Hollyoaks - Season 15

Weekdays 6:30 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Oct 23, 1995 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Monday 20th December 2010
    Jason's family struggle to accept that he wants to dress as a boy. He suffers with the issue and starts to self-harm. Leanne is feeling unwanted by Lee as he puts all his attention into Guy Candy. Meanwhile, the students are really getting into the online dating scene with Darren and Texas making a bet to see who can secure the most dates. Nancy tells the girls that she's got a date but later it turns out she lied and she spends the night getting much closer to the last person she ever would have expected Darren. And Mandy starts to have doubts about hers and Warren's plan to ruin Tony.moreless
  • Friday 17th December 2010
    After confiding in Diane about what she read in Amber's diary both she and Sinead confront her and are shocked when they discover that Finn is the father of her baby. Not knowing that Finn knows everything they decide that they can no longer adopt the baby much to Gabby's distress, and they ask the Sharpe's to move out. Ethan continues to try and get close to Theresa who is still refusing in a bid to stay loyal to her new friend. Ste and Brendan go on the date that Ste suggested and things seem to be going well until Brendan starts to get uncomfortable and he soon sneaks away. And after telling Seth the truth Jasmine later goes home and cuts her hair before revealing to his family that he's Jason to a shocked family.moreless
  • Thursday 16th December 2010
    Seth gets closer to Jasmine's secret via his unexpected new 'girlfriend' after, Bart and Jasmine go to police to make a statement about what really happened when Bart was stabbed. Sinead starts to unravel Amber's fantasy about Rob when she reads her diary and later she demands the know the truth about her pregnancy. Meanwhile, in order to pay off Kathleen, Jacqui and Bart call a truce but later discover what Kathleen really needed the money for. And Ste delivers an ultimatum to Brendan either he goes on a real date with him or everything between them is over.moreless
  • King of Hearts
    King of Hearts
    Episode 259
    Jacqui and Rhys try their luck at scamming Danny in a poker game but when they're discovered a turbulent set of events begin. When Jacqui tells Danny that she needs money to save her family her offers to give her it if she spends one night alone with him. After, feeling betrayed by Jacqui, she tells him everything about Theresa and how her family has all been implicated in Calvin's murder. In order to help Jacqui and Rhys survive, Brendan gives them some advice on how to beat him at his own game.moreless
  • Tuesday 14th December 2010
    Fern tries to cause trouble at the school disco, while two unsuspecting characters are caught in a compromising position. Also Jacqui confronts Bart in order to get back some of the money her stole and, Kathleen manipulates Theresa into believing her side of Jacqui's accusations.
  • Monday 13th December 2010
    The school disco approaches and the students fight to secure their dates, while Mercedes debates Carl's generous offer but, when things don't go to plan Jacqui steps up to help her family get rid of Kathleen once and for all.
  • Friday 10th December 2010
    Carl is furious when Mercedes tells him her happy news about Riley, but when he tries to threaten she hits back. Is she more than a match for the devious and manipulative Carl?
  • Thursday 9th December 2010
    Kathleen demands to know why Theresa has given up her own baby, but when she sees Carmel playing mum, it doesn't take her long to realise who the father must be.
  • Wednesday 8th December 2010
    Carl wants to know if Mercedes will accept his offer, while Cheryl enlists the help of Alfonso to help her give Chez Chez at the SU Bar a makeover, while Kathleen returns to the village.
  • Tuesday 7th December 2010
    Darren offers to manage Guy Candy, but where does that leave Lee? Gilly becomes aggressive and has to be thrown out of The Dog by Jack. Carl offers Mercedes money to stay away from Riley.
  • Monday 6th December 2010
    Riley manipulates Jack into giving Mercedes a job at the Dog, much to Carl's annoyance while Jacqui and Rhys continue to try and hide their relationship from a heartbroken Gilly.
  • Friday 3rd December 2010
    The day of Steph's funeral arrives but Frankie and Gilly are still at loggerheads over what Steph would have wanted as her farewell however, a cry out from Tom leads to a compromise. Mercedes and Riley continue to get close much to Carl's dismay and later he's left looking foolish when she outwits him in a game of manipulation. And as Steph's family and closest friends sit down to watch her goodbye DVD, Gilly struggles to accept the way things are and Frankie's let feeling heartbroken at the fact that Steph wasn't able to film a message for her before she died.moreless
  • Wednesday 1st December 2010
    In a special stand-alone episode Warren threatens Theresa and goes about telling her the entire truth about how he manged to escape the Loft fire. After finishing the story she reveals that she was the one responsible for killing Calvin and he receives another text from the mystery stalker telling him that he'll learn who they are sooner than he thinks.moreless
  • Friday 19th November 2010
    The McQueens struggle in the aftermath of Malachy's death and when his mum shows up they are forced to face a few more home truths.
  • Thursday 18th November 2010
    With the revelation of Malachy's diagnosis, Kris returns to the village and is livid to find Mercedes at Malchy's bedside and that the final decision over his condition lies in her hands as next of kin. Meanwhile, Jasmine is affected by the news from Ea that Anita and Bart got close. And after much soul searching and a plea from Malachy, Mercedes and Kris decide that it will be best to turn off Malachy's life support and let him pass away peacefully.moreless
  • Wednesday 17th November 2010
    Mercedes is given hope when it appears Malachy is going to be ok. Meanwhile, Cheryl questions Brendan's sexuality after Rae's revelation. Also, Gabby learns of Amber's pregnancy and Tony is arrested for questioning by the police.
  • Tuesday 16th November 2010
    Cheryl, Lynsey and Mercedes keep a bedside vigil but Mercedes refuses to believe Malachy's condition is getting worse. Rae is distraught when she finds out the truth about Brendan and Ste.
  • Monday 15th November 2010
    Mandy questions Warren's involvement in the fire and isn't sure she can continue on their path of destruction.
  • Friday 12th November 2010
    The Osborne family are still trying to come to terms with Steph's death and sit down to watch a message that Steph left for them on a DVD. Seeing how normal they seem to be reacting to everything Gilly lashes out at them, later Frankie lets rip on Gilly telling him that Max never would have let Steph run into a burning building. Meanwhile, Brendan tracks down Ste and informs him of Amy's condition once, he gets to the hospital he learns that his kids are ok and Amy starts to regain consciousness. Feeling the emotion of everything Ste breaks down in Brendan's arms with Macca looking on. Back at the flat Ste listens to the terrified voicemail Amy left him and he starts to think that Brendan started the fire and passes on his concerns to Rae. Also, Darren tells Gilly that he has to stop lashing out at everyone because he wasn't the only one to lose Steph. Ste confronts Brendan about his theory and Rae talks to Macca about Ste's fears and he tells her to stay away from Brendan and, she's shocked and confused when Macca tells her that Ste and Brendan are a couple.moreless
  • Thursday 11th November 2010
    The village is left in a state of shock after the events of the previous night, Gilly and Darren are heartbroken over losing Steph and Darren's shocked when he finds that Tom still doesn't know. Mercedes is at Malachy's bedside and continues to try and get hold of Cheryl to tell her what's happened and, is relieved when he starts to regain consciousness. Meanwhile, Leanne bemoans at Lee for his love of Amy and he retaliates by telling her that Amy's fighting for her life in hospital and that Step's died. Later when Mandy goes to Relish she's shocked to hear Leanne being spiteful about Amy and how the fire shouldn't change anything that's happened with her and Lee. Darren takes Tom to the graveyard and informs him of Steph's passing and he takes it well and says that she's now with Max. Also, Cheryl and Lynsey arrive back in the village after a night out to see the destruction of the fire as, they go to the hospital they learn of Malachy's injuries and Mercedes later informs Cheryl of Steph's death and after initially refusing to believe it she collapses in a state of grief. Gilly is feeling resentful of Steph's decisions and is getting tried of constantly hearing how she was a hero, and later Lee gives her goodbye DVD that she'd been making for everyone. Dom finds Tony is Relish and tries his best to show how sorry he is but Tony won't stop interjecting. And while looking at photo's of him and Steph, Tom breaks down in tears as Gilly sits down to watch her DVD.moreless
  • Wednesday 10th November 2010
