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Season 7 Episode 13

Capital Offense

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 24, 2008 on HGTV

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  • i would like to know who the inspectors are that inspect before mike gets there. why can't people find an inspector that can acully " see ". and that is" sounds like to " not payed off. a geat fan, pam

    i seems to me that all of canada's house inspectors are crooked or payed off some how. all the houses that mike goes in are in incredably bad shape or missing parts or delayed for months. how can people be like that. what happens to these people " inspectors" when they need something from one of these people that they passed their house and now is a mess and find out that they had passed there house. i would really like to see these peoples names up some where so every body can see for them selves who they are. i am also the kind of persom that does it right the first time. i don't like do overs. i love the show. just found it about 2 months ago. thanks for letting me vent. pam
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