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Season 6 Episode 4

Burnin' Love

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1996 on ABC
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Burnin' Love

Randy is attracted to Lauren, whom Tim instantly approves of when he learns about her strong interest in cars. He encourages his son to tell her how he feels, but things don't go according to plan. Meanwhile, Jill is determined to cook something delicious for a potluck at her school, but nobody believes she can do it.


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  • Didn't see that coming!

    I must say, this episode was quite decent and it really gave me a surprise. Randy think he's ready to start dating Lauren, and after Tim finds out she is interested in cars, he couldn't be any happier. So he's ready to make his move when... SURPRISE! Jason, Brad's friend, is shown to be dating Lauren when they go to a concert together, leaving Randy to jealousy. At the end, Lauren explains that she wasn't really going out with Jason. I must say, I was really surprised when Jason was dating Lauren, they have a huge age difference! The most hilarious part is when Jill and Mark were shaking the chicken and looked like they were dancing, and then Randy, coming down, says "What are you doing? The hokey poltry?" ROTFL! This episode was decent for me and I enjoyed it. Jason lowers my rating though, I've always hated him.

    FINAL GRADE: B+moreless
  • randy has a crush on a girl who he insists is a friend, but hits an unexpected snag

    i really liked this ep..it started off funny as they all seem to do for this show lol..and it kept being funny..spoiler..randy kept saying that the girl, that time did approve of since she knew a lot about cars, he was doing homework with was just a friend..but it was obvious that there was more to it..i liked the bathroom scene when he was trying to figure out what to say to her..poor thing..he was so lame at it..then when he thought she was going out with jason..that gets an "aww"..and then when she turned him down but admitted she liked him..that was a good ending..jill trying to be (well succeeding) at being the overprotective mother was silly and tim trying to talk up cars was funnymoreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Notice the scene where Randy has just found out that Lauren is going to the concert with Jason. Jill has her hair all up in a clip, and in-between shots (as she is talking to Randy), it switches from being on the top of her head to being farther down.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Lauren: My dad and I were talking about your hot rod, and well, we had an idea.
      Tim: And that idea would be?
      Lauren: Have you ever thought about sectioning the hood? It would bring the front rear down a few inches and give the car a real sleek look.
      Tim: (to Jill) You know, this is exactly why I always told you how badly I wanted a daughter. (Jill gives him a look) But of course, we did end up with three fine sons...

    • Tim: I think Randy's got a terrific little girlfriend there.
      Jill: She's not his girlfriend. He's made it perfectly clear. She's just a friend.
      Tim: Yep. Yep. And Al's the funny one on Tool Time.
      Jill: Do you have some insight that I don't know about?
      Tim: Come on, it's pretty obvious, isn't it? We've got a 14-year-old son writing about the ballet.
      Jill: Which means?
      Tim: Either he really likes her, or we should be having a whole other discussion.

    • Jill: What dish should I make for the potluck? I've got Italian, French, Chinese...
      Tim: Um, go with British. That way, if the meal comes out horrible, people will think that's how it's supposed to taste.

    • Brad: Jason's gonna be getting some tickets to a concert, and, uh...
      Randy: And you're inviting me to go?
      Brad and Jason: No.
      Brad: We're inviting you to lend us some money so we can go. It's very simple.
      Randy: Oh, and uh, I'm inviting you to bite me.

    • Tim: Where did you get all those cookbooks?
      Jill: I don't know, it's strange. You know, people just keep giving them to me...

    • Tim: You know a lot about cars for a girl.
      Lauren: For a girl?
      Tim: Or a boy. Either one...

    • Jill: If there's hope for me to cook a decent meal, then there's hope for you and Lauren.
      Randy: So you're saying there's no hope?

    • Jill: You remember what it's like to be rejected.
      Tim: Yeah. I've heard every excuse in the book. (shrill feminine voice) I've got to wash my hair. No, no, I've got a touch of the plague, that's what I've got. No, I've got to de-worm my Schnauzer.
      Jill: You must have felt awful.
      Tim: Yeah, but you came around.

    • Tim: What do you drive?
      Lucille: An '86 Park Avenue.
      Tim: (whistles) Does it run on Metamucil?
      Lucille: It has a four-barrel carb, high-rise manifold, and it will blow your car right off the road, little man.

    • Randy (practicing what to say to Lauren): You know, Lauren, you and I make a great writing team. You know, Lauren, I wasn't into cars at all until you came along. You know, Lauren . . . I'm a big geek.

    • Jill: Maybe I can come up with something that will make them forget the Tuna Surprise.
      Tim: Like the antidote.

    • Wilson: I'm burning food as a sacrifice for the Chinese Festival of the Hungry Ghosts.
      Jill: Well, that's a switch. For once, I'm cooking something good and you're burning food.
      Wilson: Of course, the people eating my food are already dead.

    • Lauren (about the article she and Randy are writing): It's about the school budget cuts. It's called, "Why Must The Ballet Club Suffer?"
      Tim: Easy, so the audience won't be the only ones in pain.

    • Lauren: I've always loved anything with a motor. While all my friends were playing with Barbie, I was souping up her Corvette.

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