Holmes on Homes

Season 7 Episode 13

Capital Offense

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 24, 2008 on HGTV

Episode Recap

In Canada's capital city of Ottawa, homeowners Gwyn and Andrew hired a contractor to do some upgrades and improvements to their home.

Since they were regular watchers of "Holmes on Homes", the did their homework. Of the six contractors they had spoken to, only one was willing to get permits for the job. The price he quoted for the work ($50 000) seemed reasonable to them and they agreed to hire him.

As the job progressed, the problems began to arise. Firstly was the time frame. He had already spent three times as long as the job was supposed to take and was still not done. Secondly was the visible details of the work he was doing. The trim work was sloppy, the doors didn't close properly, there were cracks in the plastering, etc., etc., etc. Add to that the fact that the bathroom is completely unfinished, Gwyn and Andrew could tell this was not going well.

At this point, they had already paid $26 000 of the agreed $50 000 and terminated the job. The contractor insisted that the balance of the contract be paid in full despite the fact that the house is a shambles. Collection agencies were in play, lawyers have been called; the whole legal circus was in town for this one.

In their time of need, Mike Holmes paid them a visit and vowed to restore their home to the condition they had paid for in the first place.
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