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Mike Is Right, Our Trades Are Suffering!

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    [1]Jul 16, 2008
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    I believe Mike is right. We must try to promote our trades. This is why many of our contractors are corrupt. Our best and brightest young people are going to college to get worthless degrees all to become middle managers. If a student didn't know the career path to take, how many high school guidance councillors would suggest to a straight A student to check out home building or electrical contracting or some other trade? Instead, our schools, society and our politicians have pressured our young people to go get loans that will take years to pay off, to get degrees that are worthless. When I was in high school during the 70's the trade schools were for the "stupid" kids. That's what was implied. Now i know better. I went to college and hated it. My son went to trade school and is a certified HVAC tech. He was offered two jobs right away and took the one a a milk bottling plant to maintain their coolers and air condition systems. He has medical benefits and a 401k and vacation and sick time. By the time his high school buddies get out of college my son will be making about $50k with his overtime pay and his buddies will have tens of thousands of dollars of debt with no job!!!! Hey if you want to really know why illegals from Mexico are heading here, just look at our lack of tradesmen. Our American society's devotion to college has caused a shortage in the trades and that's the true root of illegal immigration. Illegals aren't picking lettuce in the fields any more. It's not that illegals are doing jobs Americans "won't" do, they're doing jobs Americans don't know how to do because we don't stress our trades enough like we do our colleges.
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    To say our trades are suffering is an uderstatement, I live in Scotland and my son is a joiner and Mike deserves a pat on the back for highlighting the terrible workmanship and the way people are taken in for the job satisfaction they expect in return for the large sums of money they pay out.

    My son is presently unemployed in scotland due to the recession, His last two employers were contracters who had no previous building experiance, one was a upholsterer who made furniture to trade with no building experiance !!!!! and his recent employer had no building experiance either and employed his joiners who were unemployed on Gum Tree!!!!!

    My son was that disgusted with his last employer that he told him were to stick his job, In his last job he carried out a grage conversion which the customer was absolutley pleased with but didn't get the chance to finish off other jobs, he contacted the last customer for a reference who informed him the that his contracter still hadn't finished the jobs he had started.

    My son has stipulated that he has honestly learned more form Mikes shows at times that have been on tv rather than from his previous employers who were absolutley hopless and would love the chance to work with someone just like Mike who takes pride in his work.

    My son advised he would find it hard to sleep at nights if he left a poor customers in the state half they customers Mike visits to make the appropriate repairs.

    Yours Forbesy

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