ready for training. When Newt and Lauren get bored, they jump at the chance of teasing Elliot in Mobs and just can't resist taking him for a ride.moreless
  • Wednesday 26th March 2008
    Tina can barely face Jacqui. Tony and Dom with the knowledge that Russ is actually the father of her baby, and Jacqui's optimism is soon shattered when a tearful Tina finally builds up the courage to tell her that the baby is not Tony's. Beth is touched when a suited Gilly presents her with a romantic breakfast, but when he rushes off to an interview she turns her attentions to an amorous Rhys. As they kiss passionately in the hall, they are unaware that Josh and Michaela are about to come in the back door. Kris is sceptical when Kieron insists that he can provide non-judgemental advice on sexuality issues for his radio phone-in, while John Paul struggles to contain his jealousy over their developing friendship. As Michaela waffles on about their pop duo, Josh is exhausted from a day of her inane chatter, and wonders if he's made the right decision to abandon Fletchmoreless
  • Tuesday 25th March 2008
    Mercedes successfully upsets Tina, Dom, Jacqui and Tony in one fell swoop when she teases them about the bizarre nature of the surrogacy. Then Tina receives some unexpected news that could ruin everyone's happiness. Fletch makes pitiful attempts to resolve things with a furious Sasha. Josh goes to Michaela to ask for forgiveness, but will Michaela's pride force her to turn her back on the only friend she has left? Hannah is surprised by Sarah's upbeat mood and insists there must be a reason for her friend's behaviour. Roger lures Sarah in with his charm and when he suggests that they go back to Elliot's empty bedroom, and she finds it hard to resist temptation.moreless
  • Monday 24th March 2008
    Sasha steals a purse from a mother and baby in Il Gnosh so she can buy more heroin for her and Fletch. As Michaela goes to confront Fletch, thinking that he injected her at Niall's party, Leo catches her with the heroin in her hand. Dom is ashamed of himself for lying to Tina about being attacked. As Jacqui teases him mercilessly for lying, Tina leaps to Dom's defence, pointing out his admirable behaviour during the surrogacy. But, disgraced and mortified, Dom runs off, his masculinity even more in doubt. Max is going to great lengths to retrieve Steph's engagement ring from Tom's belly, but he realises that Tom's been left unattended, hears the toilet flush, and it seems that Steph's ring is gone for good. Elliot is gutted when Sarah pulls out of presenting Battle of the Bands with him. Roger seems to think that Sarah's just another mindless bimbo, but despite his contempt for her, Sarah finds herself strangely drawn to him.moreless
  • The Hollyoaks Music Show
    Rick Edwards presents music by some of today's best bands as they perform on location at venues featured in the teen soap, including the Dog in the Pond, the Loft and the SU Bar. Plus, a pop act visit the McQueen family home.
  • Friday 21st March 2008
    Pauline gives Ste an ultimatum, either he gives her Leah's charity money or she'll blow the whistle on their lie. Max is determined to propose to Steph as they get into their fancy dress costumes for the cancer fundraiser. But they argue about Niall's intentions towards her, and Tom interrupts holding his aching tummy, it looks like Max's proposal has failed again. Sasha is upset when The Baby Diegos' practice for Battle of the Bands is hijacked by Leo, who wants to spend more time with her. She's overcome with a desire to be honest with her dad about her recent drug problems. Tina tries out sexy lingerie to seduce Dom, but the pregnancy is freaking him out. And when Dom is attacked by a gang of girls, he feels even more emasculated and inadequate.moreless
  • Thursday 20th March 2008
    Ste is horrified by the extent of his lie when he runs into Tom and Steph in the village and they show concern for Leah. Uncomfortable having to field questions about the baby's health, Ste's relieved when he finally manages to edge away, but is dismayed when he sees his mum, Pauline, who has heard all about Leah and is annoyed that Ste did not tell her. Sasha is forced to defend Fletch when Josh and Michaela, curious about Fletch's absence from school, express bemusement at his recent behaviour. When they wonder if he is back on dope, Sasha explains he is taking a day off as he has a sore throat. Though she knows heroin's to blame, she denies this, claiming she hasn't noticed anything unusual. Her mates, especially Josh, have noticed Sasha is a little grumpy and although she hides it well, Sasha knows this is due to her missing Fletch. Expecting a rendition of Happy Birthday from Steph, Max is dismayed when this is not forthcoming, but accepts that birthday celebrations are not uppermost in Steph's mind. When Tom is also surprised by this, Max later has to explain why they have to be patient with her as she has other things on her mind. Tom's comments though about Steph now being family set Max off contemplating the direction of his relationship with her. As Tony and Dominic have conveniently given him a present of a free meal at Il Gnosh for his birthday, Max thinks he could kill two birds with one stone.moreless