    The fire at Il Gnosh continues to take hold of the building and having heard the explosion Steph and Gilly arrive at the scene to find Mercedes comforting Malachy. As Gilly goes to get help Steph and Mercedes find that Amy and the kids are trapped in the flat and without a second throughout Steph runs into the building to help them. Meanwhile, Rae bemoans Ste for his less than convincing appreciation of her and his constant connection with Amy. Frankie & Tom along with Rhys help prepare a surprise for Steph who, unbeknown to them has been getting Leah and Lucas to safety in the burning flat. As Steph gets Amy to Gilly at the window having come to a stillness tells him that she's ready to die and much to his horror and heartbreak she refuses to go with him and stays amongst the flames. Having seen the blaze Tony and Gabby are horrified o find Amber and Finn trying to get out of the fire, when a flame blows in front of Amber she loses her balance and begins to fall down the roof. Seeing her hanging on Tony begs Gilly to let him use the ladder after much convincing Gilly finally gives in and he starts to think about Steph telling him that she didn't want to die. At this point he runs towards the flames to save her but is ushered away by the firefighters who tell him that it's too late. News of the fire soon hits The Dog and everyone heads towards the village. Mandy approaches Tony who tells her that he's lost everything and Warren later tells her that's what they wanted all along. Mercedes begs Malachy to be ok as he's treated by the paramedics and tells Myra that they'd finally got back together and were just planing to start a family. When Darren and Rhys find Gilly in the village he tells them that Steph went to help Amy and that he couldn't get her to leave with him and, he and Darren are then faced with the grueling task of informing Frankie of Steph's fate.moreless
  • Tuesday 9th November 2010
    Steph tries to get Gilly and her family to accept that she's going to die and tells them that she wants to know that they'll be there for each other once she's gone. Meanwhile, Dom goes to Warren to try and get a loan to help with Tony's financial woes however, Tony is less than grateful when Mandy fills him in on Dom's intended plans. Also, Finn and Amber face a life changing situation when she takes a pregnancy test which comes back with a positive result. As the fire starts in Il Gnosh, Gabby and Tony see that Amber and Finn are tapped in the flat and tell them to try climb across the rood to safety however she loose her balance and starts to fall down the building. And Amy is left unconscious as the smoke begins to seek into the flat as she sleeps.moreless
  • Monday 8th November 2010
    Malachy and Mercedes make up over dinner and decide to give their marriage another chance, but their happy reunion looks set to be cut short as they take a romantic evening stroll past Il Gnosh. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Lynsey bury the hatchet and set about trying to discover the identity of Brendan's new lover.moreless
  • Friday 5th November 2010
    Phil begs Gabby to take him back, but wants to protect his second family from the truth. Meanwhile, Brendan is angry he can't reach Ste and once again threatens Amy. The redesign at The Dog is completed while, Seth is still struggling with recent events. Also, Tony tells Dom that he's struggling financially as Mandy and Warren continue their plan of ruining him for good. And, a mystery assailant lights a match in Il Gnosh and a fire starts to take hold.moreless
  • Thursday 4th November 2010
    Amy threatens to blow the lid on Brendan's violence unless Ste ends the relationship. Meanwhile, Fern refuses to return Jasmine's boy clothes and, a furious Leanne catches Lee in cahoots with Amy.
  • Wednesday 3rd November 2010
    Amy suspects Brendan is behind Ste's injuries, Lee tells Steph he has feelings for Amy, while Jasmine is horrified to see posters of Jason around the village as part of police enquiries.
  • Tuesday 2nd November 2010
    Fern warns Jasmine to keep quiet about Bart's stabbing or she will blow the lid on Jason's identity. Brendan is furious when Amy catches him kissing Ste and vents his frustration by once again attacking him.
  • Monday 1st November 2010
    Myra is shocked to learn that Carmel still plans to shop Theresa to the police. Lynsey can't forgive Malachy for turning on Mercedes and Amy struggles to believe Ste now has a boyfriend.
  • Friday 29th October 2010
    Cheryl wakes up in a sombre mood after learning of Malchy & Lynsey's betrayal and Steph's situation and, almost walks in on Ste & Brendan in bed together. On his was back home Ste is ambushed by Leanne who starts ranting about Amy trying to steal Lee from her. Meanwhile, Taylor drops the bombshell on Gabby about Phil Heidi panics that she can't find Jasmine and the boys. Later, Ste and Amy talk about his mystery partner and after trying to mislead her he soon tells her the truth that he's fallen for another man. And a supposed dead Warren Fox makes a shock resurrection in the village unbeknown to everyone.moreless
  • Thursday 28th October 2010
    Cheryl admits to Steph that she's devastated about Malachy and Lynsey, while Lee talks to Amy about their love triangle. And Heidi fears for Riley and Seth's safety after an anonymous call.
  • Wednesday 27th October 2010
    Tony is stunned by Taylor's news about Phil, but is sworn to secrecy. Leanne is suspicious of Lee, while he is being comforted by Amy over the reality of Steph's prognosis. Jacqui & Rhys continue to get closer after she gave Danny the brush off also, Darren & Mandy get reacquainted.moreless
  • Tuesday 26th October 2010
    Anita and Rae's night in together is interrupted by Jasmine pleading to borrow money in order to silence Fern. Steph along with the help of some friends starts to film a goodbye video for her for people to see after her death. Jacqui continues to keep Rhys guessing over where he stands as Amy and Lee start to notice a spark between them. Meanwhile, Darren and Duncan tell ghosts stories and get a scare when a mystery woman turns up at the house in the form of Mandy.moreless
  • Monday 25th October 2010
    After a bad day, Jasmine changes into Jason ready for a night out, but she's unaware that Fern knows her secret, while Riley and Seth head off to a wild cage fighting night with Liam.
  • Friday 22nd October 2010
    Bart finally manages to take Jasmine on a date and they share a kiss. There's tension between Ste and Brendan after their sexual encounter but things take a terrifying twist when Brendan attacks Ste. Also, Jacqui and Rhys get caught kissing by Danny and Mercedes becomes jealous that Malachy is seeing someone else.moreless
  • Thursday 21st October 2010
    Ste apologises to Brendan for kissing him and later Brendan surprises Ste with an encounter in the cellar. Jem bumps into her ex Liam and they share a drink and try and put the past behind them, while Bart is still in hot pursuit of a date with Jasmine.
  • Wednesday 20th October 2010
    Bart asks Jasmine out on a date, but she's put off when she hears where his money has come from Meanwhile, Rhys digs up some dirt on Danny. And Brendan and Ste's night out becomes awkward when Ste makes a drunken pass at him.
  • Tuesday 19th October 2010
    Danny insults Jacqui for being over-friendly with a customer which shocks her and Rhys. At Chez Chez, Brendan and Danny agree to go to the casino and they ask Ste to join them.
  • Monday 18th October 2010
    Amber is stunned to hear Taylor's revelation about Phil's other family and takes out her frustrations on Finn, while Lee is devastated by Nancy's scathing review of his play.
  • Friday 15th October 2010
    Rhys tries to clarify things with Jacqui, but doesn't get very far, Lee has to apologise to Steph or the cast of the play walks out and Cheryl suprises Brendan with their visit from Macca.
  • Thursday 14th October 2010
    Rhys is angry when Jacqui doesn't return home until breakfast, while Taylor confides in Seth as to why he's so negative about being picked to be in the football team.
  • Wednesday 13th October 2010
    Taylor confronts Phil about his other family and threatens to expose his secret to Amber. Leanne tries to reassure Lee that Steph hasn't changed his play, but she can't lie for much longer.
  • Tuesday 12th October 2010
    Jacqui enjoys being pursued by Danny, while Arlo invites his new friend Taylor back to his house and all is going well until Arlo's dad arrives home.
  • Monday 11th October 2010
    Rhys becomes jealous of Jacqui when she agrees to go and have lunch with Brendan and Danny. The rehearsals for the play are a disaster, while Taylor makes a new football friend called Arlo.
  • Friday 8th October 2010
    Diane is in shock that Finn has disappeared with the baby. Darren has now taken control of the play and it's not good, while Brendan is trying to sabotage Ste and Rae's relationship.
  • Thursday 7th October 2010
    Finn decides to return the baby to hospital, but without telling anyone. Lee is distraught that nobody likes his play, while Brendan is not happy that Ste is going on a date with Rae.
  • Wednesday 6th October 2010
    Jamil frees himself from Tex and Darren in time for his wedding, but Lanika seems unsure. Lynsey offers to return the child that Diane has taken and the students are critical of Lee's play.
  • Tuesday 5th October 2010
    Sinead frets that her mum won't return the baby and turns to Lynsey for help. Jamil's wedding looms, but India and Tex wrongly assume it's a forced marriage and Ste asks Rae out on a date.
