Home Improvement

Season 5 Episode 25

Alarmed By Burglars

Aired Unknown May 14, 1996 on ABC

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  • Great episode.

    Not that I don't watch this show, its just I've never had time or I was doing something, so I couldn't watch a full episode of Home Improvement. I think this was like my first full episode. Yea for me, I guess?

    So it starts out with Wilson getting robbed. It isn't what Americans would think is good stuff, like TV, money, jewelry, furniture, etc. They get a lot of weird stuff like a mucus cup. Ew?

    Then Jill gets mad at Tim for buying just a small-tech security system, so Tim, as Jill puts it, buys the biggest security system money can buy. Thats a big security system. And it is so complicated, yet funny! There is one of the red laser things right below the stairs and you have to put in like a 7 or greater digit number for a code to cancel it. So if you cross it... Watch out.

    The neighbors get mad.

    Jill now feels guilty.

    Tim takes security system down.

    The neighbors calm down.

    Good episode.
  • Wilson gets robbed, and a panicky Jill gets angry at Tim, who for a change, didn't go overboard on an installation... this time, it's a burglar alarm. Then she gets mad at him when he does what she tells him... installing a high tech alarm system.

    This is another one of the episodes that I can remember quite well from the good old days of Home Improvement.

    Wilson gets robbed and the Taylors agree to buy an alarm for the house. But when Tim buys a basic model (as he thought Jill would want), she gets mad and makes him buy a top-of-the-line model. She (and the rest of the neighborhood) regret this decision as it becomes too big of a hassle.

    I remember how Brad was planning on getting the answers to a test, and he sets of the alarm in the middle of the night. Bright lights, loud alarms, people popping up in the backyard, and a huge petition Wilson gets the neighborhood to sign.

    This episode was alright.