  • Wednesday 19th March 2008
    Amy feels unable to cope with her deceit but Ste is adamant that they need the charitable donations to keep them afloat. Justin races to The Loft to set up a surprise for Katy, completely unaware that she's about to finish with him. Jack tells Frankie that Jake has been admitted for psychiatric treatment, while Newt worries that his new family is falling apart. And Max realises that supporting Steph through her family troubles is more important than his birthday celebrations.moreless
  • Tuesday 18th March 2008
    Frankie is inconsolable, presuming Jake is dead, but he sneaks back into the Dog flat while she is alone, and makes a suggestion that could put Charlie's health at risk. Nancy is afraid to leave Charlie behind after the kidnapping incident. Nancy and Justin open up to each other about their vulnerabilities. Katy and Zak are shocked by the depth of their feelings, but when Zak moves in to kiss her Katy runs off.moreless
  • Monday 17th March 2008
    Frankie is terrified that Jake may have killed himself. He emerges from the shadows, gazing up at the window of Nancy's flat. Zak attempts to broach his illicit kiss with Katy but she's too preoccupied with Justin to listen. When Justin arrives home to find an apparently carefree, tipsy Katy having a laugh with Kris and Zak, it seems he's the last thing on her mind. Concerned about Leah, Sarah asks Suzanne to try and convince Amy to let her and Mike help out. And, Jacqui is frustrated by Mercedes' inability to manage her finances. Will Mercedes and Tony inadvertently admit their sordid secret?moreless
  • Friday 14th March 2008
    Nancy feels hopeful that she will win the custody battle, but her joy is short-lived when Newt and Jack arrive to announce that Jake and Charlie are missing. Katy laments her uncertainties over her relationship with Justin to Zak unaware that Justin has heard every word. Sarah stands Elliot up, but later he sees her in The Loft, and after a few drinks works up the courage to remind Sarah about their date, and is relieved when she tells him that it simply slipped her mind. As Sarah leans in, Elliot can't believe his luck as he puckers up his lips for the big kiss.moreless
  • Thursday 13th March 2008
    Steph is consumed with guilt after her confession to Jack about Jake attempting to rape Nancy. Justin is happy to oblige when Katy asks him to help with revision for an important exam, but leaves to help Nancy with her CAFCASS interview. Dejected and hopeless, Nancy is certain that she's lost Charlie for good, but will an unexpected visitor change everything? Tony is pleased that Jacqui has come to terms with his son Harry visiting them in Il Gnosh. Elliot is daunted by the prospect of lunch with a model. As heartbreak seems imminent, Elliot is surprised when another friend arrives to keep him company.moreless
  • Wednesday 12th March 2008
    The Osbornes are still reeling from Nancy's rape allegations on the morning of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) officer's visit over Jake's custody claim for Charlie. Mercedes suspicions deepen when she catches Tony avoiding phone calls on his mobile in the Il Gnosh kitchen. Max lives up to his promise to concentrate more on Steph when he informs her that he'll be cooking a special meal for her. Elliot has worked up the courage to invite Sarah out on a date, suggesting that they have drinks first and then go to a sci-fi convention.moreless
  • Tuesday 11th March 2008
    The Osborne-Dean family are still struggling with Charlie's condition, and when things get worse Frankie worries that they haven't had him christened. Nancy is still trying to stay strong but can't and is finding not being allowed to see Charlie extremely hard. Mercedes starts at Il Nosh but makes it clear that she's not will to do any work. And later makes a discovery that could concern one of her sister's happiness. When, Nancy finds out that Charlie's being christened without her knowledge she see's red and lays into Jake make it clear that Charlie's not his family and she'll make sure of it. And after being verbally attacked by Frankie she makes a damaging announcement. Meanwhile, Kieron is at a crossroads in his life and has to ask himself an important question, should he stay loyal to his faith and vow or, should he give into temptation and make a go of things with John Paul?moreless
  • Monday 10th March 2008
    Tension is rife at the Osbornes, as Jake prepares himself for Charlie's custody battle. Nancy's anxieties can't be appeased by Hannah or Justin. John Paul and Kieron are weighed down with guilt as Kris and Hannah demand to know who John Paul's secret lover is. As Lauren ploughs on with her plans to lose her virginity, Newt is desperately trying to put on the brakes. Darren is frustrated by Mercedes' lack of work ethic as he tries to assert his management skills in The Dog and fires her.moreless