  • Monday 4th October 2010
    Diane is besotted with the baby she's taken, while Sinead and Finn can't quite believe the situation they're in. Jamil turns India's offer of a date down and admits he is marrying Lanika.
  • Friday 1st October 2010
    Malachy searches through CCTV footage determined to find the attacker, while Texas and India flirt with Jamil. Sinead trys to comfort her mum who has found out she's not pregnant and later things take a drastic turn when Diane returns home from the hospital with a baby.
  • Thursday 30th September 2010
    Ste tells Malachy that he believes Brendan is responsible for the mugging. Darren realises that the brooch Cindy gave him is worth a fortune thanks to Lee's findings and Sinead hopes her mum is pregnant.
  • Wednesday 29th September 2010
    Jacqui is stunned that Myra has sided with Bart and expects Jacqui to apologise when she refuses Jacqui see's no option but to move out. Later when Rhys finds her suitcase at Chez Chez he thinks that it's a bomb but, when he learns of Jacqui's situation he offers her a room at his flat but, it's clear that he's after more than just a flatmate. Also, in a rush to get the money for his son Brendan plans to steal the clubs takings, and asks Rhys to take it to the bank later, thinking that he's attacking Rhys he hits someone as they're leaving the club unbeknown to him it's Cheryl.moreless
  • Tuesday 28th September 2010
    Lee holds auditions for his play, but the students aren't happy, the pressure is now on for Brendan to come up with money for Eileen and Bart lets on to Jacqui that he does indeed have her money.
  • Monday 27th September 2010
    Anita is suspicious of Jasmine when she pumps her for information about Jason. Brendan is worried when Eileen shows up announced, while Jacqui is on the warpath with Bart over her money.
  • Friday 24th September 2010
    Steph's determined to be discharged from hospital to make her wedding day, while Cindy turns down Darren's proposal and later at the church after a scene caused by Blanche Cindy marry's Alistair. At the reception at the SU Bar Steph and Cindy say a heartfelt goodbye as Cindy heads off on her honeymoon. Also Jason is in shock at Bart's party when Anita comes on real strong and the McQueen's are in for a shock when they see the state of the house and their money from the blackmail scam gone.moreless
  • Thursday 23rd September 2010
    It's Steph and Gilly's wedding day, but things are far from smooth when Gilly suffers a real panic and Steph collapses and is rushed to hospital. Elsewhere, Darren admits his true feelings to Cindy and asks her to change her mind and to marry him instead of Alistair.
  • Wednesday 22nd September 2010
    Gilly reassures Steph he hasn't cancelled their 'big day', while Blanche tells Alistair that Cindy is a gold-digger and implores him to see that their relationship is a sham.
  • Tuesday 21st September 2010
    Cindy and Alistair are reeling from the arrival of Alistair's mother Blanche who has successfully driven away all of Alistair's former wives. Meanwhile, Steph has a big argument with Gilly which leads to him cancelling the wedding.
  • Monday 20th September 2010
    India and Texas make plans to sabotage Cindy and Alistair's wedding day. Elsewhere, Jack admits to Darren that the house is on the market and they could end up homeless.
  • Friday 17th September 2010
    While Charlotte is in a bad way, Doug tortures himself over her accident and decides some cocaine will distract his troubled mind. Malik goes looking for him and finds he's overdosed.
  • Thursday 16th September 2010
    Things get out of hand at The Cheek gig when Charlotte catches Doug dealing drugs and he agrees to supply her if she keeps her mouth shut, but later her partying leads to a terrible accident.
  • Wednesday 15th September 2010
    Jem nurses Doug after his attack and accuses her father of being responsible, but Paul is shocked that his daughter would accuse him. Meanwhile, Jamil and India emerge from the bedroom.
  • Tuesday 14th September 2010
    Doug sets up a bit of mischief which ends up with Kevin being thrown out of The Dog by Paul. Later on the way home, Doug is set upon by a mystery attacker and left unconscious.
  • Monday 13th September 2010
    Freshers' week mayhem arrives and a stressed out Leanne overhears the others bitching about her, opens up to Doug and kisses him, while Carmel finds the courage to make a move on Brendan.
  • Thursday 9th September 2010
    Amber's lies are exposed when an outraged Phil confronts Tony and Gabby about their relationship, and Darren tells Jack and Frankie he has enrolled at HCC. Elsewhere, Brendan realises Ste has been interfering with his plans, and decides to take revenge by threatening to involve Amy in one of his illegal schemes.moreless
  • Wednesday 8th September 2010
    Amber confides in Sinead about her parents' break-up, and decides to tell her father about Gabby's romance with Tony. Brendan invites a smitten Carmel to accompany him on a business trip to Barcelona, and against all odds, Jacqui and Rhys end up bonding during their enforced date.
  • Tuesday 7th September 2010
    Gabby and Tony decide to start a relationship after receiving Taylor's approval, but Amber is less accepting. Meanwhile, Ste risks his safety to warn Carmel that Brendan is not to be trusted, and Cheryl threatens to sack Rhys and Jacqui when they refuse to acknowledge their mutual attraction.
  • Monday 6th September 2010
    As the McQueens get to work organising Cindy's wedding, Steph discovers the nuptials are set to take place on the same day she and Gilly are planning to tie the knot. Meanwhile, Rhys and Jacqui find out the shocking truth about their online sweethearts, and Brendan turns on the charm for Carmel but, Ste suspects he has an ulterior motive.moreless
  • Friday 3rd September 2010
    Cindy agrees to sign Alistair's prenuptial agreement, but a bitter Myra threatens to reveal the truth about how the happy couple were introduced. Meanwhile, Diane's efforts to reconcile with Finn only make matters worse, and Brendan considers taking Ste under his wing after he helps to hide a suspicious parcel.
  • Thursday 2nd September 2010
    With Alistair confined to a hospital bed, Cindy tries to convince India she genuinely cares about him. Meanwhile, Rhys has a heart-to-heart with Steph after hearing how she called the wedding off, and when Rob is held up with work, it is left to Sinead to help Diane administer her IVF injection.moreless
  • Wednesday 1st September 2010
    The O'Connors prepare to make their mark on the village, with teenager Sinead detailing exactly how she plans to make waves at Hollyoaks High, while her father Rob sets his sights on the role of acting headmaster. Elsewhere, Alistair gives Cindy an incentive to sign the prenuptial agreement, and Steph hands Gilly's engagement ring back when he refuses to accept her grim prognosis.moreless
  • Tuesday 31st August 2010
    Steph gathers her family to tell them the truth about her declining health, but Tom takes the news badly and runs away. Meanwhile, an embarrassed Duncan admits his romantic shortcomings to Eva, Malachy and Lynsey give in to their mutual attraction, and Cindy insists she is not interested in Alistair's money after being labelled a gold-digger by his grand-daughters.moreless
  • Monday 30th August 2010
    At the hospital, Louis reveals he has been given the all-clear, but there is devastating news in store for fellow cancer patient Steph. Darren and Jem both announce that they're enrolling at HCC. Alistair pursues Cindy for an answer to his proposal followed in pursuit by Cheryl. And Malachy gets jealous when he sees Mercedes with a new guy and sets about making her jealous by announcing that he's seeing a mystery woman.moreless
  • Friday 27th August 2010
    Cheryl manages to persuade the contestants of Britain's Next Top Model to take part in Steph's charity walk. Also Tex's spending habits look set to place India's travelling plans in jeopardy, Alistair has a surprising proposition for Cindy. Meanwhile, Brendan is put under pressure when Veronica steps up her blackmail demands while, Malachy resolves to discover the identity of the Chez Chez burglar.moreless
  • Thursday 26th August 2010
    Brendan succeeds in covering his tracks after robbing Chez Chez, but Veronica threatens to reveal all to Malachy when she discovers the truth. Meanwhile, Cindy goes on a date with Alistair, but when she is confronted by the reality of their age difference, she is forced to break it off.
  • Wednesday 25th August 2010
    Brendan sets his sights on the contents of the safe at Chez Chez after Cheryl agrees to safeguard the proceeds from Steph's charity walk. Meanwhile, Jacqui is attracted to a mystery man on a dating website, unaware the profile actually belongs to Rhys, and India's financial woes leave her with no choice but to appeal to her grandfather in a meeting at Il Gnosh.moreless
  • Tuesday 24th August 2010
    Cindy is humiliated when Amber tricks her into attending Tony's food fair, but her luck appears to change when she encounters a wealthy stranger. Veronica rescues Cheryl from a mugger, and a penniless India is shocked when her younger sister Texas unexpectedly arrives in the village.
