Hollywood Heights

Season 1 Episode 1

Meeting a Rockstar

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Jun 11, 2012 on Nick-at-Nite

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  • best actress

    i think she plays her roles very makes me cry when she gets hurt, i just don't want her getting hurt. hope for a season 2
  • COME ON?!?!

    Shit. Enough said.
  • Meeting a Rockstar

    Hollywood Heights gives viewers another option in a rare genre in the US: the primetime daily soap. It had its struggles in the premiere episode. Some of the dialogue is really lame, and the characters are over the top, but there is an appeal to it. One Life to Live's Brittany Underwood does a solid job as the lead, although Ashlee Holliday comes off as fake as the conceited best friend.

    Shannon Kane, one of the better actresses on the cast, deserves a bigger role than simply being the cheating girlfriend. They introduced a lot to viewers in episode one, and my advice is to slow down. This could be a solid show, but they need to not rush and let things build. That's how you develop an audience.