Hollyoaks - Season 16

Weekdays 6:30 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Oct 23, 1995 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Friday 30th December 2011

    Mercedes finally prepares to let go of Riley, but when she realises just how much this will cost her, she's not sure whether she can bring herself to go through with it.

  • Thursday 29th December 2011

    The students are in high spirits, intending to enjoy their impressive surroundings, but an unexpected arrival threatens to spoil the party. Meanwhile, Jacqui tells Mercedes to move on and put the past behind her, leading her to do something drastic. The ongoing love-games between Jodie, Doug and Dodger continues. And the Daytona Lights set upon catching their big break when a record label label exec comes to see them perform at the SU Bar but not all goes quite to plan.

  • Wednesday 28th December 2011

    The students prepare to travel to Barney's, but Theresa and Will feel further apart than ever. Meanwhile, Mercedes is gutted when Riley snubs her, but he soon regrets it when she stops him from seeing his son.

  • Tuesday 27th December 2011

    Texas and Jodie deal with the fallout from the previous day's events. As Joel is left wondering if he has any place in Hollyoaks. And, Mercedes questions whether she can bring up Bobby on her own.

  • Monday 26th December 2011

    In a special It's A Wonderful Life homage episode, as Doug finds himself on a bridge at his lowest, and after jumping into the river he gets a visit from the much loved and missed Stephanie Del A Dean who shows him what life in the village would've been like had Doug never been there. He's then left with a choice to either join his girlfriend Bec's in heaven or to return to his life.

  • Thursday 29th September 2011

    A spot of soul-searching prompts Carmel to finally gives in to her desires, and Cindy pledges a large sum to Father Francis's cause, but Tony grows suspicious of the priest's intentions. Meanwhile, Gilly finds a new home with Cheryl, and Jacqui is devastated when Rhys tells her he needs some space.

  • Wednesday 28th September 2011

    The new HCC students bond and get to know each other over driks. As Jacqui's relationship with Rhys reaches crisis point over Gilly, and she moves back in with the McQueens. Meanwhile the Osbornes face trouble when Tom is bullied at school for his association with a supposed rapist. And Carmel wonders whether she will be able to resist Father Francis on the trip to Africa.

  • Tuesday 27th September 2011

    Myra and the McQueens confront Gilly following his return to the village, much to Jacqui's horror meanwhile, Francis is stunned when Carmel reveals she wants to accompany him to Africa. Elsewhere, hung-over newcomer Ash faces the consequences of her wild actions the previous night, but finds a friend in the form of Will.

  • Monday 26th September 2011

    A nervous Will prepares for student life as Freshers' Week arrives in Hollyoaks, and newcomer Ash grabs attention with a cheeky stunt at the SU Bar. Meanwhile, Rhys resigns when Cheryl gives Gilly a job at Chez Chez. And Carmel considers taking drastic action as Francis gets ready to move to Africa.

  • Friday 23rd September 2011

    Jacqui seems to be taking news of Gilly's return well, until an outburst during a counselling session reveals the extent of her anxiety. Meanwhile, Bart ruins his chances with Sinead when she discovers he was the reason she got arrested. Dodger gets a job as the manager of the SU Bar, and Carmel causes 'Father' Francis to suffer a crisis of conscience.

  • Thursday 22nd September 2011

    Rhys and Jacqui's relationship appears to be going from strength to strength, but the return of a familiar face places their happiness in jeopardy. Elsewhere, Darren is thrilled when he realises Nancy is proud of him while, a hung-over Tony finds out he quit his job. And Bart discovers his plan to frame Gaz has worked, but is shocked to hear Sinead was arrested too.

  • Wednesday 21st September 2011

    Bart plants stolen goods in Gaz's car in a desperate bid to make sure Sinead understands her new boyfriend has a dark side. Meanwhile, a cheerful Jacqui spends the day preparing a romantic meal for Rhys, as Darren worries he cannot match Nancy's career success. And Tony struggles at work as he tries to get in touch with Mandy.

  • Tuesday 20th September 2011

    Maddie encourages Sinead to take her relationship with Gaz to the next level, and makes sure Bart knows just how well the pair are getting along. Meanwhile, Jacqui's efforts to help a despairing Lynsey make Rhys proud, and Tony is devastated when Mandy decides to leave him.

  • Monday 19th September 2011

    Rae closest friends and members of the village gather in the park to say their goodbyes as, Lynsey confesses to Ethan that she hit Silas. However later Ethan hears from Silas who says she's made the whole thing up and, Lynsey finds an unexpected ally in Jacqui. Elsewhere Nancy's efforts to mend her relationship with Darren only end up pushing him further away. Meanwhile, a frustrated Bart watches as Maddie continues to encourage Gaz and Sinead's blossoming romance. And Tony is decides that being unemployed isn't the best thing and decides to interview for the chef position at The Dog.

  • Friday 16th September 2011

    Jack becomes concerned about the state of Darren's relationship with Nancy not to mention his obvious depression. Meanwhile, Liberty and Dodger try to advise Will on his unhappy love life. And at the end of her tether Cheryl throws Lynsey our of the flat which, leads to a violent run in with Silas.

  • Thursday 15th September 2011

    Esther helps Darren plan a romantic gesture to secure Nancy's attention, but he is devastated when his efforts fail to hit the mark. Meanwhile, Rhys and Jacqui decide to give their relationship a boost by spending time together away from the village.

  • Wednesday 14th September 2011

    The village hears of Brendan's arrest and everyone starts to wonder how they could be living with a killer and not even know about it. Meanwhile, Ste starts to feel guilty about not reporting Brendan's abuse to the police. And, Nancy's blossoming career leaves her with little time to spend with Darren, who begins to feel overlooked.

