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  • noisy

    Do all Australian women have loud high pitched voices, they do on home and away
  • bring back - good vs bad

    And combine the two by morals, compassion, empathy and love.

    Storylines with a touch of crime. Bad meets good. Charley and brax. I say bring back the braxtons and nate and ricky and bianca. Storylines then were so easy to believe as these characters were 'real'.

    I loved it and wouldn't miss an episode for years.

    Now i am not so worried if i miss one, storylines are becoming vague and repetative, and new characters are not developed properly.

  • Not good anymore!

    Lately too many crimes are happening at the same time.

    Characters show no consistency at all.

    The new stories are not plausible in real life.

    The writers of the show must have a very low opinion of the viewers' intelligence
  • What a way to start off 2017

    Home and away know how to make us get into it even more. This is an amazing drama show. They make it bigger and better every year. More drama, more characters and more explosions. Home and away is one show that goes from peaceful and quite to loud and dramatic with explosions and cliff hangers.
  • Home and Away cast

    I think the Home and Away actors are safe people and nice
  • I'm not impressed with evie maguire Barnett how rude

    So upset I've been a fan of home and away for years and evie comments night all and I commented back saying night she was so rude telling me to f off I was shocked what a nasty woman
  • not happy

    I'm not happy with home nd away or channel 7 as l have watch all of home nd away nd the best part is going to be on presto l don't think this is far for home nd away fans it should be on channel7 so we can all watch ppl don't have pay tv so y should we pay for it we have watch it on free to air over 20 years
  • Home and away billy calls sexual assault

    this frankly disgusts me as someone who this has happened to i find it disrespect full and it makes a mockery when a woman comes forward with something like this they should feel safe with out being questioned with shit like this on tv people think less of people that have been sexually assaulted.
  • WTF Home and Away was Great, what happened?,

    I was a Big Fan of Home And Away, I watched all of it until Bobby died, I still kept watching it, but after Adam was accused of manslaughter, I just stopped watching it, I had other things to do, Many course's. I watched bits and pieces, like Sally sleeping with Scott Irwin (Heath Ledger), spin the bottle, a bit of the flood, Sally running away, Shane and Angel, Cloe getting raped, Finlay . on caffeine and sleeping pills, I wanted to punch Finlay everytime I saw her, either it was her fake character or her luscious gorgeous hair that I wanted soooo much, missed Sally's first wedding, watched her having then Finn's and Sally's wedding, which was the best . wedding I had ever watched, beside's the worst was Frank and Roo's, that was horrible. The reunion, that was total let down, watching Sally leave, wacthing her return, watching her tell everybody that Pippa jr. is dying, that is when I officially told myself, no more, I hate home and away now, Bobby didn't need to die, Thank's nicole,Ailsa didn't need to die, Tom Fletcher didn't need to die, there was no need for the new Pippa, Micheal didn't need to die, Shane ( Deiter Brummer) didn't need to die, although Miles(Milko) was great, great story. I recently saw the ad's for the bomb and I was hoping it would be the whole cast including sally. Home And Away started out great, what happened, it went from being adult little house on the praire, to bloody stupid Melrose place meet's Hartley high. I HATE YOU HOME AND AWAY, YOU SUCK!.
  • the show that everybody watch and everybody denies watching andliking it

    Its the definition of soap opera. closing in on 6000 episodes. One day somebody is getting very rich selling these as dvd box sets. pretty good time waste to watch, and some fun episodes though.
  • No watch,no Home and Away

    How do I watch an episodes I expected a big play button but nothing I trying to watch at least one Episode everyday but that's not gone to plan some help please

  • Disgusting

    The producers of Home and Away should be ashamed of themselves in promoting abortion and the use of the abortion pill amongst young viewers

    This will come back to haunt them one day and they will be begging for mercy
  • I love it

    I cannot go with out watching home and Away at 7pm !

