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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Nothing But Net
      Nothing But Net
      Episode 26
      The day of Holly's return to New Zealand is fast approaching so her basketball team get together to make a surprise for her. Nick and Holly finally share a kiss, but is it all in vain?
    • Stop the Clock
      Stop the Clock
      Episode 25
      The prestigious Australia Institute of Sport is offering a full scholarship and both Trish and Holly attend the Training Camp hoping to be the one picked. Max finally reveals the truth about his love for Lucy after an old film is found in his house.
    • Hospital Pass
      Hospital Pass
      Episode 24
      A chicken pox epidemic hits the town which very bad timing as the school dance is very close. Holly desperately wants Nick to ask her to the dance, but is afraid he will at the same time because she doesn't want him knowing that she can't dance.
    • One on One
      One on One
      Episode 23
      The New Zealand Under-16 National Squad have their eye on Holly, but is nervous since the Outlaws next match is up against Waka. Scubi's hidden talent of singing is seen as an easy way to make money by Johnno.
    • Rejection
      Episode 22
      Max's boat shed is set to be sold by the local council and the Outlaw team decide to help him keep it by getting people to sign a petition. At the same time, they are trying to raise money by participating in the 40-Hour Famine.
    • Assist
      Episode 22
      When the council plan to sell the boathouse, Max decides to go overseas, prompting the Outlaws to organize a petition and march on the Mayor's office.
    • Double Team
      Double Team
      Episode 21
      Johnno and Ralph decide to earn some quick cash from babysitting, but it doesn't go as smoothly as they thought. Still unable to admit her feelings for Nick, Holly's best-friend Sandy goes all out to impress him.
    • Mismatch
      Episode 21
      Emily organizes a trivia night fund-raiser, whilst Johnno and Ralph take on the babysitting job from hell. Meanwhile Sandy, Holly's best friend from New Zealand, makes a play for Nick after Holly declares she has no interest in him.
    • Show and Go
      Show and Go
      Episode 20
      Holly and the outlaws are playing against the Californian Comets. But then something comes up which has then affected the game. Johnno and Ralph are ready to get some US dollars, By selling 'Australian' things to them but do they have competion.
    • Free Agents
      Free Agents
      Episode 19
      When Alan Peterson's hardline coaching methods prove too much and yet more Rams are invited to training, Johnno and Ralph go on strike.
    • Buoys Verses Girls
      Buoys Verses Girls
      Episode 18
      The annual hunt for Mr. Finnegan, a legendary fish, turns into a battle of the sexes following a chauvinistic remark from Johnno. But Emily refuses to take sides, preferring to try for the $2,000 first prize with her friend Monique.
    • Create Your Best Shot
      Trish is determined to secure a basketball scholarship, but as she's not playing for the Outlaws under Alan's tutelage, her chances are fading fast.
    • Dream Team
      Dream Team
      Episode 16
      When the Outlaws play the Waka, Alan orders Joel to dominate, resulting in the team's loss. Tired of his father's expectations, Joel confesses his part in the Woolich Gym fire, incurring everyone's disgust, except for Nick.
    • Coast-to-Coast
      Episode 15
      The revamped Outlaws head to New Zealand to play Holly's old team, the Waka. Whilst Holly is excited to see old friends, a jealous Nick clashes with Waka player Watene over Holly, but befriends him when he learns that she's his cousin.
    • Fish and Championships
      The Outlaws' joy at being invited to the Pan Pacific Championships is short-lived when Peterson uses Max's absence to hijack the team. And like vultures, Rams players are ready to replace Outlaws who can't afford the trip.
    • Taking It to the Max
      As the Grand Final between the Outlaws and the Rams draws closer, tensions build and when Johnno's efforts to restore Ralph's self-confidence backfire, Ralph tells Max that it's best if he doesn't play.
    • Fouled Out
      Fouled Out
      Episode 12
      The Outlaws nervously face their last pre-finals game, not helped by Holly's detention on the big day with Nick, resident tough boy Sean Berger, and surprisingly Trish, Joel and Scubi.
    • Showtime
      Episode 11
      When Johnno takes Emily to her ballet class, he thinks he has found a major basketball talent in the shape of leaping Hamish Moore.
    • The Away Game
      The Away Game
      Episode 10
      A new coach arrives for the Outlaws, but Holly thinks that Max isn't up to being a successful coach for them. During a game of Truth or Dare, Holly makes the huge blunder of daring Franco to kiss Jacinta. Will she ever be forgiven?
    • Crossing the Line
      As the Rams' annual movie marathon looms, Nick's aggressiveness threatens his friendship with Holly, whilst Jacinta is annoyed at Joel's sudden interest in her best friend.
    • Jungle Ball
      Jungle Ball
      Episode 8
      Eager to make money, Johnno organizes a two-on-two, Jungle Ball tournament and rigs the schedule so that he and Ralph will win third prize.
    • Crunch Time
      Crunch Time
      Episode 7
      As the Outlaws nervously prepare to play against the Rams, Jacinta reveals a talent for shooting three-pointers and joins the team. During the match Alan, stunned by Jacinta's hitherto hidden skills, directs the Rams to play dirty.
    • Three Man Weave
      Three Man Weave
      Episode 6
      When the Rams and Outlaws are forced to break sides for the competitive year 9 social studies excursion, they try to put their differences aside.
    • Buzzer Beater
      Buzzer Beater
      Episode 5
      With the first game of the season only a day away, the Outlaws are feeling excited. But on the big morning, Johnno is forced to finish an urgent job and Franco, whose father has hurt his back, is left to cope with the annual melon harvest.
    • Taking the Charge
      When the Outlaws challenge Holly's belief that she's their captain and elect Nick instead, she takes it hard and nearly calls off her team party.
    • Home Court Advantage
      What Holly considers an easy training session, the Outlaws call torture, and to make matters worse, the Rams have monopolized the gym bookings, bar one 6.30am slot.
    • Making The Grade
      Making The Grade
      Episode 2
      Holly has gotten her own team together and they meet up for their first ever practice session. Holly finds out that whatever the team is graded at during the first match they play - they will be stuck in until the end of season.
    • A Whole New Ball Game
      Holly McKenzie moves to Australia from New Zeland with big plans. But the one thing she didn't expect, was not to make the basketball team, The Rams.
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