  • Tuesday 13th September 2011

    When Brendan can't locate Lynsey he gets worried and after finding an ominous note on his car he frantically heads out to the woods to find her. However, he soon gets a shock when he finds Rae's body in the boot of his car with the police in tow to arrest him. Meanwhile, Jacqui struggles to make Rhys's birthday an occasion to remember as, Texas and Doug wonder if they'll ever be able to move on from their loss. Also, Darren tries to strike up a new career, and Jason finds a friend in Tilly.

  • Monday 12th September 2011

    Texas receives messages from a user in the chat-room India visited, Lynsey is convinced the mystery girl is actually Silas in disguise, and arranges a risky meeting in the woods. Meanwhile, Darren takes his mind off his situation in life by comforting a heartbroken Esther after she is snubbed by Tilly.

  • Friday 9th September 2011

    A jealous Bart struggles with the knowledge that Gaz and Sinead are an item as Rae provokes Brendan into losing his temper after she pushes him too far.Meanwhile, Lee and Amy disagree over their respective plans for the perfect wedding day. And Jamil tries to patch things up with his friends following his outburst - making a big decision about his future in the process.

  • Thursday 8th September 2011

    Sinead and Bart are drawn to each other despite their explosive argument the previous day however, Maddie decides to make the matter a little more complicated for the warring couple. Meanwhile Brendan warns Silas to leave Lynsey alone, and Jamil finally snaps and gives Texas, Lee and Leanne a piece of his mind.

  • Wednesday 7th September 2011

    Bart blames Sinead when his complicated past with Jason becomes the latest gossip on campus. However, his angry tirade only succeeds in prompting her to flirt with Gaz, as Jamil ruins Texas's chances with Dodger.Meanwhile, Lynsey suspects Silas is plotting his next murderous move and Brendan tries to give Declan fatherly advice.

  • Tuesday 6th September 2011

    Sinead's first day at college proves difficult following her antics at the party, but she manages to secure newcomer Maddie's interest by spilling the beans on Bart and Jason's complicated past. Meanwhile, Brendan works to repair Cheryl and Lynsey's friendship, and Texas uses a love-struck Jamil to make Dodger jealous.

  • Monday 5th September 2011

    Bart throws an end-of-summer party ahead of the new term at sixth-form, but things turn sour when another couple are caught up in his continuing tiff with Sinead. Meanwhile, a newly returned Lynsey is encouraged when Brendan reveals he also has misgivings about Silas.

  • Friday 2nd September 2011

    Cindy urges Carmel to follow her heart and confess her feelings to Father Francis before he leaves. Meanwhile, Sinead dreads the prospect of seeing Bart and Jason at sixth-form college. And as preparations are made for Riley and Mercedes' respective pre-wedding parties, Seth struggles with his knowledge of the bride-to-be's affair with Carl.

  • Thursday 1st September 2011

    Father Francis announces he is going back to Uganda, prompting Carmel to consider finally confessing her feelings. Meanwhile, as Cindy makes a decision about her so-called friends, Mandy worries she might be sent to prison. Elsewhere, Pete informs Frankie that he can no longer tutor Ruby and assigns her to someone else. And Jason is annoyed when he learns that Bart plans on making a grand romantic gesture to win back Sinead on Jonno's advice.

  • Wednesday 31st August 2011

    Cindy is furious when she finally finds out about Texas and Mandy's con, and in a vulnerable moment, she turns to Father Francis for support. Meanwhile, Ruby is devastated when Pete makes it clear he only sees her as a pupil.

  • Tuesday 30th August 2011

    Carmel is stunned when Father Francis reveals he is falling in love with her, and is forced to ignore her feelings to prevent him giving in to temptation. Meanwhile, Tom demonstrates his skill as a matchmaker for Mandy and Tony, Lee frustrates Amy by going on a lads' night out with Darren and Jamil. And Pete is unnerved by Ruby's amorous advances.

  • Monday 29th August 2011

    Carmel is embarrassed when Father Francis is forced to model on the day of the charity calendar shoot, but he takes advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, Tony helps calm Tom's nerves about beginning secondary school. As, Ste feels unwanted when Lee moves in with him and Amy. And Texas and Mandy enlist the help of Dodger to keep their Cindy scam on track.

  • Friday 26th August 2011

    Lee once more tries to win back Amy's affections with a romantic gesture during his fire-walking event. Meanwhile, Dodger is indebted to Cindy when she inadvertently comes to the rescue for Liberty's 18th birthday as, Jacqui discovers Carmel has a crush on Father Francis. And Mandy gives Tony an ultimatum regarding his New-Age attitude.

  • Thursday 25th August 2011

    An awkward reunion is in store for Bart, Sinead and Jason as they head out to collect their GCSE results. Meanwhile, Ruby and Esther throw a party, Lee ruins his chances of fixing things with Amy ahead of his eagerly awaited fire-walking stunt. And Carmel enlists Darren's aid for her charity calendar.

  • Wedesday 24th August 2011

    Lee discovers the truth about Amy's night of passion with Dodger, while Mandy and Texas suffer a close call as they continue helping themselves to Cindy's fortune. Elsewhere, Lynsey decides to leave the village after her attempts to lure Silas into a trap cause Brendan to worry about her state of mind. And Carmel comes up with a provocative way to raise money for Father Francis.

  • Tuesday 23rd August 2011

    Lynsey works to repair her friendship with Brendan after the events of the previous night, but Silas's meddling ensures she becomes even more isolated. Meanwhile, Carmel tries to cheer up Bart as, Mandy grows concerned about Tony's new outlook on life. And a guilt-ridden Amy struggles to keep her night of passion with Dodger a secret from Lee.

  • Monday 22nd August 2011

    Cindy is shocked when Tony returns from his travels with a new laid-back attitude while, Brendan puts more effort into his plan to make Lynsey a surrogate mother for Declan. Elsewhere, Bart declares his love for Sinead, but she reacts badly when he insists Jason is still important to him, and Amy struggles to shake her guilt over sleeping with Dodger.