  • Monday 23rd August 2010
    With the Costellos reeling over Mitzeee's revelation, Carl tries to stop his past indiscretions from tearing his family apart. Meanwhile, Michaela's hunger for a scoop puts her at odds with her editor, Cindy hears about Tony's time with Gabby in Wales, and Veronica re-emerges to torment Brendan.
  • Friday 20th August 2010
    The day of the charity catwalk showdown arrives, and it looks as if it will be Heidi's chance to shine, until a familiar voice shares a secret over the PA that threatens to cause tension in the Costello household. Meanwhile, Anita is embarrassed when she realises her prized new dress has been stolen, and Cindy strikes up a rapport with Gabby, unaware she is currently living with Tony.moreless
  • Thursday 19th August 2010
    Phil tries to take Amber and Taylor back home, until Gabby threatens to expose the reason their marriage came to an end. Meanwhile, Eva tries to repair her relationship with Anita by cooking her a meal, Mitzeee plots revenge on Carl for ignoring her advances, and Steph is moved to tears by Louis's heartfelt film about his struggle with cancer.moreless
  • Wednesday 18th August 2010
    Tony comes to Gabby's aid when emotions during her break-up with Phil reach fever pitch, causing her husband to suspect there is something going on between them. Ravi assures Anita his night of passion with Eva will not be repeated, and Cindy gives Heidi a frosty reception at the boutique, until she realises she is speaking to a former glamour model.moreless
  • Tuesday 17th August 2010
    Despite the chemistry between them, Tony has reservations about pursuing a relationship with Gabby, so Theresa takes action to ensure the pair are given a chance to act on their feelings. Eva spills the beans about her relationship with Ravi to Anita, and Steph asks fellow cancer patient Louis to film her story, while Heidi plans a charity fashion show at the SU bar.moreless
  • Monday 16th August 2010
    Gabby turns up at Il Gnosh, but Tony is crestfallen to see she is still with husband Phil. However, Theresa gives him reason to hope when she points out the couple's relationship appears to be failing. Brendan bullies Ste into staying silent about his assault, forcing him to feed the others a phony story, but new arrival Lynsey remains suspicious of the tale.moreless
  • Friday 13th August 2010
    Ste tries to undercut Tony by providing the food for the Chez Chez opening, but Brendan takes an instant dislike to the would-be caterer. Meanwhile, when Jasmine provokes Carl's temper, the truth about Jem's fractured relationship with her father is revealed. Also the day has arrived for the Valentines' to say a fond farewell to Hollyoaks and, Lauren is initially upset to hear Val's change of plans regarding the move to Spain but is elated when she learns that she, Val and Spencer are moving to the Midlands with Leo and Sasha as a real family. And Carmel is devasted to see them leave and struggles with whether she should tell them the truth about Theresa's baby or not.moreless
  • Thursday 12th August 2010
    Jack despairs of his son's living arrangements, Lauren finds the strength to decide which of her parents to live with and Cheryl is interviewing potential bar staff for Chez Chez.
  • Wednesday 11th August 2010
    Malachy catches up with Veronica and gives her a taste of her own medicine, but their encounter forces him to face the truth about his marriage to Mercedes. Brendan fears Cheryl has invited his estranged wife to the village following a series of suspicious phone calls, and Jasmine tells a risky lie to protect her secret.moreless
  • Tuesday 10th August 2010
    Malachy enlists Dom's aid to track down elusive con-artist Veronica, hoping to make amends with Mercedes for allowing her to burgle the McQueen family home. Jasmine ignores her father's warning to stay away from Bart, and when Duncan's parents discover he is no longer living with the Ashworths, Rhys agrees to take the youngster into his care in exchange for his monthly allowance.moreless
  • Monday 9th August 2010
    Malachy tries to cover for his mistakes after falling victim to femme fatale Veronica, unaware he had been targeted from the start. The McQueen's let Carl know what they do to people who judge them with a little game of 'drink an dash' unaware that they have been robbed themselves. Jasmine narrowly avoids her father uncovering her secret, Leo is offered a job in another county, and Lauren makes the most of the discovery that her parents are trying to buy her affections.moreless
  • Friday 6th August 2010
    Jacqui urges Ravi to bide his time and wait for the best moment to strike back at Des, who is oblivious to their plans for revenge. Meanwhile, Kris and Zak reluctantly agree to allow Jake to join them in their move to London.Also Carl confronts a gang of boys causing trouble in the village, but fails to recognise the familiar face lurking among their number. And Malachy worries about the influence Brendan has on Cheryl and his flirtation with Mercedes and later finds himself at the mercy of Veronica.moreless
  • Thursday 5th August 2010
    Des thinks he has won Jacqui over after feeding her a story about the origins of his racism, little realising she is planning to join forces with one of his worst enemies. Elsewhere, Bart takes an interest in Jasmine while hanging around at Evissa, while Malachy and Mercedes return to the village, along with Cheryl's half-brother Brendan.moreless
  • Wednesday 4th August 2010
    Des resorts to desperate measures as he tries to regain Jacqui's trust, and Steph makes a new friend while waiting for chemotherapy at the hospital. Elsewhere, Cheryl hopes to use her lottery winnings to buy the Loft, and the McQueens take in a charming relative after attending a funeral, only to discover the lad has inherited the family's infamous roguish streak.moreless
  • Tuesday 3rd August 2010
    Zak is forced to come to terms with his recent behaviour when Tariq makes an unexpected reappearance. Meanwhile, Des becomes suspicious when Jacqui refuses to answer his proposal, Jasmine's pranks land Seth in hot water, and the Valentines are heartbroken to learn Lauren has agreed to move to Spain with her mother.moreless
  • Monday 2nd August 2010
    Jasmine Costello returns home from summer camp in America, bragging to her brothers about her action-packed adventures abroad. Gilly tries to get Steph to focus on the here and now as she makes plans for her honeymoon. Elsewhere, Zak and Michaela reveal Des's true nature to Jacqui, and Kris is mortified to find he fits in perfectly well at the bank.moreless
  • Friday 30th July 2010
    Friday 30th July 2010
    Episode 150
    Zak tries to make amends with Michaela by securing evidence of Des's racism on tape, and Gilly is offended to hear Steph thinks he only wants to marry her out of pity. Meanwhile, Kris dons a suit for his first day working at the bank, but a phone call from Zoe stops him in his tracks.moreless
  • Thursday 29th July 2010
    A depressed Steph becomes even more upset when she sees Gilly getting friendly with Carl, and fears he is hoping to pick up where he left off with Jem. Elsewhere, Zak worries his past is about to catch up with him, and begs Michaela to drop her story about Des, while Elliot makes an unusual new friend.moreless
  • Wednesday 28th July 2010
    Michaela visits Gaz in prison in order to get the scoop on him being wrongfully accused of murdering Calvin, and when she tells him of Lauren's accident he opens up to her about Des's racist beliefs. Leading her on a mission to see if Jacqui is on the road towards heartbreak causing, Zak to admit to Kris that it may lead to his involvement and knowledge of Des's actions being revealed. Meanwhile, Jem confronts Carl over what she heard between him and Mitzeee but after telling her that is was all over money and that he'd sorted it she backs down. Jake and Nancy talk about what's gone on with Loretta and he tells her that he feels that no matter what he does his family will forever doubt his sanity. And Steph is left heartbroken when she is turned down at her audition and she starts to feel how much the cancer is beginning to take over her life.moreless
  • Tuesday 27th July 2010
    Jake is worried sick when he discovers Nancy hasn't been home since setting off to find Adam. He suspects Loretta has something to do with it so after speaking to Andy he goes to the school where he finds her holding Nancy captive in a classroom. After talking Loretta opens up about the abuse she faced as a child and later agrees to get some professional help. Meanwhile Mitzeee sets about making Carl's life a misery and things look set to collapse in on him when Jem overhears their confrontation. And, Dom once again wrongly accuses Ste of doing something that he didn't do.moreless
  • Monday 26th July 2010
    Monday 26th July 2010
    Episode 146