    I have watched it since I was little and there is no show that compares to my interest the topics they choose to cover are so relating to the everyday society and just love it!!
  • Home and Away's Fake, Depiction of the Australia People

    I recently watched an old episode of Home and Away and compared the characters to the more recent version. I was stunned at seeing how unrealistically 'perfect looking' all of the characters on the show now are. There is not one single semi-attractive person on it. They are all gorgeous! Considering we live in a time where the pressures of body image and what is depicted as beauty is affecting our Australian society, wouldn't it be great to have some 'real people' on that show, which also should include people of multi-cultural background? When I watched saw the new cast I was so appalled that the only statement Home and Away is now making is that to be an actor it requires little talent, you have to be Caucasian, and beautiful with a perfect body.....

  • Aussie Favourite

    I have grown up watching Home and Away every week night at 7pm. It's an aussie classic!

    A few months ago my fiance and I went for a late night drive to "Summer Bay" (Palm Beach) and even as a 21 year old I couldn't contain my excitement as I walked along the jetty, sat on the beach and drove up to the lighthouse.

    Funny thing is when I was 8, I named my puppy Sally and recently my fiance and I bought a rescue dog and we named him Jett.

    Come on man wadaya doing! Poor Brax had to act alongside that ridiculously poor actress cop (dont know her name because she left such little impression) And now your torturing him with having to act "interested" in this even worse actress - The counsellor. What the hell! Brax deserves soooo much better than this. Its embarassing and frustrating to watch. my daughter and i are currently boycotting coz its too painful to watch. COME ON MAN! Be Fair!!!!!! Poor Steve : (
  • Angelos revamp

    The producers should expand Angelos restaurant so the bracks boys can become a lot more financially successful ..

  • re brax and natalie

    So disappointed with the pairing of Steve Peacocke and Catherine Mack.There is NO chemistry between the two of them and The Natalie character is SO irritating always playing Miss Goody two shoes which has a lot to do with the script and her turning up in peoples houses which no counsellor would do..This is a great show and the producers got it right pairing Brax with Charlie but the Natalie/Brax is a real bomb.Please please find a strong character for Brax otherwise its painful to watch.Natalie simpers and has that weird smile all the time.Pretty girl but not the girl for Brax.
  • Home and Away

    OMG - why are the Braxton Boy's making it so hard to get their father out of their lives..... If the old man is doing another Job and they know about it, why don't they just tell the cops. He will go back inside, thus no longer in their lives.... Too Easy.... Drrrr
  • The best soap, but a soap, so still not very good.

    I must say this the best soap i have seen. I do not watch many soaps for the reason that they are are hard to follow. I do not follow this either. The reason i do not like soaps is because they are so hard to follow and you need to see so many episodes. I do not have much time on my hands to watch every single episode so it becomes complicated.

    I am sorry but soaps are extremely bad and unrealistic, they always have break-ups, or people dying just as they find love. Love affairs are a big favourite, but it always happens. The best soap so take that for granted, but it's a soap!
  • Utterly dreadful Aussie "drama", past its sell by date after the first episode.

    Utterly pitiful. Made even more hilarious by the original boast of its cast members that it was more "realistic" than Neighbours... *POT KETTLE BLACK* anybody....? If realistic means a town where all the inhabitants have white teeth, there's no smoking, everyone is politically correct, there's lashings of bizzare family disharmony and ether soaked rags, morality is policed by local mutton head "tough nut", the humilliatingly naff Alf Stewart, and there's *never* any swearing, then er, BRING IT ON! I haven't bothered to watch this slop since 1991, no doubt I'll be accused of something or another, but hey rack off... Zzzzz...... Avoid like the plague.
  • Home And Away, Australian Soap

    I love watching Home and Away it's a great programme, with very talented actors and actresses both young and old.
    My personal favourite is a actress called Tessa James who plays the character Nicole Franklin, she used to be in Neighbours for a bit and played a blind girl which i thought she played brilliantly, and in home and away now she plays a rich spoilt girl, she is very funny.

    Then you have Alf Stewart whos been in in from the very beginning, and his sister Morag Bellingham wow shes funny, will she ever find love haha!!!

    Its set in summer bay, and all the locals no each otehr, its a great show to watch, focusing on everyday issues etc

    Worth a watch in my opinion!!!!
  • Home and Away what can I say absolutly amazing. Watch it for yourself!!!!

