Holmes in New Orleans

Season 1 Episode 3

Closing In

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on HGTV

Episode Recap

The heat and near-daily rainstorms have put Mike's deadline in jeopardy. To make matters worse, two of his crew (Pinky and Kate) had to leave the site for personal reasons, cutting the number of hands struggling to build Gloria's house before the August deadline. While everyone puts in more effort than they ever had before, the unforgiving heat and humidity exact a heavy toll on everyone, particularly Mike Jr.

When the forecast indicated that they would be afforded a few consecutive days without any rain, Mike focuses everyone's energies into completing the roof. If they could prevent the weather from attacking the interior of the house, they would be able to continue working regardless of the conditions outside.

While the Make It Right Foundation works tirelessly to help put the residents of the area back into their homes, Mike was disheartened and disgusted by the bureaucratic interference of the government. Rather than help rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward, they showed up to levy fines against the residents for not having cut their lawns. Everyone working at the site was angered by the fact that instead of sending a landscaping crew to help these people who have been living like refugees for three years, the government sends bill collectors.

While the crew continued to work, Mike took a brief tour of the Mississippi Canals and the industrial canals where the levees broke in 2005. That was the source of so much devastation and grief when the waters broke through and flooded most of New Orleans. As he continued to drive around the areas that were hit by the flood waters, Mike was astonished by how little had been rebuilt or repaired in the three years since the disaster struck. Even most of Europe had been rebuilt after World War II in the same amount of time.

One bright point was Kate's return to the site. She had travelled back to Canada to be with her father as he underwent emergency heart bypass surgery, but he came through just fine and that allowed Kate the freedom to come back to New Orleans to help Mike and the Holmes Crew put Gloria back in her home.

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