Home and Away

Season 17 Episode 79

Episode 3729

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on Seven Network

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  • Jade hits Mathilda. Jesse is sure Leah and Flynn is having an affair. Jade leaves Summer Bay. Scott and Kane gets arrested.

    Mathilda tells Jade to get over Seb leaving, as he was a dork. Jade gets mad at Mathilda for saying that, and hits her! Rhys tells Beth and Mathilda that it was a bad thing of Jade to do, but Beth says Mathilda has not been treating Jade any nice lately and deserved it. Kit tells Jade there is a room available at her place in the city, if she is serious about leaving Summer Bay. Jade is happy about that, and she tells her family she has made up her mind now and she has decided to move in with Kit.

    Kirsty is emotional about Jade leaving, and because she is pregnant now Kirsty feels tired all the time and needs a lot of sleep. Irene tells Kirsty its normal being tired when you are pregnant. On the beach, Kirsty meets Kim. She tells him she is sad because Jade has decided to move. Kirsty says it feels like she is losing a very important part of herself now as Jade is moving. Kim tells Kirsty that both her and Jade will be fine, and she has to remember Jade will always be her sister no matter what.

    Scott tells Dani about how he found out about his dads affair when he was 12 years old. His dad knew that Scott new... But they never talked about it.

    Irenes mobile phone keeps ringing. Its Hyde, and he persuades Irene to go to dinner with him after she has turned him down several times!

    The police comes to see Scott and Kane, and says they need to come with them to the police station. Felix has been assoulted, and he has told the police that Scott and Kane did it!

    Mathilda tries to chat up Kim again... Without any luck. Kim still thinks Mathilda is too young for him, and he doesnt want a girlfriend either!

    All Leah seems to be thinking of at the moment is Flynn, and it seems like she is getting jealous every time she sees Sally and Flynn together. Jesse tries to spend more time with Leah, but she seems reluctant. Later Jesse goes to see Flynn at his office. When Flynn asks Jesse whats wrong, he says he is feeling bad because it feels like Leah is hiding something from him. He asks Flynn if he and Leah are having an affair. Flynn decides not to answer Jesses question, because he knows it will upset him no matter what he says. Jesse misunderstands and tells Flynn to go to hell...!

    Kirsty falls asleep and nearly misses Jade when she is leaving Summer Bay. The twins say an emotional good bye, and they both know they are going to miss eachother...