  • Friday 7th March 2008
    Ste begs Amy not to reveal the truth about Leah, so when Mike turns up desperate to see his granddaughter, Amy tells him that she is very sick in hospital. John Paul is thrilled when he gets a text message from Kieron saying he's on his way home. Sarah is angry with her dad for spending too much time with Zoe while Leah was sick. And Lauren and Newt each think that the other wants to have sex. Newt worries as she fascinates him with her notions of the perfect place to make love.moreless
  • Thursday 6th March 2008
    Ste is desperate to stop his lie from spreading round the village, but Kris broadcasts his thoughts about leukaemia, and his support for the Barnes family, on the radio. John Paul worries that he is being stalked by Toby. Following their close shave with Mercedes, Rhys and Beth worry about the implications of being caught: losing Rhys's best friend and family and possibly ending up in prison. Frankie worries about Newt's developing relationship with Lauren and encourages Jack to have a man-to-man chat about sex.moreless
  • Wednesday 5th March 2008
    Mercedes insists Carmel find out who attacked Nana while still blaming her for grassing on Myra. Rhys tells Beth that the thought of her sleeping with his best mate is driving him mad. Amy, Ste and Leah are left in the dark when the electricity goes off. When Ste is caught trying to steal Carmel's purse he lies that Leah has leukaemia. Kris laughs off John Paul's attempt to set up a Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Society as an attempt to recruit fresh totty, and challenges him to a contest.moreless
  • Tuesday 4th March 2008
    Nana McQueen returns to Hollyoaks, determined to find out who grassed on Myra. Mercedes, still hurting after Rhys jilted her the day before, blames Carmel for everything. Rhys is jealous as Gilly and Beth plan their wedding, and confesses that he stood Mercedes up. Calvin wonders how to win Carmel back as she arrives to get her things, feeling her slipping away Calvin makes her an honest proposal. Later, a drunken Nana stumbles home, unaware she is being followed by a vengeful Niall, will she be the next McQuen to fall victim to Niall's vendetta.moreless
  • Monday 3rd March 2008
    Myra organises a party to celebrate Carmel finally becoming a PCSO. When Calvin drops to his knee to give Carmel an engraved police whistle, thinking that he's proposing se accepts, not knowing what to do Calvin confides in Louise the truth about what happened. How's Calvin going to get out of this one. Gilly auctions his football programmes to get Beth tickets for a gig, which makes Rhys feel guiltier than ever. And Sasha starts her 17th birthday on a comedown.moreless
  • Friday 29th February 2008
    After Leo caught her and Fletch getting frisky, Sasha's misery continues when Leo lands a job as a caretaker at her school. Zoe is feeling the pressure at the Barnes' when Sarah insists on moving out, leaving wheelchair-bound Mike completely dependent on her. Jake is determined to show Nancy up and puts on a fundraising event to raise money for leukaemia research. Feeling harassed and belittled, Nancy turns on Jake and blurts out to the SU bar that he's not even Charlie's father. Carmel is shocked to see that despite her pleas, Myra has failed to stop her benefits even though she's now working. Sensing an opportunity, it's not long before Niall is on the phone to the Department of Social Security reporting Myra for fraud.moreless
  • Thursday 28th February 2008
    An appalled Zoe wakes up, facing up to the reality of her affair with Mike becoming common knowledge. When Sarah runs into Zoe and a wheelchair-bound Mike on their way back from the hospital, Sarah declares that she is not going back home as long as Zoe is still there. Amy gives Ste the cold shoulder treatment after his stunt the night before. Carmel is sad to see Myra missing Michaela and wishes she could help. Sasha and Fletch agree to bunk school, knowing they're both finally ready to have sex. However, they're rudely interrupted when a furious Leo walks in with Val.moreless
  • Wednesday 27th February 2008
    It's the biggest day of OB's life as he waves goodbye to Max and Tom forever to live with Summer in London. Zoe is pleasantly relieved as a bemused Mike reassures her he understands her decision to use Kris as a decoy. There's shocked silence all round as the Barnes family unit is shattered once again after revelations come to light at Leah's first birthday party.moreless
  • Tuesday 26th February 2008