  • Friday 19th August 2011

    Sinead becomes Bart and Jason's only hope of escaping the farmhouse cellar while, Carmel helps Theresa prepare for her date with Will.And Ste cannot believe his eyes when Brendan denies his sexuality and turns his attention to Lynsey.

  • Thursday 18th August 2011

    Jason confesses his true feelings to Bart after a failed attempt to escape the farmhouse cellar places their lives in danger. Meanwhile, Liberty and Theresa summon the courage to open their exam results and are surprised by what they find.

  • Wednesday 17th August 2011

    The runaway trio stumble across a seemingly empty farmhouse, but mounting tensions prompt Sinead to depart, leaving Bart and Jason at the mercy of the property's owner, who is wielding a gun. Meanwhile, Theresa and Liberty receive their exam results, Rhys and Jacqui's pub quiz racket is exposed and Ste gives Brendan an ultimatum.

  • Tuesday 16th August 2011

    Bart becomes angry with Sinead when he discovers she has been trying to get rid of Jason, but his feelings change after she is injured while fleeing from the police. A frustrated Cheryl tries to distract Lynsey from her fixation with Silas, and Brendan is forced to answer uncomfortable questions when Declan discovers Ste is gay.

  • Monday 15th August 2011
    The prospect of living rough becomes even more unbearable for Sinead when Jason turns up, and she jealously plots to get rid of him to keep Bart to herself. Meanwhile, back in the village, Lynsey is unnerved when she is forced to help Silas when his health takes a turn for the worse, Jacqui and Rhys face a hefty vets bill, and Brendan warns Ste away from his son.moreless
  • Friday 12th August 2011
    Lynsey is given cause to regret trying to play Silas at his own game meanwhile, after making amends with Mercedes, Carmel decides to confess her feelings to Father Francis. And life on the run becomes even harder for Bart and Sinead, as their money troubles continue to mount, the McQueen lad is forced to make a desperate call for help.moreless
  • Thursday 11th August 2011
    Lynsey takes matters into her own hands, framing Silas to ensure he pays for his crimes. Meanwhile, Seth manages to secure a date for Riley's wedding, and Carmel prepares to host a sponsored exercise class, but turns to Fr Francis for support when she suffers a crisis of confidence.
  • Wednesday 10th August 2011
    Texas becomes distressed at the prospect of living through India's final moments in the police reconstruction and sneaks away, leaving her at the mercy of Silas. Meanwhile, Carmel's impromptu baby shower fails to go according to plan, and a lonely Jason misses the absent Bart.
  • Tuesday 9th August 2011
    Lynsey becomes concerned about Texas's safety when she learns Silas is involved in the press conference, but her warnings are ignored. Meanwhile, Carmel worries she is losing touch with Mercedes, and Amy wakes to face the consequences of the previous night.
  • Monday 8th August 2011
    The renewed interest in India's murder causes the police investigation to gather momentum, and Silas's confidence is knocked when Texas announces she will play the part of her dead sister in a reconstruction of her last hours. Meanwhile, Carmel plots to raise money and impress Father Francis, and Lee laments ruining his chance of romance with Amy.moreless
  • Friday 5th August 2011
    Lee tries to out-do Dodger in helping Amy prepare for her interview, but his efforts end up ruining her chances of securing the job. Meanwhile, Nancy unwittingly places herself in danger when she agrees to help Silas get information from Ethan about the murder investigation. And Darren decides to give Ruby a taste of her own medicine.moreless
  • Thursday 4th August 2011
    Lee tries desperately to stop Dodger spending time with Amy, but his plan to get the lad in trouble with the police backfires dramatically. Meanwhile, Silas threatens Lynsey when he catches her examining his hospital records and Nancy is in high spirits after a successful interview unaware Ruby is ruining her reference.moreless
  • Wednesday 3rd August 2011
    Ruby swears revenge on Nancy after she thwarts her efforts to flirt with Pete meanwhile, Dodger offers to provide Amy with a fake driving licence to help secure her dream job. However, Lee is mortified to discover the pair are growing closer and Brendan makes promises he cannot keep.
  • Tuesday 2nd August 2011
    Brendan struggles to keep the truth about his sexuality hidden when his son Declan comes to stay. Meanwhile, Darren's romantic plans are put on hold after Nancy gets a call about her dream job. And Lee finds an advert that might get Amy's career back on track, but first has to stop Dodger putting a halt to his schemes.moreless
  • Monday 1st August 2011
    Brendan gets a shock when his ex-wife Eileen shows up unannounced, and Darren is forced to act as peace-maker in the conflict between Nancy and Frankie. Meanwhile, tensions rise between Bart and Sinead after they spend the night sleeping rough, and life on the streets places serious strain on their romance.moreless
  • Friday 29th July 2011
    Friday 29th July 2011
    Episode 150
    Sinead faces a choice between Bart and her family when she becomes tired of life on the run. Meanwhile, Nancy is annoyed by Frankie's efforts to control her and Noah heads for Newcastle alone, leaving Ste with a decision to make about Brendan.
  • Thursday 28th July 2011
    Brendan causes trouble for Ste and Noah by inviting them out for drinks ahead of their move to Newcastle the next day, and Ruby misreads Pete's encouragement during a tutoring session. Meanwhile, Bart tries to keep Sinead's spirits up as she struggles to adjust to life as a squatter and Jason finds a clue as to the pair's whereabouts.moreless
  • Wednesday 27th July 2011
    A penniless Bart and Sinead go jobhunting in a desperate bid to prolong their romantic adventure. Meanwhile, Ste makes a big decision about his relationship with Noah, and Ruby is thrilled to learn Frankie has hired Pete to tutor her during the summer holidays.
  • Tuesday 26th July 2011
