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    I have learned a lot about construction of homes and renovation but am dismayed by the waste in renovation. Surely some of the cupboards , bathroom fixtures could be salvaged
  • Broke new ground.

    Showing the truly unbelievable number of botched jobs in terms of repairs done in peoples homes & homes that were sold under the idea they were up tp par when they were actually well below acceptable. Makes you think twice. I was aways someone who was not that impressed by what I saw in the homes department after seeing an entire subdivision of new homes go up in under two weeks-which represented about ten homes. There is plenty of cheap work being done out there-and some very high prices being charged for bad work also.
  • Vacation holmes

    I will be the first to admit I am no writer, but I would like to leave a comment regarding this show.

    At first i loved of the renovation were heartwrenching to see the compassion he would show to help these people in need out then after continuing to watch I noticed that some of the producers found houses with minimal damage and Holmes went in and rerouted wasnt really neccesary.

    I also saw people who had renovations worth 10,000 and paid for a 10,000 job. Did they really expect a 30,000 job for 10,000?? Holmes went in and did a 30,000 ?

    then when he started on Vacation homes and not just fixing the problem but redesigning decided there is so much more productive things that can be done with my to watch Holmes on Holmes...
  • Cancellation

    Why is the program cancelled ? I enjoy watching it.. So informative.... I checked on when it airs and it said Sundays 8e/7c but it didn't come on... I tried last week and prior weeks to find it also at various times.... Also the Yard Crashers.... There are way too many House Hunters on now also....
  • Holmes on Homes

    We love the show. We always learn so much. However, the background music is very obnoxious. Sometimes we have to mute the TV. We do not understand how you can take a great informational show and then make it almost impossible to watch. Mike, have you watched the show the way it airs on TV?
  • Bathroom/Mold, Roof need replacement & leeech field is failing

    Mr. Holmes, I write to you as a disabled man who is limited as to how much I can make with my SS diasbility. My Bathroom has a mold problem, I suspect the builder didnt use the proper sheetrock when he built it in 1997. We have tried everything from skim coating the bathroom, using Kilz when painting, nothing works. Our roof desperately needs to be replaced as well. We have to exterior doors that also need replacemdnt. All due from when I was sick and going thru the diagnosement process and unable to work.Mt wife and I are big fans of your show and be honored if you could help us and have us on your show. Thank you, Paul & Jennifer Byron @ PBYRON1961@YAHOO.COM
  • hello Holmes, want a challeange and help use in a big way

    After learning from your show the reasons our house acts the why it does I really thing I have a challenge for you that could really help us. Our electric wiring is all run together so when we blow a fuse, most of the house goes out. If the temperature outside gets higher than say 50 degrees our house gets very hot. So we have to turn the air conditioning on because my wife is very sensitive to allergies and heat.

    The piping in the bathroom is starting to have trouble to get to turn off.

    The dishwasher clogs up leading me to believe it is not connected right.

    Both my wife and I are handicapped and really could use your help.

    Best regards

    Tom and Teresa VonBerg

    262*598*9332 Please help us
  • MCH&GS.

    Mike can make it right. Score 10

    We need help! How do we get in touch Mike to see if he can help us.

    We are the MARTIN COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. We were given an histoircal

    building that was built in 1936 out of hued stone for a hotel. We need the building for a

    histoical museum to preserve our county's history records and items.

    It is two story and it needs wiring and plumbing updated. We are trying to get grants for that but, they keep telling us that times are bad and money is short. Please contact us and please, say you can help us. Thank you, Eve Cassady, President of the Historical Society.
  • It only hurts if it's true.

    It was said that Mike Holmes is no savior, I beg to differ. It was said that Mike Holmes bashes his industry, I beg to differ. Truth of the matter is, if there were no shady contractors out there, Mr. Holmes would not be on tv telling us to protect ourselves. The reallity is, there are crooks and criminals calling themselves contractors and taking advantage of hard working poeple - people who are looking for help to fix a problem. So here come the vultures to feed. They might as well rob a bank or steal a car because the concept is the same. I am not saying Mike Holmes is a god but he is a savior. He is saving us from contractor/criminals.
  • Mike Holmes is no savior.


    As a contractor, I at first found Holmes' show to be somewhat entertaining and informative. However, after watching a multitude of episodes, I find his constant bashing of his own field as a little disconcerting. I did a little research on the show. He principally flits about here and there (in Canada) and comes across the exception more than what the contracting field actually provides its customers. Any of us has come across previously poor contracting work and poor homeowner effort. But, I gotta ask, his constant invictive attitude about his own trade?! There is no balance in this show. Too, if you watch enough, you will see Holmes either sell the homeowner, or use his show to purchase, items, processes, or techniques that are either unnecessary or overkill. He also subs out nearly 95 percent of his work. Anyone can sub out work. And, anyone can pick up a sledgehammer or use 230 pounds of his own weight to bring down a bulkhead. Frequently, his solution to a problem is to completely tear it out. And, the reasons? Because he doesn't like it? Where is the contractor rationale in half of his tear outs?!

    If you want balance and shows that might teach you more, I would recommend stalwart shows like Hometime and This Old House. At least they aren't bashing their own profession. My DVR doesn't have room for Holmes anymore. To me, he is just another contractor with an excuse to make more money. In this case, is for ratings and the income generated from this show, or is it truly from his trade as a contractor? You be the judge.

    Harry C. Turner, Home Restorations

  • How can I contact Holmes on Homes? I need help desperately.