    Newt shows an uncharacteristically vulnerable side when he admits that he's nervous about a poetry recital at school. Having witnessed Jake's vitriol, Justin goes to see Nancy. Unable to bear seeing his son raised by a monster like Jake, Justin finally agrees to stand by Nancy in her fight to gain custody of Charlie. Zoe and Mike are taking more risks with their affair. However, a close call with Sarah does nothing to dampen their lust for each other. And OB, Max & Steph surprise Summer o0n her opening night.moreless
  • Monday 25th February 2008
    Although OB is all set to move away to get over Summer, Max is determined he can still persuade his friend to stay. Nancy is devastated as she is barred from visiting Charlie at the hospital. Later, Jake arrives home to discover his clothes on the doorstep and that his key won't work. Guilt-stricken after her snog with Zak, Katy fails to avoid him, and when Justin makes an unexpected appearance, Katy and Zak are sick with worry that he may have overheard their conversation. With the pub virtually empty, Frankie wonders if they need to sell it to cut their losses.moreless
  • Friday 22nd February 2008
    Warren realises he must prove to Louise that he is serious about going straight when she packs her bags to leave. John Paul tries to avoid Kieron after their illicit kiss, but Kieron catches up with him at the McQueens'. And they set about challenging each other. Zak comforts a worried Katy. And OB feels left out as Max and Steph spend time together by themselves. He reaches a decision on whether to stay or leave the village.moreless
  • Thursday 21st February 2008
    Carl and Anthony take Jack, Frankie , Newt and Louise hostage at gunpoint, demanding the money from the loan shark. Anthony and Carl panic when the police arrive, a gunshot rings out, and Darren slumps into Jack's arms... John Paul and Kieron are left holding the fort at the fashion show when Katy, Warren and Carmel race off to The Dog after hearing that Louise is being held in the siege. As John Paul starts to see Kieron in a new light, there's chemistry in the air and they find themselves leaning in for a kiss...moreless
  • Wednesday 20th February 2008
    Frankie is stunned to discover that Jack has taken out a loan from a loan shark to buy The Dog back from Warren. Warren confronts Louise, wondering why they should stay together if he can't trust her. With the fashion show coming up, Katy has less and less time for Justin. He tells her that he has decided to take Nancy's side in her custody battle for Charlie. And John Paul and Kieron get close when they are roped in as models for the fashion show.moreless
  • Tuesday 19th February 2008
    Frankie proposes a family lunch but is shocked to find Jake looking terrible at Nancy's flat. Katy sets upon organising the fashion show, but is getting distrcted by Justin's strange behaviour. Louise tells Warren to get rid of Carl and Anthony beause, she thinks they're up to something. And Carmel shares Louise suspisions and tells Calvin about her theroy when he mentions a robbery that took place. And, Carl and Anthony decide to stay put after overhearing a conversation between Warren and Jack.moreless
  • Monday 18th February 2008
    Nancy is terrified when Jake shows up at Sarah's looking for her. Sarah demands that Nancy tell her what's going on. After thinking things over Nancy comes to decision about Charlie and goes to see Justin to ask for his help. Louise is overwhelmed when Warren secretly arranges an Ibiza-inspired meal at The Loft. OB is touched by Max and Tom's happiness about him staying in Hollyoaks, but he doesn't realise that there's a new addition to the household. And Darren is still in the doghouse at the Osbornes'.moreless
  • Friday 15th February 2008
    Tony is furious to find his living room furniture in the Loft yard. Jake is desperate to win Nancy back after he attempted to rape her on their wedding night, but she refuses to come out of the bedroom, reducing Jake to a whimpering mess. But later Nancy makes it clear that their marriage is over and she breaks down in Sarah's arms. Katy agrees to participate in the charity tie-me-up fundraising challenge, with Zak as her very willing partner, and Elliot convinces Sarah to team up with him. Max throws a surprise party for OB and Summer, and asks Steph to move into the flat. But does O.B. really want to leave Hollyoaks?moreless
  • Thursday 14th February 2008
    It's the day of Nancy & Jake's wedding but not everyone is as enthusiastic as Jake. Nancy starts to have second thoughts but Jake makes sure that everything goes ahead. But later when he tries to get close to Nancy he goes too far. Max & OB reminisce about the good old days and decide to play a joke on Tony. And Katy & Justin's, Valentine day is ambushed by Zak & Elliot.moreless
  • Wednesday 13th February 2008
    Russ has concerns about Nancy and Jake getting married at the hospital, but agrees to be Jake's best man, while Nancy tries to make up with Sarah and Hannah. Summer convinces OB he needs to tell Tom that he's leaving for London. And Sasha regrets taking heroin the night before as she and Fletch suffer a massive comedown in Ste and Amy's bathroom.moreless