    Bart and Sinead's carefree fun is cut short when they discover the harsh realities of their new-found independence, and back in the village, Jason is shocked when he learns they have run away together. Meanwhile, Noah prepares for a job interview in Newcastle, Nancy clashes with Frankie, and Rae's plans to set up Theresa and Will backfire.moreless
  • Monday 25th July 2011
    Monday 25th July 2011
    Episode 146
    Bart and Sinead run away together, seeking accommodation at a seaside B&B. Meanwhile, Will thwarts Ethan's desperate efforts to salvage relationships with each of his three girlfriends, Nancy struggles to adjust to life at the Osbornes' and Brendan plots to get rid of Noah for good.
  • Friday 22nd July 2011
    Friday 22nd July 2011
    Episode 145
    Bart and Sinead make a life-changing decision as they conspire to dodge Diane and go to the prom together. Meanwhile, Nancy's time living with the Osbornes gets off to a bad start, and three-timing Ethan is forced to face the consequences of his cheating ways.
  • Thursday 21st July 2011
    Theresa and Liberty finally learn they are both seeing Ethan, only to discover their two-timing lover has been dating a third woman, Rae. Will persuades Diane to let him take Sinead out on a date, while Duncan and Ricky's alternative prom faces disaster when the booze Dodger gave them turns out to be non-alcoholic. And Nancy finally comes around to the idea of moving into the Osbornes but is sad at the prospect of having to finally say goodbye to Becca and her life in the flat.moreless
  • Wednesday 20th July 2011
    Theresa suspects her secret boyfriend is seeing someone else, and enlists Dodger's help to discover the other woman's identity. Meanwhile, Sinead begs Will to help her arrange a rendezvous with Bart. And Nancy is horrified to learn her new prospective tenant is Mitzeee but, things only get worse when she realises Darren expects her to move in with his family.moreless
  • Tuesday 19th July 2011
    Theresa confides in Liberty when she begins to worry her secret boyfriend does not share her affections, and things get worse for two-timing Ethan when he sends a text message to the wrong girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rhys comes up with an inventive way to help Jacqui sleep, and Darren proposes a drastic and upsetting solution to his and Nancy's money troubles when he suggest that they sell the flat.moreless
  • Monday 18th July 2011
    Monday 18th July 2011
    Episode 141
    Ethan's love life becomes even more complicated when both his girlfriends insist on treating him to a birthday dinner on the same night, but when Theresa encounters Liberty at his flat, only Doug can help the two-timing cop out of the mess in the most revealing way. Meanwhile, Nancy is impressed when Darren buys her a waterbed, until she discovers he used her money, while Ricky and Duncan plan to stage an alternative prom.moreless
  • Friday 15th July 2011
    Friday 15th July 2011
    Episode 140
    Rhys blames himself for Jacqui's disappearance and rejects her family's efforts to comfort him. Ethan's affairs with Theresa and Liberty are put under strain as the girls decide they have had enough of their secret relationships. Meanwhile, Lee and Jamil face the prospect of being single, and Texas joins forces with Mandy again to get her hands on Cindy's fortune.moreless
  • Thursday 14th July 2011
    Liberty's performance at T4 on the Beach proves to be a hit, but celebrations are brought to an early end for Theresa when she gets a call from home revealing that Jacqui has gone missing. Meanwhile, Rhys and the McQueens make a terrifying discovery during their search, and Lee tries to win back Amy, but his efforts prove to be too little too late.moreless
  • Wednesday 13th July 2011
    Liberty gets a chance to perform at T4 on the Beach, and invites Theresa along for the ride, but Ethan worries the girls might divulge their secrets during the trip and decides to join them. Meanwhile, Amy breaks things off with Lee when she discovers he has sided with Leanne, and a frustrated Rhys delivers an ultimatum to a fragile Jacqui but is unprepared for her response.moreless
  • Tuesday 12th July 2011
    Jacqui tries to get over her rape ordeal, but her efforts to seduce Rhys prove to be badly judged. Elsewhere, with the prospect of police charges looming, Amy demands to know whether Lee believes her side of the story. Meanwhile, Bart invites Sinead to the school prom, and an argument comes to an abrupt but passionate end for Warren and Mitzeee.moreless
  • Monday 11th July 2011
    Monday 11th July 2011
    Episode 136
    Jacqui remains keen to get her life back on track as she begins work at the Dog, but Rhys worries she is not coping well, and suggests she seeks professional help. Meanwhile, Amy finds herself charged with assault, and Lee's efforts to mediate only make matters worse. Elsewhere, Sinead finds a new way to contact Bart, and Mitzeee's plan to make Warren jealous backfires.moreless
  • Friday 8th July 2011
    Friday 8th July 2011
    Episode 135
    Warren tries to reason with Mitzeee as she threatens to burn the stolen cash, but things turn ugly when he realises she was responsible for the police raid on Chez Chez. Meanwhile, Jacqui swallows her pride and asks Carl for a job, Diane arranges a home tutor for Sinead. And Carmel faces another embarrassing encounter while giving Father Francis a massage as, her inner thoughts become reality.moreless
  • Thursday 7th July 2011
    Warren is impressed to discover Mitzeee has the stolen cash, but her motives remain unclear. Jacqui is annoyed when Rhys confides in Cheryl about life as a married man. And Carmel confesses to Cindy about her sinful feelings towards Father Francis.
  • Wednesday 6th July 2011
    Ethan questions Mitzeee at the police station and officers storm Chez Chez in search of the stolen money, but Brendan remains one step ahead of them. Meanwhile, Carmel struggles in the face of temptation when she and Fr Francis take a dip in the hot tub, and Diane grounds Sinead for two months, meaning that she will miss the prom.moreless
  • Tuesday 5th July 2011
