Hollywood Treasure

Thursday 9:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Nov 04, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 2
    • Joe Maddalena and Brian Chanes get a once-in-a-lifetime tour inside the studio of legendary makeup artist Greg Cannom, who shocks them when he reveals he’s kept every major piece from his Oscar-winning work on Francis Ford Coppola’s dark adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Meanwhile, Joe sets up an appraisal fair at a local collectible market, and is shocked when a collector claims to have Mel Gibson’s sword from Braveheart. Later, Tracey McCall sets out to verify that a consigner’s General Lee is in fact a screen-used car from The Dukes of Hazzard and not one of the many replicas that have flooded the market. Plus, Brian Chanes is floored when a sci-fi prop maker reveals he has the late Whitney Houston’s costume from The Bodyguard.moreless
    • X Marks The Prop
      Episode 5
      A quest for auction-worthy props leads Joe Maddalena and Jon Mankuta to Oklahoma City, where they lay it all on the line to secure two X-Men treasures: Wolverine’s claws and dog tag. Both were worn and used by Hugh Jackman in X2: X-Men United. But the challenge on the road isn’t just finding the items, it’s convincing their owners to let them go. Meanwhile, a passionate collector named Ed Zine brings his limited edition replica C3PO statue for Joe and Brian to consign. But when it comes time to make the final decision, he must weigh his love for Star Wars against his need for money to help support his family.moreless
    • Joe Maddalena travels to Granbury, Texas to meet one of the largest collectors of Hollywood memorabilia in the world, Chris Christian. Chris’s entire house is packed with iconic items from blockbuster movies, including the Bubba Gump hat from Forrest Gump and the 21-foot submarine miniature from The Hunt for Red October. But all bets are off when Joe tries to consign the actual screen-used bench from Forrest Gump!moreless
    • Joe Maddalena and Tracey McCall head to North Carolina hoping to find anything that was left behind after the filming of The Hunger Games. After pounding the pavement, tracking down locals who bought and sold screen-used props, they discover the mother lode of all Hunger Games memorabilia...District 12 itself! Joe attempts the biggest deal of his career; he wants to auction off the entire property that stood as Katniss's hometown! Later, back in Los Angeles, Brian Chanes takes Joe to a vehicle junkyard in search of iconic collectable cars, where they find Bumblebee from Michael Bay's 2007 Transformers. In the memorabilia world, cars can be difficult to sell, so Joe and Brian have to find a creative way to drum up interest for auction. Meanwhile, Tracey McCall makes Star Wars history when a Yoda rehearsal puppet leads to a revolutionary discovery about one of the most beloved characters of all time.moreless
    • 8.3
      Always looking for new ways to drum up business, Tracey McCall takes Joe Maddalena to the house that was used in the television show American Horror Story, hoping to add the location to their next auction.
    • Joe and his team set out to unearth more of Hollywood's greatest treasures.
  • Season 1