    Jem finally comes round to the idea of giving Carl another chance but makes it clear that she's not just going to jump back into playing happy families meanwhile, Heidi's fit cousin Mitzeee arrives in town causing Carl a bit of a shock. Kris is feeling lost in his state of unemployment and he is stunned when he gets a call for a job interview at a bank having not applied for it but, he soon learns who the culprit is none other than his mother. And Nancy sets out to find out if Jake is telling the truth about Loretta stalking him and talks to her ex Andy to learn more about his ordeal however, things take a bad turn when Loretta confronts her at the school.moreless
  • Friday 23rd July 2010
    Friday 23rd July 2010
    Episode 145
    Jem and Heidi spend sometime together and discuss the rift between Jem and Carl who sneaks away from his family to meet an old acquaintance, it becomes obvious he's a man with many secrets. Meanwhile, Lauren come out of hospital and Sasha and Leo try to think of ways to stop Val from taking Lauren to live in Spain. Heidi's cousin 'Mitzeee' arrives in the village to promote a new brand of lager at The Loft and, ends up getting the wrong end of the stick whens he thinks that Darren and Rhys are gay. And Lorretta panics when she finds out Nancy has gone to see Jake.moreless
  • Thursday 22nd July 2010
    Steph, fearful that Jake is having a relapse, struggles to convince Frankie that he is now obsessive about Loretta. Later they confront Jake and he panics. Meanwhile, Jem is still on edge having her father in town and has Ravi wondering what Carl could have done. And the new living arrangements aren't going all too well for Darren, Rhys and Duncan.moreless
  • Wednesday 21st July 2010
    Jem is still reeling from the sudden appearance of her dad and his family in Hollyoaks and accuses him of following her while, Riley catches the eye of Michaela much to Zak's dismay. And, Loretta sets about turning Jake's family against him by making them believe he's obsessed with her by, planting things on him and showing Steph a text that she sent herself from Jakes phone.moreless
  • Tuesday 20th July 2010
    The press have heard about Carl's arrival at The Dog, however, it's soon clear not everyone is pleased to have the Costellos around. Jem and Ravi start to get closer, Rhys informs Darren that he and Duncan are moving in with him. Meanwhile, Jake gets the wrong end of the stick over a job offer and blames Loretta not knowing that Steph was behind it. And Darren manges to get Jack a job as Duty Manager at the Dog.moreless
  • Monday 19th July 2010
    Monday 19th July 2010
    Episode 141
    Carmel confronts Theresa in the presence of the entire McQueen family leading her to finally confesses to killing Calvin and the reason why whilst, also revealing to Myra about Mercedes affair. After hearing of the big confession Malachy decides that it's definitely time for him to go home to Belfast and asks Mercedes to go with him. And all of this builds up to Carmel set on getting justice for Calvin with, Jacqui trying her best to get her to change her mind and stand by the family. In the midst of all the upheaval Carmel tells Mercedes that she blames her for everything. The Valentines inform Lauren of the news of her blood-clot and they are all shocked by the sudden arrival of Val from Spain. Jack continues to think about what buying the pub back would have like, and talks to Cheryl about her plans to do the same thing.moreless
  • Friday 16th July 2010
    Friday 16th July 2010
    Episode 140
    It's the day of Calvin's funeral and both the McQueen's and Valentine's are trying to keep secrets from loved ones. Jacqui and Mercedes are on high alert for Kyle after, Theresa's shock confession. Later, when Jacqui and Theresa go meet him, Myra shocks them by calling the police leading to Kyle being arrested. Sasha and Leo are in states of fear over hearing the news of Lauren's blood-clot. And, Cheryl is still on a high after deciding to put in a bid to buy the pub from the Ashworths'.moreless
  • Thursday 15th July 2010
    Theresa and Anita try to reconcile their friendship.And after hearing from Anita about the gun she saw at the Salon Kyle goes round to the McQueen's and Theresa cracks in a midst of fear and admits to killing Calvin. Leo and Sasha gets some terrible news about Lauren. Meanwhile, Tony hopes for an amicable divorce from Cindy which blows up in his face when Dom confronts her. And after gaining an admirer in Jack, Cheryl starts to think about what her winnings could do for her future.moreless
  • Wednesday 14th July 2010
    It's the day of the Ashworth's move and Josh is still reeling at the fact that he';s being left behind however, when the guilt finally overloads Rhys he makes the shocking confession that he was responsible for Josh's downward spiral. Meanwhile, the Valentines' are still grieving the loss of Calvin however, when Sashsa learns of Lauren and Gaz's trick on Spencer disaster stikes.moreless
  • Tuesday 13th July 2010
    Frightened and stressed by recent events, Theresa comes clean to Myra about the baby. Josh gets a job interview at a record shop, while Cheryl is faced with rumours about her sexuality.
  • Monday 12th July 2010
    Monday 12th July 2010
    Episode 136
    Steph panics at finding herself at Loretta's B&B. Loretta calms her down, but then reveals a monstrous secret about her past. Meanwhile, Suzanne realises her mistake over Darren and, Cheryl awakes to the shock of her life.
  • Friday 9th July 2010
    Friday 9th July 2010
    Episode 135
    Cheryl's wild night celebrating her lottery win comes to an abrupt end when she realises she's lost the scratch card. Meanwhile, Steph is delighted that a talent scout wants to meet her but, when they fail to turn up she's convinced by Lorretta ro let her drive her 'home'.
  • Thursday 8th July 2010
    It's the day of Steph's big comeback performance at the Dog and she worries that she may not be able to pull it off. After being rejected by Jake Loretta sets her sights on an unsuspecting Rhys. Meanwhile, Cheryl's day goes from bad to worse when she misplaces her purse. Jem & India go head to head for the job at the SU Bar and, Josh gets out of prison and is shocked to learn that Suzanne is shacked up with Darren.moreless
  • Wednesday 7th July 2010
    Cheryl is crushed to realises that Carmel means more to the Valentines than she does, while Suzanne is forced to move in with Darren when Neville kicks her out. And Jake gets a shock when he returns home to find Loretta waiting for him in his bed.
  • Tuesday 6th July 2010
    Tuesday 6th July 2010
    Episode 132
    Cindy decides to seduce Darren, but is shocked to find that Suzanne has beaten her to it. And Lauren doesn't believe Gaz killed Calvin, but is disturbed by his attack on Anita. While, Theresa's guilt is continuing to consume her much to Jacqui and Mercedes annoyance as they try to keep the deadly secret under wraps.moreless
  • Monday 5th July 2010
    Monday 5th July 2010
    Episode 131
    Theresa is far from happy when DI Andrews informs the McQueens that Gaz has been charged with Calvin's murder. Meanwhile, Steph wants to become a reality TV star.
  • Friday 2nd July 2010
    Friday 2nd July 2010
    Episode 130
    A masked intruder attacks Ravi, while a vengeful Gaz manages to lure Anita to the woods where he keeps her hostage. Has Lauren had a lucky escape?
  • Thursday 1st July 2010
    Duncan sets his sights on Cheryl, Gilly mollycoddles Steph refusing to let her lift a finger now she's ill, and Theresa tries not to panic as Anita reveals she's found a gun.
  • Wednesday 30th June 2010
    Anita and Ravi discover Relish sprayed with racist graffiti. A terrified Anita accuses Gaz, but Ravi catches a far more shocking graffiti artist in the act.
  • Tuesday 29th June 2010
    Gaz is furious when Lauren patches up her friendship with Anita, forcing her to choose between them, while Charlotte ropes Kris into helping her organise a gay and bi-sexual night.
  • Monday 28th June 2010
    Monday 28th June 2010
    Episode 126
    Tony pursues his plans to divorce Cindy, but she's not going to make it easy for him and determines to win him back, while Jacqui spots Des with a woman and is convinced he's up to no good.
  • Friday 25th June 2010
    Friday 25th June 2010
    Episode 125
    Cindy prepares to welcome Tony back home, but he arrives back to deliver some shocking news. Elsewhere, Suzanne is forced to come clean to Neville about her fling with Darren. It's Rae's birthday and the day she'll learn if the curse will take effect and, Newt continues to plan his get away from the village with Jensen.moreless
  • Thursday 24th June 2010
    Tony agrees to let Gabby come and stay with him when she leaves hospital, while Newt tries to stop Frankie ringing Social Services as he wants to take care of his baby brother himself. And Rhys is giving Suzanne a hard time after catching her in a sexual embrace with Darren.moreless
  • Wednesday 23rd June 2010
    Things get hot and heavy between Neville and Suzanne, but they are unaware that someone has come back into the flat. Tony is growing closer to Gabby and ignores a call from Cindy.
  • Tuesday 22nd June 2010
    Tony visits Gabby in hospital and gets drawn deeper into her world. Meanwhile, Newt's mother does a runner leaving him holding his new baby brother Jensen.