  • Tuesday 12th February 2008
    Sasha refuses to accept Calvin's apology for hurting her, packs her bags and leaves with Fletch to stay with Amy and Ste. Nancy is stunned when Jake announces that he's made arrangements for them to be married in the hospital chapel so that Charlie can be there. And Danny regrets breaking up with Hannah, while Justin tries to get to the bottom of his decision.moreless
  • Monday 11th February 2008
    Sasha is frustrated that Leo and Calvin treat her like a child while demanding that she grow up. Fletch convinces her that getting stoned is the answer. Gilly asks Rhys to be his best man, unaware of Rhys and Beth's secret kiss the night before. And Beth makes a shocking proposal to Rhys. Nancy is worried about Jake's priorities when he seems more concerned about the wedding than Charlie's chemotherapy. And Neville tries to disrupt Hannah's date with Danny.moreless
  • Friday 8th February 2008
    Tension runs high between Rhys and Beth when Gilly announces his engagement to Beth. Calvin advises Danny to be direct and ask Hannah to be his girlfriend. A bored Louise begs Warren to take her on holiday, and wonders if her life would be more interesting if she got involved in some business of her own.moreless
  • Thursday 7th February 2008
    Rhys is shocked when Gilly tells him he's going to propose to Beth. Michaela is hurt when Amysnubs her attempts to rekindle their friendship. Fletch terrified when his locker is searched. Elliot is nervous about his date with Sarah. And Hannah worries how her mum and dad will react if they find out she's having a relationship.moreless
  • Wednesday 6th February 2008
    Although neither is willing to admit it, it's clear Rhys and Mercedes really care for each other. Summer is determined to put things right between Max and OB. Niall urges Michaela to have an HIV test following the heroin incident. And Sarah is bemused by Elliot's arrogance when he declines to enter the pool competition because he "always wins".moreless
  • Tuesday 5th February 2008
    Michaela asks Elliot to help her prove her innocence to her family, but makes the mistake of revealing her plans to Niall. OB organises a farewell party for Summer but hasn't told Max that he's going with her. And Rhys insists his relationship with Mercedes is purely physical but a tender moment leaves him wondering if there's more to it.moreless
  • Monday 4th February 2008
    Michaela is forced to go and live with Niall when Myra finds a bag of heroin hidden in her drawer. Sasha is stressed about her English exam and is less than impressed when Fletch turns up. Summer is excited about moving, but OB is worried about losing the girl he loves. And Newt and Lauren's plan to cheat in the geography test backfires when Russ doesn't give them the questions they asked for.moreless
  • Friday 1st February 2008
    Michaela wakes up in hospital disorientated and completely unaware that she overdosed on heroin the night before. Although the McQueens rally round her, it's clear that they believe that Michaela has a real drug problem. Can Michaela convince her family and friends that she isn't a junkie? A nervous Summer prepares for her big audition, but it seems that everything is against her. Determined for her not to lose this opportunity, OB does everything he can to make sure she makes it there on time. As they leave the theatre Summer is distraught as her dreams of starring in the West End lie in tatters. And, will Russ do as he's told, or will he work out who his anonymous blackmailer is in time to stop all his secrets from coming out?moreless
  • Thursday 31st January 2008
    It's the day of Niall's party and the McQueens are making preparations, with Michaela inviting everyone she knows along and Myra stocking up on the party supplies. As the party gets out of hand, a drunken Michaela heads upstairs, only to be followed by Niall. Finding Michaela passed out on her bed, Niall secretly injects Michaela with heroin. The family panic when they find her unconscious, but have they found her too late? Fletch and Sasha arrive at the McQueens' for Niall's party and seeing how quiet it is, Fletch suggests that they try some speed together to get things going. But when Leo arrives and Sasha's paranoia and nausea set in, can they hide their drug-induced state? Newt and Lauren are embroiled in their plans to get Russ back for punishing them, pumping Michaela for information on his relationship to Tina. When the gossip spreads around the school like wildfire, Russ is humiliated in front of his students. Will he suss out that Lauren and Newt are responsible for the vicious rumours?moreless
  • Wednesday 30th January 2008