    Tuesday 5th July 2011
    Episode 132
    Ethan questions Cindy about the stolen banknotes, and she in turn warns Mitzeee to be wary of the company she keeps. However, the advice comes too late for the would-be Wag, who is taken into police custody. Meanwhile, Mercedes and Riley make a decision about their future, Diane is suspicious of Sinead's new friend Izzy. And Carmel continues to be tested by her feelings for Father Francis.moreless
  • Monday 4th July 2011
    Monday 4th July 2011
    Episode 131
    Brendan and Dodger manage to crack Warren's safe and take the stolen cash, and when Mitzeee spots the ill-gotten money in the till at Chez Chez, she quickly gets to work bringing the notes back into circulation. The memory of her embarrassing massage incident causes Carmel to get the wrong idea when a handsome priest turns up at the spa. Elsewhere, Esther tries to improve Ricky and Duncan's chances of finding love and, Mercedes is still worrying about escaping one for disastrous situation for another.moreless
  • Friday 1st July 2011
    Friday 1st July 2011
    Episode 130
    Brendan enlists Dodger's help to gain an advantage over Warren, and Mercedes deals with the fallout from her hospital visit. Meanwhile, Mitzeee tests Carmel's resolve by sending an attractive rubgy player her way at the spa. However, the would-be nun is disgusted when it becomes clear her latest customer expects more than just a massage.moreless
  • Thursday 30th June 2011
    Mercedes worries her lies are about to be exposed as Carl and Riley rush her to hospital. Meanwhile, Brendan and Warren clash over a dubious stash of money, and Amy hopes to engage Leanne in a mature conversation, but only ends up giving her love rival a chance to air her vengeful feelings.moreless
  • Wednesday 29th June 2011
    Riley is named Young Player of the Year at a glamorous sports awards ceremony, but when he clumsily pulls Mercedes up onto the stage, Myra spots an opportunity to help solve her daughter's predicament. Elsewhere, Amy struggles to control Ruby in the classroom and, Liberty and Theresa encourage each other to find new boyfriends, unaware they are both secretly dating the same man.moreless
  • Tuesday 28th June 2011
    Leanne makes it clear she still has a score to settle when Amy is released on bail. Meanwhile, Myra comes up with a way for Mercedes to untangle herself from her web of lies. A hung-over Lynsey meets a handsome new doctor when she returns to work, and the pressure mounts for Ethan as Liberty and Theresa each insist on bringing their respective relationships into the public eye.moreless
  • Monday 27th June 2011
    Monday 27th June 2011
    Episode 126
    Ethan continues to juggle his relationships with Liberty and Theresa, but careful time management is not enough to keep his infidelity hidden. Meanwhile, rumours begin to spread that Amy was behind the incident that put Leanne in hospital, Lynsey celebrates her re-instatement with a bit too much enthusiasm, and Mercedes is overwhelmed with guilt after spending the day trying on wedding dresses with Heidi and Myra.moreless
  • Friday 24th June 2011
    Friday 24th June 2011
    Episode 125
    Theresa is delighted when it seems Liberty has forgiven her, but when she and Ethan attend the Savage girl's gig, it becomes clear the policeman is still smitten with his ex. Meanwhile, Sinead recovers from the accident but is once again forbidden to see Bart by Diane and Amy is shocked by an unexpected accusation.moreless
  • Thursday 23rd June 2011
    Ethan decides to stop keeping secrets, and visits Liberty with the intention of telling her that he plans to start a relationship with Theresa. However, when he arrives, his ex-fiancee makes a stern demand. Dodger plans to cheer his sister up by arranging for her to sing at Chez Chez, while Ste and Lee start to worry about Amy's mental state when she is sent home from work.moreless
  • Wednesday 22nd June 2011
    Liberty hopes to take her mind off her troubles by entering the Chez Chez singing competition, but when Ethan tries to make amends with her, he ends up revealing another secret. Meanwhile, Dodger vows to get revenge for his sister's broken heart, and Lee shows Amy he is more than willing to be a father to her children.moreless
  • Tuesday 21st June 2011
    Theresa unwittingly reveals she is privy to one of Liberty's most intimate secrets, and is forced to bend the truth again to conceal how she came about the information. However, as the lies pile up, Will begins to crack under the pressure of hiding Ethan's infidelity. Meanwhile, Lee and Amy receive a big surprise as, Sinead, Esther, Ruby and Bart head off to Abersoch for some summer fun.moreless
  • Monday 20th June 2011
    Monday 20th June 2011
    Episode 121
    Amy and Lee are delighted when Leanne announces she is moving out, and are unable to hide their enthusiasm as they help her pack her things. Meanwhile, Liberty is shocked to discover Theresa knows one of her most intimate secrets, and Carl becomes jealous when he discovers Riley missed a squad night out in favour of viewing houses with Mercedes.moreless
  • Friday 17th June 2011
    Friday 17th June 2011
    Episode 120
    Riley wants to know what's going on when he receives a lot of panicked voicemail messages from Jacqui, Mercedes and Carl. When Carl gives Rhys a job to key her Jacqui's mouth shut she warns that if either he or Mercedes steps out line line she'll shout their secret from the rooftops. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Cindy's rivalry heats up during the Chez-Chez Games and Carmel is rumbled and is forced to face the wrath of Myra & Theresa.moreless
  • Thursday 16th June 2011
    Jacqui is furious with Mercedes and demands that she tell Riley the whole truth. But Carl and Mercedes join forces offering cash to Jacqui to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Carmel continues to get Myra & Theresa to help her with her church duties. And Brendan goes out of his way to make things up with Cheryl by asking Ste for help which leads to a real heartfelt conversation with his sister.moreless
