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Home Delivery

(ended 2005)


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Home Delivery

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NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution's "Home Delivery" is the new, daily, one-hour syndicated show that helps people transform their lives. Part talk show, part makeover show and part reality show, with a surprise element thrown in, "Home Delivery" will knock on your door and change your life. "Home Delivery," which has now been cleared in more than 90 percent of the country, will travel the U.S. from coast-to-coast to find everyday people with unique and compelling stories -- and bring resources to them that otherwise would be out of reach. Told in a way that has never been featured before in daytime television, the stories on "Home Delivery" are not like any conventional talk or reality program. There is no studio audience; the show focuses on real lives, real people and real emotion told in an unfiltered way. "Home Delivery" is hosted by Egypt, Sukanya Krishnan, Stephanie Lydecker and John Sencio, who will all be on-location to propel the life-changing moments the show delivers each day. Sukanya "Suki" Krishnan, a television reporter and anchor from New York, brings her years of journalism experience to each story; Egypt, an award winning, top-rated radio personality, has also appeared on many television shows and specials; Stephanie Lydecker has appeared in theater, television and comedy. Rounding out the team is John Sencio, a MTV veteran who has interviewed some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. Executive-produced by renowned industry veteran Amy Rosenblum, also the executive producer of "Maury," each "Home Delivery" hour will include two compelling stories.moreless
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  • i really love your show. i am in desprate need to get my teeth fixed. i dont know how else to get a hold of you and this is the only only way i found. so im asking you please keep this request in consideration. thank youmoreless

    i really love your show. i am in desprate need to get my teeth fixed. i dont know how else to get a hold of you and this is the only only way i found. so im asking you please keep this request in consideration. thank you i am a mother of 3 and im recently widdowed of a man i was with for 29 years. im ready to get out back into the world. and im haveing trouble getting my teeth fixed because im not able to financially. no one will hire me because of my teeth. and im a proud grandmother of 3 that id love to feel comfortable going places in public with them in stead of worrying about what people think of my teeth.so please help memoreless
  • i wish i could be one of those lucky one's who get a make over and transform thier life

    love the show i wish i could be on there ...i need a make over my style of clothing are set or stuck in the 80's had the same hair style for years .. i just need help and alot of it .. again just love the show and keep the show don't take it away ... we need a show like this and don't replace this show .. i like i said love it wish i could be on it and would hate to see this show taken off for no reason at all so please keep this show onmoreless
  • You need to keep this show on the air i watch it ever day and i did so of your help. I want to have a wedding on july 14 2007 but I don't know how i'm going to pay for it. I was think maybe you can help me with this thank you.moreless

    You need to keep this show on the air. It's a good tv show. This is the best show that i've see on tv in a long time. DO you all still help people. I hope you do cause i did your help so please help me. I want to have a wedding on july 1 2007 but I don't know how i'm going to pay for it. So if you can help please let me know thank you.moreless
  • I loved this show! It is the awesomest show ever!

    John is the most handsomest guy ever. He is sweet too. I think it is sweet how they help others who need help. Because those deserving people really deserve all the help. I want this show back because I want to see people who need help get the help that these people need, on a show on tv.

    Also, my grandma is old and I want her to not be old anymore. Please bring back the most wonderfullest show ever. Canecelling it was a huge mistake. Thank you. I miss you HD!

    **Disclaimer: This is a total mockery of all those who actually believed that they were posting an insightful as well as intelligent review on here. Please before you post a review, spell check your work and use proper grammar. Then maybe your request to have your favorite show televised once again will be remotely considered. Maybe, but I would guess not.moreless
  • I absolutely loved the show, and I don't understand why you guys would replace that show with the Tyra Banks show, although she has a wonderful show I don't understand why you guys couldn't replace something different like the Jerry Springer show or sometmoreless

    This show was a very personal show, it literally touched me everytime I watched it. I would feel all of the emotions on the childrens/families faces when they recieved thier gifts. We don't have shows like that anymore, the shows these days are all about women not knowing who there babies daddies are, or sex, drugs and even addictions. Not only was the show personal but it was very educational. That show was specifically the exact example of the shows what we are lacking to this day.moreless