Home Improvement

Season 4 Episode 18

A House Divided

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1995 on ABC

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  • Tim damages Benny's aunt's house.

    I just have to admit this episode is simply hilarious throughout. When Benny is staying at his aunt's house, the house has a gas leak, which is very dangerous. Tool Time then decides to do an On Location show and fix the leak. Let me stop there, I laughed very hard when Tim hit his head aganist a pipe in the basement, it's so funny since he does that in his own basement! ROTFL! After they complete the gas leak, Benny tells Al and Heidi there is another gas leak in the kitchen. But a good thing was that Benny has unplugged all of the appliances in the house except a lamp which Tim ends up activating by accident, the house then has a huge flame which ends up destroying the inside and burning out the paint. That part was just too funny! Benny now moves in with the Taylors and ends up eating all their food. I laughed when Benny excerised, LOL! At the end, Tim, Jill, Brad, Randy, Mark, Al, Heidi and Wilson (in a mouthmask) repair the house. This episode was just hilarious (although I did miss 5 seconds of it due to a storm colliding with the cable) and the only thing that stopped me from giving a 10 is that Benny was so lazy when everyone helped rebuild the house! What a retard I must say. Otherwise, this episode was simply hilarious throughout.