  • Wednesday 15th June 2011
    Mercedes is reeling from the events at the party and heads to Jacqui for some respite. But Jacqui is in search of the truth. She finally puts two and two together when Carl turns up. Meanwhile, Brendan continues to try and win Cheryl round leading to a brawl Cindy. And, Carmel goes on a charity mission and enlist the help of Myra and Theresa but they have other ideas.moreless
  • Tuesday 14th June 2011
    The engagement party is in full swing when Letitia turns up to steal Mitzeee's thunder. Jacqui tries to persuade Mercedes to tell Riley the truth, but a fight breaks out with Mercedes.
  • Monday 13th June 2011
    Monday 13th June 2011
    Episode 116
    Brendan is still eager for Cheryl's forgiveness. Mitzeee continues her plan to sabotage Riley and Mercedes' engagement party, while Jacqui finds out the truth about Mercedes' pregnancy.
  • Friday 10th June 2011
    Friday 10th June 2011
    Episode 115
    The McQueens set up a series of money-making schemes to help Jacqui and Rhys keep their home. Meanwhile, Jason is unnerved by the tension between him and Bart and he tries to block things out by hooking up with Sinead, only to be interrupted by Diane. And, Mitzeee attempts to finalise the final chapter of her book by getting Mercedes to agree to host her engagement party at Chez-Chez.moreless
  • Thursday 9th June 2011
    Cheryl enjoys winding Mitzeee up through Warren. Meanwhile, Rhys is unable to get a bank loan to pay the rent leading Jacqui decides to help, but who will she call. And Jason meets up with Andy only to learn that Bart may not be as happy about it as he lets on.moreless
  • Wednesday 8th June 2011
    Sinead is furious when she finds out Jason spent the night with Bart. Mitzeee continues her sabotage plans and Rhys panics when Neville calls in the rent, as he doesn't have the money.
  • Tuesday 7th June 2011
    Tuesday 7th June 2011
    Episode 112
    Jason is determined to make Bart see the importance of his exams and forces him to revise. Mitzeee tries to hijack Cheryl's engagement party plans for Riley and Mercedes.
  • Monday 6th June 2011
    Monday 6th June 2011
    Episode 111
    Bart storms out of an exam but his blasé attitude doesn't fool Jason or Pete. Meanwhile, Mercedes & Mitzeee wind each other up, Ruby's caught once again in a lie. And Jacqui and Rhys return from their honeymoon, but it's clear there's trouble in paradise.
  • Friday 3rd June 2011
    Friday 3rd June 2011
    Episode 110
    After an eventful night Ruby stumbles around the village looking terrible. Amy isn't happy when she catches Lee spying on Leanne and wonders if he's truly over her.
  • Thursday 2nd June 2011
    Unaware of her own dangerous situation, Ruby stand at the side of the road and tries to hitch a lift. Mitzeee wants a girls' night out and ropes Carmel in, determined to corrupt her.
  • Wednesday 1st June 2011
    Ruby and Esther rope Duncan in to help get rid of Darren and Nancy so they can party plan, but as the night unravels there are terrible consequences.
  • Tuesday 31st May 2011
    Tuesday 31st May 2011
    Episode 107
    Darren and Nancy have their hands full at the Osbournes with the house full of kids. Leanne ropes Texas into the drama ball, while Ethan and Doug get drunk and philosophical.
  • Monday 30th May 2011
    Monday 30th May 2011
    Episode 106
    Ruby and Esther's party plans are scuppered when Jack asks Nancy and Darren to move in while they go to London. Dodger sets Leanne and Will up on a date, but Will is out of his depth. And, Doug is still grieving over Bec's as Ethan and Riley try to cheer him up.moreless
  • Friday 27th May 2011
    Friday 27th May 2011
    Episode 105
    Amy and Lee are all loved up, but Lee is dreading Leanne's imminent return, little does he know that Leanne has just witnessed their public display of affection.
  • Thursday 26th May 2011
    Ruby's acid tongue provokes Mr Grimshaw and an altercation ensues. Lee's romantic act is interrupted by a wasp sting which lands him in hospital. And Mandy tries to teach Cindy a lesson.
  • Wednesday 25th May 2011
    Ruby's crush on Pete grows, while Dodger makes a futile attempt at helping Lee get over Amy. Noah is disturbed by a dream about Brendan, while Brendan continues to try and cause trouble.
  • Tuesday 24th May 2011
    Tuesday 24th May 2011
    Episode 102
    Noah continues to put Brendan through his paces on a training session. Lee is annoyed when Amy lands another TV role and Ruby is furious when Pete introduces her new tutor Mr 'Creepy Colin' Grimshaw.
  • Monday 23rd May 2011
    Monday 23rd May 2011
    Episode 101
    Noah declares war on Brendan, but is then shocked to find that Brendan is his new client at the spa. Leanne's screening of Lee's TV ad doesn't go down well at The Dog.
  • Friday 20th May 2011
    Friday 20th May 2011
    Episode 100
    Jacqui realises she has a long way to go after the trial but will she let Rhys stand by her? And Ste stands up to Brendan when he tries to scupper Ste and Noah's plans.
  • Thursday 19th May 2011
    Liberty and Dodger's matchmaking with Will and Theresa backfires. Jacqui starts to panic about her impromptu wedding. And Jason is annoyed when Bart's ploy to get Sinead back succeeds.
  • Wednesday 18th May 2011
    After Gabby's letter, Tony decides to go off traveling. But not before he declares his feelings to Mandy. Jacqui has absorbed Myra's meaningful advice and sets off to see Rhys.
  • Tuesday 17th May 2011
    Rhys and Darren awake from their drunken slumber and realise they may have gone too far. Jacqui turns to Tony for advice, while Liberty's plans to set up Will and Theresa backfire.
  • Monday 16th May 2011
    Jacqui surprises her family further when she reveals her plans to be a kidney donor to Billy's daughter, Emily. And Rhys turns to Darren for comfort after his clash with Jacqui.
  • Friday 13th May 2011
    Ruby has Esther wrapped around her little finger, but when they are caught plagiarising will Esther be able to keep her mouth shut? And Carmel bumps into Jacqui at the hospital
  • Thursday 12th May 2011
