Holmes in New Orleans

HGTV (Mini-Series 2009)


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  • This is the ULTIMATE "Holmes on Homes"!

    Whenever I need to evidence of a real-time bad guy getting his six kicked, even if only figuratively, I watch "Holmes on Homes".
    There aren't enough boots to do the required a-kicking for what DIDN'T happen in New Orleans after Katrina, so instead, we watch those with character help people not only get their lives back, but get them back with some tools to withstand the unique inevitabilities of their chosen geography. And just maybe, to help create the "new norm", and to put the "pro" back in "progress"....or "professional"...
    The home building and all its issues is interesting enough, but the little segues into the lives of those affected, or those behind the "Make it Right Foundation", or the Army Corps of Engineers rebuilding the river walls, or learning about the gradual absorption of one of the world's great wetlands; these are the bits of information that differentiate this from most such mini series'. Kudos Mike, and here's hoping you can help restart many more well-deserving lives.