    Summer is refusing to be beaten and vows to fulfil her plan of making Lord Lloyd Webber listen to her sing. Ste nicks £20 from Amy's purse and blames it on Michaela, who has been out partying all night. Myra is still heartbroken over Michaela moving out. When Amy arrives home, she and Michaela have an enormous row over the stolen money and Amy throws her out on the street. Michaela is forced to return home to the McQueens' where she is greeted like the Prodigal Daughter by her family, as Niall is shunted to the side, livid with envy. Sarah is still ignorant of Zoe and Mike's affair, while Zoe's mind starts to race when Mike requests some private time to talk to Sarah and Amy about something. Hungover and stressed about lesson plans, it's a tough day for Russ as he tackles a morning lesson with Newt and Lauren. The two teenagers are unimpressed by Russ and his discipline, but how will Newt and Lauren exact their twisted revenge?moreless
  • Tuesday 29th Janauary 2008
    With renewed determination, Summer hatches a plan to bag herself her dream job. OB is stunned when he hears what she's planning; Summer is going to stalk Lord Lloyd Webber and make him listen to her sing. OB is equally excited as he prepares to pitch his inventions to a team of investors. Will either of them be able to realise their dreams? Zoe is frustrated by Mike's reluctance to discuss his outburst at Sarah's party, but Sarah is too preoccupied with hiding a letter from Kathy to notice their strange behaviour. Things are awkward in the McQueens' as John Paul is still reeling from Kieron's shocking revelation. Will John Paul confess the truth about Kieron, or will he help the priest to keep his scandalous secret? Sarah is struggling to cope with the knowledge of Kathy's letter on her own so she heads round to Amy's to show her, but is annoyed to find Michaela and Ste there.moreless
  • Monday 28th January 2008
    Kieron is concerned about John Paul's relationship with flirtatious Robin, but John Paul mistakes his concern for disapproval of his sexuality. When a depressed John Paul comes home and admits to Kieron that he was right about Robin's promiscuous nature, he is shocked when Kieron has a revelation of his own and admits that he is gay. Summer and OB are exhilarated as they take in the sights and sounds of London. As they come out of the theatre, Summer is more determined than ever that this is where she is meant to be.moreless
  • Friday 25th January 2008
    Summer wakes from a dream sure she's destined for bigger and better things. After being attacked by Steph over her talent all day Summer makes a drastic decision, which could jeopardize her relationship with OB. John Paul is happy to be out with Robin, but is uncomfortable flaunting his sexuality in front of Kieron. But has Kieron got reason to be worried for John Paul. Hannah is feeling low after her date with Danny, and when Sarah hears about it she launches a verbal attack on him. And with Sarah out of the house, Mike and Zoe get intimate on the couch.moreless
  • Thursday 24th January 2008
    Frankie warns Newt to stay away from Lauren and refuses to write a note excusing his absence from school the day before. Frankie tells Jake to stop feeling sorry for himself and go to Charlie's bedside; Charlie and Nancy need him now more than ever. And Danny is gobsmacked when Hannah asks him when he's taking her out.moreless
  • Wednesday 23rd January 2008
    Nancy and Jake are still in a state of shock over the revelation of Charlie's biological father, even with Jake's persistance Nancy decides that she has no choice but, to tell Justin who later comes to the hospital to be tested leaving him and Katy in a scared and confused. John Paul plucks up the courage to ask Robin out. Encouraged by Zak, Robin eventually makes the first move when John Paul is lost for words. Summer helps OB look for Tom, who is partying with Newt and Lauren at the Valentines'. Tom is thrilled as they dress him up in a dog collar and guyliner and begs Lauren and Newt to let him stay longer.moreless
  • Tuesday 22nd January 2008
    Jake confiscates the phone and leaves for work so that Nancy can't call Sarah and Hannah. But Charlie starts crying and develops a high temperature. And Nancy is horrified when he stops crying and slips into unconsciousness, she doesn't have a phone to call for help. OB encourages Summer to audition for a touring theatre company, but she is too embarrassed by Newt and Lauren's actions at MOBs to go. Calvin takes Carmel out in a police car to celebrate passing her PCSO exams, and heads to a deserted wood, sirens blazing. And John Paul is smitten by Robin, the Dog's new barman, who also has a fan in Justin. And Jakes world comes fall down around him when he gets some disturbing news.moreless
  • Monday 21st January 2008
    Mercedes offers to arrange an abortion for Tina. Later, Jacqui sees Dom and Tina holding hands and worries that Tina has chosen her marriage over her surrogacy. Nancy and Jake return from their romantic weekend away to criticism from Sarah. Angry, Nancy throws a drink in Sarah's face and ends their friendship for good. Newt and Lauren turn Summer's day in charge of MOBS into a nightmare. And Summer tries to convince a nervous Carmel to go and get the results of her final PCSO assessment.moreless