    Home and Away = My life This so is amazing. I love it. I choose Ahead of it's time because it is. It just grabs your attention so easily and after every episode it makes you want to come back for more it is just so fabulous. I love it
    The charaters are perfect for the part they play and it is directed so well. The person that envented Home and Away should become a saint. Everyone I know watches Home and Away. For me it is like a rituial to watch Home and Away I couldn't imagian life without it. I will love Home and Away forever.
  • home and away is a very popular assie soap that has been on since 1988. it has had some very good storylines and has won lots of logie awards.

    home and away is great. i love it. i like all the story lines and never want to miss it. my favorite character is martha. i feel she gets the best story line and has a great sense of personallity. you can see how she has changed over the years and you can really tell what she would proberly want in a sicuation. overall i like all the characters. most of the events in summerbay ends up in tradedy and starts a new story line. i will always watch home and away and i will always love it. it is great and would really advise anyone to try and watch it. i don't know how any one can diss it.
  • This soap plots and casts get better every season, if you havent checked it out yet, get watching it now!

    this show is awesome it just keeps getting better and no one can doubt that. look at past storylines if you dont belive me, physcho stalkers, killer cops, explosive weddings, hostage situations, drugs, on the run, storms, shipwrecks and much more. have you ever had juicy and gripping plotlines like that on things like corrie, and neighbours. NO. and you probably never will home and away is way before its time and its one show that channel 5 shouldnt ever let go of i don t know what the ratings for this show are in britain but i know that i hate it when i miss an episode and people say ozzy soaps arent as good, i cant stand neighbours the show physically knocks me sick, bad acting and story lines wereas home and away is off the scale juicy ahead of its time storylines what more can you ask for in a soap.
  • Terrible acting along with terrible and unbelieveable story lines make this show close on unwatchable.

    Well where to start with this terrible show. Its actors are shocking. They replace them almost bi-monthly. Except for the ones that have always been there. Yet they form such close bonds to each other and their best friends, even though they change every 2 months. The story are just are bad. If all that bad stuff happend in your town, I'm pretty sure you would leave. If you hadn't already died in the weekly distaster or car crash etc. Really i have no idea how this show is still in production and why people watch it. Its terrible! Not to mention its almost exactly the same as another show on 30 mins beforehand by the name of neighbours. Get rid of this show!
  • Ok so the writing and acting is a little interesting but really its just good fun!

    I think Home and Away is great, its not as annoying and stereotypical as British soaps and isnt quite as crazy as US soaps. I do admit that its not the best put together show in the world and some things in the past have been forgotten (a psychic twin who turned out not to be a twin) but the story lines are great, the characters are unusual and the quys surfing are always great fun to see. We have just had a 2 week summer break of the show on channel 5 and i can not wait for it to start up again, and it will be starting with a bang as the best show do. It is a great, light show to watch (most of the time) and i will continue to watch it for quite a long time.
  • Home and Away is so bad that I'm a little embarrassed to say I watch it religiously, and if I'm not home it will record on the PVR! Sad I know

    Home and away is one of those shows people don't admit to actually watching! Infact it is so bad that I have to keep on watching it. Its a great little 1/2 hour filler for when there's nothing else to watch. Sometimes the story lines are dragged on and can get a tad annoying. For example good old Irene and her jail stint for shooting a coppa! No one should be subjected into seeing Irene in that prison outfit!! As for Alf what is summer bay with out Alf Stewart I could sink a few Tinnies with that man so wise and full of knowledge. I also love when they have a town meeting and about 15 people rock up that is gold!

    One last thing in the words of Irene.. For Gawds sake will someone tell Geoff and Annie to grow up, Geoff doesn't need to be babysat he is an adolescent as if Pippa needed to come down and look after them. Cut the cord Geoffy boy.
  • Australian Beach Based drama

    Summer Bay was allegedly founded by Alf Stewart's ancestors in the early 20th century, and is the home of the show Home and Away which initially was based around the foster family, The Fletchers, and their caravan park business. However, 20 years down the line, the show concentrates on the lives of it's residents in a more complex style. Home of many a natural and complex disasters, the residents of Summer Bay have their local Diner, Surf Club and beach to hang out on, and of course the school for the teenagers. This show is by far more superior than it's Melbourne counterpart.
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