Holmes Inspection

Thursday 8:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Oct 01, 2009 In Season


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  • Too much waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I see so much waste on this show. Perfectly good sinks, counters, cupboards being wrecked and thrown in the the stuff to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
  • Mike Holmes is BACK!

    I was nearly in tears when "Holmes on Homes" went out of production after seven incredible seasons. The sheer amount of information he had bestowed upon wary homeowners was absolutely invaluable. With this new show, he can now begin showing potential home buyers what to look for in a new purchase and how to determine if the home inspoector you've chosen is worth the price he or she is charging for their services. In most of the episodes I have seen to date, slick renovations were used to hide serious (and sometimes life-threatening) defects which need to be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, most new homeowners have sunk so much into the down payment, they have no resources left for any significant repairs. Hopefilly, this show will help educate home buyers into doing the proper research into their inspectors credentials as much as they should their renovators.
  • Background music too loud

    I love the information presented on the show but I wish the background music was not so loud. Many times it is difficult to hear what the workers are saying because of the music background. I think you need to remember that some of your viewers are a little older than others and, when there is a lot of background noise (production music) it makes it difficult to Mike and the other workers. Many shows have "action" music in the background but it's not as loud as yours. Please keep in mind that we tune in to learn how to do the kind of projects that we see on the show but, if we can't hear the descriptions and instructions then watching the show is useless.