Hollywood A Go-Go

(ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Show 58: February 5, 1966 (Syndicated Show 52) Final Episode
      The Bantams - "I Should Have Known Better"
      The Bantams - "Do You Love Me?"
      The Byrds - "It Won't Be Wrong"
      The Byrds - "Set You Free This Time"
      The Byrds - "Turn, Turn, Turn"
      Freddy Cannon - "The Dedication Song"
      Freddy Cannon - "Come On, Come On"
      James Darren - "Tom Hawk"
      James Darren - 2nd song possibly "I Want To Be Lonely"
      The Everly Brothers - "Bird Dog"
      The Everly Brothers - "Love Crazy Baby"
      Bob Lind - "Elusive Butterfly"
      Bob Lind - "Cheryl's Goin' Home"
      Karen Verros - "Little Boy"
      Karen Verros - "I Can't Remember Ever Loving You"
      David Watson - "Please Won't You Stay"
      David Watson - "How Much I Care"
    • Show 57: January 29, 1966 (Syndicated Show 51)
      Guests (partial song list):
      The Challengers - "Walk with Me"
      Shirley Ellis & Lincoln Chase - "Ever See a Diver Kiss His Wife?"
      Shirley Ellis - "Stardust"
      The Ikettes - "Beauty is Just Skin Deep"
      Ray Peterson - "Love Hurts"
      Wilson Pickett - "Don't Fight It"
      The Spokesmen - "Michelle"
      Billy Strange - "Thunderball"
      Joe Tex - "I Want To"
      Tina Turner - "Can't Chance a Breakup"
    • Show 56: January 22, 1966 (Syndicated Show 50)
      Brook Benton
      Roy Clark
      Jimmy Darren
      The Fortunes
      The Kingsmen - "Louie, Louie"
      Peter and Gordon
      Billy Joe Royal
    • Show 55: January 15, 1966 (Syndicated Show 49)
      The Boys - "I Know We Will Part"
      The Boys - "Splendor In The Grass"
      Lou Christie - "Lightnin' Strikes"
      Lou Christie - "Cryin' in the Streets"
      Little Jimmy Dickens - "May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose"
      Little Jimmy Dickens - "Honky Tonk Troubles"
      Jackie Lee - "The Duck" (novelty dance)
      Jackie Lee - "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide"
      The Pair Extraordinaire - "Forbidden Fruit"
      The Pair Extraordinaire - "The 'In' Crowd"
      The Pair Extraordinaire - "Watermelon Man"
      Evie Sands - "I Can't Let Go"
      Evie Sands - "You've Got Me Uptight"
      The Vibrations - "Sloop Dance"
      The Vibrations - "Keep On Keeping On"
      The Vibrations - medley including "What'd I Say," "Gonna Be Alright," and "Shout."
    • Show 54: January 1, 1966 (Syndicated Show 48)
      Guests (partial song list):
      The Castaways - "Goodbye Babe"
      The Dillards - "Walkin' down the Line"
      Gloria Jones - "Heartbeat"
      The Knickerbockers - "Lies"
      Jerry Naylor - "I'll Walk Away"
      Joey Paige - "Roll Over Beethoven"
      Bobby Paris - "Tears on My Pillow"
    • Show 53: December 25, 1965 (Syndicated Show 47)
      Guests (complete song list?):
      The Association - "One Too Many Mornings"
      The Association - "Forty Times"
      The Dixie Cups - "A-B-C Song"
      The Dixie Cups - "Chapel Of Love"
      Bobby Freeman - "Good Lovin'"
      Bobby Freeman - "Do The Monkey"
      Lesley Gore - "It's My Party"
      Lesley Gore - "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows"
      Donna Loren - "Call Me"
      Simon & Garfunkel - "Sounds of Silence"
      The Sunrays - "Andrea"
    • Show 52: December 18, 1965 (Syndicated Show 46)
      Guests (w/partial song list):
      The Changin' Times - "Pied Piper"
      Patti Labelle and the Blue Belles - "All or Nothing"
      Otis Redding - "Respect"
      Round Robin - "Gonna Tear the House Down"
      Bobby Rydell - "The Word for Today"
      Mitch Ryder - "Jenny Take A Ride!"
      The Statler Brothers - "Flowers on the Wall"
      Series regulars:
      The Challengers
    • Show 51: December 11, 1965 (Syndicated Show 45)
      Guests (partial song list):
      The Beau Brummels - "You Tell Me Why"
      Freddy Cannon - "She's Something Else"
      The Lovin' Spoonful - "Do You Believe In Magic?"
      Johnny Nash - "Understanding"
      Leroy Van Dyke - "Black Cloud"
      Bruce Scott - "So Much to Live For"
      The Vogues - "You're the One"
    • Show 50: December 4, 1965 (Syndicated Show 44)
      Guests (w/partial song list):
      Vic Dana - unknown
      Deep Six - "Rising Sun"
      Dick & DeeDee - "Be My Baby"
      Gale Garnett - "We'll Sing in the Sunshine"
      Dick Kallman (star of the TV series 'Hank') - "You're the One"
      Ben E. King - "Stand by Me"
      The Knickerbockers - "You Really Got Me"
      Jerry Naylor - "City Lights"
      Series regulars:
      The Challengers
    • Show 49: November 27, 1965 (Syndicated Show 43)
      Glen Campbell - "Private John Q"
      Glen Campbell - "Finger Pickin'" (instrumental)
      Glen Campbell - "Subterranean Homesick Blues"
      Marvin Gaye - "Ain't That Peculiar?"
      Marvin Gaye - "Hitch Hike"
      Marvin Gaye - "Can I Get A Witness?"
      The Knickerbockers - "The 'In' Crowd"
      The Knickerbockers - "Lies"
      The Knickerbockers - medley: "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling," "I Get Around" and "It's Not Unusual"
      Tommy Leonetti - "I Can't Stop Loving You"
      Tommy Leonetti - "Personality"
      Ramsey Lewis Trio - "Hang On Sloopy" (instrumental)
      Gene McDaniels - "Point Of No Return"
      Lou Rawls - "Cold, Cold Heart"
      Lou Rawls - "Three O'clock In The Morning"
      Dee Dee Sharp - "I Really Love You"
      Dee Dee Sharp - "Mashed Potato Time"
    • Show 48: November 20, 1965 (Syndicated Show 42)