  • Monday 21st June 2010
    Monday 21st June 2010
    Episode 121
    While Tony is in Wales he heroically rushes to help Gabby, a mother-of-two who has been hit by a car. Meanwhile, Suzanne makes excuses to go and visit Darren.
  • Friday 18th June 2010
    Friday 18th June 2010
    Episode 120
    Meriel enjoys Michaela's predicament, leaving her trapped until it suits her to let her out. And things get worse for Michaela when Meriel tells her to expect news about Zak in the paper.
  • Thursday 17th June 2010
    Loretta tries to get hold of Jake, but he's too sickened by her lies to speak to her. Steph recovers from her hysterectomy and tries to accept the reality of her future without children.
  • Wednesday 16th June 2010
    As Steph prepares for her dreaded hysterectomy operation, Gilly calls Frankie and tells her that she needs to get to the hospital now. Loretta is thrilled that her leukaemia lie has worked.
  • Tuesday 15th June 2010
    Gilly steals a letter containing medical appointment details for Steph and turns up at Oncology just in time to support her through some bad news.
  • Monday 14th June 2010
    Monday 14th June 2010
    Episode 116
    Theresa is under huge pressure from Carmel on one side and Jacqui on the other. Eva turns up to see Ravi and Anita, but they're furious with her for not being honest about being Anita's mum.
  • Friday 11th June 2010
    Friday 11th June 2010
    Episode 115
    It's the day of Theresa's abortion and she has the threat of the police hanging over her. Anita is in shock after finding out that Kate and Eva are one and the same: her real mother.
  • Thursday 10th June 2010
    Rae tries to prove she's over the curse by taking Newt up onto the archway, but will she make it back down safely? Jem and Anita go to Manchester to look for Anita's mother.
  • Wednesday 9th June 2010
    Mercedes thinks she and Malachy will look guilty if they don't return to work at The Loft, but Cheryl is disgusted that she still plans to work for Sasha.
  • Tuesday 8th June 2010
    Tuesday 8th June 2010
    Episode 112
    Carmel confides in Theresa that she thinks she's pregnant with Calvin's baby. Meanwhile, Ricky is delighted when the Ashworths say he can stay with them.
  • Monday 7th June 2010
    Monday 7th June 2010
    Episode 111
    Kris is worried when Martin talks about assisted suicide. Jacqui makes an appointment for Theresa to have an abortion, even though it breaks her heart. Darren finds himself two new lodgers.
  • Friday 4th June 2010
    Friday 4th June 2010
    Episode 110
    Amy has difficulty convincing Olly she's not ready to sleep with him; Theresa has outstayed her welcome at Kyle's; and Rhys's guilt consumes him as he waits on Josh's fate.
  • Thursday 3rd June 2010
    Steph tries to come to terms with the news about her health, but she can't bring herself to tell Gilly the truth. Jake wonders whether Loretta is trying to control him.
  • Wednesday 2nd June 2010
    Tom warns Gilly to treat Steph right. Meanwhile, Steph gets some shocking news about her health. Gilly tries to persuade Neville to go and see Josh, who could get sent down this week.
  • Tuesday 1st June 2010
    Tuesday 1st June 2010
    Episode 107
    Jake tries to convince Loretta to shop stalker Adam to the police. But with Loretta's jealously growing, does Jake need to watch his back?
  • Monday 31st May 2010
    Monday 31st May 2010
    Episode 106
    While Malachy tries to convince the police he's Calvin's murderer, Mercedes urges Jacqui to turn Theresa in. Elsewhere, Jake sees Adam push her during a heated argument.
  • Friday 28th May 2010
    Friday 28th May 2010
    Episode 105
    Elliot wakes up in hospital. Meanwhile, Kris, Zak and Nancy can't believe it when Archie tries to visit, and Archie subsequently leaves Hollyoaks for good.
  • Thursday 27th May 2010
    Mercedes is livid that Carmel knows about the affair. Afraid that Myra will find out too, Mercedes tells Malachy they have to run away but does he trust her?
  • Wednesday 26th May 2010
    Gaz and Lauren are sleeping rough without any money and, after talking to the Valentine's it doesn't take long for the police to suspect Gaz of Calvin's shotting. Meanwhile, Jacqui destroys the bridesmaid dresses to make sure there's little evidence against Theresa. And after a talk with Carmel, Cheryl breaks down and reveals the affair much to Carmel's horror who goes to confront Mercedes, declaring that she's no longer her sister.moreless
  • Tuesday 25th May 2010
    Tuesday 25th May 2010
    Episode 102
    Leo and Sasha worry about Lauren when she doesn't come home, while Carmel is broken-hearted after the police take her wedding dress for forensic examination.
  • Monday 24th May 2010
    Monday 24th May 2010
    Episode 101
    Carmel can only watch helplessly as a nurse fights in vain to keep Calvin alive, while Lauren and Sasha are devastated as they watch their brother slip away. Also, Jacqui and Mercedes do all they can to get Theresa out of the line of fire with the police for shooting Calvin although, Mercedes is not as willing to sacrifice her own safety. And, Josh is found to be in hospital after crashing Olly's car.moreless
  • Friday 21st May 2010
    Friday 21st May 2010
    Episode 100
    Jacqui issues Mercedes with an ultimatum, while Suzanne and Darren give into temptation. Theresa finally manages to tell Calvin about her pregnancy and is taken aback by his reaction. Meanwhile, as Calvin takes to the dance floor with Carmel, he is surrounded by enemies and, as they prepare to attempt their dance for a second time and gun shot rings out but, who pulled the trigger.moreless
  • Thursday 20th May 2010
    Malachy delivers his best man's speech. Primed for murder, all he needs now is the gun, while Sasha is determined to go to Calvin's wedding.
  • Wednesday 19th May 2010
    Calvin is enjoying his big day so much, he's almost forgotten that someone wants him dead, while Gaz gets a surprise release from jail.
  • Tuesday 18th May 2010
    It's just hours until Calvin and Carmel are to be married, but someone, somewhere doesn't want this wedding to happen. In fact, someone wants Calvin dead...
  • Monday 17th May 2010
    Calvin gets ready for his wedding day, trying to put the anonymous death threats he's been getting out of his mind. Cheryl detects friction between Malachy and Kris.
  • Friday 14th May 2010
    Malachy knows that Mercedes is trying to break up with him. Mercedes tells Carmel she can't marry Calvin leaving it up to Calvin to explain why.
  • Thursday 13th May 2010
    After their night of passion, Mercedes tells Calvin that the only way to stop the threats is to marry her instead of Carmel. Steph publicly blurts out her feelings to a shocked Gilly.
  • Wednesday 12th May 2010
    Cindy wakes up in Darren's bed. Tony finds her hiding from him in Il Gnosh and is upset to see she's not wearing her wedding ring. Calvin receives a suspicious call from a mystery supplier.
  • Tuesday 11th May 2010
    Anita confesses that she stole the money after Ravi tells her that Dom is coming in to Relish to check the accounts. Cindy desperately tries to get out of a special lunch Tony has arranged.
  • Monday 10th May 2010
    Cheryl returns from Spain and is shocked by the atmosphere between Sasha and Lauren. Duncan feels like an outsider in Ricky's life now that Kris is helping out at home.
  • Friday 7th May 2010
    Friday 7th May 2010
    Episode 90
    Calvin spots Kyle dealing drugs and tries to stop him, the bad vibe between Gaz and Sasha gets worse, and Zac is furious after Michaela's betrayal.
  • Thursday 6th May 2010
    Mercedes makes her move to wreck Carmel's dreams, Calvin is left reeling after Lauren's shock revelation and Steph must face Gilly after trying to kiss him the day before.
  • Wednesday 5th May 2010
    Steph worries that Jem is cheating on Gilly, while Meriel and Michaela are at loggerheads. Tariq is in hospital and Anita's request for money from Ravi doesn't go as she'd hoped.
  • Tuesday 4th May 2010
    Michaela starts her new career in journalism; Tariq tells Zak the truth about Caleb's death. Lauren and Gaz continue to fleece Spencer, while Malachy attempts damage-limitation with Cheryl.
  • Monday 3rd May 2010
    Monday 3rd May 2010
    Episode 86
    Mercedes is so preoccupied plotting to destroy Carmel and Calvin's relationship she fails to notice that Cheryl has turned out to be more than just a shoulder to cry on for Malachy.
  • Friday 30th April 2010
    As everything goes wrong with their wedding plans, Carmel decides she and Calvin should elope. Theresa is shocked when Kyle beats a stranger up, just for looking at her twice.
