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Disliking the majority of the cast again

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    [1]Nov 7, 2009
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    Gotta be honest, dislike most of the cast.


    Charlie- please just shut up and stop nagging everyone.

    Rachel- worst character in h&a history? annoying voice, so dramatic,always double shifting (pls be original) just kill her off.

    Geoff- what happened to his morals and christian beliefs? yeah, they went out the window.

    Annie- best actress in australia? really?

    Martha- up there with rachel as worst character ever. ever since tony died she's been unbelievably annoying.


    Miles- liked him, then hated him, now he's a gun

    Aden- easily the best character

    Alf/Irene- legends albiet underused

    Nicole/Liam- both good

    Ruby- i go through different phases, atm i like her. to her credit she's a very good actress imo

    Tony- used to be at the top of my hated list but i've warmed to him, would be better off without rachel tho

    Angelo- good, would like him even more if he managed to kill charlie


    Jai, Romeo- okay characters just bad actors

    Anyone I've forgotten

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    [2]Dec 10, 2009
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    Aw, I like most of the characters. I agree about Geoff, though. Wth?? lol I love Aden and Romeo. Hate Tony. Oh, Angelo's cool, too. Colleen. . .annooooying! But I like her. Aaand, oh yeah, it wasn't Tony that died, it was Jack. But I know what ya mean. Annie and Jai are just urgh, go away, don't come back from Japan please!
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    [3]Oct 11, 2010
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    Ruby - annoying little schoolgirl, the dramatic revelation that she is diabetic and now she has that fully under control - you bet! she does not even need her insulin anymore, can drink and puke and does not get hypo?

    Charlie - utterly bigot mother of the annoying little schoolgirl, what was it with the apple and the tree again?

    Bianca - the worst ever character and actress, no contribution at all, ship her back to Italy

    Romeo - boring, boring, boring and boring

    Xavier - what a cliché, the poor son who lost his mother to a man he does not like, boo hoo, grow up and get over it

    Penn - ah yeah the bad boycliché, stretched and very far-fetched

    Nicole - was once okay, but now just boring and predictable, why is she just always falling for the bad guys? let her fall into the sea

    Dexter - a complete waste of space

    I have to agree with the starter of the thread, I am disliking the majority of the cast!

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    [4]Dec 16, 2014
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    I hate the whole cast, just die all of you, so a new cast can take place.

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