      John Astin - "Querida Mia."
      John Astin - "Wall Flower Pete."
      Cannibal & The Headhunters - "Follow the Music."
      Cannibal & The Headhunters - "Land of 1000 Dances."
      Bobby Fuller Four - "Little Annie Lou."
      Bobby Fuller Four - "Never To Be Forgotten."
      Noel Harrison - "A Young Girl."
      Noel Harrison - "The Future Mrs 'Awkins."
      The Miracles - "Mickey's Monkey."
      The Miracles - "My Girl Has Gone."
      The Miracles - "Ooh Baby Baby."
      Marian Montgomery - "Bambi's Beat."
      Marian Montgomery - "You Can't Take That Away From Me."
      Jackie Wilson - "Georgia On My Mind."
      Jackie Wilson - "Baby Workout."

      Also appearing?
      The Strangeloves - "I Want Candy."

    • Show 47: November 13, 1965 (Syndicated Show 41)
      The Apollas - "Swing Down Chariot"
      The Apollas - "Lock Me in Your Heart"
      The Apollas - "You're Absolutely Right"
      Ted 'Lurch' Cassidy - "The Lurch"
      Ted 'Lurch' Cassidy - "Wesley"
      Damita Jo - "Sweet Pussycat"
      Damita Jo - "Tomorrow Night"
      Ray Peterson - "Come And Get It"
      Ray Peterson - "What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For"
      Tommy Roe - "Everybody"
      Tommy Roe - "Nitty Gritty"
      The Nooney Rickett 4 - "Bye Bye Baby"
      The Nooney Rickett 4 - "Maybe The Last Time"
      Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs - "Go-Go Girl"
      Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs - "Ring Dang Doo"
      Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs - "Wooly Bully"
      Tommy Sands - "The Statue"
    • Show 46: November 6, 1965 (Syndicated Show 40)

      Guests (partial song list):
      Len Barry - "You, Baby."
      The Byrds - "Turn, Turn, Turn."
      The Byrds - "It's No Use."
      Duane Eddy - "Rebel Rouser."
      Bobby Fuller Four - "I Fought the Law."
      Jennie Smith - "My Man."
      Bobby Vee - "The Story Of My Life."
      Ian Whitcomb - "Be My Baby."