  • Thursday 29th April 2010
    Suzanne's birthday meal descends into chaos when Josh punches Neville, who decides he has no option but to report his own son to the police. Jacqui is suspicious of Theresa's new boyfriend.
  • Wednesday 28th April 2010
    Underwhelmed by Rhys and Josh's half-hearted attempts to celebrate her birthday, Suzanne takes matters into her own hands and invites Darren to help her celebrate.
  • Tuesday 27th April 2010
    Lauren is full of regrets when Spencer wakes up hung-over and confused on the Valentines' sofa. India's attempts to get over Rhys backfire when she makes a pass at Dave.
  • Monday 26th April 2010
    As Calvin's wedding approaches, Mercedes warns him that she'll always be there to remind him what happened between them, while Josh is heartbroken to discover Rhys and India are an item.
  • Friday 23rd April 2010
    Zak is wracked with guilt about his one night stand with Laura. Calvin coaches Ravi on his best man duties, but Ravi's head is turned by a beautiful stranger.
  • Thursday 22nd April 2010
    As Zak drinks his troubles away he catches the eye of Laura and it's not long before the two are embroiled into a passionate kiss. Lauren is desperate to reunite her family.
  • Wednesday 21st April 2010
    Zak makes a life changing decision about his future. Newt and Rae go for dinner and share a kiss, while Spencer joins a networking site and is excited when he gets a date.
  • Friday 2nd April 2010
    Jake hunts for Caroline after escaping from her prison. As Carmel and Calvin deal with their break-up in different ways, Mercedes hides her own feelings as she comforts her.
  • Thursday 1st April 2010
    Jake underestimates Caroline's determination to keep him in her life, while Loretta gets closer to the truth about his disappearance. Meanwhile, as Cindy and Tony drift apart, Tony flirts with Theresa.
  • Wednesday 31st March 2010
    Caroline introduces herself to Frankie and Loretta as Jake's old nurse. Sasha reels from Mercedes' revelation that Calvin left Warren to die in The Loft.
  • Tuesday 30th March 2010
    Jake wants to reassure everyone at home that he's okay, but his phone has disappeared and he's completely cut off. Michaela and Sasha babysit as Amy heads to the HCC open day.
  • Monday 29th March 2010
    Sasha is distraught after another girl is attacked, and worries that it's her attacker striking again. To get one over on Calvin, Malachy concocts a plan to cash in on Mercedes' 'assets'.
  • Friday 26th March 2010
    TV cameras descend upon Hollyoaks to film Duncan's 16th birthday bash at The Loft. Holly remains unconscious, while Jake's absence is taking its toll on the Osbornes.
  • Thursday 25th March 2010
    Cindy and Tony are caught up in a living hell as Holly's condition fails to improve. Excitement mounts on the eve of Duncan's 16th birthday party.
  • Wednesday 24th March 2010
    As Holly's life hangs in the balance, Cindy and Tony's relationship takes a turn for the worse. Bored of Carmel endlessly talking about Calvin, Mercedes is becoming increasingly miserable.
  • Tuesday 23rd March 2010
    Jake finds himself in handcuffs as the chief suspect in Holly's kidnap. Newt is alarmed by Rae's macabre fixation with her curse and looks for ways to lighten her mood.
  • Monday 22nd March 2010
    Ste and Amy are shocked to stumble upon a homeless Josh. A major lead breaks in the search for Holly and there's a mysterious presence watching Jake's every move in the village.
  • Friday 19th March 2010
    It's Josh's birthday and Ste finds him hung-over on the sofa. Meanwhile, Leo has a skip in his step and a twinkle in his eye after spending the night with Myra.
  • Thursday 18th March 2010
    Myra throws a party after a big win on the bingo. Duncan is excited as he plans his birthday party for the reality TV show. Sasha is annoyed to find Lauren with Gaz after all he has done.
  • Wednesday 17th March 2010
    Lauren and Gaz are fed up with everyone being on their case, so Gaz suggests they fleece Spencer of his cash and run away. Duncan gets the call he's been waiting for from a TV producer.
  • Tuesday 16th March 2010
    Calvin is furious to find Lauren and Gaz semi-naked in her bedroom, and throws Gaz out. The atmosphere is tense between Rhys and Josh following their fight.
  • Monday 15th March 2010
    Josh walks in on Rhys and India just as they are about to kiss, and launches himself at his brother.
  • Friday 12th March 2010
    Steph frets over a letter she's sent Gilly. Rhys feels bad after doing the 'Hollyoaks' Hero' article in the press, but soon gets carried away by India's flattery and enjoys the moment.
  • Thursday 11th March 2010
    Despite not being behind bars, Josh is still down and full of self-loathing. Rhys tries to make him see the positives, telling him he's free to move on but for Josh it's not enough.
  • Wednesday 10th March 2010
    Josh and Rhys are hugely relieved when the drink driving charge verdict reveals Josh is off the hook. On a high, Josh goes to see India, but realises he's lost her and his friends.
  • Tuesday 9th March 2010
    Rhys is worried about Josh's court case, wracked with guilt over the trouble that he has caused. Steph forms a plan to get her man.
  • Monday 8th March 2010
    Josh panics about his forthcoming court case, and can't help but fear the possibility of prison. Meanwhile, Steph's dreams are shattered when Gilly declares his love for Jem.
  • Friday 5th March 2010
    Tony tries to persuade Cindy to take a break from the hunt for Holly; Theresa makes an admission to Jacqui and Mercedes inflicts cruel and unusual punishment on Carmel's wardrobe.
  • Thursday 4th March 2010
    Jake is forced to hide from the press meanwhile, Sheila's attentions forces Elliot to take drastic action to complete his coursework and Theresa is still on the warpath.
  • Wednesday 3rd March 2010
    Jake is hounded by the press; Elliot realises he's not yet over his feelings for Sheila. Meanwhile Jacqui finds it difficult to express her feelings to Des and Theresa has revenge on her mind.
  • Tueday 2nd March 2010
    Cindy angrily tells Tony she holds him responsible for Holly's disappearance, and her emotional outburst is caught on camera by the press meanwhile, Des makes a confession to Jacqui.
  • Monday 1st March 2010
    The 'Find Holly' campaign steps up a gear with a TV reconstruction meanwhile Darren gets the shock of his life, Elliot is in a world of revision chaos and India has had enough of living in filth.
  • Friday 19th February 2010
    Josh is finding it hard to understand what happened on the night of the crash. There's chaos in the village whenTom's gerbil gets stuck in a pipe, along with Dom when he tries to rescue it.
  • Thursday 18th February 2010
    Under arrest for drink driving, Josh has a lot of questions he needs to answer. Anita is shocked when she discovers Ricky's secret, and reveals all to a dumbfounded Duncan.
  • Wednesday 17th February 2010
    Feeling guilty about spiking Josh's drink, Rhys frantically tries to contact him, only to discover he's too late as his brother is carried away by the police after crashing his car.
  • Tuesday 16th February 2010
    Rhys is determined to put Josh in his place as they continue to argue about Hannah's departure so, he spikes his drink before he jumps in the car to take India home.
  • Monday 15th February 2010
    While Josh and Darren are finding it hard to adjust to life without Hannah, Rhys is moving forward and starts to pack her things away. Nancy is determined to have fun after her break-up.
  • Friday 12th February 2010
    After her horrific ordeal, Hannah returns to the Ashworths, but after a heart-to-heart with Nancy, she decides to go travelling alone. Leo punches Gaz after finding out about the prank.
  • Thursday 11th February 2010
    Jamie shows his true colours after his fight with Blue, and Hannah is devastated when Darren pays the price while trying to rescue her. Meanwhile, Gaz turns Lauren against Anita, and Kris tries to prove his counseling skills when Neville worries about Duncan's sexual inclinations.
  • Wednesday 10th February 2010
    Blue turns up at Hannah and Jamie's hotel room demanding his money, and Darren races to the scene to prevent his estranged wife from being harmed. Meanwhile, last-minute nerves prevent Holly from performing in the talent show, and with the Valentine's Ball looming, Theresa struggles to secure a date.
