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Home and Away

Season 18 Episode 131

Episode 4001

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM Jul 11, 2005 on Seven Network
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Episode Summary

Episode 4001
Shockwaves ripple through the Bay as the aftermath of the tragic accident unfolds.

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  • Dramatic, emotional and with a shocking twist. You could tell right from the start that tonight’s episode was going to be a good one. Overall it was a very well written episode that kept you intrigued and in suspense. The cast and crew did a great job.moreless

    You could tell right from the start that tonight’s episode was going to be a good one. In the previous cliff-hanger we were left with a fatal car crash, not knowing anything else about the accident besides the fact that it happened. Tonight’s story opens with Alf in a dark hospital waiting room. In the background two nurses are talking. One says "he hasn't said a word since he found out". The other replies: "Some people need time... she's only been dead for 2 hours".

    It's at this point we realise we have stepped forward in time and one character – a female – has died from the result of the crash, but as of yet we don't know who.

    Through a series of flashbacks - Alf reliving the event - we begin to see the events leading up to the current time. We see the events in the aftermath of the crash. Alf has the least amount of injuries of all the occupants. Ric, Chloe and Kim all appear to have somewhat minor injuries compared to Martha, who for most of the episode we are led to believe won’t make it. Infact when the second ad-break came on we were left thinking Martha was dead, lying on the table with doctors unable to restart her heartbeat.

    However there is a major twist, we soon find that Martha is still alive, but cannot move any part of her body. Then out of the blue we hear Irene scream - but it wasn’t due to Martha.

    Chloe sustained a fractured arm in the crash, but it was considered very minor with mild pain. However in a shocking twist we learn Chloe had a pulmonary embolism – fat broke away from her fractured arm and travelled through her blood stream and blocked the blood flow to her lung. She was now dead.

    I must congratulate the whole cast and crew on tonight's episode. I really liked the way it was written with Alf's flashbacks and it really kept you guessing who was going to die, and I have to say the whole episode was done really well and they totally fooled me... That's not an easy thing to do.

    Episode 4001 was definitely aimed towards a more mature and older audience (as in mid-late teens and above) which was probably why I enjoyed it. I think alot of the younger viewers may not of understand a lot of what happened. I did like the way that they went into the second ad break with Martha technically dead. It certainly tricked me.

    In my opinion the episode was very well done and Chloe's death came completely out of left field and was quite a twist to the episode after the whole episode had led us to believe that Martha wouldn't make it and that Chloe was perfectly fine besides a small fracture.

    However, having said that, I'm very disappointed that Chloe was killed off. Out of all the characters in the crash, she would be the last I wanted to be written out, especially after she only just returned.

  • good episode- sad, and leaves you in shock :( **review is a spoiler**

    This Home and Away episode was quite good- not the best- but was quite sad. Chloe, Alf, Ric, Kim, and Martha, are involved in a horrific car accident, and everybody scrapes through with various injuries, and Martha is in a very bad condition. She is hardly breathing, but Alf and Ric drag her out of the car and give her CPR. She is taken in an ambulance, and is close to death at the hospital, where Flynn manages to save her. The doctors say that she faces the possibility of never walking again. Meanwhile, Kim, Chloe, seem to be doing fine. Chloe has a broken arm, and Kim has minor injuries. However, things take a sharp turn when Chloe suddenly dies because of some rare thing (cant remember name) that she got, where a piece of skin from her fractured arm got into the blood stream, and blocked her lungs. Chloe dies on the spot, leaving Summer Bay in real shock.moreless
Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis

Ambulance Officer

Guest Star

Cornelia Frances

Cornelia Frances

Morag Bellingham

Recurring Role

Kristy Wright

Kristy Wright

Chloe Richards

Recurring Role

Larisa Chen

Larisa Chen

Dr Free

Recurring Role

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