      Series regulars:
      The Sinners - unknown

    • Show 45: October 30, 1965 (Syndicated Show 39)
      Guests (partial song list):
      Fontella Bass - "Rescue Me"
      Molly Bee - "You Don't Know Me"
      The Dillards - "Last Thing on My Mind"
      The Gentrys - "Keep on Dancing"
      Ketty Lester - "I'll be Looking Back"
      Billy Preston - "The Octopus"
      Chad Stuart - "Little Does She Know"
      Series regulars:
      The Sinners - unknown
    • Show 44: October 23, 1965 (Syndicated Show 38)
      Guests (partial song list):
      Mel Carter - "(All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings"
      Eddie Hodges - "New Orleans"
      Eddie Hodges - "Love Minus Zero/No Limit"
      Jackie & Gayle - "That's How It Goes"
      Jody Miller - "Home of the Brave"
      Jimmie Rodgers - "Bye Bye Love"
      The Spokesmen - "The Dawn of Correction"
      The Turtles - "It Ain't Me Babe"
      The Turtles - "Let Me Be"
      Series regulars:
      The Sinners - "Slippin' And Slidin' (Peepin' And Hidin')"
    • Show 43: October 16, 1965 (Syndicated Show 37)
      The Astronauts - "Memphis"
      The Astronauts - "Ain't That Just Like Me?"
      Brenda Holloway - "When I'm Gone"
      Brenda Holloway - "You Can Cry on My Shoulder"
      Rick Nelson - "Love And Kisses"
      Rick Nelson - "Our Own Funny Way"
      The Newbeats - "Everything's Alright"
      The Newbeats - "Run, Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)"
      The Newbeats - "Bread And Butter"
      Nancy Sinatra - "If He'd Love Me"
      Nancy Sinatra - "So Long Babe"
      The Toys - "A Lover's Concerto"
      The Toys - "This Night"
      Series regulars:
      The Sinners - "Steppin' Out," "Koko Joe" and "Hi-Heel Sneakers."
    • Show 42: October 9, 1965 (Syndicated Show 36)
      --The Dillons - "Do the Can Can" and "Simple Way Of Living."
      --Roy Head - "Teenage Letter" and "Treat Her Right."
      --Danny Hutton - "Roses & Rainbows" and "Sometimes At Night."
      --Barbara Mason - "Sad Girl" and "Yes, I'm Ready."
      --The Olympics - "Good Lovin'" excerpt, "The Hully Gully" and "No More Will I Cry."
      --Evie Sands - "Run Home to Your Mama," "Take Me For A Little While" and "Agent Double-O Soul."

      Series regulars:
      --The Challengers - "Hang On Sloopy," "Secret Agent Man" and "Wipe Out A Go-Go."
    • Show 41: October 2, 1965 (Syndicated Show 35)
      Guests (partial song list):
      Freddy Cannon - "Action"
      Mel Carter - "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"
      The Castaways - "Liar, Liar"
      The Dillons - "You Ought to See Her Now"
      The Shangri-Las - "Shout"
      Timi Yuro - "Big Mistake"
      Series regulars:
      The Challengers - "Man from U.N.C.L.E."
    • Show 40: September 25, 1965 (Syndicated Show 34)
      Guests (partial song list):
      Mike Clifford - "Imagining"
      The Fugitives - "Blowin' My Mind"
      The Fugitives - "Come On Now"
      Dobie Gray - "Look at Me"
      Group B - "Stop Calling Me"
      Sue Thompson - "Paper Tiger"
      We Five - "You Were on My Mind"
    • Show 39: September 18, 1965 (Syndicated Show 33)
      Guests (partial song list):
      Jackie DeShannon - "A Lifetime of Loneliness"
      Jackie DeShannon - "Should I Cry?"
      Dick & DeeDee - "Freight Train"
      Dick & Dee Dee - "Vini Vini (Tahitian dance song)
      Lyn Roman - "Every Step of the Way"
      Lyn Roman - "My Life Story"
      Billy Joe Royal - "Down in the Boondocks"
      Neal Sedaka - "The World Through A Tear"
      Neil Sedaka - "Happy Birthday, Sweet 16"
      Series regulars:
      The Challengers - "Streets of London"
      The Sinners - "Johnny B. Goode"
      The Sinners - "For Your Love"
    • Show 38: September 11, 1965 (Syndicated Show 32)
      Jewel Akens - "The Only Way to Fly"
      Jewel Akens - "Love Potion Number Nine"
      The Bees - "She's An Artist (She Belongs to Me)"
      The Bees - "Mimi's Song"
      The Bees - "Leave Me Be"
      Frankie Lymon - "Little Bitty Pretty One"
      Frankie Lymon - "Why Do Fools Fall in Love"
      The McCoys - "Hang On Sloopy"
      The McCoys - "I Can't Explain It" (not The Who song)
      Joey Paige - "Goodnight My Love"
      Joey Paige - "Dream For Sale"
      Joey Paige - "Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On"
      The Pair Extraordinaire - "Get Up Off of Me"
      The Pair Extraordinaire - "The 'In' Crowd"
      The Pair Extraordinaire - "In the Beginning"
      Mary Wells - "Never, Never Leave Me"
      Mary Wells - "Me Without You"
    • Show 37: September 4, 1965 (Syndicated Show 31)
      --Vic Dana - "Red Roses for A Blue Lady" and "Moonlight and Roses."
      --Round Robin - "I'm the Wolf Man" and "Who's the Roundest of Them All?"
      --Billy Strange (guitarist) - "Satisfaction," "Seventh Son" and "The Swim."
      --Tina Turner - "Gonna Have Fun" and "Goodbye, So Long."
      --Lenny Welch - "Darling Take Me Back" and "Two Different Worlds."

      Series regulars:
      --The Challengers - "Action," "Catch Us If You Can," and "You're Everything to Me."
      --The Sinners - "Going Out of My Mind" (correct title?), "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."
  • Season 1