  • Tuesday 9th February 2010
    Rhys makes a final attempt to stop Hannah leaving with Jamie, and an embittered Darren reveals their whereabouts to Blue - little realising the consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, Tony and Cindy consider sending Holly to boarding school, and after learning about his kiss with Cheryl, Carmel demands that Calvin admits to any other indiscretions.moreless
  • Monday 8th February 2010
    Jamie explains to Hannah his urgent desire to leave the village, and when she reveals she plans to accompany him, the Ashworth's throw an impromptu farewell party for them. Mercedes is furious after witnessing how cosy Calvin and Carmel are together, and Lauren is beside herself when it appears her family is about to discover her blossoming relationship with Gaz.moreless
  • Friday 5th February 2010
    A beaten Jamie makes his way back to the village after being dumped in the woods, and when Hannah learns Rhys was responsible, she is pushed deeper into her ex-boyfriend's arms. Elsewhere, Calvin tries to win Carmel back with a romantic gesture, and tensions come to a head in the Hutchinson household, leaving Holly feeling rejected.moreless
  • Thursday 4th February 2010
    Calvin's guilty conscience gets the better of him, causing his date with Carmel to come to an abrupt end. Meanwhile, Dominic teams up with Ravi for a new business venture, and Jamie is warned to stay away from Hannah after being abducted and dumped in the woods.
  • Wednesday 3rd February 2010
    Malachy overhears Mercedes trying to drive a wedge between Calvin and Carmel, and decides to set his own plan in motion to get the pair back together. Elliot's exhaustion causes him to miss a deadline, and Rhys enlists Darren's help in his campaign against Jamie.
  • Tuesday 2nd February 2010
    Hannah is mortified to learn that Rhys has attacked Jamie, who genuinely seems to have turned over a new leaf. Meanwhile, Ravi decides to stop letting his health determine his future by forming a boxing club, Carmel realises how much she misses Calvin, and Sheila lays the blame on Kris and Archie when Elliot continues to struggle with his studies.moreless
  • Monday 1st February 2010
    Hannah's newfound stability is placed in jeopardy when her old flame Jamie turns up in the village however, he quickly defies expectations by proving he is a reformed character. Meanwhile, Calvin throws a themed dating event at the Loft, and when Mercedes takes the opportunity to flirt openly with the host, Kris takes matters into his own hands to protect a heartbroken Malachy.moreless
  • Friday 29th January 2010
    Haunted by the events of the night before, Sasha confides in Michaela, and the pair return to the scene of the attack to determine the identity of the assailant. Meanwhile, Zak tries to force Hayley to take her pregnancy seriously, and Rhys comes to terms with Hannah's plans to go travelling.moreless
  • Thursday 28th January 2010
    Against Calvin's wishes, Sasha arranges an evening of heavy partying at the Loft with her friends, however, the night ends in disaster when she is attacked by a mysterious assailant while searching for Lauren in the deserted village. Meanwhile, Amy gives up her chance of a night out to spend time with Ste and the kids, and Steph struggles to come to terms with Gilly's departure.moreless
  • Wednesday 27th January 2010
    Gilly considers the prospect of joining the traveling party, and when Kris changes his mind, Zoe's globe-trotting dreams are back on track. Meanwhile, Hannah offers her ticket to Gilly, who hopes to use the trip to get over his feelings for Steph, and in light of her father's new plans, Amy decides to move back in with Ste.moreless
  • Tuesday 26th January 2010
    A clash with Kris forces Malachy to admit his marriage to Mercedes is over. Meanwhile, Hayley's pregnancy is made public knowledge, and while Zak decides to cancel his travel plans to support his sister, Rhys is forced to consider the prospect of fatherhood.
  • Monday 25th January 2010
    Cheryl tries to make Gilly jealous, but her plans are thwarted when Rhys informs him Steph has broken up with Fernando. Ste is delighted when Amy invites him over for dinner, and Mercedes gives in to her feelings for Calvin, only for Kris to witness their passionate reunion.
  • Friday 22nd January 2010
    With doubts about her impending marriage in mind, Cheryl confronts Gilly about his true feelings. Meanwhile, Steph is forced to reveal her own secret to Fernando. Elsewhere, Hannah tells her friends about her plans to leave the village, and Calvin is crestfallen when his divorce papers come through.
  • Thursday 21st January 2010
    The Ashworth's plan a day at the beach to celebrate Hannah's release from hospital, but Rhys refuses to join in the fun. Meanwhile, Gilly and Steph confide their worries about their impending weddings, and Malachy reveals to Mercedes he has been saving money for them to get a place of their own.moreless
  • Wednesday 20th January 2010
    Hannah nervously awaits the results of her health assessment, and Sheila draws up a revision timetable for Elliot in an effort to make him spend some time with her. Meanwhile, Gilly is forced to consider the prospect of fatherhood when Leo lets slip that Cheryl is pregnant that believing he would already know.moreless
  • Tuesday 19th January 2010
    Tony continues to worry about his marriage, and decides to set a trap at the boutique that will prove Cindy still needs his help. Meanwhile, Rhys finally acknowledges the severity of Hannah's condition, only for her to reject his support, and a misunderstanding leads Leo to believe Cheryl is pregnant.
  • Monday 18th January 2010
    Lauren and Gaz's unlikely relationship causes a stir in the common room, not least for Anita, who is mortified to learn of her best friend's budding romance with her mortal enemy. Meanwhile, Steph's heart melts when she witnesses Gilly's attempts to win back Cheryl, and Tony worries that the success of Cindy's boutique could have devastating consequences for his marriage.moreless
  • Friday 15th January 2010
    The day of the lawnmower race arrives, and while Newt questions Rae about her belief that she will die before her 18th birthday, Lauren takes his place in the competition. Meanwhile, after being conned by Kathleen, Cindy enlists India's help in making a success of her new vintage clothes shop.
  • Thursday 14th January 2010
    Hayley tries to maintain a stiff upper lip over her pregnancy, but when Charlotte apologises for hitting her, the emotional reunion leads her to admit she is scared of having her baby alone. Elsewhere, Tony reveals he has bought the tanning salon, and Lauren enlists Gaz's aid in ruining Newt's blossoming friendship with Rae.moreless
  • Wednesday 13th January 2010
    Jacqui and Des are convinced that Kathleen has an unhealthy influence on her daughter, and try to get Theresa to admit her mother told her to steal the laptop. Meanwhile, Newt bonds with Rae while repairing an old lawnmower, and a trip to the Loft leaves the students stunned by an announcement concerning Hayley.moreless
  • Tuesday 12th January 2010
    Jacqui anxiously prepares to give a talk to Des's drama group, but Kathleen tricks her into believing it has been cancelled and takes her place. Meanwhile, the students return to HCC, and while Hayley resolves to start taking her education seriously, Dave decides the only way to get through the term in one piece is by partying.moreless
  • Monday 11th January 2010
    Newt and Rae try to make amends on their return to school, and Jacqui sets out to frame Kathleen for stealing a gold bracelet, unaware that her ex-con aunt is already hiding a shameful secret.
  • Friday 8th January 2010
    Leila is given a second chance to take her dream job in Paris, but is heartbroken to learn she must leave without getting the chance to renew her relationship with Elliot. Elsewhere, tensions begin to rise between Malachy and Mercedes, and Lauren is delighted when Cheryl moves back in with the Valentines after breaking up with Gilly.moreless
  • Thursday 7th January 2010
    Gilly becomes concerned that Rhys might make a pass at Cheryl, and a misunderstanding involving a pair of knickers convinces him of his bride-to-be's infidelity. Meanwhile, a drunken Darren realises the extent of his feelings for Hannah, and Elliot reveals to Anita and Ravi just how much Leila has sacrificed to look after them.moreless
  • Wednsday 6th January 2010
    Darren seeks advice from Jack about dealing with Hannah's despair, but when his concerns are met with hostility, he decides to wash his hands of his fragile wife. Mercedes and Calvin make the most of some time alone at the Loft, and Anita begins to realise the dire consequences of her actions when she pays a visit to the hospital.moreless
  • Tuesday 5th January 2010
    Threats from Rhys cause Darren to break his promise to accompany Hannah to a counseling session. Meanwhile, Gilly reconsiders his relationship with Cheryl, Anita is disappointed when her attempt to throw a house party fails, and Leila learns the job she has applied for is in Paris is forcing her to consider whether she could leave her family behind.moreless
  • Monday 4th January 2010
    Gilly finds he is unable to dash Cheryl's dreams by breaking off their engagement, and instead tries to demonstrate why he is not marriage material. Meanwhile, Sheila fumes when she sees Elliot helping Leila prepare for an interview, Nancy returns from Canada to visit Hannah in hospital, and Amy snaps up an opportunity to spend less time at home with her children.moreless