  • Friday 18th January 2008
    Jacqui & Tony are overjoyed by the news of Tina's pregnancy but not everyone is as enthusiastic, especially Dom who's trying to on a brave face but in the end cracks and gives Tina an ultimatum it's either their marriage or the baby. Carmel takes her fitness test and makes out to Mercedes that she passed but really she's doesn't know the results because, she neither stayed to receive them because she feels that she'd of failed. And, Russ and Hannah are worried about possessive Jake is over Nancy, especially when she's called to the university on news about the allegations of abusing Newt, but is it good news?moreless
  • Thursday 17th January 2008
    When Jacqui informs Tony she is getting Tina a pregnancy test kit, Tony feels guilty over how all this is affecting Dom. As Jacqui tells him Dom needs to get over it, Tony doubts whether Dom is ready to try and make peace with his brother. A guilty Myra regrets hitting Michaela, but is sure her youngest daughter will be back when she is skint and hungry. John Paul is surprised to find Ste in the house rifling through things, claiming he has come for Michaela's stuff. When Russ sees Nancy making sketches of ideas to help Jake get his career back on track, he tells her he feels she should be fighting to get her own career back.moreless
  • Wednesday 16th January 2008
    As Jacqui prepares a special breakfast for Tina, there's a frosty reception for an unrepentant Michaela from Myra after her drug taking antics. Myra takes Michaela to school to ensure she actually gets there this time, and gives bewildered Amy a mouthful regarding Ste's drug dealing. After a night of sleeping on the streets, Darren is grateful when Newt steals Jack's car keys to give him somewhere warm to kip. Jack is in a bad mood after he's refused a loan due to his heart condition, and is unimpressed to find a battered Darren asleep in his car. Mercedes returns Rhys's wallet and gives him an extra special surprise. Tina is feeling suffocated when Jacqui wakes her up early with pancakes and pregnancy advice, but Jacqui refuses to take the hint. She continues to bombard Tina with pregnancy magazines, even though Tina's mind is clearly elsewhere, thinking about Dom. But later, Jacqui pressures her to take a pregnancy test and Tina explodes, leaving the surrogacy looking even more uncertain.moreless
  • Tuesday 15th January 2008
    Jack and Frankie are both disheartened and worried about losing the pub, but although they try to reassure Newt that everything will be okay, he remains troubled. Zoe packs up the last of her belongings at the Barnes house, while Mike unsuccessfully tries to balance babysitting Leah and convincing Zoe to stay. Michaela is marched to school by Myra, but Niall intervenes, telling Myra that there's a cleaning job at Evissa if she wants it. At the 'Mr. Hollyoaks' contest, Rhys, Zak and Elliot are aghast to discover a late entrant: Mercedes McQueen.moreless
  • Monday 14th January 2008
    Warren's presence in The Dog places a strain on the Osborne family, but Frankie demands a truce between him and Jack for the day as Newt's social worker is paying a visit. Mike is worried that he made a mistake with Zoe the night before. When Zoe guiltily insists that she should move out, Sarah begs her to stay. Myra is annoyed with Michaela for her poor attendance at school. Elliot is nervous about starting his first shift in The Dog. As Elliot's day goes from bad to worse, Zak and Rhys argue about which of them is more 'Mr. Hollyoaks' than the other. Rhys, Elliot and Zak secretly sign each other up for the upcoming Mr. Hollyoaks competition, while Mercedes observes their antics, amused and unnoticed.moreless
  • Friday 11th January 2008
    Still reeling from Kathy's departure, the Barnes family try to adjust in different ways. Worried that it is her fault, Zoe decides to move out, despite Sarah insisting she stays. Amy decides to make it up with Ste. He's overjoyed to see her, but their reconciliation is interrupted by the arrival of Ste's step-dad, who has an offer to make. As Michaela gets ready for school, she dresses in her sexiest clothes and attempts to flirt outrageously with Kieron. And it looks like Kris is about to uncover the secret identity of his radio rival...moreless
  • Thursday 10th January 2008
    Mike is determined to try and do the right thing by Kathy, but it's not long before his patience is tried to the limit, and he announces that she should leave the family home, but will Amy and Sarah go along with his decision? Myra is thrilled that Kieron is enjoying his time with them and enjoys being able to fuss over him. On a high after getting one over on Kris, Elliot is even more chuffed when Kris confides that his boss thinks the pirates are more popular than him.moreless
  • Wednesday 9th January 2008