    I've tried everywhere!!! I can't get help from anyone, Better Business Burea, Attorney General, Congressman Hodes, attorneys who charge so much money,& many others. My husband is totally disabled and can not work. We got totally taken by a contractor, he did a shoddy job, never finished the project, threatened my husband, and put overwhelming stress on my marriage and my life. Now we're incurring additional damages and expenses OVER 15,000. we need help!!! I'm really trying to find out how to contact Holmes on Homes, this may be my last hope of ever getting any resolution to this major disaster I am facing.PLEASE.... tjsmith98@verizon.net
  • How great I think the Holmes on Homes show is.

    Hi Sandy here. Just wanted to say how great the show is. I watch it all the time. Wish there had been someone like Holmes here on the Mississippi gulf coast after Katrina. We had a lot of fly by night builders hit the coast to take your money and run. Lots of us got taken for the little help that the government gave us. We were some that fell threw the cracks, didn't get nearly enough to fix all the damages to our house. I watch the show all the time and think Mike is one great person for going in and helping people out the way he does. Keep it up Mike and may God bless you one and all . Sandy from the Mississippi gulf coast
  • Holmes on Homes new to me but I love it!

    I am not sure who pays for his work, but the show has some wonderful information on renovating and the latest products available.

    He is very caring of the people he works for. He takes into consideration the original plans and steps up to complete the project in a timely manner.

    Holmes takes time to bring in experts to instruct the audience on how to install the latest in technology as well as how to do it yourself to save money.

    Whether you have been a victim, or just want some home renovation tips, this is the show that is informative as well as entertaining.
  • I love Mike Holmes shows,whether they are re-runs or not.

    He is an awesome contractor with a big heart!!! They should all be like him, caring,knowledgeable,and persistent. Thank you Mike Holmes for your determination and kind heart. I think all contractors should watch his show and learn from their mistakes. Come to the US and help us. Bring his show back on TV for us in the United States. Money is hard to come by and no one likes to be taken!!! I wish there they were all like him,then no one would have to worry about being made a fool of. We love you Mike Holmes, keep up the good work!!
  • great show - i wish they had less re-runs...get to work mike! - lol... Thanks for a great show.

    I love the show! I watch all these "build it" shows and "Holmes on Homes" is, in my opinion, far and above the best. Mike's hands-on approach and years of experience, knowledge., and willingness to always teach, are just some of the reasons I tune in. His crew appears to be quite skilled and always seem to be well mannered and professional. Keeping things light is also a positive attribute of the show. I have applied several things I have seen on the show to my carpentry/engineering skills. If I had one critisism of the show, it would be that it is not on every day and I wish there were less re-runs. I know that it takes a little more than a week to complete these projects, I am just being selfish...keep up the great work Mike and Crew...keep "Making it Right!"
  • Every homeowner should be watching this show religiously.

    I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that this show is on the air and how grateful I am to Mike Holmes for sharing his insight and expertise in home renovation and construction.

    I'm not saying that anyone who takes to watching this show will come away from the experience with the skills needed to do their own plumbing or to finish their own basements. What you will come away with is an understanding of what degree of homework you as the homeowner need to do prior to hiring a contractor. You will know what questions to ask and how much checking into their background you will have to do before hiring them. You will know what to look for in the quality of their work and their construction techniques to assure that the work they do will not cause problems for you in the future. Most importantly of all, you will learn about some of the excuses and/or shortcuts that a bad contractor will use and raise the red flag you'll need to recognize so that you can put a stop to the job before any serious damage is done to your house.

    I strongly urge all homeowners to watch this show whenever it airs. In addition to all of the technical tricks of the trade you can learn, Mike also shows you his skill as a designer and decorator, which can give you some great ideas for any project you may be considering.
  • Summary on Holmes on Homes.

    I enjoy watching your show. You are a true professional, in all that you do. I am a licensed electrician in los angeles, calif. there are things that I would like to do, which include installation of residential electrical panels.

    I do not do them, because I can not find someone who is willing to teach me. I guess they are afraid they will lose a potential customer.

    If I can not do something, I tell the customer that I know, licensed electrcians that are trained in these matters. That way, I know the customers are getting someone that is there to help the customer.

    Do you ever prosecute the people that literally take the customers for all of their hard earned money.

    I continue to watch your show. Picking up some of the things you do. sincerely; Mike Rader SINCERELY; MIKE RADER
  • Watching this show has made me more aware of what to do and what not to do when we add on to our house.

    Holmes on Homes is a great show. It shows contractor nightmares homeowners have gone through and how a real pro contractor should fix houses. I've been only watching for 6 months now but I have learned a lot of what to do but a lot more of what not to do when hiring contractors. I've actually delayed putting an addition on to my house because of this show. Not because I'm hesitant but because I'm now being more careful. Architects, permits, contracts and background checks have now replaced bathroom tiles and hardwood floors at the top of my list. Yeah, it'll cost me $5,000 to $8,000 more but I'll have peace of mind and if something does go wrong I'll have legal recourse. Just remember to "Do It Right" and you'll never go wrong.
  • Long time viewer, first time review! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy the show.

    My hat is off to Mike Holmes and his crew. Every show I have seen so far has impressed me with the caring way in which Mike tries to educate the public about proper construction methods and techniques. Especially what we, as home owners, need to know when looking to renovate the property we call "home". It is hard to believe there are so many "fly-by-night" operators out there only looking to make a buck, with no regard for the mess they leave people in. The best thing Mike does is teach us what to look for in good contractors as he definitely sets the example for others to follow! Keep up the good work and I look forward to every show!