    Mitzeee wakes up at Nancy's unsure of her future with Warren. She writes a heartfelt letter - but will it be the final chapter of Mitzeee's autobiography?
  • Wednesday 11th May 2011
    Mitzeee regrets asking questions now that Warren has come clean about Louise. Will she stand by her man or make a run for it? Jamil, Texas and Mandy search for Cid, the deadly snake.
  • Tuesday 10th May 2011
    Mitzeee fights with her conscience as Ethan closes in. Annoyed at Esther, Ruby takes her scheming to the next level. The game may be up for Mandy and Texas when Cindy's snake goes missing.
  • Monday 9th May 2011
    Monday 9th May 2011
    Episode 91
    Mitzeee decides to teach Warren a lesson, but will it backfire? Mandy and Texas continue to filter Cindy's money away, convincing her to buy an exotic and rather expensive snake.
  • Friday 6th May 2011
    Friday 6th May 2011
    Episode 90
    Carl is devastated when The Dog is robbed, but will he find out that Riley did it? Mitzeee is annoyed at being kept in the dark, so plays Warren at his own game.
  • Thursday 5th May 2011
    Warren convinces Riley the only way he can get his dad's cap and protect Mercedes is to stage a robbery at The Dog. Will Riley fall for it and get caught
  • Wednesday 4th May 2011
    Riley struggles with his conscience, but when Rocco starts threatening Mercedes, Riley needs to think of a way of getting his dad's England cap. Warren has an idea, but Riley won't like it.
  • Tuesday 3rd May 2011
    Seth forces Mercedes to announce her pregnancy however Riley panics and gets himself in trouble with one of Warren's friends. Texas is struggling for money, so comes up with a plan.Seth forces Mercedes to announce her pregnancy however Riley panics and gets himself in trouble with one of Warren's friends. And Texas is struggling for money with Cindy's spendingg getting out of hand, so with Mandy's help comes up with a plan.moreless
  • Monday 2nd May 2011
    Monday 2nd May 2011
    Episode 86
    Riley prepares to play his first home game while Mercedes basks in the glory of being a WAG as, Heidi returns, Seth struggles with the burden of Carl and Mercedes's secret. Also, Warren tries to convince Riley to let him be his Manager as things at Cinergy go a little haywire.moreless
  • Friday 29th April 2011
    Lee wakes up to find Leanne in his bed and the tv shoot doesn't go all to well as Leanne starts in interfere. The hostility between Seth and Mercedes doesn't go unnoticed. While Cindy reveals that neither Carmel nor Noah will be the Cinergy manager as she's hired someone else for the position, Mandy. And Cheryl gives up the chance of a lifetime to secure Brendan's release from jail.moreless
  • Thursday 28th April 2011
    Lee and Amy rehearse lines together, but Lee's attempt to win back Amy's affections fail. Carmel and Noah battle it out for the job of manager at Cinergy, while Noah struggles to trust Ste's feelings for Brendan. And Ethan comes calling on Warren and Brendan over Jenny's murder calling their loyalties into question.moreless
  • Wednesday 27th April 2011
    Lee is delighted when the sausage company wants him and Amy for a TV advert, but first he has to convince Amy to do it, while Leanne is busy scheming and plotting against Amy.
  • Tuesday 26th April 2011
    When Jenny and Silas picnic in the woods she thinks she's got away with drugging his drink, but Silas has seen everything and has all the confirmation he needs about Jenny's character.
  • Monday 25th April 2011
    Jenny plans to con an old man she met online, hoping to get her hands on enough money to run away with Doug. However, the predator becomes the prey when her target is revealed to be Silas. Meanwhile, Leanne tries to convince Lee that Amy attacked her, and Cheryl refuses to forgive Brendan for his crimes.moreless
  • Friday 22nd April 2011
    Theresa is touched by a romantic gesture from Will, but her good mood quickly disappears when she hears Liberty and Ethan are about to set a date for their wedding. Meanwhile, Nancy and Darren's relationship comes under strain, and Texas decides to put her reputation on the line when suspicion falls on Dodger for the Price Slice robbery.moreless
  • Thursday 21st April 2011
    Warren works to mislead Jenny while Mitzeee stashes his ill-gotten money, little suspecting that the mysterious newcomer is not the only person interested in the cash. Meanwhile, an awkward double date at the Dog results in a clandestine kiss between Theresa and Ethan, but their secret looks set to be exposed when Will notices their attraction.moreless
  • Wednesday 20th April 2011
    Jenny's plan to claim Danny Houston's money from Warren hits a snag after she encounters a familiar face in the village, and Liberty moves in with Theresa, unaware her new room-mate holds a secret love for her fiancé. Meanwhile, Jamil and Doug worry about Texas when she spends the night away from home, and Nancy is furious with Darren for interfering in her work.moreless
  • Tuesday 19th April 2011
    Jenny struggles to hold her own when Rhys arranges for her to meet Warren, who immediately sets about trying to intimidate her. Dirk helps himself to Myra's utilities after parking his camper van outside the McQueens' home, and Carmel strives to contain her sinful passion for Dodger - but he seems more interested in Texas.moreless
  • Monday 18th April 2011
    Rhys wakes up and is confronted by his unlikely abductor, but is baffled when she tells him he stole money from her. Meanwhile, the McQueens devise a way to seize their home back from the Savages, Darren tries to keep Charlie occupied while Nancy revises, and Texas is livid when she discovers Cindy has stopped the allowance she received from her grandfather.moreless
  • Friday 15th April 2011
    Silas continues to sow seeds of doubt in Cheryl's mind, suggesting that her collapse was due to a mistake on Lynsey's part regarding her diet pills. Meanwhile, Rhys turns on the charm for an attractive stranger at Chez Chez, and the McQueens return from Tenerife to find the Savages squatting in their home.moreless
  • Thursday 14th April 2011