    John Paul is amused as Michaela flirts with Father Kieron, but Michaela is determined to get her man. Elliot persuades John Paul to relaunch the pirates once again leaving Kris livid. Ste celebrates his 18th and is shocked by a visit from his estranged mother. And, Amy is reeling from the revelation that Kathy was behind the attacks and vows never to talk to her again. Mike and Sarah are shocked when Kathy returns from the police station without a care in the world, but Sarah soon realises that she needs their help more than ever.moreless
  • Tuesday 8th January 2008
    Josh, Rhys and Suzanne clean up the mess in Drive'N'Buy and go to the police about the hate campaign. Carmel discovers a vital clue, but can she convince everyone else that she knows who the guilty party is? Ste insists that it's up to Michaela to pay Nige back, and tells Amy not to worry if she's kicked out of school; she'll just have to get a job instead. Mercedes and Carmel find Myra packing up family belongings for a church jumble sale. And Mercedes is angry when a handsome stranger rejects her advances.moreless
  • Monday 7th January 2008
    Rhys and Suzanne are at their wit's end as the hate campaign against them continues. Mike prepares an anniversary meal for him and Kathy but Kathy's preoccupied with plans of her own. With no idea where his wife is, Mike enjoys an evening with Zoe until a disgruntled Kathy comes home. Nige convinces Michaela to pass some weed on to a schoolmate. Zak is frustrated by Katy and Justin constantly flaunting their romance in front of him. But later, as the boys have a bit of laddish fun, it's Katy who feels left out.moreless
  • Friday 4th January 2008
    Nancy is left feeling disconsolate when Jake refuses to believe she is innocent. When she gets a call from Mrs Webster summoning her to the school, Nancy is desperate to clear the air with Newt. Determined to find out who made the call she first accuses Justin, but later attacks Lauren. Shocked to wake up in a cell, a hung-over Sasha worries she may now have a criminal record. With her pride and confidence bruised and battered, Sasha decides to join Fletch in his search for the ultimate high. Zak spends the day trying to avoid Val while Justin teases him that he may have found the woman of his dreams.moreless
  • Thursday 3rd January 2008
    The past comes back to haunt Nancy & Jake when the Police take Nancy in for questioning after an anonymous tip that she's been getting too close to Newt, after a harrowing interview, Frankie makes it clear that Nancy is not welcome around the family and Jake tells her that he can't handle going through what happened with Becca again. Valerie is determined to make her mark on the village and persuades Sasha to go out with her to the Loft, to which Leo's disapproves. Katy proposes a day of fun for her, Justin and Zak and soon take to the Loft to continue their antics. Later after things get out of hand between Val and Katy, she's thrown out along with Sasha right into the hands of Calvin who arrests them without any questions.moreless
  • Wednesday 2nd January 2008
    Jake is still jealous of Nancy's constant aim for independence and is even more rattled when, Russ tells him that if he doesn't loosen the reigns on Nancy then he could risk losing her. But his jealousy takes over when he witnesses Nancy and Newt getting close during a tutoring session and takes drastic measures to stop it. Kris confides in Katy about his feelings for Jess and how he feels about Summer and OB, and OB tells Summer about one of his dreams. Valerie realises that she's not wanted at the Valentines, especially considering Lauren's reaction to her mother's return. But later is persuaded to stay by Danny but he doesn't know how to tell Lauren. And Sasha feels that she needs a break from home and meets up with Josh to study but they're interrupted by Fletch who makes a show of himself, fed up with Fletch's new found hobby Josh & Sasha tell him that they don't want him hanging around with them anymore.moreless
  • Tuesday 1st January 2008
    OB is on cloud nine after his New Year's gift off of Summer, but thinks that it was probably just a one off. However, Summer makes it clear that it wasn't just a one off for her and she plans to finish with Kris. When she does he doesn't take it well and later has it out with OB in a surprising fashion. Darren is trying his best to track down Jess with no luck and later when he goes to try and reason with his family, Jack makes it clear that he's no longer welcome. Newt returns to the Osbornes but not everyone is happy with him being around, when Jake starts to get jealous of his friendship with Nancy. Katy moves into the halls and stuns Justin when he realizes that she's going to be living a group of guys. And the Valentines get a shock visit from no other than Danny and Lauren's estranged mother Valerie, who makes it clear that she's here to stay, which doesn't go down well with Lauren or Myra.moreless
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