Home and Away

Season 19 Episode 32

Episode 4132

Aired Weekdays 7:00 PM Feb 28, 2006 on Seven Network

Episode Recap

Leah is rushed to hospital. It is discovered that Leah had pneumonia for the last couple of weeks. The doctor says that this will not affect the baby and is easily treatable. However later that day at the ultrasound the shock discovery is made that the baby had stopped growing more than a week earlier. Straight away Leah becomes silent and hardly speaks for the rest of the episode. A short while later she goes into surgery to have the baby removed.

Meanwhile, Jonah and Tash are weak and have been chained up in a tent for three days. Jonah is taken out for a while and returns drugged and with pains in his leg. Tash begs Rebecca to help them but she says that she is happy. Jonah is upset because he has been living a lie his whole life. Rebecca brings Tash and Jonah food, in the food Tash discovers a note saying that she is going to help them break out.

At night as the believers are preparing for the "purifying" ceremony Rebecca unlocks Jonah and Tash. Unfortunately as they are escaping Jonah collapses and the believers capture him. Tash tells Rebecca to go and get the police while she watches Jonah.

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