    Lynsey is frantic with worry when she finds Cheryl unconscious in Chez Chez, and she accompanies her to hospital with Rhys, where tests reveal she has high levels of sedatives in her system. Elsewhere, tension mounts among Gaz, Rae and Jason resulting in a clash.
  • Wednesday 13th April 2011
    Duncan reluctantly leaves Ricky in charge of business at Mobs, and Liberty adds a feminine touch to Noah and Doug's home. Meanwhile, Cheryl's determination to eat healthily begins to buckle when she catches sight of a packet of chocolate biscuits - but her momentary lapse has devastating consequences.
  • Wednesday 13th April 2011
    Duncan reluctantly leaves Ricky in charge of business at Mobs, and Liberty adds a feminine touch to Noah and Doug's home. Meanwhile, Cheryl's determination to eat healthily begins to buckle when she catches sight of a packet of chocolate biscuits, but her momentary lapse has devastating consequences.
  • Tuesday 12th April 2011
    Carl books a room for himself and Heidi at a hotel, but when he reveals he may be held up at a meeting, Gaz spots a chance to spend time alone with the boss's wife. Meanwhile, Dodger has surprising news for Liberty when she finds the Savage family home boarded up, and Cheryl asks Lynsey to get her some diet pills, providing Silas with the perfect opportunity to ruin the nurse's reputation.moreless
  • Monday 11th April 2011
    Lynsey returns, ready to put the past behind her, but is shocked to discover Silas is also back in the village. Meanwhile, Riley tries to make amends with Mercedes by taking the McQueens on holiday, Liberty's brother Dodger begins to make himself at home, and Ruby exploits Esther's feelings for her to get hold of some easy money.moreless
  • Friday 21st January 2011
    It's the 3000th episode of Hollyoaks and the landmark is marked by the arrival of Suzanne's twin at the opening of Tony's new spa.
  • Thursday 20th January 2011
    Gaz continues to question Theresa about the gun until he learns her version of the truth. Meanwhile, Suzanne is worried that she's made a mistake coming back to the village. Also, Lee continues to try and make Leanne jealous about he new found connection with Candice until she has the last laugh. And, Anita bids farewell to Hollyoaks and decides to go and live with the rest of the Roys in Middlesbrough but, not before hearing a shocking bombshell from Eva that she has more siblings that she knew nothing about.moreless
  • Wednesday 19th January 2011
    Ste is gobsmacked by Brendan's new 'girlfriend'. Meanwhile, Anita is shaken when Gaz shows up and angrily threatens her. Elsewhere, is the lid to Theresa's secret about to be lifted?
  • Tuessday 18th January 2011
    Mitzeee sneakily organises a photo shoot at Chez Chez but she's grateful for Brendan and Warren when a sleazy photographer crosses the line. And a mysterious figure is living in the Osborne's attic.
  • Monday 17th January 2011
    Darren is overwhelmed by Suzanne's announcement that he's the father of her twins, and Nancy worries that it could come in between their newfound happiness. Meanwhile, Lee tires to find somewhere new to live in order to get away from Leanne. And Mitzeee uses her new knowledge to her advantage but Brendan won't play ball that easily.moreless
  • Friday 14th January 2011
    Nancy is excited when Darren pops the big question. Rae confides to Amy that she's pregnant and Amy pays Brendan a visit. Brendan tries to finish with Ste, but their goodbye is witnessed by an observant Mitzeee.
  • Wednesday 12th January 2011
    Jason's self-harming comes to light as he lies in a hospital bed, questions are asked if his stepping into the road was an accident. Brendan comes to some theories about Calvin's murder.
  • Thursday 6th January 2011
    Seth's jealousy gets the better of him when he sees Carl and Jason bonding leading him to join in with the mocking of Jason online. Ferns admits she's going to plead guilty. Also, Texas isn't at all pleased that Melody is helping Lee with Guy Candy and later after seeing Earl starts to question her paternity. Myra learns from Liberty that Ethan has started to build his own theory about what happened to Calvin. And, Eva's blackmail plan jumps into action and when Anita gives the diary back to Rob they all think it's all over but Eva has other idea's.moreless
  • Wednesday 5th January 2011
    Jason nervously prepares for school and tries to face up to the bullies but is left feeling like an outcast by the way that everyone including Bart is treating her. Tex's relationship with her mum remains turbulent and Lee uses Melody to try and make Guy Candy better. Meanwhile, Sinead is concerned when Rob reveals Eva's got Ambers' diary. And Ethan comforts Theresa while also trying to learn more about Calvin's murder.moreless
  • Tuesday 4th January 2011
    The Costello's take Jason to see the headmaster in order to make sure that his current situation is dealt with sensitively by the school however, Eva takes it upon herself to tell the whole year group everything in her own words. Ricky learns a secret from Duncan's past and later Lee uses it as an advantage for Guy Candy. Meanwhile, Rob and Sinead continue to try and find Amber's diary but unbeknown the them Eva has it has it starting to draw her own conclusions. And, Ethan continues to prepare the McQueen's for the trial while also trying to find out what it is they are covering up.moreless
  • Monday 3rd January 2011
    Heidi takes Jasmine to the clinic where she meets Tamara a fellow trans-gender who helps her to understand how the clinic can help. While talking to the doctor Heidi is very off putting when she feels that he's encouraging Jasmine in her bid to be Jason rather than 'curing' her. Meanwhile, Warren tries to get Cheryl to forget what she saw on New Years Eve and to give him another chance. Also, Ethan continues his investigation into Calvin's murder and he starts to wonder if the McQueen's are hiding anything after witnessing Theresa and Carmel's reaction when he mentioned Kyle's trial. And Ricky catches the attention of newcomer Ruby but is shocked when he learns that she's Duncan's sister.moreless