Holmes Inspection

Season 1 Episode 2

Frigid Floor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on HGTV



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    • (After Mike had just told Damon and the crew that they had to completely disassemble the kitchen to prepare it for the new foundation access they wanted to install)
      Mike Holmes: You know that this is at least a day here, right?
      Mike Holmes: (scoffs) How about two? If you can do it in one, I'll be really surprised and I'll buy everyone a coffee.
      (The whole crew laughs)

    • Kate Campbell: (while she's cutting a hole with a drywall handsaw) We're actually cutting out a piece of the wall to look behind and do some exploratory work to see what's there. I tell ya, i don't need to go to the gym because my arm is aching! It's a good workout.

    • Mike Holmes Jr.: We're trying to, ah, we're trying to dig down four feet to see if we can find the footings for the foundation. Hard as rock! It's frozen clay, so, I mean, you can't get much harder than that unless your shovelling rock. So yeah...it's fun!

    • Damon Bennett: Do they have something else they can use as a kitchen? Are they going to be here?
      Mike Holmes: Yeah. It's called a restaurant.

    • Mike Holmes: This here is the drain line to the island upstairs. The problem with that is...what do we see? It runnning uphill. Water doesn't run uphill.

    • Michelle (homeowner): This was the house of our dreams. Now it's become a bit of a nightmare.

  • Notes

    • Chris Kastoris, the flooring installer that Mike and Damon regularly call upon, did work on this project, but he did not appear on camera.

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